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Packages without notes

There are 239 faulty packages without notes in unstable/amd64. These are the packages with failures that still need to be investigated.

reproducible icon 188 unreproducible packages in unstable/amd64, ordered by build date:

guile-json asl breeze rdkit pywavelets python-falcon pykde4 presage pa-ounit openscenegraph okular obus mpi4py mia lskat libstdc++-arm-none-eabi libktorrent libksane libkdcraw libkexiv2 libkmahjongg golang-github-docker-libnetwork containerd libbiod smash pylucene libkcompactdisc kuser ktorrent kvpnc ksirk kubrick kradio4 ksudoku ktouch ksnakeduel krename kshutdown kredentials krecipes kppp kqtquickcharts kprinter4 kraft kphotoalbum kpartsplugin kmouth kmymoney kmplayer kmag kmidimon kmix kigo kgoldrunner kget kgpg kdiff3 kdesudo kdewebdev kdepimlibs kde-baseapps kcachegrind kactivities kbibtex kalternatives k3b juk java-gnome intel-gpu-tools gprbuild gpsd ettercap tigervnc libnet-smpp-perl elastix desmume dc-qt cairo-dock-plug-ins basket ats2-lang fw4spl mariadb-10.1 cadvisor gcc-5-cross scrollz qtscriptgenerator psychtoolbox-3 libffado hyperic-sigar vibe.d endless-sky nodejs guile-lib clc-intercal belle-sip open-ath9k-htc-firmware php7.1 voikko-fi kdelibs4support speedcrunch mongo-cxx-driver-legacy galera-3 cortina aircrack-ng mysql-5.7 pdl macs kmldonkey slic3r-prusa libkf5pimcommon snapd qtwebengine-opensource-src boost1.63 paraview# python-jwcrypto libkolabxml libclc pike8.0 eclipse-pydev smokeqt sndobj qtwebkit-opensource-src python-sfml opennebula heartbeat ppx-deriving hhvm libgnatcoll itksnap gnuradio ecj akonadi ruby-columnize orpie gcc-arm-none-eabi amarok nginx flannel gringo libkipi libcgi-formbuilder-perl plr gcc-6-cross haskell-http-link-header libpdl-linearalgebra-perl libpdl-stats-perl stockfish libdumbnet ldap-haskell pyside mit-scheme ion appstream-generator kopete eiskaltdcpp krita insighttoolkit4 fcitx-libpinyin qtquickcontrols2-opensource-src pygame-sdl2 openscenegraph-3.4 gtk-d kdepim4 piglit libkf5libkdepim obs-studio python-fisx why3 pa-structural-sexp libkdegames-kde4 camlp4 kate4 konsole4 polymake oxygen zfs-fuse smb4k wings3d webkitkde unison tellico tagua sweeper soprano soundmodem soundkonverter sofia-sip scikit-learn

reproducible icon 51 FTBFS packages in unstable/amd64, ordered by build date:

pyptlib python-pykka python-neovim openhft-chronicle-bytes python-django tendermint-go-p2p ruby-certificate-authority ki18n golang-github-fsouza-go-dockerclient golang-github-couchbase-moss sword paleomix golang-github-tsenart-tb python-dogpile.cache mosh ruby-prof python-argcomplete checkinstall datalad protobuf mptp golang-github-pingcap-check openfoam golang-github-optiopay-kafka ipmiutil ibus rsyslog openldap devscripts hsail-tools coquelicot massif-visualizer node-marked-man watcher golang-github-xiang90-probing ruby2.3 golang-gopkg-eapache-go-resiliency.v1 validator.js ucommon golang-github-coreos-pkg golang-fsnotify haskell-sql-words reel libbfio mlocate haskell-wai-handler-launch python-attrs haskell-hspec-expectations geda-gaf python-formencode

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.