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Notes about issue timestamps_in_qhc in unstable

Identifier: timestamps_in_qhc
Suites: stretch / buster / bullseye / unstable / experimental
Description: There has been done a lot of reproducible fixes in 5.5.0, so it is worth to
wait entering this version sid before retrying.
qhelpgenerator inserts a timestamp into documentation (qhc) files,
which are sqlite3 databases. The timestamp used now respects
SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, but is still affected by timezone.
sqlite3 databases appear to be reproducible in themselves, but qhelp
generator is using various file IDs which become non-deterministic due to
map access. For example
I suspect we just need a few sorts (and some time to build qt4-x11...)
debian bug
upstream bug
Packages in 'unstable' known to be affected by this issue:
(the 1/4 most-popular ones (within this issue) are underlined)

FTBFS icon 4 FTBFS packages in unstable/amd64: kcmutils qbs qtquickcontrols-opensource-src openorienteering-mapper+

FTBR icon 32 unreproducible packages in unstable/amd64: attica-kf5 engauge-digitizer kactivities-stats karchive kbookmarks kcompletion kconfigwidgets kcrash kdav kdbusaddons kdnssd-kf5 kitemviews kjobwidgets knotifyconfig kplotting kpty ktextwidgets ktikz kunitconversion kuserfeedback kwidgetsaddons kxmlgui networkmanager-qt prison-kf5 qtdoc-opensource-src qtmultimedia-opensource-src qtsensors-opensource-src qtserialport-opensource-src qtsvg-opensource-src qttools-opensource-src qtx11extras-opensource-src setools


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