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Packages in experimental/arm64 which failed to build reproducibly

reproducible icon 118 (12.7%) packages which failed to build reproducibly in experimental/arm64:

twitter-bootstrap4 postgresql-14 python-django libpinyin cinder lumino layer-shell-qt casacore alembic masakari fenics-basix cloudcompare thunderbird ruby-pg-query evolution-ews evolution seqan3 petsc grass lazarus poppler zeekctl gnuradio kaidan android-platform-external-boringssl code-saturne nfs-utils fenics-dolfinx superlu-dist kget cantor rpma ocamlgraph r-cran-segmented mrpt polyml luajit firefox-esr firefox ruby-gitlab-pg-query gitaly ksh dino-im newlib python-watcherclient+ imagemagick#+ haproxy gnutls28 juce systemd qtgamepad-everywhere-src libwebsockets taglib ghc tomcat10 dcmtk volk surgescript+ deviceinfo mitlm fflas-ffpack syncany librep# sqlalchemy xapp node-tap-parser# crash krita netcdf shared-mime-info coinmp libcdk5 awf-gtk libqglviewer brltty gnupg2 binutils-msp430# bladerf python3-stdlib-extensions rustc sakia postgresql-unit nim kicad rosegarden nheko node-mermaid click libusermetrics ogre-1.12 mini-buildd php-finder-facade tcl9.0 psi-plus tcl8.7 mongo-cxx-driver singular rust-coreutils+ libcgns octomap dvidvi libinput filezilla tidy-html5 uhd+ netpbm-free givaro sudo mia actor-framework bind pillow gnunet+ sendmail pocl numpy gr-hpsdr

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.