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Packages in stretch/arm64 tested in the last 24h for build reproducibility

reproducible icon 1202 packages (4.9% of 24745) failed to build reproducibly in total, 4 (2.1% of 193) of them in the last 24h in stretch/arm64:

dash tagcoll2 libtommath cvsutils

reproducible icon 294 packages (1.2% of 24745) failed to build from source in total, 27 (14.0% of 193) of them in the last 24h in stretch/arm64:

csvjdbc jsap mongo-tools libquartz-java snakeyaml alliance libphonenumber whizzytex gcc-h8300-hms mopac7 plexus-compiler mono-reference-assemblies apache-mime4j ufoai-maps firehol cernlib akuma maven-scm jnr-constants libspin-java maven-compiler-plugin activemq-protobuf plexus-digest jboss-logmanager plexus-compiler-1.0 maven-dependency-analyzer flycheck

reproducible icon 22920 packages (92.6% of 24745) successfully built reproducibly in total, 160 (82.9% of 193) of them in the last 24h in stretch/arm64:

pkwalify libwww-wikipedia-perl libtest-roo-perl libpdf-table-perl libfortune-perl libalgorithm-munkres-perl libdevel-argnames-perl libcompress-raw-lzma-perl libcache-memcached-managed-perl cmake-fedora khard haskell-nonce luacheck libcrypto++ node-mimic-fn xserver-xorg-video-mga libmsv archmbox php-getid3 ismrmrd# elib.intl varconf when phodav cloudprint php-horde-timezone mousetrap ocamlweb net-acct gitpkg ident2 fts python-glance-store manpages-pl node-yauzl command-not-found media-retriever vala-dbus-binding-tool htag nailgun tesseract-chi-tra libiodbc2 jnr-x86asm cipux-object pd-aubio dadadodo r-cran-contfrac golang-github-armon-go-radix swisswatch logisim+ passage nautilus-filename-repairer r-cran-seroincidence ifenslave pymarkups ruby-unicode ruby-pundit parsnp tryton-modules-country ethstats burgerspace hovercraft usb-discover pyxid qwt libuninameslist r-cran-doparallel python-graph chartkick.js codetools sphinx-rtd-theme aolserver4-nssha1 pure-ftpd aptitude-robot japa tryton-modules-project wsdl2c gnome-shell-extension-taskbar haskell-ixset tryton-modules-sale-credit-limit libtime-progress-perl libscalar-util-numeric-perl libreadonly-perl librdf-icalendar-perl libperl-minimumversion-perl libmath-randomorg-perl liblocale-maketext-gettext-perl# libdbix-dbstag-perl libdesktop-notify-perl libconfig-std-perl gearman-server heroes-data r-cran-bradleyterry2 python-pyface postbooks-schema sphinxbase evince-hwp snoopy elpa-undo-tree libbot-basicbot-perl integrit# puppet-module-horizon cl-chipz binutils-mingw-w64 python-lzma mate-backgrounds foodcritic python-click-threading untex trscripts tomboy ruby-launchy-shim sysvinit kazoo concordance node-mess structure-synth flask-wtf sipsak libtemplate-plugin-utf8decode-perl lablgl libyami-utils libauthen-krb5-admin-perl xmlextras access-modifier-checker xserver-xorg-video-r128 openrpt python-mpld3 trophy xcb-util-xrm lksctp-tools biblesync zegrapher bsdmainutils node-private node-spdx-exceptions fbcat libtemplate-perl libgeo-helmerttransform-perl xcolmix audiocd-kio haskell-libxml-sax node-strip-indent festival-czech haskell-safesemaphore obus puppet-module-puppetlabs-apache node-posix-getopt heroes-sound-effects ruby-enumerize r-cran-maxlik haskell-terminal-progress-bar r-cran-inline nmap python-halberd gnome-shell-extension-weather qtwebsockets-opensource-src r-cran-spatial ldapvi yum

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.