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Packages without notes

There are 316 faulty packages without notes in bullseye/amd64.

reproducible icon 105 unreproducible packages in bullseye/amd64, ordered by build date:

gmpc kirigami2 fossil xaos vg stress-ng openjdk-14 hsail-tools bali-phy gcc-9-cross gcc-9-cross-ports gcc-10 cockpit sharutils embree uhd libcamera minia xastir pypy3 hyphy tetrinetx openjdk-13 mypy ppx-custom-printf ruby-enumerable-statistics nmh mit-scheme akonadi gcc-9 scummvm libpdl-ccs-perl mrtrix3 pytsk boomaga gmap 2048-qt gcc-8 polybar vokoscreen-ng calamares qtwebkit-opensource-src libstdc++-arm-none-eabi leocad ldc mahimahi supermin intel-compute-runtime node-babel7 klayout cool-retro-term mariadb-10.3 qemu qtpass scrollz libpdl-vectorvalued-perl kamailio ace intel-mediasdk pentobi x2godesktopsharing muroar gcc-arm-none-eabi iraf gatb-core wpewebkit siconos axiom merkaartor gcc-riscv64-unknown-elf goldencheetah hevea pike8.0 acetoneiso guilt notepadqq falkon cfengine3 guile-gnome-platform piglit iotjs mkvtoolnix evolution classified-ads pulseeffects stockfish ckb-next muse obs-studio qstardict procmail chewing-editor texworks libint2 mumble smartlist mia nheko qt5ct qtscrob kdelibs4support libpdl-stats-perl libpdl-linearalgebra-perl scipy vtk7

reproducible icon 211 FTBFS packages in bullseye/amd64, ordered by build date:

maven-site-plugin node-vasync gem golang-github-moby-sys lintian zope.interface isoquery ruby-espeak gcc-10-cross gcc-10-cross-ports pacemaker perl6-readline libhttp-cookiejar-perl fonts-sil-shimenkan python-blessed keybinder-3.0 foo2zjs cronometer garagemq node-chokidar networking-l2gw simde drumgizmo ayatana-indicator-power node-pkg-dir pybind11 geeqie simutrans-pak64 openslide-python thrift conda-package-handling pyside2 restinio yubico-pam ohai nng ca-cacert python-openstacksdk ledger-autosync python-a38 ruby-image-processing ruby-ponder misspell-fixer php-apcu-bc haskell-debian qtdeclarative-opensource-src-gles alt-ergo ruby-doorkeeper-i18n ruby2.7 haskell-hedgehog golang-github-containers-image kubectx emacs-websocket vulkan-validationlayers numpy python-exchangelib ofxstatement-plugins php-pecl-http freeboard neutron-dynamic-routing node-tap python-scrapy atlas-ecmwf node-flagged-respawn pyfg node-nodemailer datalad spirv-tools ruby-cucumber-expressions node-iconv-lite gloo python-kubernetes ruby-clockwork asyncpg networkx guile-ssh suitesparse octave-instrument-control haskell-pretty-simple gcc-xtensa-lx106 haskell-singletons ruby-faraday ruby-fugit libsgml-parser-opensp-perl php-memcached ruby-kubeclient haskell-basement python-subunit2sql remote-logon-service librose-db-object-perl libxml-stream-perl qtav libnet-arp-perl libical-parser-perl mozjs52 ruby-notiffany fish libnet-jabber-perl dask.distributed rocksdb libnet-traceroute-perl libsys-hostname-long-perl ruby-redis mediastreamer2 tracker-miners python-agate libnet-jabber-bot-perl h2o ruby-pry-byebug libquartz2-java gammaray golang-github-docker-go-connections golang-github-json-iterator-go ruby-sidekiq-cron case tudu ipywidgets php-luasandbox grilo octave-nan uglifyjs python-coverage golang-github-prometheus-client-golang rdfind aflplusplus golang-github-shirou-gopsutil haskell-ghc-events aufs-tools libaccounts-glib pysph uwsgi-plugin-php audtty node-gettext-parser ruby-memoist pexpect ucommon golang-github-tsenart-tb ruby-premailer python-canmatrix haskell-config-ini texext uwsgi-plugin-luajit sleef gimp-help ruby-responders python-blazarclient haskell-language-javascript ruby-certificate-authority php-redis ruby-tty-command catch2 python-maxminddb ruby-haml-rails urwid libkeduvocdocument python-eventlet ruby-thor ruby-power-assert python-junit-xml pesign ruby-rufus-scheduler ruby-rspec-collection-matchers xdg-utils sensible-utils node-tar sound-juicer python-pysaml2 tree-puzzle### python-formencode supervisor ruby-fakefs python-babel ruby-mustache dput-ng ruby-hoe python-watchdog python-setproctitle ruby-rspec ruby-innertube openhackware pygame poppler mustache.js gnome-colors keditbookmarks libsaxon-java pangox-compat libplacebo pyte imdbpy gtkmm3.0 command-not-found keybinder libidn php-doctrine-cache f2fs-tools libmateweather fakeroot gist eukleides keras bundler ufo2ft gdebi acpica-unix ant-contrib golang-github-vishvananda-netns neutron octavia micropython util-linux

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.