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Alphabetically sorted overview of all tested packages in experimental/amd64

reproducible icon 98 packages (22.2%) failed to build reproducibly in total in experimental/amd64:

adabrowse adacgi adacontrol adasockets ahven anet asis bash bind binutils-msp430# boinc botan+ cargo check-mk coccinelle configshell criu cronie cubew dbusada dcmtk dh-ada-library dpdk eeshow ezmlm-idx fmtlib gcc-mingw-w64 gdb ghc gnat-gps gnutls28 gprbuild grass groestlcoin# hdf5 icinga2 kopete lazarus libaio-ocaml libalog libaunit libaws libcec libctl libdrumstick libffi libflorist libgmpada libgnatcoll libgnatcoll-bindings libgnatcoll-db libgtkada liblog4ada libncursesada librep# librsvg# librsync libtemplates-parser libtexttools libxmlezout lilypond linux mesa mitlm mpb mumble netcdf netpbm-free nfft node-jquery+ nvidia-texture-tools openambit opentoken openturns opticalraytracer pari pcscada pmount pocl policyd-spf-fs poppler pyotherside readline rozofs samba setools singular subversion superlu-dist syncany upspin urjtag virtuoso-opensource vite# vtk-dicom wlroots wml wpa

reproducible icon 75 packages (17.0%) failed to build from source in total experimental/amd64:

ants# arduino banshee blcr# brial ceph++ certmaster coin3 critterding daq dvidvi+ exiv2 freedict-swa-eng# gcc-cross-support gjs# gnokii groff icu igor insighttoolkit4 insserv jawn json4s kcm-ufw kmetronome libatteanx-store-memorytriplestore-perl# libclc libkf5kface# libnb-platform18-java lucene-net# maliit-framework mariadb-10.3 netbeans opencv openhft-chronicle-wire# openjdk-7 openjdk-7-jre-dcevm osmo-bts outguess perl phonetisaurus php-doctrine-data-fixtures php-sabredav# php-sabre-event# php-sabre-vobject# pluto-find-orb pluto-sat-code pond pybliographer# pynn# python-django# qbs quassel-irssi ruby-influxdb ruby-nio4r ruby-nmatrix rustc sbt-launcher-interface sbt-serialization sbt-template-resolver sbt-test-interface scala-pickling scopt socat ssh-askpass-fullscreen sump-logicanalyzer tcl8.7 thrift tomboy# topal xmltooling xtensor yamcha zaqarP

reproducible icon 5 (1.1%) packages which should not be build in experimental/amd64:

kfreebsd-11 linux-signed-arm64 linux-signed-i386 micro-evtd zfsutils

reproducible icon 1 (0.2%) packages which build timed out in experimental/amd64:


reproducible icon 1 (0.2%) source packages could not be downloaded in experimental/amd64:


reproducible icon 14 (3.2%) source packages failed to satisfy their build-dependencies:

biosig4c++ cipux-rbac dh-kpatches# distcc keysafe kmymoney libosmo-sccp libqinfinity libxmlada linux-signed marble moonshot-gss-eap# okular rhash-bindings

reproducible icon 247 (56.0%) packages successfully built reproducibly in experimental/amd64:

alglib alkimia android-platform-frameworks-base android-platform-system-core##### android-platform-system-extras# angular.js apport arriero asio auto6to4 autosize.js batmand blt blueman bluemindo breeze-grub cddlib cloudkitty-dashboard cnrun colord-kde cudf cups dbus debian-archive-keyring debops dgit-test-dummy dh-haskell dico dtc dvdisaster eclib enchant enhanceio fetchmail flickrnet flif# flint-arb fluxbox foma fonts-anonymous-pro freedink-data freetype git glew gnat gnocchi+ gnuastro gnushogi golang-github-golang-geo golang-golang-x-debug gpaste grisbi gtk+4.0 gudev-sharp-3.0 gutenprint hplip hwloc icu-le-hb imip-agent iptables java-common jemalloc jp2a json-c kmflcomp kmfl-keyboards-mywin kup ldb leaflet leaflet-markercluster libcddb-perl libcrypto++ libdevel-ptkdb-perl libgpiod libgwenhywfar libixion libjs-handlebars.runtime libjsoncpp liblarch libmarpa libmng liborcus libosmo-abis libosmocore libosmo-netif libpano13 libqalculate librasterlite2 libratbag librdf-lazy-perl libretro-core-info librttopo libsmpp34 libtaverna2-server-java libvirt-tck libwebsockets libxfce4ui libxfce4util libxml2 libzip linux-signed-amd64 llvm-defaults log4shib ltsp-manager m2m-aligner maliit-plugins mame mapnik-reference# markdown mdds mediaelement mediagoblin mini-buildd moonshot-ui# mtbl# munin# network-manager node-arr-exclude node-chai# node-enhanced-resolve node-grunt-contrib-uglify node-has-yarn node-is-finite node-is-redirect nodejs node-minimalistic-assert node-object-path node-single-line-log node-sqlite3 node-tapable node-throttleit node-v8flags ntfs-3g nvidia-settings nzbget ocrmypdf odhcp6c olla ompl openbsc# opencollada openhft-affinity openhft-chronicle-bytes# openhft-chronicle-core# openhft-chronicle-network openhft-chronicle-threads open-infrastructure-system-build open-infrastructure-system-images opensaml orangeassassin osmo-ggsn osmo-hlr osmo-iuh# osmo-mgw osmo-msc osmo-pcu osmo-trx partman-swapfile php-amqplib php-doctrine-annotations php-doctrine-inflector php-enum# php-parser php-phpdocumentor-reflection-common php-phpdocumentor-reflection-docblock php-phpdocumentor-type-resolver pikepdf pluto-jpl-eph polari policykit-1 poti+ proj4js prosody pupnp-1.8 pyfeed pymtbl python-asgiref python-channels-redis python-daphne python-django-channels python-firehose python-logging-extra python-mkdocs qalculate-gtk quasselc radicale# rails redis retroarch-assets rocksdb rpcbind ruby-actionpack-xml-parser ruby-active-model-serializers ruby-acts-as-api ruby-acts-as-taggable-on ruby-arel ruby-autoprefixer-rails ruby-clockwork ruby-diaspora-federation# ruby-diaspora-federation-rails ruby-http-form-data ruby-leaflet-rails ruby-logging-rails ruby-oembed ruby-rack ruby-rails-assets-autosize ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it ruby-rails-dom-testing ruby-turbolinks ruby-web-console saods9 sbt-ivy schedule scribus-ng sequitur-g2p simtools solaar spatialite-gui spatialite-tools subethasmtp tabmixplus targetcli tcltk-defaults teckit terminator tinc tinysvm tk8.7 twistedchecker u-boot uglifyjs# usbutils vlan xfce4-appfinder xfce4-panel xfce4-session xfce4-settings xfce4-weather-plugin xfconf xfdesktop4 xfwm4 xmbmon xmlelements xml-security-c yorick-optimpack yum-utils zoneminder

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.