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Overview of reproducible builds for packages in experimental for amd64

reproducible icon 399 packages (59.0%) successfully built reproducibly in experimental/amd64.
FTBR icon 115 packages (17.0%) failed to build reproducibly.
FTBFS icon 79 packages (11.6%) failed to build from source.

depwait icon 81 (11.9%) source packages had build-depends which could not be satisfied.
not_for_us icon 2 (.2%) packages which are neither Architecture: 'any', 'all', 'amd64', 'linux-any', 'linux-amd64' nor 'any-amd64' will not be build here.
blacklisted icon 0 (0%) packages have been blacklisted on experimental/amd64.

Reproducibility status for packages in 'experimental' for 'amd64'