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Packages in unstable/armhf where the build dependencies failed to be satisfied

reproducible icon 353 (1.1%) packages where the build dependencies failed to be satisfied. Note that temporary failures (eg. due to network problems) are automatically rescheduled every 4 hours.

libfabric rust-tokio-process psortb gubbins q2-metadata r-cran-sna rust-spotify-tui zorp+ pyqwt3d arch-test openmolcas metaphlan2 colmap haskell-vector-space-points mysql-workbench yasm+ haskell-yi-keymap-vim libcircle-fe-gtk-perl syndie rust-process-viewer python-neuroshare rust-cargo-outdated pbbam cloudcompare zyn haskell-yi-keymap-emacs pbdagcon simpleitk tcpcopy# fsm-lite dirspec haskell-edison-core rows sight libjogl2-java virtualjaguar python-versuchung swtchart xserver-xorg-video-glide fceux+ rivet simple-tpm-pk11 k3d swiftsc libpgm eclipse-jdt-ui jftp sdrangelove closure-compiler rust-cargo rust-trust-dns-proto bup# rust-pbkdf2 libsoup2.4 rust-rspotify q2-demux deal.ii pychopper hibiscus haskell-yesod-auth-oauth2 mindthegap golang-github-knadh-koanf rust-hyper ssreflect snek python-pybedtools win32-loader cinfony q2-feature-table shotcut q2-types vmm rust-hdrhistogram davmail rust-debcargo q2-quality-filter closure-linter rust-sniffglue eclipse-platform-debug sphinx-patchqueue rust-tiff rng-tools caldav-tester github-backup ruby-license-finder# node-prosemirror-markdown haskell-yi-misc-modes xdeb tpm-tools guacamole-server opencaster pynast kupfer pynn# tuxguitar openhackware libmiglayout-java 0ad hg-git clblas+ skesa rust-argon2rs rust-hyper-tls rust-tokio-signal rust-reqwest biobambam2 eclipse-wtp# ruby-bullet eclipse-linuxtools# orpie q2-cutadapt gasic rust-tokio openems libnet-works-perl rust-grcov rust-tokio-core libmaxmind-db-reader-xs-perl rust-html5ever pplacer birdtray tree-style-tab seqsero pbseqlib gnome-shell-xrdesktop ipxe linkchecker rss2irc php-sabredav# structure-synth mp3splt rsem prooftree ginkgocadx openscad gmidimonitor bino# mldemos minia rust-syscallz itksnap pbgenomicconsensus gconf-editor libjfreechart-java fracplanet asciio fbpanel ganeti dipy# ruby-google-cloud-translate uwsgi-plugin-mongo wims-help gimp-plugin-registry gimp-help autofill-forms avw.lv2 wofi eclipse-platform-team rust-sequoia-openpgp biglybt qemu#### qcat rust-cargo-lichking rust-tokio-reactor unanimity fuse-umfuse-ext2 discosnp eclipse-remote curry-frontend shelxle rust-ammonia proteinortho rust-blake2-rfc bioperl-run mm3d sofa-framework libdata-treedumper-renderer-gtk-perl unicycler haskell-chell hlint rheolef haskell-github sambamba meshlab salmon patat fmit peframe gazebo pysph wicd blasr macsyfinder rust-tokio-executor nifti2dicom fraqtive doc-linux-fr+ aac-tactics haskell-yi-mode-javascript edb plastimatch linphone doomsday backup2swift condor battery-stats dustrac# pd-py telepathy-salut skales libiscwt-java eclipse-jdt-debug camitk tombo balboa haskell-parallel-tree-search haskell-wl-pprint-terminfo deepin-movie-reborn rust-crossbeam libdr-tarantool-perl# rust-tokio-threadpool gnome-chemistry-utils nattable hothasktags dh-kpatches# edk2 broctl rust-tokio-current-thread solfege google-flogger garagemq centrifuge haskell-stack fuse-umfuse-fat q2-feature-classifier git-hub rust-tokio-uds rust-zstd iitii goldencheetah tetzle pillow-python2 haskell-ormolu eclipse-platform-text rust-tokio-tcp renpy roary mirtop rust-tokio-udp opencryptoki hasktags rust-tokio-timer boinc-app-eah-brp quorum haskell-yi-core haskell-icalendar macromoleculebuilder iannix haskell-yi-mode-haskell haskell-yi-frontend-pango haskell-yi-frontend-vty paleomix haskell-chell-quickcheck2 haskell-yi-language insubstantial qcumber lombok mini-buildd qwtplot3d trinityrnaseq sundials aseba minimac4 tpm2-pk11 barrnap swt-paperclips coq-float enki-aseba yi storymaps gffread pycalendar pecomato piccolo nipype ispell-lt fonts-play debian-reference brian# bochs ants# haskell-taskell rust-bcder rust-sequoia-sqv haskell-derive haskell-ghc-lib-parser-ex rust-image eclipse-platform-ui rust-sloppy-rfc4880 opensbi bpftrace bcalm equinox-bundles eclipse-platform-resources rust-sequoia-sop rust-lewton libmaxmind-db-writer-perl haskell-panic dogecoin khtml ejabberd-contrib ejabberd bareos florence coz-profiler ariba telepathy-gabble+ openjfx drop-seq googlefontdirectory-tools ganglia discover-data dms# sspace scap-security-guide rust-tokio-fs hdbc-odbc krita agda-stdlib python-gffutils verilog-mode pyzoltan rust-selectors chromium rust-bat python-ete3 crac eclipse-platform-runtime rust-serde-stacker equinox-p2 debug-me jameica haskell-werewolf centreon-broker otb cross-toolchain-base stegosuite vite# swtcalendar haskell-dhall sagetex live-wrapper srst2

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.