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maint_pkg-android-tools-devel package set for unstable/i386

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package set maint_pkg-android-tools-devel in unstable/i386
The package set maint_pkg-android-tools-devel in unstable/i386 consists of 35 packages:
None 4 (11.4%) packages failed to build reproducibly: android-platform-frameworks-base libscout android-platform-external-libunwind android-platform-external-boringssl
None 7 (20.0%) packages failed to build from source: android-platform-tools-base+ android-platform-system-tools-aidl android-platform-external-doclava android-platform-system-tools-hidl android-platform-tools-apksig android-platform-external-rappor android-platform-art
None None None None 1 (2.9%) packages are either in depwait state, blacklisted, not for us, or cannot be downloaded: android-platform-build
None 23 (65.7%) packages successfully build reproducibly: android-androresolvd android-framework-23 android-platform-build-kati android-platform-dalvik android-platform-development android-platform-external-jsilver android-platform-external-libselinux android-platform-external-nist-sip android-platform-frameworks-data-binding android-platform-frameworks-native android-platform-libcore android-platform-libnativehelper android-platform-system-core android-platform-system-extras android-platform-tools-analytics-library android-sdk-helper android-sdk-meta apktool dummydroid enjarify golang-github-google-blueprint libsmali-java mini-soong

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