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maint_pkg-grass-devel package set for bookworm/i386

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package set maint_pkg-grass-devel in bookworm/i386
The package set maint_pkg-grass-devel in bookworm/i386 consists of 133 packages:
None 10 (7.5%) packages failed to build reproducibly: openlayers mapnik python-pyproj gdal otb nco pgrouting grass qgis savi
None 2 (1.5%) packages failed to build from source: satpy saga
None 121 (91.0%) packages successfully build reproducibly: aggdraw avce00 cftime debian-gis e00compr epr-api fiona freexl fyba geographiclib geolinks geos glymur gmt gmt-dcw gmt-gshhg gpsprune h5utils jmapviewer josm jts laszip libapache2-mod-tile libcitygml libgdal-grass libgeo-shapelib-perl libgeotiff libhdf4 libkml libosmium librasterlite2 librttopo mapbox-variant mapcacheP mapcode mapproxy mapserver mercantile merkaartor mkgmap mkgmapgui mkgmap-splitter ncview netcdf netcdf4-python netcdf-cxx netcdf-cxx-legacy netcdf-fortran nik4 node-leaflet-formbuilder node-leaflet-hash ogdi-dfsg osm2pgrouting osm2pgsql osmcoastline osmctools osm-gps-map osmium-tool osmosis osmpbf ossim owslib pdal pg-comparator pgsql-ogr-fdw php-geos pktools postgis postgis-java proj protozero pycoast pydecorate pyepr pygac pykdtree pylibtiff pymap3d pyninjotiff pyorbital pyosmium pyresample pyshp pyspectral python-affine python-cartopy python-click-plugins python-cligj python-deprecated python-descartes python-geojson python-geopandas python-geotiepoints python-hdf4 python-mapnik python-osmapi python-rtree python-shapely python-snuggs python-stetl pytroll-schedule pywps qmapshack rasterio readosm routino ruby-hdfeos5 ruby-narray-miss ruby-netcdf sfcgal shapelib sosi2osm spatialindexP spatialite spatialite-gui spatialite-tools totalopenstation trollimage trollsift unarr virtualpg

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