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Packages in experimental/i386 which built reproducibly

reproducible icon 271 (56.7%) packages which built reproducibly in experimental/i386:

libtaverna2-server-java tinysvm xmlelements php-kdyby-events tinc pyfeed dtc ubiquity-extension poti+ gnushogi mediaelement librdf-lazy-perl cipux-rbac ffc dijitso ufl libxml2 simtools xtensor fiat fluxbox enhanceio jp2a aws-sdk-for-php libmarpa open-infrastructure-system-build dh-haskell osmo-pcu policykit-1 markdown quassel-irssi libosmo-abis cjose bluemindo mapnik-reference# terminator node-tar php-phpdocumentor-reflection-common php-phpdocumentor-reflection-docblock pluto-lunar pluto-find-orb pluto-jpl-eph pluto-sat-code libcrypto++ gtk+4.0 sndio php-phpdocumentor-type-resolver dvdisaster hwloc ntfs-3g subethasmtp ruby-gollum-lib ruby-sanitize apparmor ruby-rack-oauth2 ruby-logging-rails libzip breeze-grub ruby-autoprefixer-rails ruby-leaflet-rails leaflet-markercluster imip-agent ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it med-fichier dgit-test-dummy yum-utils vlan xmbmon teckit twistedchecker python-logging-extra smokeping findutils policyd-spf-fs php-doctrine-annotations libosmocore dump1090-mutability node-chai# tor pgpdump gutenprint flickrnet logdata-anomaly-miner node-throttleit librttopo libgit-raw-perl barclay sequitur-g2p android-platform-libcore uvloop# munin# libaio-ocaml cudf cnrun m2m-aligner mathomatic libvirt-tck libcddb-perl gudev-sharp-3.0 freedict-tools batmand golang-gitaly-proto# python-docker docker-compose nodejs freeipa certmonger libgwenhywfar cython dbus libpano13 blends tcl8.7 tk8.7 emacsen-common cinnamon grpc iproute2 cups jemalloc ruby-grpc syslinux ltsp-manager nzbget cjs llvm-defaults ruby-acts-as-api xfconf leaflet ruby-rails-assets-autosize node-is-finite urjtag python-firehose wesnoth-1.13 spatialite-tools pmount odhcp6c olla libjs-handlebars.runtime fonts-anonymous-pro libdevel-ptkdb-perl kmfl-keyboards-mywin apport cronie liblarch auto6to4 dh-python bubblewrap libwebsockets blt nautilus python3-defaults atlas-cpp debian-archive-keyring fflas-ffpack ruby-diaspora-federation-rails tabmixplus xfce4-panel thunar asio courier-authlib binutils-msp430# nemo ruby-http-form-data gnat cinnamon-menus cinnamon-translations xapp slepc4py cinnamon-desktop cinnamon-screensaver cinnamon-session muffin python-xapp cinnamon-settings-daemon nemo-python cinnamon-control-center nemo-fileroller petsc4py gajim php-enum# php-doctrine-data-fixtures pymtbl orangeassassin squid pupnp-1.8 lightdm ruby-oembed ruby-activerecord-import solaar sane-backends xfdesktop4 libxfce4util upx-ucl arriero xfwm4 schedule sbt-ivy freedink-data kup android-platform-frameworks-native xfce4-session php-parser# samtools ruby-google-protobuf htslib## ruby-nio4r ruby-arel ruby-rails-dom-testing u-boot libgit-objectstore-perl ruby-rugged libratbag libretro-core-info node-aws4 mtbl# proj4js retroarch retroarch-assets velvet node-minimalistic-assert node-arr-exclude node-has-yarn quasselc osmo-ggsn gatk-native-bindings libosmo-netif libsmpp34 mitlm gplaycli gcc-defaults googleplay-api libgit2 groff uglifyjs# mediastreamer2 tcltk-defaults node-object-path php-doctrine-inflector pynac node-v8flags ortp grisbi enchant moonshot-ui# openbabel libxfce4ui qalculate-gtk libqalculate fonts-font-awesome gnu-efi xfce4-settings libstax2-api-java ruby-diaspora-federation# node-is-redirect node-asynckit node-single-line-log yorick-optimpack angular.js libgc partman-swapfile open-infrastructure-system-images blueman libmng targetcli usbutils debops osmo-hlr libosmo-sccp spatialite srtp

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.