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Packages in experimental/amd64 tested in the last 48h for build reproducibility

reproducible icon 98 packages (22.2% of 441) failed to build reproducibly in total, 31 (24.4% of 127) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

libaio-ocaml wpa readline groestlcoin# libncursesada libgmpada libtexttools libxmlezout libflorist setools librsync wml pyotherside pmount mitlm lilypond dcmtk anet pcscada boinc libgnatcoll-bindings adacgi libgnatcoll-db pari adasockets libctl gcc-mingw-w64 icinga2 superlu-dist nfft check-mk

reproducible icon 75 packages (17.0% of 441) failed to build from source in total, 30 (23.6% of 127) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

insserv dvidvi+ gcc-cross-support certmaster insighttoolkit4 gjs# sbt-test-interface openjdk-7-jre-dcevm kcm-ufw mariadb-10.3 jawn sbt-template-resolver pluto-find-orb pluto-sat-code xmltooling thrift netbeans daq kmetronome libnb-platform18-java ruby-nio4r openjdk-7 topal critterding groff gnokii maliit-framework banshee coin3 libkf5kface#

reproducible icon 14 packages (3.2% of 441) failed to satisfy their build-dependencies, 11 (8.7% of 127) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

libxmlada cipux-rbac dh-kpatches# distcc libqinfinity rhash-bindings biosig4c++ okular kmymoney marble moonshot-gss-eap#

reproducible icon 247 packages (56.0% of 441) successfully built reproducibly in total, 51 (40.2% of 127) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

fonts-anonymous-pro gudev-sharp-3.0 openbsc# node-single-line-log angular.js yorick-optimpack foma quasselc jp2a libxfce4ui debops freetype python-channels-redis vlan alkimia tcltk-defaults php-doctrine-inflector php-amqplib kmflcomp enhanceio libmarpa fluxbox gnushogi php-phpdocumentor-type-resolver grisbi ruby-leaflet-rails xfce4-panel flickrnet sbt-ivy leaflet mini-buildd libwebsockets ruby-clockwork node-sqlite3 pluto-jpl-eph libcrypto++ opensaml librasterlite2 log4shib xml-security-c dbus ruby-rack gtk+4.0 json-c autosize.js nvidia-settings enchant mediagoblin flint-arb cloudkitty-dashboard java-common

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.