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Notes about issue timestamps_in_pdf_generated_by_latex in unstable

Identifier: timestamps_in_pdf_generated_by_latex
Suites: stretch / buster / bullseye / unstable / experimental
Description: PDF files generated with pdftex and pdflatex will contain CreationDate and
ModDate set to the current date and time.
Packages in 'unstable' known to be affected by this issue:
(the 1/4 most-popular ones (within this issue) are underlined)

FTBFS icon 6 FTBFS packages in unstable/amd64: abinit frown kicad pymol python-expyriment# scheme2c#

FTBR icon 48 unreproducible packages in unstable/amd64: actor-framework ask asymptote atlas auctex cafeobj coccinelle d-itg debian-faq espresso firehol gmsh gmt gnat-gps gnustep-make grace idlastro kannel kannel-sqlbox knot libaunit libforms libint libu2f-host malaga minlog mummer muse-el nordugrid-arc-doc nut nwchem oaklisp ocaml-atd ocamlviz octave python-networkx python-pcs refcard rheolef sketch splash starlink-ast tcode topal weka xmlunit libtomcrypt+ vite#

E404 icon 1 404 packages in unstable/amd64: gnubg

depwait icon 2 depwait packages in unstable/amd64: galax libswe-doc#


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