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maint_debian-science package set for stretch/amd64

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package set maint_debian-science in stretch/amd64
The package set maint_debian-science in stretch/amd64 consists of:
None 77 (11.4%) packages failed to build reproducibly: sketch spooles statsmodels normaliz linbox freefem3d tachyon getdp freecad code-saturne coinor-symphony esys-particle getfem++ dune-pdelab r-cran-rsdmx sumo apertium-kaz apertium-tat trilinos qtiplot mpich r-cran-tm frobby gerris hkl pyfai apertium openturns sagemath gap-scscp sollya cimg pyfr fftw fftw3 python-escript maxima-sage deal.ii r-cran-teachingdemos yosys yade python-dtcwt rheolef dune-localfunctions atlas ask paraview colpack sundials vtk6 surf-alggeo morse-simulator dune-common slepc gmsh skimage sympy eficas clipper gnuplot r-cran-knitr xmds2 giella-sme mona nfft mrmpi petsc flann mclibs opticalraytracer guiqwt geomview qtexengine wordnet woo scilab r-cran-mi
None 4 (0.6%) packages failed to build from source: armci-mpi openbsc form yorick
None 592 (88.0%) packages successfully build reproducibly: 3depict 4ti2 admesh adolc alberta alglib ann apertium-af-nl apertium-apy apertium-arg apertium-arg-cat apertium-br-fr apertium-ca-it apertium-cat apertium-cy-en apertium-dan apertium-dan-nor apertium-en-ca apertium-en-es apertium-en-gl apertium-eo-ca apertium-eo-en apertium-eo-es apertium-eo-fr apertium-es-ast apertium-es-ca apertium-es-gl apertium-es-it apertium-es-pt apertium-es-ro apertium-eu-en apertium-eu-es apertium-fra apertium-fra-cat apertium-fr-es apertium-hbs apertium-hbs-eng apertium-hbs-mkd apertium-hbs-slv apertium-hin apertium-id-ms apertium-isl apertium-isl-eng apertium-is-sv apertium-ita apertium-kaz-tat apertium-lex-tools apertium-mk-bg apertium-mk-en apertium-mlt-ara apertium-nno apertium-nno-nob apertium-nob apertium-oc-ca apertium-oc-es apertium-pt-ca apertium-pt-gl apertium-sme-nob apertium-spa apertium-spa-arg apertium-srd apertium-srd-ita apertium-swe apertium-swe-dan apertium-urd apertium-urd-hin apophenia arachne-pnr arduino-mk armadillo arpack arpack++ arrayfire artha asl astk auto-07p aweather berkeley-abc bibus bibutils bliss bossa brial caffe calculix-ccx calculix-ccx-doc calculix-ccx-test calculix-cgx cb2bib cba cbflib cbp2make cddlib ceres-solver cernlib cfortran cg3 ckon clasp clblas cld2 clfft clhep cliquer clp clsparse cminpack coin3 coinmp coinor-cbc coinor-cgl coinor-osi coinutils collada-dom console-bridge cppad cqrlib critterding cvector debian-science depqbf dfcgen-gtk dh-r dijitso dimbl dolfin double-conversion dune-functions dune-geometry dune-grid dune-grid-glue dune-istl dune-typetree dune-uggrid dx dxflib dxsamples eclib edge-addition-planarity-suite eigen3 einspline etsf-io evolver fastjet fcl feedgnuplot fenics ffc fflas-ffpack fiat findimagedupes fityk flint flint-arb flintqs forge fpga-icestorm fplll freefem freefem++ freeimage freemat frog frogdata gap-float gap-grape gap-guava gap-io gap-laguna gap-openmath gazebo geant321 geg geneagrapher gf2x gfan gfm gfsview giella-core givaro gl2ps glbinding gle-graphics gli glm globjects glpk glpk-java gmp gmp-ecm gnuplot-iostream graywolf gringo gtkmathview gts guidata gummi h5py hdf-compass hfst hfst-ospell hmat-oss hpcc hyantesite hydroffice.bag hypre ignition-math2 ignition-msgs ignition-transport iml imview instant inventor ipe ipe-tools irstlm itango itsol jeuclid jhdf jsurf-alggeo kbibtex kido lammps lapack lbt lcalc lhapdf lib3ds libccd libccp4 libcerf libcgns libdogleg libfolia libgap-sage libgetdata libgtkdatabox libitpp liblbfgs libm4ri libm4rie libmatheval libmatio libosmo-abis libosmocore libosmo-netif libosmo-sccp libqglviewer libquantum librecad librsb librsl libsdsl libsmpp34 libstxxl libticables libticalcs libticonv libtifiles libvigraimpex libzn-poly liggghts linop linsmith lmfit-py logservice looptools lrcalc lttoolbox lua-torch-cwrap lua-torch-dok lua-torch-paths lua-torch-sundown maria mathgl mathic mathicgb mbt mbtserver med-fichier memtailor meshlab metis minieigen minisat+ minpack mlpack mmdb mpfi mpfrc++ mpi-defaults mumps muparser nauty neartree newmat nlopt nltk ntl numexpr oce octomap ompl openblas openctm opencv openfoam openggsn opengm openigtlink openmx openstereogram orocos-kdl osmo-bts osmo-trx ovito p4est palabos palp paw pcl petsc4py pivy plotdrop polylib polyml ppl primesieve psurface pybind11 pycollada pygts pymca pynac pynfft pysparse pysph pytables pytango python-admesh python-arrayfire python-bitstring python-demgengeo python-fabio python-gimmik python-gnuplot python-hdf5storage python-pynlpl python-pyorick python-pyqtgraph python-quantities python-qwt python-vispy pyzo qcustomplot qd qflow qhull qrouter qrupdate quadrule qwtplot3d rasmol ratpoints r-cran-amore r-cran-arm r-cran-bayesfactor r-cran-bms r-cran-bradleyterry2 r-cran-brglm r-cran-ca r-cran-caret r-cran-coda r-cran-coin r-cran-colorspace r-cran-contfrac r-cran-conting r-cran-corpcor r-cran-deldir r-cran-desolve r-cran-dynlm r-cran-elliptic r-cran-erm r-cran-estimability r-cran-expm r-cran-formatr r-cran-gam r-cran-gbm r-cran-geepack r-cran-glmnet r-cran-gnm r-cran-goftest r-cran-gsl r-cran-highr r-cran-httpuv r-cran-hypergeo r-cran-isocodes r-cran-jsonlite r-cran-lavaan r-cran-learnbayes r-cran-lhs r-cran-logspline r-cran-lsmeans r-cran-lubridate r-cran-maptools r-cran-maptree r-cran-markdown r-cran-matrixcalc r-cran-maxlik r-cran-mcmcpack r-cran-mfilter r-cran-mime r-cran-misctools r-cran-mlbench r-cran-mlmrev r-cran-modelmetrics r-cran-modeltools r-cran-msm r-cran-ncdf4 r-cran-nleqslv r-cran-nlp r-cran-pbapply r-cran-pbdzmq r-cran-pbivnorm r-cran-plotrix r-cran-polyclip r-cran-polycub r-cran-profilemodel r-cran-pwt r-cran-pwt8 r-cran-qvcalc r-cran-r6 r-cran-randomfields r-cran-randomfieldsutils r-cran-raschsampler r-cran-repr r-cran-rjson r-cran-rnetcdf r-cran-rprotobuf r-cran-sem r-cran-semtools r-cran-sp r-cran-spam r-cran-spatstat r-cran-spc r-cran-spdep r-cran-statmod r-cran-tensor r-cran-tgp r-cran-uuid r-cran-vcd r-cran-vcdextra r-cran-vgam r-cran-wdi r-cran-xtable r-cran-yaml rlplot ros-actionlib ros-angles ros-bloom ros-bond-core ros-catkin ros-catkin-pkg ros-class-loader ros-cmake-modules ros-common-msgs ros-dynamic-reconfigure ros-eigen-stl-containers ros-gencpp ros-genlisp ros-genmsg ros-genpy ros-geometric-shapes ros-geometry ros-geometry-experimental ros-image-common ros-interactive-markers ros-laser-geometry ros-message-generation ros-message-runtime ros-metapackages ros-navigation-msgs ros-nodelet-core ros-pcl-conversions ros-pcl-msgs ros-pluginlib ros-python-qt-binding ros-random-numbers ros-resource-retriever ros-robot-model ros-ros ros-ros-comm ros-ros-comm-msgs ros-rosconsole-bridge ros-roscpp-core ros-rosdep ros-rosdistro ros-rosinstall ros-rosinstall-generator ros-roslisp ros-rospack ros-rospkg ros-rviz ros-std-msgs ros-vcstools ros-vision-opencv ros-wstool rubiks rw sagemath-database-combinatorial-designs sagemath-database-conway-polynomials sagemath-database-elliptic-curves sagemath-database-graphs sagemath-database-polytopes sagenb sagenb-export sardana scatterplot3d scilab-ann scilab-celestlab scilab-plotlib sciscipy scoop scotch scram scscp-imcce sdformat seaborn sfepy shark simage simbody singular siscone slepc4py slicot solvespace soqt sparskit spass spyder suitesparse superlu symmetrica sympow syrthes tamuanova tango taurus teem tetgen texmaker theano ticcutils tiemu tilem tilp2 timbl timblserver tkgate ucto uctodata ufl ug urdfdom urdfdom-headers viennacl visp-images vitables vlfeat v-sim wxastrocapture yorick-av yorick-cubeview yorick-curses yorick-gl yorick-gy yorick-hdf5 yorick-imutil yorick-ml4 yorick-mpeg yorick-optimpack yorick-soy yorick-spydr yorick-yeti yorick-ygsl yorick-ynfft yorick-yutils yorick-z yp-svipc

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.