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maint_debian-lua package set for unstable/amd64

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package set maint_debian-lua in unstable/amd64
The package set maint_debian-lua in unstable/amd64 consists of:
None 6 (5.6%) packages failed to build reproducibly: rrdtool luajit hamlib lua50 libguestfs neomutt
None 2 (1.9%) packages failed to build from source: elektra## lua-apr
None 100 (92.6%) packages successfully build reproducibly: clod gall gnuplot golly ibus-pinyin lace libmpack-lua lua5.1-policy lua5.3 lua-ansicolors lua-argparse lua-augeas lua-basexx lua-bit32 lua-bitop lua-busted lua-cgi luacheck lua-cjson lua-cliargs lua-compat53 lua-copas lua-cosmo lua-coxpcall lua-cqueues lua-curl lua-curses lua-cyrussasl lua-dbi lua-discount lua-dkjson lua-fifo lua-filesystem lua-geoip lua-http lua-iconv lua-inifile lua-inotify lua-ldap lua-ldoc lua-leg lua-lemock lua-lgi lua-ljsyscall lua-logging lua-lpeg lua-lpeg-patterns lua-lpty lua-luaossl lua-luassert lua-luv lua-markdown lua-md5 lua-mediator lua-messagepack lua-mmdb lua-mode lua-moses lua-nginx-cookie lua-nginx-kafka lua-nginx-memcached lua-nginx-redis lua-nginx-string lua-nginx-websocket lua-nvim lua-orbit lua-posix lua-redis lua-rexlib lua-rings luarocks lua-say lua-scrypt lua-sec lua-soap luasocket lua-sql lua-svn lua-system lua-systemd lua-term lua-torch-cwrap lua-torch-dok lua-torch-graph lua-torch-image lua-torch-nngraph lua-torch-optim lua-torch-paths lua-torch-sundown lua-torch-sys lua-torch-trepl lua-torch-xlua lua-unit lua-uri lua-xmlrpc lua-yaml lua-zip lua-zlib supple tongue

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