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Packages in unstable/i386 tested in the last 48h for build reproducibility

reproducible icon 4567 packages (15.4% of 29610) failed to build reproducibly in total, 69 (15.2% of 455) of them in the last 48h in unstable/i386:

smartmontools kalzium node-magic-string r-cran-fpc r-cran-uroot kproperty libjpeg ngspice suricata nbconvert runc r-cran-rcpparmadillo elinks qtcreator libgda5# psychtoolbox-3# ghc fai r-base texlive-bin routino evolution-ews golang-github-tdewolff-minify afnix golang-github-containers-storage octavia+ cheetah calamares vtk6 evolution plplot r-cran-xfun eccodes polspline seafile-client r-cran-logspline r-cran-ttr r-cran-htmltable libnbd epiphany-browser swig ruby-gpgme klibc postgresql-12 broker choose-mirror shotwell whizzytex libembperl-perl r-cran-sf r-cran-htmltools r-cran-spatstat r-cran-data.table r-cran-testit znc openems r-cran-rgdal r-cran-calibrate r-cran-promises r-cran-globaloptions r-cran-htmlwidgets r-cran-later r-cran-rmarkdown r-cran-future.batchtools r-cran-rpact r-bioc-biomart kolf r-cran-backports uhd

reproducible icon 729 packages (2.5% of 29610) failed to build from source in total, 49 (10.8% of 455) of them in the last 48h in unstable/i386:

gearmand id-utils irony-mode graywolf paraview pocl ipykernel reposurgeon golang-golang-x-exp sdcv kbuild silx piuparts python-escript mono-reference-assemblies argyll galax etcd-fs freefem3d llvm-toolchain-7 grantlee5 racket python-gammu libkgapi ruby-sigar lintian texlive-extra r-cran-robust ecere-sdk 0ad blastem macsyfinder hepmc gcc-9 hmmer symfony php7.3 haskell-gi-gio haskell-singletons haskell-gi-gtk firefox nbdkit# librsvg llvm-toolchain-9 errbot webkit2gtk r-cran-rstanarm rust-js-sys r-bioc-rsamtools

reproducible icon 208 packages (0.7% of 29610) failed to satisfy their build-dependencies, 122 (26.8% of 455) of them in the last 48h in unstable/i386:

freelan utop tor ruby-crb-blast ploticus# igdiscover biobambam2 q2-cutadapt deal.ii libtfbs-perl bcbio bro bpftrace rust-nettle-sys libvcflib python-pybedtools cyvcf2 pangoterm q2-types libnet-works-perl rust-extprim blasr augustus pbgenomicconsensus php-doctrine-cache bedtools rust-sleef-sys rust-exa rust-num-rational rust-rusty-tags sambamba rust-cargo-lichking freebayes rust-scroll-derive rust-bat r-bioc-consensusclusterplus ghc-mod ghc-testsuite haskell-termonad haskell-cabal-helper resvg unanimity mirtop umis python-sqt bcftools### bioperl-run tnseq-transit guacamole-server rust-derive-new python-pysam haskell-hmt sga kubernetes# seqsero quorum libtabixpp rust-ring stringtie boinc-app-eah-brp metaphlan2 unicycler libseqlib dafny# crac paleomix qcumber psi4 spades psortb nanopolish canu binutils cantor kallisto step haskell-either gasic rsem haskell-megaparsec atropos pbh5tools ppx-driver sspace eliom pbseqlib berkshelf# pbalign doc-linux-fr+ bio-eagle ppx-type-conv rng-tools ppx-sexp-conv hdbc-odbc stacks grabix coinst ocsigenserver pbdagcon rekall mhap kineticstools fceux# ocaml-ipaddr elasticsearch-curator smalt boogie nurpawiki pbbam# aboot#++ centrifuge monotone+ golang-github-bradfitz-http2 hilive pimd r-cran-pls prometheus-snmp-exporter r-cran-maptools dillo kfind ktuberling

reproducible icon 23970 packages (81.0% of 29610) successfully built reproducibly in total, 208 (45.7% of 455) of them in the last 48h in unstable/i386:

jboss-xnio mutter iagno mlt usermode golang-gocapability-dev quadrapassel liburi-ws-perl freeciv gitmagic libanyevent-connector-perl node-promise-retry cups-filters gnome-shell-extensions libsoup2.4 kwordquiz gnome-panel metacity python-launchpadlib python-cheroot trove-dashboard lazr.restfulclient jq djangorestframework armadillo gnome-shell-extension-dashtodock konversation gnome-boxes exmh mmdebstrap libprotocol-websocket-perl golang-github-opencontainers-selinux shoogle meson pspg python-wadllib lazr.uri displaycal fwupd-i386-signed neutron-vpnaas-dashboard node-yargs-parser cross-gcc jupyter-core nftables libimage-sane-perl qrencode jupyter-client node-yargs yabasic libspreadsheet-readsxc-perl octave-tsa python-ecdsa kmplot libretro-bsnes-mercury pwman3 gnome-maps python-qwt gnome-shell python-os-vif elph# node-oauth## octave-splines ruby-gnome libyahc-perl lemonldap-ng ruby-parallel-tests octave-stk libxml-compile-perl feature-check csv-mode ruby-octokit libtest-dependencies-perl apache-mode-el dbconfig-common execline libgtop2 netlib-java rust-proptest libdc1394-22 libapache-session-browseable-perl octocatalog-diff texinfo ruby-sigdump weechat beagle pycorrfit libcatalyst-model-dbic-schema-perl gnupod-tools rtags ruby-sawyer# snakeyaml ruby-rspec-instafail geoip-database metastudent krusader ruby-flexmock gnote qxgedit golang-github-tdewolff-test kylin-video gnome-shell-extension-easyscreencast node-configstore golang-github-tdewolff-parse kylin-nm nano golang-github-containerd-go-cni gpaste node-keygrip node-github-url-from-git mariadb-connector-odbc xfce4-dict rust-nom-4 qps node-response-time node-negotiator glyphslib node-parse-asn1 gnome-desktop3 dte python-libguess debian-edu-install ddgr openjpeg2 python-dendropy cpl-plugin-muse debian-edu-config eog guiqwt golang-github-hashicorp-raft virt-manager dconf-editor golang-github-hashicorp-go-version nnn puredata runoverssh gamin bifcl mime-support seafile minetest-mod-pipeworks rpy2 golang-github-coreos-pkg python-pymemcache php-twig golang-github-ishidawataru-sctp rasterio php-symfony-contracts csmith memtailor python-setoptconf python-scp haskell-map-syntax rust-quick-xml haskell-getopt-generics haskell-gi-gobject haskell-mono-traversable haskell-uri-bytestring-aeson haskell-gi-gdkpixbuf haskell-safecopy gnome-calendar plinth python-pygal evince python-pymzml# netcfg gnome-shell-extension-suspend-button node-css-what ginac libmail-box-perl png++ node-immutable ldh-gui-suite orbit-predictor libopengl-perl enchant octave-vibes patroni taurus octave-level-set simple-scan riece nautilus gvfs fossil clock-setup libsignatures-perl erfa libwww-curl-perl installation-report cacti dkimpy librole-tiny-perl gnome-calculator screenfetch rust-derive-more blazeblogger bs1770gain openstack-debian-images python-mysqldb python-mpegdash rust-version-check python-unpaddedbase64 minetest-mod-craftguide suds pytest-xdist purple-discord twig-extensions usb.ids

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.