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Packages without notes

There are 307 faulty packages without notes in unstable/armhf. These are the packages with failures that still need to be investigated.

reproducible icon 188 unreproducible packages in unstable/armhf, ordered by build date:

python-igraph mp3burn mopidy-dirble memtester mktorrent menu-l10n mini-httpd metche lvmcfg live-images lxde-metapackages lua-wsapi luajit lua-nginx-websocket lua-ldoc lua-markdown lua-apr ipmiutil caps scap-security-guide lgooddatepicker libvldocking-java libjboss-marshalling-java beansbinding xom tora konclude kqtquickcharts dietlibc brise blacs-pvm khotkeys gap-design galpy gcompris-qt wireguard scrollz pgpool2 libxpp3-java libmediaart kchmviewer bsaf mptp libfso-glib kphotoalbum jffi fest-test axis clojure stimfit nginx hwinfo balder2d automaton netty-3.9 spherepack haskell-twitter-types-lens tclx8.4 ion java-xmlbuilder haskell-diagrams-lib haskell-classy-prelude haskell-conduit-combinators gdm3 jcc haskell-persistent haskell-hledger-web haskell-csv-conduit basket haskell-http-link-header libktorrent haskell-yesod-test gitit haskell-mono-traversable libkscreen dcap liquidsoap libnative-platform-java binutils-mingw-w64 pd-mrpeach ldap-haskell haskell-test-framework haskell-tagsoup dom4j openni2 latexdraw flint-arb yi httpcomponents-client libcanberra ganymed-ssh2 xmlbeans ruby-gnome2 newsbeuter soundkonverter qtiplot maven-shared-incremental ofxstatement-plugins ktouch gsequencer guile-json android-platform-external-libunwind travis kamailio cantor libformula kakoune sctk breeze-icons graxxia teeworlds fop haskell-stack hikaricp sonic-pi clanlib gnome-dictionary curry-base tumiki-fighters taglib-sharp scid tpm2-tss qtscriptgenerator robocode subvertpy t-digest scala-xml scala-parser-combinators radeontop libpdl-stats-perl libpdl-linearalgebra-perl kactivities hamster-applet jimfs opensips x264 pforth pesign hnb tomcat7 gmetadom taglibs-standard scite libpicocontainer-java libdtdparser-java fest-assert mergerfs xmlroff pysurfer mx krename john jpathwatch pybigwig libcds-savot-java trigger-rally python-pgmagick packup jed-extra eukleides libgnatcoll tse3 jackson-dataformat-cbor guile-lib opal jtreg ace-of-penguins z3 macs libyanfs-java haskell-yesod-static lua-geoip lua-cqueues golang-github-appc-cni scmxx openni libwildmagic httpunit gnome-screenshot easymock criticalmass cortina clc-intercal cdk glirc vodovod haskell-snap-templates libzstd

reproducible icon 114 FTBFS packages in unstable/armhf, ordered by build date:

golang-github-couchbase-moss libcache-memcached-managed-perl claws-mail rsyslog qtwebengine-opensource-src sphde slic3r-prusa nanomsg openvdb installation-guide golang-gopkg-olivere-elastic.v3 golang-github-hillu-go-yara golang-github-ngaut-sync2 golang-github-pingcap-check python-biomaj3 python-pgpy golang-github-docker-goamz golang-github-go-openapi-swag tendermint-go-p2p golang-github-nebulouslabs-merkletree golang-github-golang-leveldb node-grunt-contrib-copy meson nbd node-ws coquelicot swift locket dnssecjava node-yargs falcon node-marked-man android-framework-23 pymoc pydl test-kitchen openhft-chronicle-wire golang-github-cznic-lldb reprotest ruby-seamless-database-pool golang-github-seccomp-libseccomp-golang osmose-emulator golang-github-shopify-sarama ruby-certificate-authority dumb-init golang-github-cznic-fileutil python-attrs snap-aligner ruby-riddle yp-tools golang-github-cznic-mathutil cross-toolchain-base-ports golang-github-coreos-pkg golang-github-rackspace-gophercloud golang-github-ghodss-yaml node-cross-spawn-async golang-github-streadway-amqp mlucas gnome-mpv golang-github-spf13-viper aiocoap golang-gopkg-asn1-ber.v1 vim sword syncmaildir sdrangelove ruby-timers ryu ruby-rspec ruby-bunny ruby-liquid ruby-awesome-print python-formencode python-pyelftools python-multipletau python-django python-dogpile.cache python-argcomplete python-apt python-biplist pyptlib profanity perftest numactl node-cross-spawn nanoc multiboot msrtool mlocate libmiglayout-java libmlx5 libcommons-logging-java libbfio jnr-posix junit4 ibam golang-github-jacobsa-bazilfuse golang-google-api golang-google-cloud golang-github-jacobsa-fuse figtree dns-root-data devscripts cross-toolchain-base checkinstall bino bochs bmagic apgdiff beets astroquery autopkgtest golang-github-jacobsa-ogletest mkosi

reproducible icon 5 blacklisted packages in unstable/armhf, ordered by name:

glance libmail-gnupg-perl ruby-em-synchrony ruby-ffi-rzmq tcsh

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.