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freedombox_build-depends package set for unstable/amd64

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package set freedombox_build-depends in unstable/amd64
The package set freedombox_build-depends in unstable/amd64 consists of 695 packages:
None 81 (11.7%) packages failed to build reproducibly: procmail erlang-p1-stringprep net-snmp numpy brotli node-autoprefixer alsa-lib mono+ graphite2 black sqlite3 twitter-bootstrap4 nss knotifications gdal doxygen kcoreaddons kxmlgui kwidgetsaddons ktextwidgets icu apparmor lynx qttools-opensource-src qtmultimedia-opensource-src geoip qtwebkit-opensource-src rebar libassuan phonon python-mkdocs webkit2gtk knotifyconfig ceph qdbm imagemagick#+ secilc qtscript-opensource-src kconfig fonts-fork-awesome cargo qtwebengine-opensource-src erlang libjpeg6b mypy qca2 gnupg2 yajl augeas twitter-bootstrap3 systemtap python3-stdlib-extensions sphinx+ btrfs-progs pillow freetds tidy-html5 openjdk-17 fontconfig linux+ lcov+ tcl8.6 postgresql-15 pcp libjpeg-turbo erlang-jiffy gdb libdbusmenu-qt krb5# libayatana-appindicator libical3 qtsvg-opensource-src libzip guile-3.0 bluez dejagnu pulseaudio cppcheck libgcrypt20 glusterfs qtbase-opensource-src###
None 21 (3.0%) packages failed to build from source: erlang-p1-sqlite3 openldap erlang-p1-mysql freezegun fakeroot gcc-defaults gawk+ uglify-js node-postcss-cli strace+ fstrm freebsd-glue glib2.0 libssh2 gcc-12 vim binutils### mysql-8.0 curl appstream openssl+
None None None None 1 (0.1%) packages are either in depwait state, blacklisted, not for us, or cannot be downloaded: python3.11
None 592 (85.2%) packages successfully build reproducibly: acl alabaster apache2 apr apr-util apt argon2 asciidoc asciidoctor aspell aspell-en at-spi2-core attr audit autoconf autoconf2.69 autoconf-archive autoconf-dickey automake-1.16 autopkgtest autotools-dev avahi awesomplete baconqrcode bash bash-completion bats bc bison blt boost-defaults bsdmainutils byacc bzip2 ca-certificates cairo c-ares cdbs cdebconf chafa chardet check chrpath cli-common cmake cmocka codespell configobj cpio cracklib2 cron cryptsetup cunit cvs cyrus-sasl2 cython datefudge db-defaults dblatex dbus dbus-glib dbus-python dctrl-tools debhelper debugedit dh-autoreconf dh-buildinfo dh-exec dh-golang dh-python dh-runit dietlibc dist distro-info-data docbook docbook2x docbook-dsssl docbook-to-man docbook-utils docbook-xml docbook-xsl dpkg# d-shlibs duktape dwz e2fsprogs ed elfutils ell elogind enchant-2 equivs erlang-base64url erlang-goldrush erlang-idna erlang-jose erlang-lager erlang-luerl erlang-p1-acme erlang-p1-cache-tab erlang-p1-eimp erlang-p1-mqtree erlang-p1-oauth2 erlang-p1-pam erlang-p1-pgsql erlang-p1-pkix erlang-p1-sip erlang-p1-stun erlang-p1-tls erlang-p1-utils erlang-p1-xml erlang-p1-xmpp erlang-p1-yaml erlang-p1-yconf erlang-p1-zlib erlang-redis-client erlang-unicode-util-compat expat extra-cmake-modules fakechroot file firebird3.0 flex flit fontcustom freeglut freetype fribidi furo fuse fuse3 gdbm# gem2deb gengetopt gettext ghostscript giflib git glibc glibmm2.68 glib-networking gloox gmp gnome-common gnu-efi gnulib gnumach gnutls28 gobject-introspection golang-defaults golang-ed25519-dev golang-filippo-edwards25519 golang-gitlab-yawning-edwards25519-extra golang-go.crypto golang-golang-x-net golang-goptlib golang-siphash-dev googletest gperf gpm groff grunt gsettings-desktop-schemas gtk+2.0 gtk+3.0 gtk-doc gtkmm4.0 guzzle-sphinx-theme harfbuzz haskell-shake heimdal help2man i18nspector indent intltool iproute2 iptables isort itstool jackd2## jansson jaraco.classes jaraco.collections jaraco.context jaraco.text java-common javatools jbigkit jdupes jemalloc jetring jinja2 jq json-c json-glib keyutils kmod lcms2 lerc less less.js libaio libatasmart libatomic-ops libb2 libblockdev libbsd libcap2 libcap-ng libcbor libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl libdaemon libdebian-installer libdeflate libdevel-cover-perl libdigest-sha-perl libedit libev libevent libfcgi libffi libfido2 libfile-copy-recursive-perl libfile-slurp-perl libfile-which-perl libgd2 libglu libglvnd libgpg-error libgudev libidn2 libimagequant libio-pty-perl libipc-run3-perl libipc-run-perl libipc-system-simple-perl libjs-blazy libksba liblocale-gettext-perl liblocale-maketext-fuzzy-perl liblocale-maketext-lexicon-perl libmaxminddb libmbim libmd libmicrohttpd libmnl libmodule-build-perl libmodule-find-perl libnatpmp libndp libnetfilter-conntrack libnfnetlink libnftnl libnl3 libnotify libnsl libogg libonig libpaper libpcap libpgm libpng1.6 libpod-pom-view-restructured-perl libproxy libpsl libpthread-stubs libqmi libregexp-common-perl libseccomp libselinux libsemanage libsepol libsndfile libsodium libssh libtasn1-6 libteam libtest-deep-perl libtest-minimumversion-perl libtest-output-perl libtest-perl-critic-perl libtest-pod-coverage-perl libtest-pod-perl libtest-spelling-perl libtest-strict-perl libtest-synopsis-perl libtext-hogan-perl libtextwrap libtirpc libtool libunistring libusb-1.0 libuv1 libverto libwebp libx11 libxau libxcb libxcrypt libxdmcp libxext libxi libxml2 libxml-parser-perl libxmltok libxmu libxrender libxslt libxss libyaml libzstd linux-base llvm-defaults lmdb lockfile-progs lowdown lsb-release-minimal lua5.1 lua5.2 lua5.3 lvm2 lz4 lzma lzo2 m4 man2html maven-repo-helper mawk mbedtls mdocml media-types meson mhash mig mime-support miniupnpc modemmanager more-itertools mpi-defaults mysql-defaults myst-parser nasm naturaldocs ncurses ndg-httpsclient netbase netcat-openbsd nettle net-tools network-manager newt nghttp2 ninja-build node-babel7 node-babel-loader node-clean-css node-css-loader node-file-loader node-grunt-babel node-grunt-contrib-uglify node-he node-load-grunt-tasks node-mini-css-extract-plugin node-rollup node-rollup-plugin-babel node-rollup-plugin-buble node-rollup-plugin-node-resolve node-source-map node-strip-json-comments node-terser node-webpack norm nose npm npth nss-wrapper numactl olefile openjpeg2 opensp openssh openstack-pkg-tools opus p11-kit package-notes pam pandoc parsedatetime patch patchutils pcre2 pcre3 perl pexpect phpab php-arthurhoaro-web-thumbnailer php-crypt-gpg php-defaults php-mail-mime php-malkusch-lock php-masterminds-html5 php-net-ldap3 php-netscape-bookmark-parser php-oscarotero-gettext php-parsedown php-parsedown-extra php-pubsubhubbub-publisher php-roundcube-rtf-html-php php-slim phpunit pigz pkcs11-helper pkgconf pkg-kde-tools pkg-php-tools po4a po-debconf poetry-core policykit-1 popper.js popt postgresql-common ppp procps protobuf protobuf-c psycopg2 pyasn1 pycairo pycodestyle pycparser pyflakes pyfuse3 pygments pygobject pyinotify pylint pyopenssl pyparsing pyrfc3339 pytest pytest-forked pytest-httpbin pytest-mock pytest-rerunfailures pytest-runner pytest-xdist python3-defaults python-apt python-asgiref python-async-timeout python-autocommand python-bcrypt python-certifi python-cffi python-cheroot python-configargparse python-coverage python-cryptography python-cryptography-vectors python-daemon python-dateutil python-dbusmock python-distro python-distutils-extra python-django python-django-formtools python-docutils python-ecdsa python-flake8 python-flaky python-greenlet python-hypothesis python-idna python-inflect python-invoke python-iso8601+ python-jaraco.functools python-josepy python-ldap python-llfuse python-mock python-msgpack python-nacl python-packaging python-pkgconfig python-portend python-pretend python-py python-pyasn1-modules python-pytest-asyncio python-pytest-benchmark python-pytest-cov python-pytest-subtests python-repoze.sphinx.autointerface python-requests-toolbelt python-requests-unixsocket python-selenium python-setuptools-rust python-socksipy python-sphinxcontrib.apidoc python-tblib python-tempora python-toml python-tornado python-trustme python-tz python-urllib3 python-virtualenv pyyaml qrencode quilt raqm rdfind re2c readline requests requirejs rtmpdump ruby-defaults ruby-sass rust-indoc rust-paste sassc sass-stylesheets-purecss scowl setuptools setuptools-scm setuptools-scm-git-archive sharutils shellcheck shunit2 six sizzle slang2 socat spatialite speech-dispatcher speex speexdsp sphinx-notfound-page sphinx-reredirects sphinx-rtd-theme sqlparse strip-nondeterminism swig symlinks systemd talloc tcltk-defaults tcp-wrappers texi2html texinfo texlive-base+ tiff time tk8.6 tpm2-tss triehash typeshed typogrify tzdata umockdev unbound unicode-data unixodbc util-linux vala valgrind-if-available w3m wheel wolfssl xauth xcb-proto xft xml-core xmlto xmltoman xorgproto xorg-server xorg-sgml-doctools xtrans xutils-dev xxhash xz-utils zc.lockfile zeroc-ice zeromq3 zlib zope.interface

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.