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Packages in experimental/amd64 tested in the last 48h for build reproducibility

reproducible icon 70 packages (13.6% of 515) failed to build reproducibly in total, 12 (8.9% of 135) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

smb4k netdata libcdk5 nfft libarcus tidy-html5 netcdf dtkwidget psi-plus opm-common binutils# libmemcached

reproducible icon 83 packages (16.1% of 515) failed to build from source in total, 21 (15.6% of 135) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

ruby-celluloid# orangeassassin blt node-d3-time kmfl-keyboards-mywin sump-logicanalyzer iem-plugin-suite jpeg-xl tycho bazel-bootstrap gnustep-gui dpdk golang-github-hashicorp-yamux# ruby-uglifier# hiredis reprepro kiwix-tools pmix libkiwix opendht thunderbird

reproducible icon 32 packages (6.2% of 515) failed to satisfy their build-dependencies, 32 (23.7% of 135) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

golang-google-grpc rust-isahc urjtag golang-github-grpc-ecosystem-grpc-gateway.v2 golang-github-google-cel-spec node-solid-jose zeekctl vault node-trust-jwa phonetisaurus enhanceio libewf rust-nitrokey rust-sequoia-octopus-librnp cloudcompare etesync-dav golang-google-genproto golang-opentelemetry-proto rust-microformats golang-opentelemetry-contrib linphone-desktop golang-github-google-cel-go imip-agent sequitur-g2p rust-nitrokey-sys keysafe php-sabre-vobject# cura freedict-swa-eng# critterding vuls gazebo

reproducible icon 323 packages (62.7% of 515) successfully built reproducibly in total, 68 (50.4% of 135) of them in the last 48h in experimental/amd64:

rust-zvariant-derive php-psr-log zipios++ autogen php-cache-lite psi-plus-l10n ruby-devise-i18n lilv fenics-ffcx q2-phylogeny golang-github-checkpoint-restore-go-criu linphone xtensor intelrdfpmath phpunit-code-unit firebird4.0 ldh-client dgit-test-dummy php-getid3 scribus-ng yorick-optimpack mutatormath partman-swapfile pluto-find-orb tools-build-clojure sahara tinc libcgroup cnrun gudev-sharp-3.0 libmarpa flatpak snac2 emperor q2-quality-control python-cooler liborcus q2-metadata coinmp irssi-rocketchat python-graphene sway webrtc-audio-processing unicap awf-gtk dino-im austin p4est whizzytex stegseek python-libarchive-c ruby-oauth rt-extension-mergeusers rt-extension-customfieldsonupdate ruby-aws-sdk rt-extension-assetautoname antlr4-cpp-runtime node-tap-parser gridtools gost keepassxc-browser phpunit-version nyacc libplacebo re2 phpunit-object-reflector gitlab golang-github-containers-storage

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.