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Packages in experimental/armhf which built reproducibly

reproducible icon 326 (59.7%) packages which built reproducibly in experimental/armhf:

colord-kde python-firehose markdown cronie python-matrix-nio mesa dvdisaster libpam-elogind-compat staden-io-lib proj fmtlib libfprint libsoup2.4 libjsoncpp glib2.0 node-webassemblyjs libportal apertium-pol-szl libxslt php-symfony-contracts gcc-defaults eshell-z qxmpp zimlib gnome-initial-setup gnome-disk-utility git zimwriterfs python-apt node-is-redirect grpc odhcp6c fonts-anonymous-pro dbus e2fsprogs tcltk-defaults tk8.7 darkice libxml2 fonts-f500 alternative-libc-build-helpers fonts-fanwood gedit-plugins gedit gobject-introspection+ glib-networking slirp4netns sphinx fail2ban libxfce4ui node-timeago.js zita-bls1 bifcl ppp weston grafx2 sugar at-spi2-core pyatspi adacgi adasockets libuv1 tor boost-defaults performous node-webpack orca partman-swapfile collada-dom profanity pmix u-boot sequitur-g2p network-manager-openconnect mmh python-werkzeug breeze-grub php-monolog gnome-flashback tmux python-cartopy puma rust-glib-sys ipset atk1.0 node-grunt-cli gitlab rust-gobject-sys python-tenacity xpdf dgit-test-dummy dh-r ruby-rack php-enum# guile-ssh btrbk mdds simple-http sms4you phpunit-type libclc lensfun phpunit-global-state phpunit-diff phpunit-environment phpunit phpunit-version phpunit-object-reflector php-text-template php-token-stream phpunit-recursion-context phpunit-object-enumerator php-timer phpunit-exporter phpunit-code-unit-reverse-lookup php-file-iterator phpunit-comparator php-invoker phpunit-resource-operations zita-convolver php-codecoverage php-phpdocumentor-reflection-docblock ruby-sidekiq python3-defaults zsh-syntax-highlighting guile-json xfce4-panel reiser4progs rust-nitrokey gnome-session ruby-web-console gnome-system-monitor ruby-excon ruby-faraday ruby-roadie-rails dconf ruby-acts-as-taggable-on ruby-rails-i18n nautilus evince php-parsedown voluptuous ibus yabause pybluez qalculate-gtk libqalculate dh-lua ruby-pg librasterlite2 gv virt-viewer spatialite-gui node-has-yarn olla libsmpp34 quasselc gnunet-gtk ruby-sass-rails ruby-responders rails rust-nitrokey-sys ruby-devise-two-factor ruby-carrierwave node-rollup-plugin-babel qflow libsidplayfp node-d3 sidplayfp android-platform-external-doclava ocsinventory-server alttab ruby-mini-magick# giflib faulthandler python-gphoto2 orangeassassin plexus-languages node-minimalistic-assert flickrnet node-arr-exclude node-throttleit xfce4-sensors-plugin libmng bluemindo m2m-aligner mediaelement auto6to4 lucene-net# batmand node-boxen fenics mshr node-cli-boxes node-gyp gsl typescript-types node-d3-scale sipvicious node-rollup pygame-sdl2 cylc findlib node-trust-jwa pybel origami-pdf connman tinyxml2 gnome-packagekit pcsc-cyberjack spatialite spatialite-tools libvirt-tck dtc liblarch gnushogi libtaverna2-server-java twistedchecker libdevel-ptkdb-perl cudf tinysvm libcddb-perl node-leveldown gtk+4.0 metacity waybar libetpan elpa node-buble python-sabyenc wicd sahara-plugin-spark redmine-plugin-pretend golang-gogoprotobuf sahara-plugin-vanilla gnome-panel rep-gtk node-rollup-plugin-buble ruby-thor ruby-activerecord-import elpa-rust-mode netsniff-ng gnunet-fuse silkaj tomcat8 node-is-finite libretro-core-info node-single-line-log retroarch-assets libpano13 gudev-sharp-3.0 simtools subethasmtp botan ffc gvm-libs mailmindr singularity python-django-registration java-common dijitso ruby-aws-sdk dpdk friendly-recovery enhanceio sugar-toolkit-gtk3 pantalaimon policykit-1 gnat ruby-devise-i18n akira knot invesalius blends monkeysphere psi-plus-l10n yorick-optimpack librdf-lazy-perl cnrun libmarpa kmfl-keyboards-mywin pango1.0 node-eslint-plugin-node php-twig spyder-kernels node-eslint-plugin-eslint-plugin node-proxyquire maildir-utils node-eslint-plugin-requirejs shoelaces tango node-rollup-pluginutils rust-unicode-categories kazam aide socklog apachedex apng2gif cmt scribus-ng tinc libsugar-java nzbget node-solid-jose libnitrokey node-diff muparserx node-resolve speech-dispatcher ax25-tools lua5.4 ntfs-3g ax25-apps libsecp256k1 dh-sysuser sassc debrequest php-getid3 libsass mediagoblin nfft node-vinyl-fs schedule munin ufl fiat

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.