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Breakage on the Debian pages of

This page lists unexpected things a human should look at and fix, like packages with an incoherent status or files that should not be there. Some of these breakages are caused by bugs in diffoscope while others are probably due to bugs in the scripts run by jenkins. Please help making this page empty!

Breakage involving diffoscope

213 source packages on which diffoscope ran into timeouts (195) or crashed (32) or sometimes both.
source packages causing Diffoscope to timeout and crash
Artifacts diffoscope crashed on are available for 48h for download.

46 are marked as FTBR, but there is no diffoscope output - so probably diffoscope crashed:

  akregator (4:18.08.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  avogadro (1.2.0-4 in unstable/arm64)
  calligraplan (1:3.1.0-3 in unstable/arm64)
  cp2k (5.1-4 in buster/arm64)
  fw4spl (14.0.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in buster/i386)
  gfxboot (4.5.2-1.1-6 in buster/i386)
  ghc (8.4.3+dfsg1-2 in unstable/i386)
  grib-api (1.27.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  krita (1:4.1.5+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  kwave (18.08.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  kwin (4:5.13.5-1 in unstable/amd64)
  libcache-perl (2.11-1 in buster/arm64)
  libkf5incidenceeditor (18.08.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  librime (1.3.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in unstable/armhf)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-2 in stretch/amd64)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-2 in stretch/arm64)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-2 in stretch/armhf)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-2 in stretch/i386)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in buster/amd64)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in buster/arm64)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in buster/armhf)
  lie (2.2.2+dfsg-3 in buster/i386)
  mclibs (20061220+dfsg3-3.1 in unstable/amd64)
  monero ( in unstable/amd64)
  nipype (1.1.3-1 in unstable/armhf)
  nipype (1.1.3-1 in unstable/i386)
  node-spdx-expression-parse (1.0.4-1 in unstable/arm64)
  ntopng (3.2+dfsg1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  odb-api (0.18.0-6 in unstable/amd64)
  openscenegraph-3.4 (3.4.1+dfsg1-4 in unstable/amd64)
  paraview (5.4.1+dfsg4-3.1 in unstable/i386)
  piglit (0~git20180515-62ef6b0db-1 in unstable/amd64)
  pyside (1.2.2+source1-3 in unstable/i386)
  r-cran-distory (1.4.3-2 in buster/i386)
  r-cran-vgam (1.0-6-1 in unstable/amd64)
  rss-glx (0.9.1-6.1 in unstable/arm64)
  ruby-text-format (1.0.0-4 in unstable/arm64)
  wine (3.0.3-2 in unstable/amd64)
  wine (3.0.3-2 in unstable/i386)
  wine-development (3.18-2 in unstable/i386)
  wine-development (3.18-2 in buster/amd64)

573 are marked as FTBR, but their diffoscope output does not seem to be an html file - so probably diffoscope ran into a timeout:

  abinit (8.8.4-1 in unstable/amd64)
  aces3 (3.0.8-5.1 in unstable/amd64)
  aces3 (3.0.8-5.1 in unstable/armhf)
  aces3 (3.0.8-5.1 in stretch/armhf)
  aces3 (3.0.8-5.1 in stretch/i386)
  alsa-lib (1.1.6-1 in unstable/amd64)
  alsa-lib (1.1.6-1 in unstable/arm64)
  alsa-lib (1.1.6-1 in unstable/armhf)
  alsa-lib (1.1.6-1 in unstable/i386)
  amarok (2.9.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  ardour (1:5.12.0-3 in unstable/i386)
  ardour (1:5.5.0~dfsg-1 in stretch/i386)
  argyll (2.0.1+repack-1 in unstable/armhf)
  asis (2015-1 in stretch/i386)
  asl (0.1.7-2 in unstable/i386)
  atlas (3.10.3-1 in stretch/arm64)
  atlas (3.10.3-1 in stretch/i386)
  atlas (3.10.3-7 in buster/armhf)
  avogadro (1.2.0-4 in unstable/armhf)
  axiom (20170501-3 in unstable/amd64)
  axiom (20170501-3 in unstable/arm64)
  axiom (20170501-3 in unstable/armhf)
  axiom (20170501-3 in unstable/i386)
  axiom (20140801-12 in stretch/arm64)
  bagel (1.1.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  bagel (1.1.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  binutils (2.31.1-7 in unstable/amd64)
  binutils (2.31.1-7 in unstable/arm64)
  binutils (2.31.1-6 in unstable/i386)
  bitcoin (0.17.0~dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  bitcoin (0.16.3~dfsg-1 in buster/i386)
  calligra (1:3.1.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  calligra (1:3.1.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  calligra (1:3.1.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/armhf)
  calligra (1:3.1.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  casacore (2.4.1-3 in unstable/i386)
  cduce (0.6.0-5 in stretch/arm64)
  ceph (10.2.5-7.2 in stretch/amd64)
  ceph (10.2.5-7.2 in stretch/i386)
  chromium-browser (63.0.3239.84-1~deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  chromium-browser (63.0.3239.84-1~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  chromium-browser (69.0.3497.92-1 in buster/amd64)
  chromium-browser (69.0.3497.92-1 in buster/arm64)
  chromium-browser (69.0.3497.92-1 in buster/i386)
  codelite (10.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  codelite (10.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  codelite (10.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  coin3 (3.1.4~abc9f50+dfsg1-2 in stretch/armhf)
  coin3 (3.1.4~abc9f50+dfsg1-2 in stretch/i386)
  coinor-cbc (2.9.9+repack1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  coinor-cbc (2.9.9+repack1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  coinor-cbc (2.9.9+repack1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  coinor-cbc (2.9.9+repack1-1 in unstable/i386)
  coinor-dylp (1.6.0-1.1 in unstable/amd64)
  coinor-dylp (1.6.0-1.1 in unstable/arm64)
  coinor-dylp (1.6.0-1.1 in unstable/armhf)
  coinor-dylp (1.6.0-1.1 in unstable/i386)
  coinor-osi (0.107.9+repack1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  coinor-osi (0.107.9+repack1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  coinor-osi (0.107.9+repack1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  coinor-osi (0.107.9+repack1-1 in unstable/i386)
  coinutils (2.10.14+repack1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  coinutils (2.10.14+repack1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  coinutils (2.10.14+repack1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  coinutils (2.10.14+repack1-1 in unstable/i386)
  condor (8.6.8~dfsg.1-2 in buster/armhf)
  connectome-workbench (1.3.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  connectome-workbench (1.3.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  connectome-workbench (1.3.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  coq (8.6-4 in stretch/amd64)
  coq (8.6-4 in stretch/i386)
  coq (8.6-5 in buster/amd64)
  coq (8.6-5 in buster/i386)
  cp2k (4.1-1 in stretch/i386)
  crawl (2:0.22.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  crawl (2:0.22.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  cvc4 (1.6-2 in unstable/amd64)
  cvc4 (1.6-2 in unstable/i386)
  cvc4 (1.6-2 in buster/amd64)
  cvc4 (1.6-2 in buster/i386)
  deal.ii (9.0.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  dicom3tools (1.00~20180401144051-1 in unstable/i386)
  dicom3tools (1.00~20170109062447-1 in stretch/arm64)
  doc-linux-fr (2013.01-3 in stretch/arm64)
  ecflow (4.11.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  ecflow (4.11.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  ecflow (4.11.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  ecj (3.11.1-1 in stretch/armhf)
  erlang (1:19.2.1+dfsg-2+deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  erlang (1:19.2.1+dfsg-2+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  espresso (6.3-3 in unstable/amd64)
  espresso (6.3-3 in unstable/arm64)
  espresso (6.3-3 in unstable/i386)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/amd64)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/arm64)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/armhf)
  espresso (6.0-3 in stretch/i386)
  espresso (6.0-3.1 in buster/amd64)
  espresso (6.0-3.1 in buster/arm64)
  espresso (6.0-3.1 in buster/i386)
  ffmpeg (7:4.0.2-2 in unstable/armhf)
  ffmpeg (7:3.2.10-1~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  ffmpeg (7:4.0.2-2 in buster/i386)
  firefox (62.0.3-1 in unstable/amd64)
  firefox-esr (60.2.2esr-1 in unstable/amd64)
  firefox-esr (60.2.2esr-1 in unstable/arm64)
  firefox-esr (60.2.2esr-1 in unstable/i386)
  freecad (0.17+dfsg1-5 in unstable/amd64)
  freecad (0.17+dfsg1-5 in unstable/arm64)
  freefem++ (3.47+dfsg1-1 in stretch/i386)
  freemat (4.2+dfsg1-6 in unstable/i386)
  freeorion (0.4.8-1 in unstable/amd64)
  fw4spl (14.0.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-3 in unstable/amd64)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-3 in unstable/arm64)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-3 in unstable/armhf)
  fwbuilder (5.3.7-3 in unstable/i386)
  gamera (1:3.4.2+git20160808.1725654-1 in stretch/armhf)
  gatb-core (1.4.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/amd64)
  gatb-core (1.4.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/arm64)
  gatb-core (1.4.1+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  gazebo (9.0.0+dfsg5-4.2 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-5 (5.5.0-12 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-5 (5.5.0-12 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-5 (5.5.0-12 in unstable/armhf)
  gcc-5 (5.5.0-12 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-5-cross (32 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-5-cross-ports (20 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-6 (6.4.0-22 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-6 (6.4.0-22 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-6 (6.3.0-18+deb9u1 in stretch/amd64)
  gcc-6 (6.3.0-18+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  gcc-6 (6.4.0-22 in buster/i386)
  gcc-6-cross (30 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-6-cross (30 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-6-cross (24 in stretch/amd64)
  gcc-6-cross (24 in stretch/i386)
  gcc-6-cross (30 in buster/amd64)
  gcc-6-cross (30 in buster/arm64)
  gcc-6-cross (30 in buster/i386)
  gcc-6-cross-ports (28 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-6-cross-ports (28 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-6-cross-ports (22 in stretch/amd64)
  gcc-6-cross-ports (22 in stretch/i386)
  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in buster/amd64)
  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in buster/arm64)
  gcc-7-cross (26 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-7-cross (26 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-7-cross (26 in buster/arm64)
  gcc-7-cross-ports (21 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-7-cross-ports (21 in buster/i386)
  gcc-8 (8.2.0-8 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-8-cross (21 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-8-cross-ports (12 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-8-cross-ports (12 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-8-cross-ports (12 in buster/i386)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:7-2018-q2-4 in unstable/amd64)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:7-2018-q2-4 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:7-2018-q2-4 in unstable/armhf)
  gcc-arm-none-eabi (15:7-2018-q2-4 in unstable/i386)
  gcc-mingw-w64 (21~exp2 in experimental/amd64)
  gcc-mingw-w64 (21~exp2 in experimental/arm64)
  gcc-mingw-w64 (21~exp2 in experimental/i386)
  gcc-snapshot (1:20181004-1 in unstable/arm64)
  gcl (2.6.12-47 in stretch/arm64)
  gcl (2.6.12-47 in stretch/armhf)
  gcl (2.6.12-47 in stretch/i386)
  gdal (2.3.2+dfsg-2 in unstable/i386)
  ghc (8.0.1-17 in stretch/i386)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.7-1 in unstable/amd64)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.7-1 in unstable/i386)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.4-1 in stretch/i386)
  ginkgocadx (3.8.7-1 in buster/i386)
  girara (0.3.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  girara (0.3.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  girara (0.3.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  girara (0.3.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  givaro (4.0.4-2 in unstable/amd64)
  givaro (4.0.4-2 in unstable/arm64)
  givaro (4.0.4-2 in unstable/armhf)
  givaro (4.0.4-2 in unstable/i386)
  glibc (2.27-6 in unstable/amd64)
  glibc (2.27-6 in unstable/i386)
  glob2 ( in unstable/i386)
  gmsh (3.0.6+dfsg1-3 in unstable/amd64)
  gmsh (3.0.6+dfsg1-3 in unstable/arm64)
  gmsh (3.0.6+dfsg1-3 in unstable/armhf)
  gmsh (3.0.6+dfsg1-3 in unstable/i386)
  gmsh (2.15.0+dfsg1-3 in stretch/amd64)
  gmsh (2.15.0+dfsg1-3 in stretch/i386)
  gmsh (3.0.6+dfsg1-3 in buster/amd64)
  gmsh (3.0.6+dfsg1-3 in buster/i386)
  gnat-gps (6.1.1-1 in stretch/arm64)
  gnat-gps (6.1.1-1 in stretch/armhf)
  gnss-sdr (0.0.9-5 in buster/i386)
  gnudatalanguage (0.9.8-7 in unstable/i386)
  gnuradio ( in unstable/amd64)
  gnuradio ( in unstable/arm64)
  gnuradio ( in unstable/armhf)
  gnuradio ( in unstable/i386)
  goldencheetah (1:3.5~DEV1710-1.2 in unstable/amd64)
  goldencheetah (1:3.5~DEV1710-1.2 in unstable/i386)
  goldencheetah (1:3.5~DEV1710-1.2 in buster/amd64)
  goldencheetah (1:3.5~DEV1710-1.2 in buster/i386)
  grass (7.2.0-2 in stretch/i386)
  gromacs (2018.3-1 in unstable/amd64)
  gromacs (2018.3-1 in unstable/arm64)
  gromacs (2018.3-1 in unstable/i386)
  gromacs (2016.1-2 in stretch/i386)
  gromacs (2018.3-1 in buster/i386)
  gtk-d (3.8.3-1 in unstable/amd64)
  gtk-d (3.8.3-1 in unstable/armhf)
  gtk-d (3.8.3-1 in unstable/i386)
  gtk-d (3.8.3-1 in buster/armhf)
  gtk-d (3.8.3-1 in buster/i386)
  hdf5 (1.10.0-patch1+docs-3+deb9u1 in stretch/armhf)
  hdf5 (1.10.0-patch1+docs-3+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  icinga2 (2.9.2-1 in unstable/armhf)
  icinga2 (2.9.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  icinga2 (2.10.0-1~exp1 in experimental/amd64)
  icinga2 (2.10.0-1~exp1 in experimental/armhf)
  icinga2 (2.10.0-1~exp1 in experimental/i386)
  icinga2 (2.9.2-1 in buster/amd64)
  icinga2 (2.9.2-1 in buster/armhf)
  icinga2 (2.9.2-1 in buster/i386)
  itksnap (3.6.0-2 in unstable/amd64)
  itksnap (3.6.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  itksnap (3.4.0-2 in stretch/amd64)
  itksnap (3.4.0-2 in stretch/i386)
  itksnap (3.6.0-2 in buster/amd64)
  itksnap (3.6.0-2 in buster/i386)
  julia (0.7.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  jython (2.5.3-16+deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  kannel (1.4.4-4 in stretch/i386)
  kde4libs (4:4.14.38-2 in unstable/arm64)
  kde4libs (4:4.14.38-2 in unstable/armhf)
  kde4libs (4:4.14.38-2 in unstable/i386)
  kicad (5.0.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  kicad (5.0.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  kicad (5.0.1+dfsg1-2 in unstable/i386)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/amd64)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/arm64)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/armhf)
  kodi (2:17.1+dfsg1-3 in stretch/i386)
  kopete (4:17.08.3-1 in unstable/armhf)
  krita (1:4.1.5+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  krita (1:4.1.5+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  kvirc (4:4.9.3~git20180404+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  lammps (0~20180822.gitb47e49223+dfsg1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  lammps (0~20180822.gitb47e49223+dfsg1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  lammps (0~20180822.gitb47e49223+dfsg1-2 in unstable/armhf)
  lammps (0~20180822.gitb47e49223+dfsg1-2 in unstable/i386)
  lammps (0~20161109.git9806da6-7 in stretch/armhf)
  lammps (0~20161109.git9806da6-7 in stretch/i386)
  lazarus (1.8.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  lazarus (1.8.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  lazarus (1.8.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/armhf)
  lazarus (1.8.4+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  lazarus (2.0.0~rc1+dfsg-1 in experimental/amd64)
  lazarus (2.0.0~rc1+dfsg-1 in experimental/i386)
  leiningen-clojure (2.8.1-7 in unstable/armhf)
  leiningen-clojure (2.8.1-7 in unstable/i386)
  leiningen-clojure (2.8.1-7 in buster/i386)
  libaws (3.3.2-2 in stretch/i386)
  libgtkada (3.8.3-1 in stretch/armhf)
  libgtkada (3.8.3-1 in stretch/i386)
  libint2 (2.3.0~beta3-2 in stretch/i386)
  libreoffice (1:6.1.3~rc1-1 in unstable/i386)
  libreoffice (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u4 in stretch/i386)
  libreoffice (1:6.1.3~rc1-1 in buster/i386)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (11 in unstable/armhf)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (11 in unstable/i386)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (9 in stretch/armhf)
  libstdc++-arm-none-eabi (9 in stretch/i386)
  liggghts (3.7.0+repack1-1.1 in unstable/amd64)
  liggghts (3.7.0+repack1-1.1 in unstable/arm64)
  liggghts (3.7.0+repack1-1.1 in unstable/i386)
  liggghts (3.7.0+repack1-1.1 in buster/amd64)
  liggghts (3.7.0+repack1-1.1 in buster/arm64)
  lilypond (2.19.81+really-2.18.2-13 in unstable/i386)
  lilypond (2.19.82-1~exp1 in experimental/i386)
  lilypond (2.19.81+really-2.18.2-13 in buster/i386)
  linux (4.18.10-2 in unstable/amd64)
  linux (4.18.10-2 in unstable/arm64)
  linux (4.18.10-2 in unstable/i386)
  linux (4.19~rc7-1~exp1 in experimental/amd64)
  linux (4.19~rc7-1~exp1 in experimental/armhf)
  linux (4.19~rc7-1~exp1 in experimental/i386)
  lyx (2.3.1-2-2 in unstable/amd64)
  lyx (2.3.1-2-2 in unstable/i386)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10.1 in unstable/arm64)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10.1 in unstable/armhf)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10.1 in unstable/i386)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10 in stretch/arm64)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10 in stretch/armhf)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10 in stretch/i386)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10.1 in buster/arm64)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10.1 in buster/armhf)
  madness (0.10.1~gite4aa500e-10.1 in buster/i386)
  magics++ (2.30.0-5 in stretch/amd64)
  magics++ (2.30.0-5 in stretch/arm64)
  magics++ (2.30.0-5 in stretch/armhf)
  magics++ (2.30.0-5 in stretch/i386)
  mariadb-10.1 (1:10.1.35-1 in unstable/i386)
  mariadb-10.1 (10.1.26-0+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  maxima (5.41.0-3 in buster/i386)
  metview (5.2.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  metview (4.8.0-4 in stretch/arm64)
  metview (4.8.0-4 in stretch/i386)
  mia (2.4.6-3 in unstable/amd64)
  mia (2.4.6-3 in unstable/arm64)
  mia (2.4.6-3 in unstable/i386)
  mira (4.9.6-4 in buster/i386)
  mkvtoolnix (27.0.0-2 in unstable/arm64)
  mkvtoolnix (27.0.0-2 in unstable/armhf)
  mkvtoolnix (27.0.0-2 in buster/i386)
  mongodb (1:3.2.11-2+deb9u1 in stretch/amd64)
  mongodb (1:3.2.11-2+deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  mongodb (1:3.2.11-2+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  mothur (1.40.5-2 in unstable/armhf)
  mothur (1.40.5-2 in unstable/i386)
  mothur ( in stretch/armhf)
  mothur ( in stretch/i386)
  mothur (1.40.5-2 in buster/armhf)
  mothur (1.40.5-2 in buster/i386)
  mpqc3 (0.0~git20170114-4 in unstable/amd64)
  mpqc3 (0.0~git20170114-4 in unstable/arm64)
  mrpt (1:1.5.6-1 in unstable/amd64)
  mrpt (1:1.5.6-1 in unstable/arm64)
  mrpt (1:1.5.6-1 in unstable/armhf)
  mrpt (1:1.5.6-1 in unstable/i386)
  newlib ( in unstable/amd64)
  newlib ( in unstable/arm64)
  newlib ( in unstable/armhf)
  newlib ( in unstable/i386)
  nipype (1.1.3-1 in unstable/arm64)
  nmh (1.7.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  nwchem (6.8+47+gitdf6c956-3 in unstable/arm64)
  nwchem (6.8+47+gitdf6c956-3 in buster/amd64)
  oce (0.18.2-3 in unstable/amd64)
  oce (0.18.2-3 in unstable/arm64)
  oce (0.18.2-3 in unstable/armhf)
  oce (0.18.2-3 in unstable/i386)
  oce (0.17.2-2 in stretch/armhf)
  oce (0.17.2-2 in stretch/i386)
  octave (4.4.1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  octave (4.4.1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  octave (4.4.1-2 in unstable/armhf)
  octave (4.4.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/amd64)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/arm64)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/armhf)
  octave (4.0.3-3 in stretch/i386)
  odb-api (0.18.0-6 in unstable/i386)
  openafs (1.6.20-2+deb9u1 in stretch/armhf)
  openafs (1.6.20-2+deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  openblas (0.3.3+ds-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openblas (0.3.3+ds-1 in unstable/i386)
  openblas (0.2.19-3 in stretch/i386)
  openblas (0.3.3+ds-1 in buster/i386)
  opencv (3.2.0+dfsg-4.1 in unstable/armhf)
  openjdk-10 (10.0.2+13-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openjdk-10 (10.0.2+13-1 in unstable/arm64)
  openjdk-10 (10.0.2+13-1 in buster/amd64)
  openjdk-10 (10.0.2+13-1 in buster/arm64)
  openjdk-10 (10.0.2+13-1 in buster/armhf)
  openjdk-11 (11.0.1+13-2 in unstable/amd64)
  openjdk-11 (11.0.1+13-2 in unstable/arm64)
  openjdk-11 (11~28-3 in buster/amd64)
  openjdk-8 (8u181-b13-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openjdk-8 (8u181-b13-1 in unstable/arm64)
  openjdk-8 (8u181-b13-1 in unstable/i386)
  openjdk-8 (8u171-b11-1~deb9u1 in stretch/amd64)
  openjdk-8 (8u171-b11-1~deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  openjdk-8 (8u171-b11-1~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  openjdk-8 (8u171-b11-2 in buster/amd64)
  openjdk-8 (8u171-b11-2 in buster/i386)
  openjfx (11+26-4 in unstable/i386)
  openms (2.4.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  openms (2.4.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  openms (2.4.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  openscenegraph (3.2.3+dfsg1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  openscenegraph (3.2.3+dfsg1-2 in unstable/arm64)
  openscenegraph (3.2.3+dfsg1-2 in unstable/armhf)
  openscenegraph (3.2.3+dfsg1-2 in unstable/i386)
  openscenegraph-3.4 (3.4.1+dfsg1-4 in unstable/arm64)
  openscenegraph-3.4 (3.4.1+dfsg1-4 in unstable/armhf)
  openscenegraph-3.4 (3.4.1+dfsg1-4 in unstable/i386)
  opensips (2.2.2-3 in stretch/armhf)
  openturns (1.11-2 in experimental/amd64)
  openturns (1.11-2 in experimental/arm64)
  openturns (1.11-2 in experimental/i386)
  otb (6.6.0+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  paraview (5.4.1+dfsg4-3.1 in unstable/amd64)
  paraview (5.4.1+dfsg4-3.1 in unstable/arm64)
  petsc (3.7.5+dfsg1-4 in stretch/armhf)
  petsc (3.7.5+dfsg1-4 in stretch/i386)
  petsc (3.9.4+dfsg1-1 in buster/arm64)
  petsc (3.9.4+dfsg1-1 in buster/armhf)
  piglit (0~git20180515-62ef6b0db-1 in unstable/arm64)
  piglit (0~git20180515-62ef6b0db-1 in unstable/armhf)
  piglit (0~git20180515-62ef6b0db-1 in unstable/i386)
  pike7.8 (7.8.866-8.1 in unstable/armhf)
  pike7.8 (7.8.866-7 in stretch/arm64)
  pike7.8 (7.8.866-7 in stretch/armhf)
  pike8.0 (8.0.610-1 in unstable/amd64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.610-1 in unstable/armhf)
  pike8.0 (8.0.610-1 in unstable/i386)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/amd64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/arm64)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/armhf)
  pike8.0 (8.0.388-2 in stretch/i386)
  polymake (3.0r2-2 in stretch/i386)
  polyorb (2.11~20140418-3.2 in stretch/armhf)
  polyorb (2.11~20140418-3.2 in stretch/i386)
  presage (0.9.1-2.1 in unstable/amd64)
  presage (0.9.1-2.1 in unstable/arm64)
  presage (0.9.1-2.1 in unstable/armhf)
  presage (0.9.1-2.1 in unstable/i386)
  psi4 (1:1.0-1 in stretch/i386)
  psi-plus (1.3.425-1 in unstable/armhf)
  psi-plus (1.3.425-1 in unstable/i386)
  psi-plus (1.3.400-1 in buster/i386)
  pypy (5.6.0+dfsg-4 in stretch/amd64)
  pyqt5 (5.7+dfsg-5 in stretch/armhf)
  pyqt5 (5.7+dfsg-5 in stretch/i386)
  pyside (1.2.2-2 in stretch/arm64)
  pyside (1.2.2-2 in stretch/armhf)
  pyside2 (5.11.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  pyside2 (5.11.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  pyside2 (5.11.2-1 in unstable/armhf)
  pyside2 (5.11.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  pyside2 (5.11.0-4 in buster/amd64)
  pyside2 (5.11.0-4 in buster/arm64)
  pyside2 (5.11.0-4 in buster/armhf)
  pyside2 (5.11.0-4 in buster/i386)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in buster/amd64)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in buster/arm64)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in buster/armhf)
  python-networkx (2.1-1 in buster/i386)
  python-numpy (1:1.14.5-1 in unstable/armhf)
  python-scipy (1.1.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  python-scipy (1.1.0-1 in unstable/arm64)
  python-scipy (1.1.0-1 in unstable/armhf)
  python-scipy (1.1.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  python-scipy (1.1.0-1 in buster/armhf)
  python-scipy (1.1.0-1 in buster/i386)
  qemu (1:2.12+dfsg-3 in unstable/amd64)
  qemu (1:2.12+dfsg-3 in unstable/arm64)
  qemu (1:2.12+dfsg-3 in unstable/armhf)
  qemu (1:2.12+dfsg-3 in unstable/i386)
  qgis (2.18.24+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  qgis (2.18.24+dfsg-1 in unstable/arm64)
  qgis (2.18.24+dfsg-1 in unstable/armhf)
  qgis (2.18.24+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.7+dfsg-17 in unstable/amd64)
  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.7+dfsg-17 in unstable/i386)
  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.7+dfsg-17 in buster/i386)
  qtscriptgenerator (0.2.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  qtwebengine-opensource-src (5.7.1+dfsg-6.1 in stretch/amd64)
  qtwebengine-opensource-src (5.7.1+dfsg-6.1 in stretch/armhf)
  qtwebengine-opensource-src (5.7.1+dfsg-6.1 in stretch/i386)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-17 in unstable/amd64)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-17 in unstable/arm64)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-15 in buster/amd64)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-15 in buster/arm64)
  qtwebkit-opensource-src (5.212.0~alpha2-15 in buster/i386)
  quantlib-swig (1.14-1 in unstable/amd64)
  rakudo (2016.12-1 in stretch/armhf)
  regina-normal (5.1-5 in unstable/amd64)
  regina-normal (5.1-5 in unstable/arm64)
  regina-normal (5.1-5 in unstable/i386)
  renderdoc (1.1+dfsg-1 in unstable/amd64)
  renderdoc (1.1+dfsg-1 in unstable/i386)
  rosegarden (1:18.06-1 in unstable/armhf)
  rosegarden (1:18.06-1 in unstable/i386)
  rustc (1.29.0+dfsg1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  rustc (1.29.0+dfsg1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  rustc (1.29.0+dfsg1-1 in unstable/i386)
  shogun (3.2.0-7.5 in unstable/amd64)
  shogun (3.2.0-7.5 in unstable/i386)
  shogun (3.2.0-7.5 in buster/i386)
  simpleitk (1.0.1-2 in unstable/amd64)
  simpleitk (1.0.1-2 in unstable/i386)
  sleepyhead (1.0.0-beta-2+dfsg-6 in unstable/armhf)
  slic3r (1.2.9+dfsg-9~deb9u1 in stretch/armhf)
  smlsharp (1.2.0-2 in stretch/i386)
  soprano (2.9.4+dfsg-5 in unstable/amd64)
  soprano (2.9.4+dfsg-5 in unstable/arm64)
  soprano (2.9.4+dfsg-5 in unstable/armhf)
  soprano (2.9.4+dfsg-5 in unstable/i386)
  sphinxsearch (2.2.11-1.1 in stretch/i386)
  supertux (0.5.1-1 in unstable/armhf)
  supertux (0.5.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  supertuxkart (0.9.3-1 in unstable/i386)
  taglib (1.11.1+dfsg.1-0.2 in unstable/amd64)
  taglib (1.11.1+dfsg.1-0.2 in unstable/arm64)
  taglib (1.11.1+dfsg.1-0.2 in unstable/armhf)
  taglib (1.11.1+dfsg.1-0.2 in unstable/i386)
  telegram-desktop (1.4.0-1 in buster/amd64)
  therion (5.4.1ds1-2 in unstable/armhf)
  therion (5.4.1ds1-2 in unstable/i386)
  therion (5.3.16-10 in stretch/armhf)
  therion (5.3.16-10 in stretch/i386)
  therion (5.4.1ds1-2 in buster/armhf)
  therion (5.4.1ds1-2 in buster/i386)
  thunderbird (1:60.2.1-1 in unstable/amd64)
  thunderbird (1:60.2.1-1 in unstable/arm64)
  thunderbird (1:60.2.1-1 in unstable/i386)
  thunderbird (1:52.8.0-1~deb9u1 in stretch/amd64)
  thunderbird (1:52.8.0-1~deb9u1 in stretch/arm64)
  thunderbird (1:52.8.0-1~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  thunderbird (1:52.9.1-1 in buster/amd64)
  thunderbird (1:52.9.1-1 in buster/arm64)
  thunderbird (1:52.9.1-1 in buster/armhf)
  thunderbird (1:52.9.1-1 in buster/i386)
  tupi (0.2+git08-1 in stretch/armhf)
  uhd ( in unstable/amd64)
  uhd ( in unstable/arm64)
  uhd ( in unstable/armhf)
  uhd ( in unstable/i386)
  verilator (3.924-1 in unstable/amd64)
  verilator (3.924-1 in unstable/i386)
  vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-2 in unstable/amd64)
  vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-2 in unstable/arm64)
  vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-2 in unstable/i386)
  vtk7 (7.1.1+dfsg1-5 in unstable/arm64)
  vtk7 (7.1.1+dfsg1-5 in unstable/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.22.2-1 in unstable/amd64)
  webkit2gtk (2.22.2-1 in unstable/arm64)
  webkit2gtk (2.22.2-1 in unstable/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.18.6-1~deb9u1 in stretch/i386)
  webkit2gtk (2.22.2-1 in buster/i386)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-4 in unstable/amd64)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-4 in unstable/arm64)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-4 in unstable/i386)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-3 in stretch/amd64)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-3 in stretch/arm64)
  webkitgtk (2.4.11-3 in stretch/i386)
  whitedune (0.30.10-2.1 in unstable/amd64)
  whitedune (0.30.10-2.1 in unstable/i386)
  why3 (1.0.0-2 in unstable/i386)
  wine (3.0.3-2 in unstable/arm64)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/amd64)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/arm64)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/armhf)
  wine (1.8.7-2 in stretch/i386)
  wine (3.0.3-2 in buster/amd64)
  wine (3.0.3-2 in buster/arm64)
  wine (3.0.2-3 in buster/armhf)
  wine (3.0.2-3 in buster/i386)
  wine-development (3.18-2 in unstable/amd64)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/amd64)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/arm64)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/armhf)
  wine-development (2.0-3 in stretch/i386)
  wine-development (3.16-1 in buster/i386)
  woo (1.0+dfsg1-1 in stretch/i386)
  xalan (1.11-6 in stretch/armhf)
  z3 (4.4.1-0.4 in unstable/armhf)
  z3 (4.4.1-0.4 in unstable/i386)
  z3 (4.4.1-0.3 in stretch/armhf)
  z3 (4.4.1-0.3 in stretch/i386)
  z3 (4.4.1-0.4 in buster/armhf)
  z3 (4.4.1-0.4 in buster/i386)
  znc (1.7.1-2 in unstable/i386)

Breakage on

14 log files that should not be there (and which will be deleted once they are older than 24h):


2 diffoscope files that should not be there:


2 buildinfo files that should not be there (and which will be deleted once they are older than 24h):


1 history pages that should not be there and thus have been removed:


12 have been built but don't have a buildlog:

  dnscrypt-proxy (2.0.16-2 in unstable/amd64)
  erlang-folsom (0.8.2+dfsg-2 in buster/amd64)
  fs-uae (2.8.0+dfsg-2 in stretch/amd64)
  gcc-6 (6.4.0-22 in unstable/arm64)
  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in buster/i386)
  mira (4.9.6-4 in unstable/armhf)
  okular (4:17.12.2-2 in unstable/arm64)
  opusfile (0.9+20170913-1 in unstable/arm64)
  pari (2.11.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  qtsmbstatus (2.2.1-3 in buster/amd64)
  segyio (1.7.0-1 in unstable/i386)
  wine (3.0.2-3 in buster/armhf)

5 have been built but don't have a .buildinfo file:

  gcc-7 (7.3.0-29 in buster/i386)
  mira (4.9.6-4 in unstable/armhf)
  okular (4:17.12.2-2 in unstable/arm64)
  pari (2.11.0-1 in unstable/amd64)
  wine (3.0.2-3 in buster/armhf)

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.