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Breakage on the Debian pages of

This page lists unexpected things a human should look at and fix, like packages with an incoherent status or files that should not be there. Some of these breakages are caused by bugs in diffoscope while others are probably due to bugs in the scripts run by jenkins. Please help making this page empty!

Breakage involving diffoscope

554 source packages on which diffoscope ran into timeouts (533) or crashed (41) or sometimes both.
source packages causing Diffoscope to timeout and crash
Artifacts diffoscope crashed on are available for 48h for download.

109 are marked as FTBR, but there is no diffoscope output - so probably diffoscope crashed:

  brian (2.4.2-6 in unstable/amd64)
  brian (2.4.2-6 in unstable/arm64)
  brian (2.4.2-6 in unstable/i386)
  brian (2.4.2-6 in bullseye/amd64)
  brian (2.4.2-6 in bullseye/arm64)
  brian (2.4.2-6 in bullseye/i386)
  clementine (1.3.1+git609-g623a53681+dfsg-1 in buster/amd64)
  connectome-workbench (1.5.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  connectome-workbench (1.5.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  connectome-workbench (1.5.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  cpl-plugin-naco (4.4.9+dfsg-4 in unstable/armhf)
  golang-github-xanzy-ssh-agent (0.2.1-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  gtools (3.8.1-1 in buster/amd64)
  gtools (3.8.1-1 in buster/arm64)
  gtools (3.8.1-1 in buster/armhf)
  gtools (3.8.1-1 in buster/i386)
  guile-3.0 (3.0.5-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  ibus-hangul (1.5.4-1 in unstable/arm64)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  mono ( in buster/amd64)
  mono ( in buster/arm64)
  mono ( in buster/armhf)
  mono ( in buster/i386)
  mono ( in bullseye/amd64)
  mono ( in bullseye/arm64)
  mono ( in bullseye/armhf)
  mono ( in bullseye/i386)
  mrpt (1:2.1.7-1 in unstable/i386)
  numpy (1:1.20.2-1 in experimental/armhf)
  openjdk-11 (11.0.11+8-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openjdk-15 (15.0.2+7-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openjdk-16 (16+36-4 in unstable/amd64)
  openjdk-17 (17~17-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openmsx (16.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  qtwebengine-opensource-src (5.15.3+dfsg-5 in experimental/amd64)
  r-base (3.5.2-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-base (3.5.2-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-base (3.5.2-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-base (3.5.2-1 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-amelia (1.7.5-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-amelia (1.7.5-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-amelia (1.7.5-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-cliapp (0.1.0-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-cliapp (0.1.0-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-cliapp (0.1.0-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-cliapp (0.1.0-1 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-devtools (2.0.1-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-devtools (2.0.1-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-devtools (2.0.1-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-diagnosismed (0.2.3-6 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-diagnosismed (0.2.3-6 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-diagnosismed (0.2.3-6 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-diagnosismed (0.2.3-6 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-dimred (0.2.2-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-dimred (0.2.2-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-dimred (0.2.2-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-futile.logger (1.4.3-3 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-futile.logger (1.4.3-3 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-futile.logger (1.4.3-3 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-futile.logger (1.4.3-3 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-knitr (1.21+dfsg-2 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-knitr (1.21+dfsg-2 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-knitr (1.21+dfsg-2 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-lambda.r (1.2.3-2 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-lambda.r (1.2.3-2 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-lambda.r (1.2.3-2 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-lambda.r (1.2.3-2 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-mi (1.0-7 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-mi (1.0-7 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-mi (1.0-7 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-mi (1.0-7 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-quantmod (0.4-13-2 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-quantmod (0.4-13-2 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-quantmod (0.4-13-2 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-quantmod (0.4-13-2 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-repr (0.19.2-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-repr (0.19.2-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-repr (0.19.2-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-repr (0.19.2-1 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-rsdmx (1:0.5-13+dfsg-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-rsdmx (1:0.5-13+dfsg-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-rsdmx (1:0.5-13+dfsg-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-rsdmx (1:0.5-13+dfsg-1 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-rstan (2.18.2-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-rstan (2.18.2-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-rstan (2.18.2-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-rstan (2.18.2-1 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-teachingdemos (2.10-3 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-teachingdemos (2.10-3 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-teachingdemos (2.10-3 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-teachingdemos (2.10-3 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-tm (0.7-6-1 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-tm (0.7-6-1 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-tm (0.7-6-1 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-tm (0.7-6-1 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-tmvtnorm (1.4-10-3 in buster/amd64)
  r-cran-tmvtnorm (1.4-10-3 in buster/arm64)
  r-cran-tmvtnorm (1.4-10-3 in buster/armhf)
  r-cran-tmvtnorm (1.4-10-3 in buster/i386)
  ros-ros-comm (1.15.9+ds1-7 in unstable/amd64)
  ros-rviz (1.14.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  sagemath (9.2-2 in unstable/amd64)
  sagemath (9.2-2 in unstable/arm64)
  sagemath (9.2-2 in unstable/i386)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in bullseye/i386)
  sqlalchemy (1.3.22+ds1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  sqlalchemy (1.3.22+ds1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  sqlalchemy (1.3.22+ds1-1 in unstable/i386)
  user-mode-linux (5.10um2 in unstable/amd64)

1583 are marked as FTBR, but their diffoscope output does not seem to be an html file - so probably diffoscope ran into a timeout:

  0ad ( in unstable/amd64)
  0ad ( in bullseye/amd64)
  0ad ( in bullseye/armhf)
  3depict (0.0.22-2 in unstable/arm64)
  3depict (0.0.22-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  abinit (8.10.3-3 in bullseye/armhf)
  aces3 (3.0.8-7 in unstable/arm64)
  aces3 (3.0.8-7 in unstable/armhf)
  aces3 (3.0.8-5.1 in stretch/armhf)
  aces3 (3.0.8-5.1 in stretch/i386)
  aces3 (3.0.8-6 in buster/armhf)
  acl2 (8.0dfsg-1 in buster/i386)
  adacontrol (1.20r7-3 in buster/amd64)
  adms (2.3.6-2 in buster/amd64)
  aegisub (3.2.2+dfsg-4+deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  aegisub (3.2.2+dfsg-4+deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  alsa-lib (1.2.4-1.1 in unstable/amd64)
  alsa-lib (1.2.4-1.1 in unstable/arm64)
  alsa-lib (1.2.4-1.1 in unstable/i386)
  ant (1.9.9-1+deb9u1 in stretch/armhf)
  antimony (0.9.3-2 in unstable/i386)
  anytun (0.3.8-1 in unstable/armhf)
  apertium-hbs-eng (0.1.0~r57598-2 in buster/amd64)
  apertium-swe-nor (0.2.0~r69544-2 in buster/amd64)
  appstream-generator (0.8.4-1 in unstable/amd64)
  appstream-generator (0.8.4-1 in unstable/arm64)
  appstream-generator (0.8.4-1 in unstable/i386)
  ardour (1:6.5.0+ds0-1 in unstable/i386)
  ardour (1:5.5.0~dfsg-1 in stretch/i386)
  ardour (1:5.12.0-3 in buster/i386)
  ardour (1:6.5.0+ds0-1 in bullseye/i386)
  armnn (20.08-9 in unstable/armhf)
  asc ( in bullseye/i386)
  asis (2015-1 in stretch/i386)
  asis (2018-2 in buster/arm64)
  asl (0.1.7-2 in unstable/amd64)
  asl (0.1.7-2 in unstable/arm64)
  asl (0.1.7-2 in unstable/armhf)
  asl (0.1.7-2 in unstable/i386)
  aspectc++ (1:2.3-4 in unstable/armhf)
  aspectc++ (1:2.3-4 in unstable/i386)
  aspectc++ (1:2.2+git20181008-2 in buster/armhf)
  asterisk (1:16.2.1~dfsg-1+deb10u2 in buster/i386)
  atf (0.21-6 in unstable/i386)
  atlas (3.10.3-10 in unstable/amd64)
  atlas (3.10.3-10 in unstable/armhf)
  atlas (3.10.3-10 in unstable/i386)
  atlas (3.10.3-1 in stretch/i386)
  atlas (3.10.3-8 in buster/amd64)
  atlas (3.10.3-8 in buster/i386)
  atlas (3.10.3-10 in bullseye/i386)
  atlas-ecmwf (0.24.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  atlas-ecmwf (0.24.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  atlas-ecmwf (0.23.0-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  atlas-ecmwf (0.23.0-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  atlas-ecmwf (0.23.0-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  atlas-ecmwf (0.23.0-1 in bullseye/i386)
  ausweisapp2 (1.22.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  axiom (20170501-6 in unstable/amd64)
  axiom (20170501-6 in unstable/arm64)
  axiom (20170501-6 in unstable/i386)
  bagel (1.2.2-2 in unstable/amd64)
  bagel (1.2.2-2 in unstable/arm64)
  bali-phy (3.6.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  bali-phy (3.6.0+dfsg-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  ball (1.5.0+git20180813.37fc53c-6 in unstable/amd64)
  ball (1.5.0+git20180813.37fc53c-6 in unstable/arm64)
  ball (1.5.0+git20180813.37fc53c-6 in unstable/i386)
  basemap (1.2.0+dfsg-1 in buster/amd64)
  basemap (1.2.0+dfsg-1 in buster/arm64)
  berkeley-abc (1.01+20191006git52a8ebb+dfsg-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  binaryen (99-3 in unstable/i386)
  binaryen (100-1 in experimental/i386)
  binaryen (68-1 in buster/i386)
  binaryen (99-3 in bullseye/i386)
  binutils (2.35.2-2 in unstable/amd64)
  binutils (2.35.2-2 in unstable/arm64)
  binutils (2.36.1-6 in experimental/arm64)
  binutils (2.36.1-6 in experimental/i386)
  binutils (2.35.2-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  binutils (2.35.2-2 in bullseye/i386)
  binutils-mipsen (7+c2 in unstable/amd64)
  binutils-mipsen (7+c2 in unstable/arm64)
  binutils-mipsen (7+c2 in unstable/i386)
  blender (2.83.5+dfsg-5 in unstable/armhf)
  blender (2.83.5+dfsg-5 in unstable/i386)
  blender (2.83.13+dfsg-1 in experimental/armhf)
  blender (2.83.13+dfsg-1 in experimental/i386)
  blender (2.83.5+dfsg-5 in bullseye/i386)
  boolector ( in buster/amd64)
  bornagain (1.18.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  busybox (1:1.30.1-6 in unstable/i386)
  busybox (1:1.30.1-6 in bullseye/i386)
  calligra (1:3.2.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/amd64)
  calligra (1:3.2.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/arm64)
  calligra (1:3.2.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/armhf)
  calligra (1:3.2.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  c++-annotations (10.6.0-1 in stretch/arm64)
  cardpeek (0.8.4-1 in buster/amd64)
  cardpeek (0.8.4-1.1 in bullseye/i386)
  cargo (0.43.1-3~deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  cargo (0.43.1-3~deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  casacore (3.3.0-4 in unstable/amd64)
  casacore (3.3.0-4 in unstable/arm64)
  casacore (3.3.0-4 in unstable/armhf)
  casacore (3.3.0-4 in unstable/i386)
  cc65 (2.17-1 in buster/i386)
  cegui-mk2 (0.8.7-9 in unstable/amd64)
  cegui-mk2 (0.8.7-9 in unstable/arm64)
  cegui-mk2 (0.8.7-9 in unstable/armhf)
  cegui-mk2 (0.8.7-9 in unstable/i386)
  ceph (14.2.18-1 in unstable/amd64)
  ceph (14.2.18-1 in unstable/arm64)
  ceph (10.2.11-2 in stretch/amd64)
  ceph (10.2.11-2 in stretch/arm64)
  ceph (10.2.11-2 in stretch/i386)
  ceph (12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1 in buster/amd64)
  ceph (12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1 in buster/arm64)
  cherrytree (0.99.30+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  cherrytree (0.99.30+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  cherrytree (0.99.30+dfsg-1 in unstable/armhf)
  cherrytree (0.99.30+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  cherrytree (0.99.30+dfsg-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  chezscheme (9.5+dfsg-6 in buster/amd64)
  chezscheme (9.5.4+dfsg-3 in bullseye/i386)
  chron (2.3-56-1 in unstable/i386)
  clazy (1.9-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  clazy (1.9-3 in bullseye/i386)
  clblast (1.5.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  clblast (1.5.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  clblast (1.5.2-1 in unstable/armhf)
  clblast (1.5.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  clementine (1.4.0~rc1+git347-gfc4cb6fc7+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  clementine (1.4.0~rc1+git347-gfc4cb6fc7+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  clementine (1.4.0~rc1+git347-gfc4cb6fc7+dfsg-1 in unstable/armhf)
  clementine (1.4.0~rc1+git347-gfc4cb6fc7+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  cluster (2.1.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  cmake (3.18.4-2 in unstable/arm64)
  cmake (3.18.4-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  cmtk (3.3.1p1+dfsg-2 in unstable/arm64)
  cmtk (3.3.1p1+dfsg-2 in unstable/armhf)
  cmucl (21d-1.1 in bullseye/i386)
  coin3 (3.1.4~abc9f50+dfsg1-2 in stretch/i386)
  coinor-dylp (1.10.4-2 in unstable/amd64)
  coinor-dylp (1.10.4-2 in unstable/arm64)
  coinor-dylp (1.10.4-2 in unstable/armhf)
  coinor-dylp (1.10.4-2 in unstable/i386)
  commons-math3 (3.6.1-3 in buster/armhf)
  condor (8.6.8~dfsg.1-2 in buster/amd64)
  condor (8.6.8~dfsg.1-2 in buster/armhf)
  conky (1.10.8-1 in buster/amd64)
  conky (1.11.6-2 in bullseye/i386)
  connectome-workbench (1.5.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  consensuscore (1.1.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  consensuscore (1.1.1+dfsg-1 in buster/i386)
  coq (8.6-4 in stretch/amd64)
  coq (8.6-4 in stretch/i386)
  coq (8.9.0-1 in buster/amd64)
  coq (8.9.0-1 in buster/arm64)
  coq (8.9.0-1 in buster/armhf)
  coq (8.9.0-1 in buster/i386)
  cp2k (8.1-9 in unstable/i386)
  cp2k (4.1-1 in stretch/armhf)
  cp2k (4.1-1 in stretch/i386)
  cp2k (6.1-2 in buster/armhf)
  cp2k (8.1-9 in bullseye/i386)
  cpp-hocon (0.3.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  crawl (2:0.26.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  cross-toolchain-base (53 in unstable/i386)
  cross-toolchain-base-ports (45 in unstable/i386)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in unstable/amd64)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in unstable/arm64)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in unstable/armhf)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in unstable/i386)
  cvc4 (1.6-2 in buster/amd64)
  cvc4 (1.6-2 in buster/i386)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in bullseye/amd64)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  cvc4 (1.8-2 in bullseye/i386)
  dacs (1.4.40-2 in buster/amd64)
  darkradiant (2.11.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  darkradiant (2.11.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  darkradiant (2.11.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  darkradiant (2.11.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  dart (6.9.5-3 in unstable/amd64)
  dart (6.9.5-3 in unstable/arm64)
  dart (6.9.5-3 in unstable/i386)
  dcl (7.3.3-1 in buster/i386)
  dcmtk (3.6.5-1 in unstable/armhf)
  dicom3tools (1.00~20190724083540-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  dicom3tools (1.00~20190724083540-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  digikam (4:7.1.0-2 in unstable/amd64)
  digikam (4:7.1.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  digikam (4:7.1.0-2 in unstable/i386) (20.10.5+dfsg1-1 in unstable/amd64) (20.10.5+dfsg1-1 in unstable/arm64) (20.10.5+dfsg1-1 in unstable/i386)
  doomsday (2.2.2+ds1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  doomsday (2.2.2+ds1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  doomsday (2.2.2+ds1-1 in unstable/i386)
  doomsday (2.2.2+ds1-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  doomsday (2.2.2+ds1-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  doomsday (2.2.2+ds1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  dpmb (0~2019.03.01 in buster/amd64)
  ecflow (5.6.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  ecflow (5.6.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  ecflow (5.6.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  ecflow (5.6.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  embree (3.12.1+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  ergo (3.8-1 in unstable/amd64)
  ergo (3.8-1 in unstable/arm64)
  ergo (3.8-1 in unstable/i386)
  erlang (1:23.2.6+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  erlang (1:23.2.6+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  erlang (1:23.2.6+dfsg-1 in unstable/armhf)
  erlang (1:23.2.6+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  erlang (1:24.0~rc2+dfsg-1 in experimental/amd64)
  erlang (1:24.0~rc2+dfsg-1 in experimental/arm64)
  erlang (1:24.0~rc2+dfsg-1 in experimental/armhf)
  erlang (1:24.0~rc2+dfsg-1 in experimental/i386)
  erlang (1:21.2.6+dfsg-1 in buster/arm64)
  erlang (1:21.2.6+dfsg-1 in buster/armhf)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/amd64)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/arm64)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/armhf)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/i386)
  espresso (6.3-4 in buster/amd64)
  espresso (6.3-4 in buster/arm64)
  espresso (6.3-4 in buster/armhf)
  espresso (6.3-4 in buster/i386)
  evolution (3.40.0-1 in experimental/arm64)
  eye (19.0221.2026~ds-1 in buster/amd64)
  eye (19.0221.2026~ds-1 in buster/arm64)
  facter (3.14.12-1 in unstable/amd64)
  facter (3.14.12-1 in unstable/arm64)
  facter (3.14.12-1 in unstable/i386)
  fbreader (0.12.10dfsg2-3 in buster/armhf)
  firebird3.0 ( in buster/i386)
  firefox (87.0-2 in unstable/amd64)
  firefox (87.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  firefox (87.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  firefox-esr (78.9.0esr-1 in unstable/amd64)
  firefox-esr (78.9.0esr-1 in unstable/arm64)
  firefox-esr (78.9.0esr-1 in unstable/i386)
  fityk (1.3.1-6 in unstable/amd64)
  fityk (1.3.1-6 in unstable/arm64)
  fityk (1.3.1-6 in unstable/i386)
  flint (2.6.3-3 in bullseye/i386)
  fonts-cns11643 (103.1+20181001-1 in buster/amd64)
  fonts-cns11643 (103.1+20181001-1 in buster/arm64)
  fonts-cns11643 (103.1+20181001-1 in buster/armhf)
  fonts-cns11643 (103.1+20181001-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  fonts-cns11643 (103.1+20181001-1 in bullseye/i386)
  fonts-ebgaramond (0.016-1 in buster/amd64)
  fonts-fantasque-sans (1.7.2~alpha.3~dfsg-1 in buster/amd64)
  fonts-fantasque-sans (1.7.2~alpha.3~dfsg-1 in buster/arm64)
  fonts-fantasque-sans (1.7.2~alpha.3~dfsg-1 in buster/armhf)
  fonts-fork-awesome (1.1.5+ds1-2 in buster/amd64)
  fonts-fork-awesome (1.1.5+ds1-2 in buster/arm64)
  fonts-fork-awesome (1.1.5+ds1-2 in buster/armhf)
  fonts-sipa-arundina (0.2.2-2 in buster/amd64)
  fonts-sipa-arundina (0.2.2-2 in buster/arm64)
  foptions (3042.86-1 in unstable/i386)
  frama-c (20201209+titanium-4.1 in bullseye/armhf)
  freecad (0.19.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  freecad (0.19.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  freecad (0.19.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/i386)
  freecad (0.19.1+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/amd64)
  freecad (0.19.1+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  freecad (0.19.1+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  freecad (0.19.1+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/i386)
  freedict-wikdict (2018.11.02-2 in buster/amd64)
  freedict-wikdict (2018.11.02-2 in buster/arm64)
  freefem++ (3.47+dfsg1-1 in stretch/i386)
  freefem++ (3.61.1+dfsg1-4 in buster/i386)
  freelan (2.2-3 in unstable/armhf)
  freelan (2.2-3 in unstable/i386)
  freelan (2.2-3 in bullseye/armhf)
  freelan (2.2-3 in bullseye/i386)
  freemat (4.2+dfsg1-6 in buster/armhf)
  freemat (4.2+dfsg1-6 in buster/i386)
  freeorion ( in unstable/amd64)
  freeorion ( in unstable/arm64)
  freeorion ( in unstable/i386)
  freerdp2 (2.0.0~git20190204.1.2693389a+dfsg1-1+deb10u2 in buster/armhf)
  freerdp2 (2.3.0+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  fregression (3042.82-1 in unstable/i386)
  fricas (1.3.6-5 in unstable/amd64)
  fricas (1.3.6-5 in unstable/arm64)
  fricas (1.3.6-5 in unstable/armhf)
  fricas (1.3.6-5 in unstable/i386)
  fricas (1.3.6-5 in bullseye/i386)
  funitroots (3042.79-1 in unstable/i386)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-4.1 in unstable/amd64)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-4.1 in unstable/arm64)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-4.1 in unstable/armhf)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-4.1 in unstable/i386)
  galera-4 (26.4.7-3 in unstable/i386)
  galera-4 (26.4.7-3 in bullseye/i386)
  gamera (1:3.4.3-1 in buster/armhf)
  gatb-core (1.4.2+dfsg-6 in unstable/amd64)
  gatb-core (1.4.2+dfsg-6 in unstable/arm64)
  gatb-core (1.4.2+dfsg-6 in unstable/i386)
  gatb-core (1.4.1+git20181225.44d5a44+dfsg-3 in buster/amd64)
  gatb-core (1.4.1+git20181225.44d5a44+dfsg-3 in buster/arm64)
  gatb-core (1.4.1+git20181225.44d5a44+dfsg-3 in buster/i386)
  gatb-core (1.4.2+dfsg-6 in bullseye/amd64)
  gatb-core (1.4.2+dfsg-6 in bullseye/arm64)
  gatb-core (1.4.2+dfsg-6 in bullseye/i386)
  gazebo (11.1.0+dfsg-6 in unstable/amd64)
  gazebo (11.1.0+dfsg-6 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-10 (10.2.1-6 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-10 (10.3.0-1 in experimental/amd64)
  gcc-10 (10.3.0-1 in experimental/i386)
  gcc-10-cross (15 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-10-cross (15 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-10-cross (15 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-10-cross (17 in experimental/amd64)
  gcc-10-cross (15 in bullseye/amd64)
  gcc-10-cross-mipsen (3+c4 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-10-cross-mipsen (3+c4 in bullseye/amd64)
  gcc-10-cross-ports (16 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-10-cross-ports (18 in experimental/amd64)
  gcc-10-cross-ports (18 in experimental/arm64)
  gcc-10-cross-ports (16 in bullseye/arm64)
  gcc-11 (11-20210412-1 in experimental/amd64)
  gcc-11 (11-20210412-1 in experimental/i386)
  gcc-11-cross-ports (2 in experimental/arm64)
  gcc-11-cross-ports (2 in experimental/i386)
  gcc-6 (6.3.0-18+deb9u1 in stretch/amd64)
  gcc-6 (6.3.0-18+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  gcc-6-cross (24 in stretch/amd64)
  gcc-6-cross (24 in stretch/i386)
  gcc-6-cross-ports (22 in stretch/i386)
  gcc-7 (7.4.0-6 in buster/amd64)
  gcc-7 (7.4.0-6 in buster/arm64)
  gcc-8 (8.3.0-6 in buster/amd64)
  gcc-8 (8.3.0-6 in buster/arm64)
  gcc-8-cross (26 in buster/arm64)
  gcc-9 (9.3.0-22 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-9 (9.3.0-23 in experimental/amd64)
  gcc-9 (9.3.0-23 in experimental/i386)
  gcc-9 (9.3.0-22 in bullseye/amd64)
  gcc-9-cross (25 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-9-cross (25 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-9-cross (25 in bullseye/amd64)
  gcc-9-cross (25 in bullseye/arm64)
  gcc-9-cross (25 in bullseye/i386)
  gcc-9-cross-ports (23 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-9-cross-ports (23 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-9-cross-ports (23 in bullseye/i386)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:8-2019-q3-1 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:8-2019-q3-1 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:8-2019-q3-1 in unstable/armhf)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:8-2019-q3-1 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:5.4.1+svn241155-1 in stretch/arm64)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:7-2018-q2-6 in buster/amd64)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:7-2018-q2-6 in buster/arm64)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:7-2018-q2-6 in buster/armhf)
  gcc-h8300-hms (1:3.4.6+dfsg2-4 in buster/armhf)
  gcc-mingw-w64 (24.1 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-mingw-w64 (24.1 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-mingw-w64 (24.1 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-msp430 (4.6.3~mspgcc-20120406-7.1 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-msp430 (4.6.3~mspgcc-20120406-7.1 in unstable/armhf)
  gcc-msp430 (4.6.3~mspgcc-20120406-7.1 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-or1k-elf (1 in experimental/amd64)
  gcc-or1k-elf (1 in experimental/arm64)
  gcc-or1k-elf (1 in experimental/i386)
  gcc-riscv64-unknown-elf ( in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-riscv64-unknown-elf ( in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-riscv64-unknown-elf ( in unstable/armhf)
  gcc-riscv64-unknown-elf ( in unstable/i386)
  gcl (2.6.12-102 in unstable/armhf)
  gcl (2.6.12-47 in stretch/armhf)
  gcl (2.6.12-47 in stretch/i386)
  gcl (2.6.12-83 in buster/i386)
  gcl (2.6.12-102 in bullseye/i386)
  gcompris-qt (0.95-1 in buster/armhf)
  gdb (10.1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  gdb (10.1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  gdb (10.1-2 in unstable/armhf)
  gdb (10.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  getdp (3.0.4+dfsg1-1 in buster/amd64)
  ghc (8.8.4-2 in unstable/i386)
  ghc (8.0.1-17 in stretch/i386)
  ghc (8.10.4-1~exp1 in experimental/amd64)
  ghc (8.10.4-1~exp1 in experimental/i386)
  ghdl (1.0.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  ghdl (1.0.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.8-5 in unstable/amd64)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.8-5 in unstable/i386)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.4-1 in stretch/i386)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.8-1 in buster/i386)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.8-5 in bullseye/i386)
  girara (0.3.5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  girara (0.3.5-1 in unstable/arm64)
  girara (0.3.5-1 in unstable/armhf)
  girara (0.3.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in unstable/amd64)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in unstable/arm64)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in unstable/armhf)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in unstable/i386)
  git-annex (7.20190129-3 in buster/armhf)
  git-annex (7.20190129-3 in buster/i386)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  git-annex (8.20210223-1 in bullseye/i386)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in unstable/amd64)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in unstable/arm64)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in unstable/armhf)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in unstable/i386)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in bullseye/amd64)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  github-backup (1.20200721-2 in bullseye/i386)
  git-repair (1.20200102-2 in unstable/arm64)
  git-repair (1.20200102-2 in unstable/armhf)
  git-repair (1.20200102-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  git-repair (1.20200102-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  glib-d (2.3.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  glib-d (2.0.2-1 in buster/i386)
  glib-d (2.3.0-1 in bullseye/i386)
  glob2 ( in unstable/amd64)
  glob2 ( in unstable/arm64)
  glob2 ( in unstable/armhf)
  glob2 ( in unstable/i386)
  glob2 ( in bullseye/amd64)
  glob2 ( in bullseye/arm64)
  glob2 ( in bullseye/armhf)
  glob2 ( in bullseye/i386)
  gmerlin-avdecoder (1.2.0~dfsg-10 in buster/i386)
  gmerlin-avdecoder (1.2.0~dfsg-11 in bullseye/i386)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in unstable/amd64)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in unstable/arm64)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in unstable/armhf)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in unstable/i386)
  gmsh (2.15.0+dfsg1-3 in stretch/i386)
  gmsh (4.1.5+really4.1.3+ds1-1 in buster/amd64)
  gmsh (4.1.5+really4.1.3+ds1-1 in buster/i386)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in bullseye/arm64)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in bullseye/armhf)
  gmsh (4.7.1+ds1-5 in bullseye/i386)
  gmt (5.3.1+dfsg-2 in stretch/arm64)
  gnat-gps (18-5 in buster/amd64)
  gnome-video-arcade (0.8.8-5 in unstable/i386)
  gnuradio ( in unstable/amd64)
  gnuradio ( in unstable/arm64)
  gnuradio ( in unstable/i386)
  gnuradio ( in experimental/amd64)
  gnuradio ( in experimental/arm64)
  godot (3.0.6-2 in buster/amd64)
  godot (3.0.6-2 in buster/arm64)
  godot (3.0.6-2 in buster/armhf)
  godot (3.0.6-2 in buster/i386)
  golang-github-cloudflare-cfssl (1.2.0+git20160825.89.7fb22c8-3 in buster/i386)
  goldencheetah (1:3.5~DEV1810-1 in buster/amd64)
  goldencheetah (1:3.5~DEV1810-1 in buster/arm64)
  goldencheetah (1:3.5~DEV1810-1 in buster/i386)
  goxel (0.10.6-3 in unstable/armhf)
  goxel (0.10.6-3 in unstable/i386)
  goxel (0.10.6-3 in bullseye/i386)
  grass (7.8.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  grass (7.2.0-2 in stretch/i386)
  grass (7.6.0-1 in buster/i386)
  grass (7.8.5-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  grass (7.8.5-1 in bullseye/i386)
  gromacs (2020.6-2 in unstable/amd64)
  gromacs (2020.6-2 in unstable/arm64)
  gromacs (2020.6-2 in unstable/i386)
  gromacs (2016.1-2 in stretch/i386)
  gromacs (2021-2 in experimental/amd64)
  gromacs (2021-2 in experimental/arm64)
  gr-osmosdr (0.1.4-14 in buster/i386)
  gr-osmosdr (0.2.2-1 in bullseye/i386)
  grub2 (2.04-17 in unstable/amd64)
  grub2 (2.04-17 in unstable/i386)
  gtk-d (3.9.0-4 in unstable/amd64)
  gtk-d (3.9.0-4 in unstable/arm64)
  gtk-d (3.9.0-4 in unstable/i386)
  gtk-d (3.8.5-1 in buster/armhf)
  gtk-d (3.8.5-1 in buster/i386)
  gtk-sharp2 (2.12.40-2 in buster/amd64)
  guile-2.0 (2.0.13+1-5.1 in buster/amd64)
  guile-2.0 (2.0.13+1-5.1 in buster/arm64)
  guile-gnome-platform (2.16.5-2 in buster/amd64)
  guile-gnome-platform (2.16.5-2 in buster/arm64)
  gxemul (0.6.2-2 in unstable/i386)
  haskell-hledger (1.18.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  haskell-hledger-web (1.18.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  haskell-hledger-web (1.18.1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  haskell-shell-conduit (4.7.0-3 in buster/amd64)
  haskell-shell-conduit (4.7.0-3 in buster/arm64)
  hdf5 (1.10.0-patch1+docs-3+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  hdf5 (1.10.4+repack-10 in buster/armhf)
  hhsuite (3.3.0+ds-4 in unstable/i386)
  hhsuite (3.3.0+ds-4 in bullseye/i386)
  hol88 (2.02.19940316-35 in buster/amd64)
  hol88 (2.02.19940316-35 in buster/i386)
  hol88 (2.02.19940316-35.1 in bullseye/i386)
  hugin (2020.0.0+dfsg-2 in unstable/amd64)
  hugin (2020.0.0+dfsg-2 in unstable/arm64)
  hugin (2020.0.0+dfsg-2 in unstable/armhf)
  hugin (2020.0.0+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  hwinfo (21.72-1 in bullseye/i386)
  icewm (2.1.2-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in unstable/amd64)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in unstable/arm64)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in unstable/armhf)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in unstable/i386)
  icinga2 (2.10.3-2+deb10u1 in buster/amd64)
  icinga2 (2.10.3-2+deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in bullseye/i386)
  iem-plugin-suite (1.11.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  iem-plugin-suite (1.11.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  iem-plugin-suite (1.11.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  insighttoolkit4 (4.13.3withdata-dfsg1-4 in unstable/amd64)
  insighttoolkit4 (4.13.3withdata-dfsg1-4 in unstable/i386)
  insighttoolkit4 (4.13.3withdata-dfsg1-4 in bullseye/amd64)
  insighttoolkit4 (4.13.3withdata-dfsg1-4 in bullseye/i386)
  intel-compute-runtime (20.44.18297-1 in unstable/amd64)
  intel-compute-runtime (20.44.18297-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  intel-mediasdk (21.1.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  intel-mediasdk (21.1.0-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  iqtree (1.6.12+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  iqtree (1.6.12+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  iraf (2.16.1+2018.11.01-6 in unstable/amd64)
  iraf (2.16.1+2018.11.01-6+exp4 in experimental/amd64)
  iraf (2.16.1+2018.11.01-6+exp4 in experimental/i386)
  itksnap (3.6.0-5 in unstable/amd64)
  itksnap (3.6.0-5 in unstable/i386)
  itksnap (3.4.0-2 in stretch/amd64)
  itksnap (3.4.0-2 in stretch/i386)
  itksnap (3.6.0-3 in buster/amd64)
  itksnap (3.6.0-3 in buster/i386)
  itksnap (3.6.0-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  itksnap (3.6.0-5 in bullseye/i386)
  java-gnome (4.1.3-10 in bullseye/i386)
  jdim (0.5.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  jdim (0.5.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  juffed (0.10-89-g3690b60-5 in unstable/i386)
  julia (1.5.3+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  julia (1.5.3+dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  julia (1.5.3+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  julia (1.0.3+dfsg-4 in buster/amd64)
  julia (1.0.3+dfsg-4 in buster/arm64)
  julia (1.5.3+dfsg-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  julia (1.5.3+dfsg-3 in bullseye/arm64)
  julia (1.5.3+dfsg-3 in bullseye/i386)
  kdevelop (4:5.6.2-4 in unstable/amd64)
  kdevelop (4:5.6.2-4 in unstable/arm64)
  kdevelop (4:5.6.2-4 in unstable/armhf)
  kdevelop (4:5.6.2-4 in unstable/i386)
  kicad (5.99.0+really5.1.9+dfsg1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  kicad (5.99.0+really5.1.9+dfsg1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  kicad (5.99.0+really5.1.9+dfsg1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  kicad (5.99.0+really5.1.9+dfsg1-1 in unstable/i386)
  kicad (6.0.0~20210410.4c9f7c4+dfsg1-1 in experimental/amd64)
  kicad (6.0.0~20210410.4c9f7c4+dfsg1-1 in experimental/arm64)
  kicad (5.0.2+dfsg1-1 in buster/amd64)
  kicad (5.0.2+dfsg1-1 in buster/arm64)
  kicad (5.0.2+dfsg1-1 in buster/armhf)
  kicad (5.1.9+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  kissplice (2.5.3-3 in unstable/amd64)
  kissplice (2.5.3-3 in unstable/arm64)
  kissplice (2.5.3-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  kissplice (2.5.3-3 in bullseye/arm64)
  kitty (0.13.3-1+deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  klayout (0.26.2-3 in unstable/amd64)
  klayout (0.26.2-3 in unstable/arm64)
  klayout (0.26.2-3 in unstable/armhf)
  klayout (0.26.2-3 in unstable/i386)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in unstable/i386)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/amd64)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/arm64)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/armhf)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/i386)
  kodi (2:17.6+dfsg1-4 in buster/amd64)
  kodi (2:17.6+dfsg1-4 in buster/arm64)
  kodi (2:17.6+dfsg1-4 in buster/armhf)
  kodi (2:17.6+dfsg1-4 in buster/i386)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  kodi (2:19.0+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  krita (1:4.4.2+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  krita (1:4.4.2+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  krita (1:4.4.2+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  ksh (93u+20120801-3.4+deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  kvirc (4:5.0.0+dfsg-4 in unstable/armhf)
  labplot (2.8.1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  labplot (2.8.1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  labplot (2.8.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  lammps (0~20161109.git9806da6-7 in stretch/armhf)
  lammps (0~20161109.git9806da6-7 in stretch/i386)
  lasso (2.6.0-2 in buster/i386)
  latex-cjk-chinese-arphic (1.23 in buster/amd64)
  latex-cjk-chinese-arphic (1.23 in buster/arm64)
  latex-cjk-chinese-arphic (1.23 in buster/armhf)
  lazarus (2.0.10+dfsg-4 in unstable/amd64)
  lazarus (2.0.10+dfsg-4 in unstable/arm64)
  lazarus (2.0.10+dfsg-4 in unstable/armhf)
  lazarus (2.0.10+dfsg-4 in unstable/i386)
  ldc (1:1.24.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  libaws (3.3.2-2 in stretch/armhf)
  libaws (3.3.2-2 in stretch/i386)
  libbiod (0.2.3+git20191120.b8eecef-2 in unstable/amd64)
  libflame (5.2.0-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  libgcrypt20 (1.8.7-3 in unstable/i386)
  libgtkada (3.8.3-1 in stretch/armhf)
  libgtkada (3.8.3-1 in stretch/i386)
  libint (1.2.1-2 in buster/armhf)
  libint (1.2.1-2 in buster/i386)
  libint2 (2.6.0-13 in unstable/amd64)
  libint2 (2.6.0-13 in unstable/arm64)
  libint2 (2.6.0-13 in unstable/i386)
  libint2 (2.3.0~beta3-2 in stretch/i386)
  libint2 (2.6.0-13 in bullseye/amd64)
  libint2 (2.6.0-13 in bullseye/arm64)
  libint2 (2.6.0-13 in bullseye/i386)
  libkolabxml (1.1.4-1 in stretch/i386)
  libkolabxml (1.1.6-4 in buster/arm64)
  libopencsd (0.14.4-1 in unstable/amd64)
  libopencsd (0.14.4-1 in unstable/arm64)
  libopencsd (0.14.4-1 in unstable/armhf)
  libopencsd (0.14.4-1 in unstable/i386)
  libopencsd (1.0.0-1 in experimental/amd64)
  libopencsd (1.0.0-1 in experimental/arm64)
  libopencsd (1.0.0-1 in experimental/armhf)
  libopencsd (1.0.0-1 in experimental/i386)
  libphonenumber (7.1.0-5 in buster/armhf)
  libqtpas (2.6+2.0.8+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  libqtpas (2.6+2.0.8+dfsg-2 in bullseye/i386)
  librcsb-core-wrapper (1.005-6 in buster/i386)
  libreoffice (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u11 in stretch/i386)
  libreoffice (1:7.1.2~rc2-1 in experimental/i386)
  librime (1.6.1+dfsg1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  librime (1.6.1+dfsg1-1 in unstable/i386)
  librostlab (1.0.20-8 in buster/amd64)
  librostlab (1.0.20-8 in buster/arm64)
  librsvg (2.50.3+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  librsvg (2.50.3+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (13 in unstable/amd64)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (13 in unstable/arm64)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (13 in unstable/armhf)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (13 in unstable/i386)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (9 in stretch/armhf)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (9 in stretch/i386)
  libvirt (7.0.0-3 in bullseye/armhf)
  libwildmagic (5.17+cleaned1-6 in unstable/i386)
  libwildmagic (5.13-1 in buster/i386)
  libxc (4.2.3-3 in buster/armhf)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in unstable/amd64)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in unstable/arm64)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in unstable/armhf)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in unstable/i386)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-4 in buster/amd64)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-4 in buster/arm64)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-4 in buster/i386)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in bullseye/amd64)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in bullseye/arm64)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in bullseye/armhf)
  liggghts (3.8.0+repack1-7 in bullseye/i386)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in unstable/amd64)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in unstable/arm64)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in unstable/armhf)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in unstable/i386)
  lilypond (2.19.81+really-2.18.2-13+deb10u1 in buster/amd64)
  lilypond (2.19.81+really-2.18.2-13+deb10u1 in buster/arm64)
  lilypond (2.19.81+really-2.18.2-13+deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  lilypond (2.19.81+really-2.18.2-13+deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in bullseye/amd64)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in bullseye/arm64)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in bullseye/armhf)
  lilypond (2.22.0-10 in bullseye/i386)
  limesuite (20.10.0+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  linux (5.10.28-1 in unstable/amd64)
  linux (5.10.28-1 in unstable/arm64)
  liquidwar (5.6.4-6 in buster/amd64)
  llvm-toolchain-11 (1:11.0.1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  llvm-toolchain-12 (1:12.0.0~++rc5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  llvm-toolchain-snapshot (1:13~++20210129063721+010b176cdefb-1~exp1 in experimental/amd64)
  lorene (0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  lorene (0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  lorene (0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1 in unstable/armhf)
  lorene (0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  lynx (2.8.9rel.1-3 in buster/arm64)
  lynx (2.8.9rel.1-3 in buster/armhf)
  lyx (2.3.6-1 in unstable/amd64)
  lyx (2.3.6-1 in unstable/arm64)
  lyx (2.3.6-1 in unstable/armhf)
  lyx (2.3.6-1 in unstable/i386)
  macaulay2 (1.17.1+ds-2 in unstable/amd64)
  macaulay2 (1.17.1+ds-2 in unstable/arm64)
  macaulay2 (1.17.1+ds-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  madness (0.10.1+git20200818.eee5fd9f-2 in unstable/amd64)
  madness (0.10.1+git20200818.eee5fd9f-2 in unstable/arm64)
  madness (0.10.1+git20200818.eee5fd9f-2 in unstable/i386)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10 in stretch/arm64)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10 in stretch/armhf)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10 in stretch/i386)
  magics++ (2.30.0-5 in stretch/amd64)
  magics++ (2.30.0-5 in stretch/arm64)
  magics++ (2.30.0-5 in stretch/i386)
  mahimahi (0.98-1.1 in unstable/i386)
  mapnik (3.0.22+ds-1 in buster/i386)
  mapnik (3.1.0+ds-1 in bullseye/i386)
  mariadb-10.1 (10.1.45-0+deb9u1 in stretch/armhf)
  mariadb-10.1 (10.1.45-0+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  mariadb-10.3 (1:10.3.27-0+deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  mariadb-10.5 (1:10.5.9-1 in unstable/i386)
  mariadb-10.5 (1:10.5.9-1 in bullseye/i386)
  matrix-construct (0.5.29~dfsg1+~6.11.4-1 in experimental/amd64)
  maxima-sage (5.44.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  mesa (20.3.5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  mesa (20.3.5-1 in unstable/arm64)
  mesa (20.3.5-1 in unstable/armhf)
  mesa (20.3.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  mesa (21.0.2-1 in experimental/amd64)
  mesa (21.0.2-1 in experimental/arm64)
  mesa (21.0.2-1 in experimental/armhf)
  mesa (21.0.2-1 in experimental/i386)
  mesa (20.3.4-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  mesa (20.3.4-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  meshlab (2020.09+dfsg1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  metview (5.11.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  metview (5.11.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  metview (4.8.0-4 in stretch/arm64)
  metview (4.8.0-4 in stretch/armhf)
  metview (4.8.0-4 in stretch/i386)
  mgcv (1.8-34-1 in unstable/i386)
  mia (2.4.7-7 in unstable/amd64)
  mia (2.4.7-7 in unstable/arm64)
  mia (2.4.7-7 in unstable/i386)
  mia (2.4.7-8~exp1 in experimental/amd64)
  mia (2.4.7-8~exp1 in experimental/arm64)
  mia (2.4.7-8~exp1 in experimental/armhf)
  mia (2.4.7-8~exp1 in experimental/i386)
  minetest (5.3.0+repack-2 in unstable/amd64)
  minetest (5.3.0+repack-2 in unstable/arm64)
  minetest (5.3.0+repack-2 in unstable/armhf)
  minetest (5.3.0+repack-2 in unstable/i386)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  mingw-w64 (6.0.0-3 in buster/amd64)
  mingw-w64 (6.0.0-3 in buster/arm64)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  mingw-w64 (8.0.0-1 in bullseye/i386)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in unstable/amd64)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in unstable/arm64)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in unstable/armhf)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in unstable/i386)
  mira (4.9.6-4 in buster/arm64)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in bullseye/arm64)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in bullseye/armhf)
  mira (4.9.6-5 in bullseye/i386)
  mit-scheme (10.1.5-1 in buster/amd64)
  mit-scheme (10.1.5-1 in buster/i386)
  mit-scheme (10.1.11-2 in bullseye/i386)
  mkvtoolnix (31.0.0-1 in buster/amd64)
  mkvtoolnix (31.0.0-1 in buster/armhf)
  mkvtoolnix (31.0.0-1 in buster/i386)
  mlpack (3.4.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  mlpack (3.4.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  monero ( in unstable/amd64)
  monero ( in unstable/arm64)
  monero ( in bullseye/armhf)
  mongodb (1:3.2.11-2+deb9u1 in stretch/amd64)
  mongodb (1:3.2.11-2+deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  mongodb (1:3.2.11-2+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  mono ( in unstable/amd64)
  mono ( in unstable/arm64)
  mono ( in unstable/armhf)
  mono ( in unstable/i386)
  mothur ( in stretch/armhf)
  mothur ( in stretch/i386)
  mothur (1.41.21-1 in buster/armhf)
  mothur (1.41.21-1 in buster/i386)
  mozjs78 (78.4.0-2 in unstable/amd64)
  mozjs78 (78.4.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  mozjs78 (78.4.0-2 in unstable/armhf)
  mozjs78 (78.4.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  mpqc3 (0.0~git20170114-4.1 in buster/i386)
  mrpt (1:2.2.0-1 in experimental/amd64)
  mrpt (1:2.2.0-1 in experimental/arm64)
  mrpt (1:2.2.0-1 in experimental/armhf)
  mrpt (1:2.2.0-1 in experimental/i386)
  mrpt (1:1.5.6-1 in buster/amd64)
  mrpt (1:1.5.6-1 in buster/armhf)
  mrpt (1:1.5.6-1 in buster/i386)
  mrpt (1:2.1.7-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  mrpt (1:2.1.7-1 in bullseye/i386)
  mrtrix3 (3.0~rc3+git135-g2b8e7d0c2-5 in unstable/amd64)
  mrtrix3 (3.0~rc3+git135-g2b8e7d0c2-5 in unstable/arm64)
  mrtrix3 (3.0~rc3+git135-g2b8e7d0c2-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  mrtrix3 (3.0~rc3+git135-g2b8e7d0c2-5 in bullseye/arm64)
  mruby (2.0.0-1 in buster/armhf)
  musescore3 (3.2.3+dfsg2-10 in bullseye/i386)
  mypy (0.812-1 in unstable/amd64)
  mypy (0.812-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  ncbi-blast+ (2.8.1-1+deb10u1 in buster/arm64)
  ncbi-blast+ (2.8.1-1+deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  ncbi-blast+ (2.11.0+ds-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  ncbi-vdb (2.10.9+dfsg-2 in unstable/amd64)
  ncftp (2:3.2.5-2.2 in unstable/i386)
  ncftp (2:3.2.5-2.2 in bullseye/i386)
  nco (4.7.9-1 in buster/amd64)
  nco (4.7.9-1 in buster/arm64)
  nco (4.7.9-1 in buster/armhf)
  nco (4.9.7-1 in bullseye/i386)
  netgen (6.2.2006+really6.2.1905+dfsg-2.1 in unstable/amd64)
  netgen (6.2.2006+really6.2.1905+dfsg-2.1 in unstable/arm64)
  netgen (6.2.2006+really6.2.1905+dfsg-2.1 in unstable/i386)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in unstable/amd64)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in unstable/arm64)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in unstable/armhf)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in unstable/i386)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in bullseye/amd64)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  networkx (2.5+ds-2 in bullseye/i386)
  newlib (3.3.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  newlib (3.3.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  newlib (3.3.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  newlib (3.3.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  newlib ( in buster/amd64)
  newlib ( in buster/i386)
  nginx (1.18.0-6 in unstable/i386)
  nifticlib (3.0.1-8 in unstable/amd64)
  nifticlib (3.0.1-8 in unstable/arm64)
  nifticlib (3.0.1-8 in unstable/i386)
  nim (1.4.2-1 in unstable/armhf)
  nipy (0.4.3~rc1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  nipy (0.4.3~rc1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  nipy (0.4.3~rc1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  nipy (0.4.3~rc1-1 in unstable/i386)
  nipy (0.4.2-2 in buster/amd64)
  nipy (0.4.2-2 in buster/arm64)
  nipy (0.4.2-2 in buster/armhf)
  nipype (1.1.8-1 in buster/amd64)
  nipype (1.1.8-1 in buster/arm64)
  nipype (1.1.8-1 in buster/i386)
  nitime (0.7-2 in buster/amd64)
  nitime (0.7-2 in buster/arm64)
  nitime (0.7-2 in buster/armhf)
  node-autoprefixer ( in unstable/amd64)
  node-autoprefixer ( in unstable/arm64)
  node-autoprefixer ( in unstable/armhf)
  node-autoprefixer ( in unstable/i386)
  node-autoprefixer ( in experimental/amd64)
  node-autoprefixer ( in experimental/arm64)
  node-autoprefixer ( in experimental/armhf)
  node-autoprefixer ( in experimental/i386)
  nodejs (12.21.0~dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  nodejs (12.21.0~dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  nodejs (12.21.0~dfsg-3 in unstable/armhf)
  nodejs (12.21.0~dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  nodejs (14.16.0~dfsg-1 in experimental/amd64)
  nodejs (14.16.0~dfsg-1 in experimental/arm64)
  nodejs (14.16.0~dfsg-1 in experimental/i386)
  ns2 (2.35+dfsg-3.1 in bullseye/i386)
  numpy (1:1.19.5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  numpy (1:1.19.5-1 in unstable/arm64)
  numpy (1:1.19.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  numpy (1:1.20.2-1 in experimental/amd64)
  numpy (1:1.20.2-1 in experimental/arm64)
  numpy (1:1.20.2-1 in experimental/i386)
  numpy (1:1.19.5-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  numpy (1:1.19.5-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  numpy (1:1.19.5-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  numpy (1:1.19.5-1 in bullseye/i386)
  nwchem (7.0.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  nwchem (6.8.1-5 in buster/i386)
  obs-studio (26.1.2+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  oce (0.18.3-1 in unstable/amd64)
  oce (0.18.3-1 in unstable/arm64)
  oce (0.18.3-1 in unstable/armhf)
  oce (0.18.3-1 in unstable/i386)
  oce (0.17.2-2 in stretch/i386)
  oce (0.18.2-3 in buster/armhf)
  oce (0.18.2-3 in buster/i386)
  oce (0.18.3-1 in bullseye/i386)
  octave (6.2.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  octave (6.2.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  octave (6.2.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  octave (6.2.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/amd64)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/arm64)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/armhf)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/i386)
  odb-api (0.18.1-5 in buster/amd64)
  odil (0.12.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  odil (0.12.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  odil (0.12.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  olm (3.2.1~dfsg-7 in bullseye/i386)
  onedrive (2.4.10-1 in unstable/i386)
  open3d (0.9.0+ds-5 in unstable/amd64)
  open3d (0.9.0+ds-5 in unstable/i386)
  open3d (0.9.0+ds-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  open3d (0.9.0+ds-5 in bullseye/i386)
  openblas (0.3.13+ds-2 in unstable/amd64)
  openblas (0.3.13+ds-2 in unstable/arm64)
  openblas (0.3.13+ds-2 in unstable/i386)
  openblas (0.2.19-3 in stretch/i386)
  openblas (0.3.14+ds-1 in experimental/amd64)
  openblas (0.3.14+ds-1 in experimental/arm64)
  openblas (0.3.14+ds-1 in experimental/i386)
  opencascade (7.5.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  opencascade (7.5.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  opencascade (7.5.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/armhf)
  opencascade (7.5.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/i386)
  openclipart (1:0.18+dfsg-15 in buster/amd64)
  openclipart (1:0.18+dfsg-15 in buster/i386)
  open-coarrays (2.9.2-3 in unstable/arm64)
  opencpn (5.2.4+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  opencpn (5.2.4+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  opencpn (5.2.4+dfsg-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  opencpn (5.2.4+dfsg-1 in bullseye/i386)
  opencv (4.5.1+dfsg-4 in unstable/amd64)
  opencv (4.5.1+dfsg-4 in unstable/arm64)
  opencv (4.5.1+dfsg-4 in unstable/i386)
  opencv (3.2.0+dfsg-6 in buster/armhf)
  opencv (4.5.1+dfsg-4 in bullseye/amd64)
  opencv (4.5.1+dfsg-4 in bullseye/arm64)
  opencv (4.5.1+dfsg-4 in bullseye/i386)
  openems (0.0.35+git20190103.6a75e98+dfsg.1-3 in unstable/i386)
  openfoam (1912.200626-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openfoam (1912.200626-1 in unstable/arm64)
  openimageio (2.0.5~dfsg0-1 in buster/arm64)
  openjdk-11 (11.0.11+8-1 in unstable/arm64)
  openjdk-11 ( in buster/amd64)
  openjdk-11 (11.0.11+4-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  openjdk-11-jre-dcevm (11.0.10+1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openjdk-11-jre-dcevm (11.0.3+1-1 in buster/amd64)
  openjdk-11-jre-dcevm (11.0.10+1-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  openjdk-15 (15.0.2+7-1 in unstable/arm64)
  openjdk-16 (16+36-4 in unstable/arm64)
  openjdk-8 (8u252-b09-1~deb9u1 in stretch/amd64)
  openjdk-8 (8u252-b09-1~deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  openjfx (11.0.11+0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  openjfx (11.0.11+0-1 in unstable/i386)
  openjfx (8u141-b14-3~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  openjfx (11.0.2+1-1 in buster/amd64)
  openjfx (11.0.2+1-1 in buster/arm64)
  openjfx (11.0.2+1-1 in buster/i386)
  openjfx (11.0.11+0-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  openjfx (11.0.11+0-1 in bullseye/i386)
  openmolcas (20.10-2 in unstable/amd64)
  openmolcas (20.10-2 in unstable/arm64)
  openms (2.6.0+cleaned1-3 in unstable/amd64)
  openms (2.6.0+cleaned1-3 in unstable/arm64)
  openms (2.6.0+cleaned1-3 in unstable/i386)
  openms (2.6.0+cleaned1-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  openms (2.6.0+cleaned1-3 in bullseye/arm64)
  openms (2.6.0+cleaned1-3 in bullseye/i386)
  openni ( in buster/i386)
  openscenegraph (3.6.5+dfsg1-7 in unstable/amd64)
  openscenegraph (3.6.5+dfsg1-7 in unstable/arm64)
  openscenegraph (3.6.5+dfsg1-7 in unstable/armhf)
  openscenegraph (3.6.5+dfsg1-7 in unstable/i386)
  openstructure (2.2.0-6 in unstable/amd64)
  opensurgsim (0.7.0-11 in unstable/amd64)
  opensurgsim (0.7.0-11 in unstable/arm64)
  opensurgsim (0.7.0-11 in unstable/armhf)
  opensurgsim (0.7.0-11 in unstable/i386)
  openzwave (1.5+ds-6 in buster/i386)
  packer (1.6.6+ds1-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  pakcs (2.1.1-2 in buster/amd64)
  paraview (5.9.0-2 in unstable/amd64)
  paraview (5.9.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  paraview (5.9.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  pari (2.11.1-2 in buster/arm64)
  passenger (5.0.30-1.2 in unstable/i386)
  passenger (5.0.30-1.1 in buster/armhf)
  passenger (5.0.30-1.2 in bullseye/i386)
  pcsx2 (1.6.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  pdl (1:2.019-5 in buster/amd64)
  pdl (1:2.019-5 in buster/arm64)
  pdns-recursor (4.4.2-3 in unstable/amd64)
  pdns-recursor (4.4.2-3 in unstable/arm64)
  pdns-recursor (4.4.2-3 in unstable/i386)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-3 in unstable/amd64)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-3 in unstable/arm64)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-3 in unstable/armhf)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-3 in unstable/i386)
  petsc (3.7.5+dfsg1-4 in stretch/i386)
  petsc (3.10.3+dfsg1-5 in buster/amd64)
  petsc (3.10.3+dfsg1-5 in buster/armhf)
  petsc (3.10.3+dfsg1-5 in buster/i386)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/amd64)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  petsc (3.14.5+dfsg1-2 in bullseye/i386)
  php7.4 (7.4.15-5+deb11u1 in bullseye/i386)
  picosat (965-2 in unstable/i386)
  piglit (0~git20180515-62ef6b0db-1 in buster/i386)
  pike7.8 (7.8.866-7 in stretch/amd64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in unstable/amd64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in unstable/arm64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in unstable/armhf)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in unstable/i386)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/amd64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/arm64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/armhf)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/i386)
  pike8.0 (8.0.702-1 in buster/amd64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.702-1 in buster/arm64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.702-1 in buster/armhf)
  pike8.0 (8.0.702-1 in buster/i386)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  pike8.0 (8.0.1116-1 in bullseye/i386)
  pmacct (1.7.6-2 in unstable/i386)
  pocl (0.13-8 in stretch/i386)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in unstable/arm64)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in unstable/armhf)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  polybar (3.5.5-1 in bullseye/i386)
  polymake (4.3-4 in unstable/amd64)
  polymake (4.3-4 in unstable/arm64)
  polymake (4.3-4 in unstable/i386)
  polymake (3.0r2-2 in stretch/i386)
  polymake (3.2r4-4 in buster/i386)
  polyml (5.7.1-2 in buster/armhf)
  polyorb (2.11~20140418-3.2 in stretch/armhf)
  polyorb (2.11~20140418-3.2 in stretch/i386)
  povray (1: in unstable/amd64)
  povray (1: in unstable/arm64)
  povray (1: in unstable/i386)
  povray (1: in buster/armhf)
  povray (1: in bullseye/armhf)
  povray (1: in bullseye/i386)
  ppx-deriving (4.2.1-3 in buster/amd64)
  ppx-deriving (4.2.1-3 in buster/arm64)
  presage (0.9.1-2.2 in unstable/amd64)
  presage (0.9.1-2.2 in unstable/arm64)
  presage (0.9.1-2.2 in unstable/armhf)
  presage (0.9.1-2.2 in unstable/i386)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in unstable/i386)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  psi (1.5+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  psi4 (1:1.0-1 in stretch/i386)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in unstable/amd64)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in unstable/arm64)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in unstable/armhf)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in unstable/i386)
  psi-plus (1.4.1456-2 in experimental/amd64)
  psi-plus (1.4.1456-2 in experimental/arm64)
  psi-plus (1.4.1456-2 in experimental/armhf)
  psi-plus (1.4.1456-2 in experimental/i386)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-2 in buster/amd64)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-2 in buster/arm64)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-2 in buster/armhf)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-2 in buster/i386)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in bullseye/arm64)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in bullseye/armhf)
  psi-plus (1.4.554-5 in bullseye/i386)
  pyfai (0.17.0+dfsg1-3 in buster/arm64)
  pyferret (7.4.4-1 in buster/armhf)
  pynifti (0.20100607.1-4.1 in buster/armhf)
  pypy (7.3.3+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  pypy (5.6.0+dfsg-4 in stretch/amd64)
  pypy (7.0.0+dfsg-3 in buster/amd64)
  pypy (7.0.0+dfsg-3 in buster/arm64)
  pypy (7.0.0+dfsg-3 in buster/i386)
  pypy3 (7.3.3+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  pypy3 (7.3.3+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  pypy3 (7.0.0+dfsg-3 in buster/amd64)
  pypy3 (7.0.0+dfsg-3 in buster/arm64)
  pypy3 (7.3.3+dfsg-3 in bullseye/i386)
  pyqt5 (5.7+dfsg-5 in stretch/armhf)
  pyqt5 (5.7+dfsg-5 in stretch/i386)
  pyside2 (5.15.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  pyside2 (5.15.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  pyside2 (5.15.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  python2.7 (2.7.16-2+deb10u1 in buster/amd64)
  python2.7 (2.7.16-2+deb10u1 in buster/arm64)
  python2.7 (2.7.16-2+deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in unstable/armhf)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  python-ase (3.17.0-2 in buster/amd64)
  python-ase (3.17.0-2 in buster/arm64)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in bullseye/amd64)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in bullseye/arm64)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  python-ase (3.21.1-2 in bullseye/i386)
  python-cmarkgfm (0.4.2-1 in buster/i386)
  python-enable (4.5.1-4 in buster/armhf)
  python-fisx (1.1.6-1 in buster/armhf)
  python-igraph (0.7.1.post6-7 in buster/i386)
  python-networkx (2.2-1 in buster/amd64)
  python-networkx (2.2-1 in buster/arm64)
  python-networkx (2.2-1 in buster/armhf)
  python-networkx (2.2-1 in buster/i386)
  python-pgmagick (0.7.4-2 in buster/armhf)
  python-scipy (1.1.0-7 in buster/armhf)
  pytorch (1.7.1-7 in unstable/amd64)
  pytorch (1.7.1-7 in unstable/arm64)
  pytorch (1.7.1-7 in bullseye/amd64)
  pytorch (1.7.1-7 in bullseye/arm64)
  qemu (1:5.2+dfsg-9 in unstable/amd64)
  qemu (1:5.2+dfsg-9 in bullseye/amd64)
  qgis (3.10.14+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  qgis (3.10.14+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  qgis (3.10.14+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  qgis (3.16.5+dfsg-1~exp1 in experimental/amd64)
  qgis (3.16.5+dfsg-1~exp1 in experimental/arm64)
  qgis (3.16.5+dfsg-1~exp1 in experimental/armhf)
  qgis (3.16.5+dfsg-1~exp1 in experimental/i386)
  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.7+dfsg-11 in stretch/armhf)
  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.7+dfsg-11 in stretch/i386)
  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.7+dfsg-18+deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.7+dfsg-18+deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  qtbase-opensource-src (5.15.2+dfsg-5 in unstable/amd64)
  qtbase-opensource-src (5.15.2+dfsg-5 in unstable/i386)
  qtcreator (4.14.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  qtcreator (4.14.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  qtcreator (4.14.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  qtcreator (4.14.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  qtcreator (4.14.1-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  qtcreator (4.14.1-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  qtcreator (4.14.1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  qttools-opensource-src (5.15.2-5 in unstable/amd64)
  qttools-opensource-src (5.15.2-5 in unstable/arm64)
  qttools-opensource-src (5.15.2-5 in unstable/armhf)
  qttools-opensource-src (5.15.2-5 in unstable/i386)
  qtwebengine-opensource-src (5.7.1+dfsg-6.1 in stretch/amd64)
  qtwebengine-opensource-src (5.7.1+dfsg-6.1 in stretch/armhf)
  qtwebengine-opensource-src (5.7.1+dfsg-6.1 in stretch/i386)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha4-12 in experimental/i386)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-21 in buster/arm64)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-21 in buster/armhf)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-21 in buster/i386)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha4-11 in bullseye/i386)
  qtxmlpatterns-opensource-src (5.15.2-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  quagga (1.2.4-3 in buster/arm64)
  quagga (1.2.4-3 in buster/i386)
  quantlib (1.15-1 in buster/amd64)
  quantlib (1.15-1 in buster/arm64)
  rabbitmq-server (3.8.9-3 in unstable/amd64)
  rabbitmq-server (3.8.9-3 in unstable/arm64)
  rabbitmq-server (3.8.9-3 in unstable/armhf)
  rabbitmq-server (3.8.9-3 in unstable/i386)
  racket (7.9+dfsg1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  racket (8.0+dfsg1-3 in experimental/amd64)
  racket (7.2+dfsg1-2 in buster/amd64)
  racket (7.2+dfsg1-2 in buster/arm64)
  racket (7.9+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  racket (7.9+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  racket (7.9+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  r-base (4.0.4-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-base (4.0.4-1 in bullseye/i386)
  r-bioc-biocviews (1.58.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-complexheatmap (2.6.2+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-dexseq (1.36.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-genomeinfodb (1.26.2-2 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-genomicfeatures (1.42.1+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-genomicfiles (1.26.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-mofa (1.6.1+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-mutationalpatterns (3.0.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-phyloseq (1.34.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-rhdf5 (2.34.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-bioc-tcgabiolinks (2.18.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-arm (1.11-2-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-arsenal (3.6.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-bayesfactor (0.9.12-4.2+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-bit64 (4.0.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-brms (2.14.4-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-cardata (3.0.4-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-caret (6.0-86+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-colorspace (2.0-0+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-crul (1.0.0+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-dbitest (1.7.0-2 in bullseye/i386)
  r-cran-deal (1:1.2-39-2 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-desolve (1.28-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-dimred (0.2.3-2 in bullseye/i386)
  r-cran-evd (2.3-3-3 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-genabel (1.8-0-4 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-ggraph (2.0.4-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-googlevis (0.6.9+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-gss (2.2-2-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-httr (1.4.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-lava ( in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-lavaan (0.6.7-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-lubridate ( in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-maldiquant (1.19.3-2 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-maptools (1:1.0-2+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-nmf (0.23.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-openmx (2.18.1-3 in unstable/amd64)
  r-cran-openmx (2.18.1-3 in unstable/arm64)
  r-cran-openmx (2.18.1-3 in unstable/armhf)
  r-cran-openmx (2.18.1-3 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-parsetools (0.1.3-2 in bullseye/i386)
  r-cran-plotly (4.9.3+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-pls (2.7-3-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-plumber (1.0.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-projpred (2.0.2+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-pscl (1.5.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-quantreg (5.85-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-recipes (0.1.15+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-rgdal (1.5-21+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-rnexml (2.4.5+ds-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-robust (0.5-0.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-rsdmx (1:0.6+dfsg-1 in bullseye/i386)
  r-cran-rstan (2.21.2-3 in unstable/amd64)
  r-cran-rstan (2.21.2-3 in unstable/arm64)
  r-cran-rstan (2.21.2-3 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-rstanarm (2.21.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  r-cran-rstanarm (2.21.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  r-cran-rstanarm (2.21.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  r-cran-rstanarm (2.21.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-r.utils (2.10.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-s2 (1.0.4-1 in unstable/amd64)
  r-cran-sn (1.6-2-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-sparsem (1.81-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-taxize (0.9.99-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-tcr (2.3.2+ds-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-teachingdemos (2.12-2 in bullseye/i386)
  r-cran-tmvtnorm (1.4-10-4 in bullseye/i386)
  r-cran-waveslim (1.8.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  rebar (2.6.4-3 in unstable/i386)
  regina-normal (6.0.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  regina-normal (6.0.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  regina-normal (6.0.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  regina-normal (6.0.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  resvg (0.8.0-4 in unstable/amd64)
  resvg (0.8.0-4 in unstable/arm64)
  resvg (0.8.0-4 in unstable/i386)
  rheolef (7.1-6 in unstable/amd64)
  rheolef (7.1-6 in unstable/arm64)
  rheolef (7.1-6 in unstable/i386)
  ros-rviz (1.14.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  ros-rviz (1.14.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/armhf)
  ros-rviz (1.14.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  rustc (1.48.0+dfsg1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  rustc (1.50.0+dfsg1-1~exp4 in experimental/amd64)
  rustc (1.50.0+dfsg1-1~exp4 in experimental/arm64)
  rustc (1.50.0+dfsg1-1~exp4 in experimental/armhf)
  rust-rust-code-analysis-cli (0.0.19-1 in unstable/i386)
  sagemath (8.6-6 in buster/amd64)
  sagemath (8.6-6 in buster/arm64)
  sagemath (8.6-6 in buster/i386)
  sagemath (9.2-2 in bullseye/amd64)
  sagetex (3.2+ds-2 in buster/amd64)
  sagetex (3.2+ds-2 in buster/arm64)
  sagetex (3.2+ds-2 in buster/i386)
  salmon (1.4.0+ds1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  salmon (1.4.0+ds1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  salmon (1.4.0+ds1-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in unstable/armhf)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  samba (2:4.13.5+dfsg-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  sambamba (0.8.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  sambamba (0.8.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  samhain (4.1.4-2 in buster/armhf)
  samhain (4.1.4-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  scalable-cyrfonts (4.17 in buster/amd64)
  scalable-cyrfonts (4.17 in buster/arm64)
  scalable-cyrfonts (4.17 in buster/i386)
  scalapack (2.1.0-4 in unstable/arm64)
  scalapack (2.1.0-4 in unstable/armhf)
  scalapack (2.1.0-4 in unstable/i386)
  scantool (1.21+dfsg-7 in buster/arm64)
  scikit-learn (0.23.2-5 in unstable/amd64)
  scikit-learn (0.23.2-5 in unstable/arm64)
  scikit-learn (0.23.2-5 in unstable/i386)
  scikit-learn (0.20.2+dfsg-6 in buster/amd64)
  scikit-learn (0.20.2+dfsg-6 in buster/arm64)
  scikit-learn (0.20.2+dfsg-6 in buster/armhf)
  scikit-learn (0.20.2+dfsg-6 in buster/i386)
  scikit-learn (0.23.2-5 in bullseye/arm64)
  scikit-learn (0.23.2-5 in bullseye/armhf)
  scikit-learn (0.23.2-5 in bullseye/i386)
  scipy (1.6.0-2 in unstable/amd64)
  scipy (1.6.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  scipy (1.6.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  scipy (1.6.2-1 in experimental/amd64)
  scipy (1.6.2-1 in experimental/arm64)
  scipy (1.6.2-1 in experimental/armhf)
  scipy (1.6.2-1 in experimental/i386)
  scrollz (2.2.3-1 in buster/arm64)
  scrollz (2.2.3-1 in buster/armhf)
  scummvm (2.2.0+dfsg1-4 in unstable/amd64)
  scummvm (2.2.0+dfsg1-4 in unstable/arm64)
  scummvm (2.2.0+dfsg1-4 in unstable/i386)
  scummvm (2.2.0+dfsg1-4 in bullseye/amd64)
  scummvm (2.2.0+dfsg1-4 in bullseye/arm64)
  scummvm (2.2.0+dfsg1-4 in bullseye/armhf)
  scummvm (2.2.0+dfsg1-4 in bullseye/i386)
  sdformat (9.3.0+ds-3 in unstable/i386)
  sdformat (9.3.0+ds-3 in bullseye/i386)
  segemehl (0.3.4-3 in unstable/i386)
  segemehl (0.3.4-3 in bullseye/i386)
  seqan2 (2.4.0+dfsg-14 in unstable/amd64)
  seqan2 (2.4.0+dfsg-14 in unstable/arm64)
  seqan2 (2.4.0+dfsg-14 in unstable/i386)
  shogun (3.2.0-8 in buster/i386)
  sight (20.2.0-2 in unstable/amd64)
  sight (20.2.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  sipxtapi (3.3.0~test17-3 in buster/amd64)
  sipxtapi (3.3.0~test17-3 in buster/armhf)
  sipxtapi (3.3.0~test18+dfsg.1-0.1 in bullseye/i386)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  skimage (0.14.2-2 in buster/amd64)
  skimage (0.14.2-2 in buster/arm64)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  skimage (0.18.1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  slepc (3.14.2+dfsg1-1 in unstable/i386)
  slepc (3.10.1+dfsg1-3 in buster/armhf)
  slepc (3.14.2+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  slepc (3.14.2+dfsg1-1 in bullseye/i386)
  slic3r (1.3.0+dfsg1-3 in buster/amd64)
  slic3r (1.3.0+dfsg1-3 in buster/arm64)
  smlnj (110.79-4 in buster/amd64)
  sofia-sip (1.12.11+20110422.1-2.1 in unstable/amd64)
  sofia-sip (1.12.11+20110422.1-2.1 in unstable/arm64)
  sofia-sip (1.12.11+20110422.1-2.1 in unstable/i386)
  solvespace (3.0.rc2+repack1-3 in unstable/i386)
  solvespace (3.0.rc2+repack1-3 in bullseye/i386)
  sonic-pi (2.10.0~repack-2.1 in buster/armhf)
  sonnet (5.54.0-1 in buster/amd64)
  sonnet (5.78.0-2 in bullseye/i386)
  speedcrunch (0.12.0-4 in buster/arm64)
  spherepack (3.2-11 in buster/armhf)
  spherepack (3.3~a1-4 in bullseye/armhf)
  sphinx-gallery (0.8.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  sphinx-gallery (0.8.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  sphinx-gallery (0.8.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  sphinx-gallery (0.2.0-1 in buster/amd64)
  sphinx-gallery (0.8.2-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  sphinx-gallery (0.8.2-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  sphinx-gallery (0.8.2-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  sphinx-gallery (0.8.2-1 in bullseye/i386)
  sphinxsearch (2.2.11-2 in unstable/amd64)
  sphinxsearch (2.2.11-1.1 in stretch/i386)
  sphinxsearch (2.2.11-2 in buster/amd64)
  sphinxsearch (2.2.11-2 in bullseye/armhf)
  sphinxsearch (2.2.11-2 in bullseye/i386)
  squid (4.13-9 in unstable/amd64)
  squid (4.13-9 in unstable/arm64)
  squid (4.13-9 in unstable/armhf)
  squid (4.13-9 in unstable/i386)
  sra-sdk (2.9.3+dfsg-1 in buster/amd64)
  starjava-topcat (4.6.2-1 in buster/arm64)
  starjava-topcat (4.8-2 in bullseye/i386)
  statsmodels (0.12.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  statsmodels (0.12.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  statsmodels (0.12.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  statsmodels (0.12.2-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  statsmodels (0.12.2-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  statsmodels (0.12.2-1 in bullseye/armhf)
  statsmodels (0.12.2-1 in bullseye/i386)
  stellarium (0.20.4-3 in unstable/amd64)
  stellarium (0.20.4-3 in unstable/arm64)
  stellarium (0.20.4-3 in unstable/armhf)
  stellarium (0.20.4-3 in unstable/i386)
  stellarium (0.18.3-1 in buster/amd64)
  stellarium (0.18.3-1 in buster/arm64)
  stellarium (0.18.3-1 in buster/armhf)
  sumo (1.8.0+dfsg2-5 in unstable/amd64)
  sumo (1.8.0+dfsg2-5 in unstable/i386)
  sumo (1.8.0+dfsg2-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  sumo (1.8.0+dfsg2-5 in bullseye/armhf)
  sumo (1.8.0+dfsg2-5 in bullseye/i386)
  supertux (0.6.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  supertux (0.6.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  supertux (0.6.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  supertuxkart (1.2+ds-2 in unstable/i386)
  supertuxkart (0.9.2+dfsg-2 in stretch/i386)
  supertuxkart (0.9.3-2 in buster/i386)
  supertuxkart (1.2+ds-2 in bullseye/i386)
  suricata (1:6.0.1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  suricata (1:6.0.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  suricata (1:6.0.2-1~exp1 in experimental/amd64)
  suricata (1:6.0.2-1~exp1 in experimental/i386)
  svxlink (19.09.1-3 in bullseye/i386)
  swi-prolog (8.0.2+dfsg-3+deb10u1 in buster/amd64)
  swi-prolog (8.2.4+dfsg-1 in bullseye/i386)
  swish-e (2.4.7-6 in unstable/i386)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in unstable/amd64)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in unstable/arm64)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in unstable/armhf)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in unstable/i386)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in bullseye/arm64)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in bullseye/armhf)
  sympy (1.7.1-3 in bullseye/i386)
  tbb (2020.3-1 in bullseye/i386)
  teeworlds (0.7.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  teeworlds (0.7.2-5+deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  teeworlds (0.7.5-1 in bullseye/i386)
  telegram-desktop (1.5.11-1 in buster/arm64)
  texworks (0.6.5-2 in unstable/i386)
  therion (5.3.16-10 in stretch/armhf)
  therion (5.3.16-10 in stretch/i386)
  thunderbird (1:78.9.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  thunderbird (1:78.9.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  thunderbird (1:78.9.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  thunderbird (1:88.0~b2-1 in experimental/amd64)
  thunderbird (1:88.0~b2-1 in experimental/arm64)
  tig (2.4.1-1 in buster/amd64)
  tigervnc (1.9.0+dfsg-3+deb10u3 in buster/i386)
  tilix (1.9.4-2 in unstable/amd64)
  tilix (1.9.4-2 in unstable/arm64)
  tilix (1.9.4-2 in unstable/i386)
  travis (190101-1 in buster/armhf)
  trilinos (12.18.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  trustedqsl (2.5.7-1 in unstable/i386)
  tsdecrypt (10.0-2 in bullseye/i386)
  ufoai (2.5-6 in unstable/i386)
  ufoai (2.5-4 in buster/armhf)
  uhd ( in unstable/amd64)
  uhd ( in unstable/arm64)
  uhd ( in unstable/armhf)
  uhd ( in unstable/i386)
  uhd ( in experimental/amd64)
  uhd ( in experimental/arm64)
  uhd ( in experimental/armhf)
  uhd ( in experimental/i386)
  unicon (3.0.4+dfsg1-1 in buster/armhf)
  unicon (3.0.4+dfsg1-3 in bullseye/i386)
  unknown-horizons (2019.1-3 in unstable/armhf)
  unknown-horizons (2019.1-3 in unstable/i386)
  unknown-horizons (2019.1-1 in buster/armhf)
  unknown-horizons (2019.1-1 in buster/i386)
  unknown-horizons (2019.1-3 in bullseye/armhf)
  unknown-horizons (2019.1-3 in bullseye/i386)
  urweb (20170720+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  user-mode-linux (5.10um2 in unstable/i386)
  valentina (0.7.45~dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  valentina (0.7.45~dfsg-1 in unstable/armhf)
  vlc (3.0.12-0+deb10u1 in buster/amd64)
  vlc (3.0.12-0+deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-8 in unstable/amd64)
  vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-8 in unstable/arm64)
  vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-8 in unstable/armhf)
  vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-8 in unstable/i386)
  vtk7 (7.1.1+dfsg2-10 in unstable/amd64)
  vtk7 (7.1.1+dfsg2-10 in unstable/arm64)
  vtk7 (7.1.1+dfsg2-10 in unstable/i386)
  vtk9 (9.0.1+dfsg1-8 in unstable/amd64)
  vtk9 (9.0.1+dfsg1-8 in unstable/arm64)
  vtk9 (9.0.1+dfsg1-8 in unstable/i386)
  vulkan-validationlayers ( in unstable/amd64)
  vulkan-validationlayers ( in unstable/arm64)
  vulkan-validationlayers ( in unstable/armhf)
  vulkan-validationlayers ( in unstable/i386)
  vulkan-validationlayers (1.1.97-2 in buster/amd64)
  vulkan-validationlayers (1.1.97-2 in buster/arm64)
  webissues (1.1.5-7 in unstable/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.30.6-1 in unstable/amd64)
  webkit2gtk (2.30.6-1 in unstable/arm64)
  webkit2gtk (2.30.6-1 in unstable/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.18.6-1~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.32.0-1 in experimental/amd64)
  webkit2gtk (2.32.0-1 in experimental/arm64)
  webkit2gtk (2.32.0-1 in experimental/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.30.5-1~deb10u1 in buster/amd64)
  webkit2gtk (2.30.5-1~deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.30.6-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  webkit2gtk (2.30.6-1 in bullseye/i386)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-3 in stretch/amd64)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-3 in stretch/arm64)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-3 in stretch/armhf)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-3 in stretch/i386)
  whitedune (0.30.10-2.2 in unstable/i386)
  wine (5.0.3-3 in unstable/amd64)
  wine (5.0.3-3 in unstable/arm64)
  wine (5.0.3-3 in unstable/armhf)
  wine (5.0.3-3 in unstable/i386)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/amd64)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/arm64)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/armhf)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/i386)
  wine (4.0-2 in buster/amd64)
  wine (4.0-2 in buster/armhf)
  wine (4.0-2 in buster/i386)
  wine (5.0.3-3 in bullseye/amd64)
  wine (5.0.3-3 in bullseye/arm64)
  wine (5.0.3-3 in bullseye/i386)
  wine-development (5.6-1 in unstable/amd64)
  wine-development (5.6-1 in unstable/i386)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/amd64)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/arm64)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/armhf)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/i386)
  wine-development (4.2-4 in buster/amd64)
  wine-development (4.2-4 in buster/armhf)
  wine-development (4.2-4 in buster/i386)
  wings3d (2.2.5-1 in unstable/i386)
  wlcs (1.2.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  wlcs (1.2.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  woo (1.0+dfsg1-1 in stretch/i386)
  wpewebkit (2.30.6-1 in unstable/amd64)
  wpewebkit (2.30.6-1 in unstable/arm64)
  wpewebkit (2.30.6-1 in unstable/i386)
  wpewebkit (2.32.0-1 in experimental/amd64)
  wpewebkit (2.32.0-1 in experimental/arm64)
  wpewebkit (2.32.0-1 in experimental/i386)
  wpewebkit (2.30.6-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  wpewebkit (2.30.6-1 in bullseye/arm64)
  wpewebkit (2.30.6-1 in bullseye/i386)
  wsjtx (2.3.0+repack-2 in unstable/amd64)
  wsjtx (2.3.0+repack-2 in unstable/arm64)
  wsjtx (2.3.0+repack-2 in unstable/i386)
  wsjtx (2.4.0~rc4+repack-1 in experimental/amd64)
  wsjtx (2.4.0~rc4+repack-1 in experimental/arm64)
  wsjtx (2.4.0~rc4+repack-1 in experimental/i386)
  xemacs21 (21.4.24-4 in stretch/arm64)
  xemacs21 (21.4.24-8 in buster/amd64)
  xemacs21 (21.4.24-8 in buster/i386)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in unstable/amd64)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in unstable/arm64)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in unstable/armhf)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in unstable/i386)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-4 in buster/amd64)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-4 in buster/armhf)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-4 in buster/i386)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in bullseye/amd64)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in bullseye/arm64)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in bullseye/armhf)
  xemacs21-packages (2009.02.17.dfsg.2-5 in bullseye/i386)
  xorg-server (2:1.20.4-1+deb10u2 in buster/amd64)
  xorg-server (2:1.20.4-1+deb10u2 in buster/arm64)
  xorg-server (2:1.20.4-1+deb10u2 in buster/armhf)
  xorg-server (2:1.20.4-1+deb10u2 in buster/i386)
  xorp (1.8.6~wip.20160715-2 in buster/i386)
  yabause (0.9.14-3 in buster/i386)
  yade (2021.01a-3 in unstable/amd64)
  yade (2021.01a-3 in unstable/arm64)
  yosys (0.8-1 in buster/armhf)
  yosys (0.8-1 in buster/i386)
  z3 (4.4.1-1~deb9u1 in stretch/armhf)
  z3 (4.4.1-1~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  z3 (4.4.1-1~deb10u1 in buster/armhf)
  z3 (4.4.1-1~deb10u1 in buster/i386)
  zabbix (1:4.0.4+dfsg-1 in buster/amd64)
  zabbix (1:4.0.4+dfsg-1 in buster/arm64)
  zabbix (1:4.0.4+dfsg-1 in buster/i386)
  zabbix (1:5.0.8+dfsg-1 in bullseye/i386)
  zeek (3.2.3+ds2-2 in unstable/amd64)
  zeek (3.2.3+ds2-2 in unstable/arm64)
  zeek (3.2.3+ds2-2 in unstable/armhf)
  zeek (3.2.3+ds2-2 in unstable/i386)
  zephyr (3.1.2-1 in buster/armhf)
  zephyr (3.1.2-1 in buster/i386)
  zephyr (3.1.2-1 in bullseye/i386)
  zeroc-ice (3.7.2-4 in buster/armhf)
  zeroc-ice (3.7.2-4 in buster/i386)

Breakage on

21 log files that should not be there (and which will be deleted once they are older than 24h):


2 diffoscope files that should not be there:


2 buildinfo files that should not be there (and which will be deleted once they are older than 24h):


1 history pages that should not be there and thus have been removed:


9 have been built but don't have a buildlog:

  cp2k (8.1-9 in bullseye/arm64)
  erlang-p1-iconv (1.0.12-3 in unstable/armhf)
  grass (7.8.5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  libhdf4 (4.2.15-3 in unstable/arm64)
  mosdepth (0.3.1+ds-2 in unstable/armhf)
  mrpt (1:2.1.7-1 in unstable/i386)
  ros-ros-comm (1.15.9+ds1-7 in unstable/amd64)
  ros-rviz (1.14.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)

9 have been built but don't have a .buildinfo file:

  grass (7.8.5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  icinga2 (2.12.3-1 in bullseye/amd64)
  libhdf4 (4.2.15-3 in unstable/arm64)
  mosdepth (0.3.1+ds-2 in unstable/armhf)
  mrpt (1:2.1.7-1 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-libcoin (1.0-7-1 in unstable/amd64)
  r-cran-rpostgresql (0.6-2+dfsg-3 in unstable/armhf)
  ros-ros-comm (1.15.9+ds1-7 in unstable/amd64)
  ros-rviz (1.14.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.