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maint_debian-ocaml package set for unstable/arm64

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package set maint_debian-ocaml in unstable/arm64
The package set maint_debian-ocaml in unstable/arm64 consists of:
None 142 (56.8%) packages failed to build reproducibly: utop ssreflect ocaml-text perl4caml ocplib-simplex ocaml-atd ocaml ocaml-ctypes ocamlcreal lambda-term extlib ppx-tools pagodacf dose3 menhir ppx-tools-versioned ocaml-cry obus facile nss-passwords ocamldap labltk oasis# ocaml-faad postgresql-ocaml# ocaml-inifiles unison react camlpdf js-build-tools ocaml-lo ocaml-usb xstr ben ocaml-reins ocaml-shine ocaml-re dune ocaml-deriving-ocsigen xstrp4 ocaml-sqlexpr pa-bench cryptokit ocaml-flac cairo-ocaml ocaml-ogg otags ocaml-mm pgocaml apron ocamlmod ocaml-fileutils ocamlify ocaml-expect advi ocaml-extunix ocurl cmdliner ocaml-rope nproc yojson pxp why frama-c ounit ocaml-migrate-parsetree ocaml-curses ocaml-vorbis prooftree ocaml-estring ocaml-batteries ocamlagrep ocaml-base64 coq+ ocaml-data-notation mlpost ocaml-qcheck herelib why3 camlzip ocamlgsl# ocaml-benchmark ocaml-lame ocaml-dssi pipebang ocaml-sqlite3 omake# ocaml-frei0r optcomp ocaml-taglib camljava ocaml-voaacenc mlgmp ocaml-theora ocaml-opus variantslib laby ocaml-lastfm camlimages fieldslib ocaml-gen mysql-ocaml tyxml ocaml-csv ocaml-bitstring findlib pa-ounit type-conv lwt ocaml-portaudio lablgtk-extras ocaml-alsa pcre-ocaml zed mldonkey biniou ocamlviz belenios bin-prot comparelib camlp4 ocaml-res enumerate ppx-derivers cryptgps ocaml-speex ocaml-visitors cppo ocaml-dtools liquidsoap ocaml-duppy ppx-deriving-yojson ocamlnet ppx-deriving opam coccinelle galax ocamlbricks bibtex2html ocamlsdl ocamlgraph ocaml-gstreamer
None 8 (3.2%) packages failed to build from source: coq-float# ppx-core# sexplib310# cduce## jsonm hol-light# js-of-ocaml# atdgen
None None None None 18 (7.2%) packages are either in depwait state, blacklisted, not for us, or cannot be downloaded: mingw-ocaml marionnet janest-core### ocaml-textutils janest-core-kernel# coinst ocaml-ipaddr nurpawiki ppx-driver eliom ppx-type-conv janest-core-extended# ppx-optcomp typerep pa-structural-sexp ocaml-re2 ppx-sexp-conv ocsigenserver
None 82 (32.8%) packages successfully build reproducibly: aac-tactics alt-ergo calendar caml2html camlbz2 camlidl camlidl-doc camlmix camlp5 camltemplate camomile cothreads cudf dh-ocaml easy-format freetennis gd4o gmetadom headache hevea hlins lablgl lablgtk2 lablgtkmathview ledit matita meta-ocaml meta-unison mikmatch mlpcap ocaml-ao ocaml-bjack ocamlbuild ocaml-config-file ocaml-dbus ocamldsort ocaml-expat ocaml-gavl ocaml-getopt ocaml-gettext ocaml-gnuplot ocaml-http ocaml-inotify ocaml-ladspa ocaml-mad ocaml-magic ocamlmakefile ocaml-melt ocaml-obuild ocamlodbc ocamlpam ocaml-pulseaudio ocaml-result ocamlrss ocaml-samplerate ocaml-sedlex ocaml-sha ocaml-shout ocaml-soundtouch ocaml-ssl ocaml-tools ocamlwc ocamlweb ocaml-xmlplaylist ocaml-zarith ocp-indent opam-file-format parmap planets pycaml reactivedata spamoracle syslog-ocaml tophide tuareg-mode ulex ulex0.8 uuidm uutf xml-light xmlm xmlrpc-light

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.