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maint_pkg-multimedia-maintainers package set for stretch/arm64

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package set maint_pkg-multimedia-maintainers in stretch/arm64
The package set maint_pkg-multimedia-maintainers in stretch/arm64 consists of 458 packages:
None 26 (5.7%) packages failed to build reproducibly: samplv1 libbluray flactag taopm+ ecasound synthv1 gmusicbrowser zyne+ qjackctl qtractor drumkv1 blender kodi forked-daapd rumor+ directfb pd-flite hydrogen vlc openni2 idjc libffado jack-audio-connection-kit whitedune# mp3fs++ tsdecrypt+
None 4 (0.9%) packages failed to build from source: gnome-mpv qstopmotion pyliblo soundscaperenderer
None None None None 4 (0.9%) packages are either in depwait state, blacklisted, not for us, or cannot be downloaded: obs-studio handbrake crystalhd intel-vaapi-driver
None 424 (92.6%) packages successfully build reproducibly: a2jmidid a52dec abgate ableton-link aeolus aliki alsaequal ambdec amb-plugins ams amsynth ardour atomicparsley audacious audacious-plugins audacity audiofile autotalent avw.lv2 bitmeter bitstream blepvco bristol brp-pacu brutefir bs1770gain calf camorama cantata caps cecilia chromaprint clalsadrv clthreads clxclient cmt cmus collada2gltf# create-resources crtmpserver csound csound-manual csoundqt das-watchdog dataquay debian-multimedia deken devede dgedit din drc drumgizmo dssi dvblast dvd-slideshow easytag ebumeter eq10q etl faad2 faust faustworks ffdiaporama ffmpeg ffmpeg2theora+ ffms2 fil-plugins flac flake flowblade fluidsynth fluidsynth-dssi foo-yc20 freetuxtv frei0r gavl ghostess giada gigedit gjacktransport glyr gmerlin gmerlin-avdecoder gmerlin-encoders gmidimonitor goattracker gpac groovebasin gtklick guitarix gwc gxtuner harvid hexter horgand hydrogen-drumkits icecast2 ices2 inkscape invada-studio-plugins invada-studio-plugins-lv2 ir.lv2 isrcsubmit jaaa jack-capture jackd2 jackd-defaults jackeq jack-keyboard jackmeter jack-midi-clock jack-mixer jack-stdio jack-tools jacktrip jalv jamin japa jconvolver jkmeter jmeters jnoise jnoisemeter jsusfx juce klick kmetronome kmidimon kodiplatform kodi-pvr-argustv kodi-pvr-dvbviewer kodi-pvr-hdhomerun kodi-pvr-hts kodi-pvr-iptvsimple kodi-pvr-mediaportal-tvserver kodi-pvr-mythtv kodi-pvr-nextpvr kodi-pvr-njoy kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi kodi-pvr-vuplus kodi-pvr-wmc kodi-visualization-spectrum ladish laditools ladspa-sdk lakai lame libaacs libambix libass libaudclient libavc1394 libbdplus libcoverart libde265 libdiscid libdrumstick libdssialsacompat libdvbcsa libdvbpsi libdvdnav libdvdread libebml libebur128 libgig libgroove libhdcd libinstpatch liblivemedia liblo liblrdf liblscp libltc libltcsmpte libmatroska libmicrodns libmms libmpc libmusicbrainz5 libopenmpt libquicktime libreplaygain libsbsms libshairport libshout libshout-idjc libsoundio libsoxr libva libvpx libyami libyami-utils lilv linuxptp lives ll-scope lv2 lv2-c++-tools lv2dynparam1 lv2file lv2proc lv2vocoder lvtk mcp-plugins mda-lv2 meterbridge mhwaveedit midisnoop milkytracker mixxx mjpegtools mma mp4v2 mpd-sima mpeg2dec mpg123 mplayer mplayer-blue mpv mudita24 multicat muse musescore mustang-plug nekobee nordlicht o3dgc ogmrip ois omins opencollada opencore-amr openni openni-sensor-pointclouds openni-sensor-primesense paulstretch pd-ableton-link pd-arraysize pd-autopreset pd-bassemu pd-beatpipe pd-boids pd-bsaylor pd-chaos pd-comport pd-creb pd-cxc pd-cyclone pd-earplug pd-ekext pd-ext13 pd-extendedview pd-fftease pd-flext pd-freeverb pd-ggee pd-gil pd-hcs pd-hexloader pd-hid pd-iemambi pd-iemguts pd-iemlib pd-iemmatrix pd-iemnet pd-iemtab pd-iemutils pd-jmmmp pd-kollabs pd-lib-builder pd-libdir pd-list-abs pd-log pd-lua pd-lyonpotpourri pd-mapping pd-markex pd-maxlib pd-mediasettings pd-mjlib pd-moonlib pd-motex pd-mrpeach pd-nusmuk pd-osc pd-pan pd-pddp pd-pdogg pd-pdstring pd-pduino pd-plugin pd-pmpd pd-pool pd-puremapping pd-purepd pd-purest-json pd-py pd-readanysf pd-rtclib pd-sigpack pd-smlib pd-syslog pd-tclpd pd-testtools pd-unauthorized pd-vbap pd-wiimote pd-windowing pd-xsample pd-zexy petri-foo phasex pmidi portsmf projectm puredata-import pysoundfile python-libdiscid python-midiutil python-pyknon python-pyo qastools qjackrcd qm-dsp qmidiarp qmidinet qmidiroute qsampler qsynth qxgedit radium-compressor rem rev-plugins rosegarden rotter rtaudio rtirq rtkit rtmidi rtmpdump rubberband schism serd setbfree sfarklib sfarkxtc shine shotdetect showq silentjack simplescreenrecorder smplayer smplayer-themes smtube snd sndobj sonic-pi+ sonic-visualiser sooperlooper sord so-synth-lv2 soundconverter soundgrain soundmanager2 soundtouch sratom ste-plugins stk streamtuner2 stretchplayer suil supercollider supercollider-sc3-plugins swami swh-lv2 swh-plugins synfig synfigstudio tap-plugins tap-plugins-doc terminatorx tetraproc timemachine timgm6mb-soundfont traverso twolame unicap vamp-plugin-sdk vco-plugins vdpau-video vdr-plugin-vnsiserver videotrans vkeybd vlevel vo-aacenc vo-amrwbenc vocproc wah-plugins wavbreaker wavpack wsynth-dssi x264 x265 x42-plugins xbmc-pvr-addons xcfa xjadeo xsynth-dssi xvidcore xwax yoshimi zam-plugins zita-ajbridge zita-alsa-pcmi zita-at1 zita-bls1 zita-convolver zita-lrx zita-mu1 zita-njbridge zita-resampler zita-rev1 zyn zynaddsubfx

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.