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Notes about issue random_order_in_documentation_generated_by_javadoc in unstable

Identifier: random_order_in_documentation_generated_by_javadoc
Suites: unstable / trixie / bookworm / bullseye / experimental
Description: Some entries inside individual "class-use" documentation pages are emitted in different orders.
This appears to only happen with multi-module maven projects, i.e. possibly during
`mvn javadoc:aggregate`.
In `jacoco`, you can observe files are generated consistently in the individual submodule
documentation folders, but then differently when aggregated. Maybe a coincidence.
Historically, there were some other issues. These have disappeared, but it's not clear why.
The major version of OpenJDK has changed since these issues were reported (was 7, now 8),
although the code that was believed to be at fault remains unchanged. These are detailed below.
The `package-tree.html` file generated by javadoc used to contain an unsorted index.
Perhaps caused by packageFiles is a Map> in
openjdk-7-jdk -> ./langtools.tar.bz2 ->
There was also a locale-specific wrapping issue, which has disappeared.
This may be because enough things are using javahelper, which sets the locale.
Likely cause is
jdk9_dev/langtools/src/jdk.javadoc/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javadoc/ +172
Workaround is
Packages in 'unstable' known to be affected by this issue:
(the 1/4 most-popular ones (within this issue) are underlined)

reproducible icon 248 reproducible packages in unstable/amd64: access-modifier-checker activemq activemq-activeio activemq-protobuf adql akuma android-platform-libcore antlr3 antlr4 apache-log4j-extras1.2 apache-log4j1.2 apache-log4j2 apache-mime4j argparse4j args4j asm async-http-client atinject-jsr330 axis axmlrpc bcel beansbinding biojava4-live bouncycastle bsaf byte-buddy bytecode canl-java castor cdi-api cglib classycle commons-beanutils commons-configuration commons-configuration2 commons-io commons-jci commons-math commons-math3 commons-vfs cssparser csvjdbc dbus-java docbook-xsl-saxon dokujclient dom4j doxia doxia-sitetools dtd-parser easymock eclipselink felix-bundlerepository felix-framework felix-gogo-runtime felix-gogo-shell felix-main felix-shell fest-assert fest-reflect fest-test flute geronimo-jpa-2.0-spec geronimo-validation-1.0-spec geronimo-validation-1.1-spec gluegen2 gradle guava-libraries guice hawtjni hessian icu4j imagej ini4j isorelax jackson-annotations jackson-dataformat-cbor jackson-dataformat-smile jackson-dataformat-yaml jackson-datatype-joda jackson-jr jacoco jam-lib jansi jargs jasypt javahelp2 javassist javatuples javawriter jaxe jblas jboss-classfilewriter jboss-logging jboss-logging-tools jboss-logmanager jboss-modules jenkins-json jenkins-trilead-ssh2 jericho-html jgit jglobus jimfs jmdns jmock2 jnr-constants jnr-ffi jnr-unixsocket jnr-x86asm joda-convert joptsimple josql jsamp jsap jsemver json-simple jtharness jtidy lgooddatepicker libandroid-json-org-java libcds-moc-java libcobra-java libcommons-collections4-java libdecentxml-java libformula libfreemarker-java libglazedlists-java libhamcrest-java libhibernate3-java libhtml5parser-java libhtmlparser-java libidw-java libimglib2-java libiscwt-java libisrt-java libitext5-java libj2ssh-java libjaxen-java libjchart2d-java libjemmy2-java libjfreechart-java libjgraph-java libjgraphx-java libjlatexmath-java libjlha-java libjoda-time-java libjpf-java libjsonp-java libjsr305-java libjsr311-api-java libjtds-java libjung-free-java libjuniversalchardet-java libkryo-java libloader libmetadata-extractor-java libonemind-commons-java-java libowasp-antisamy-java libowasp-esapi-java libpal-java libpdfbox-java libpicocontainer-java libquartz-java libregexp-java librepository libspin-java libswingx-java libtwelvemonkeys-java libvldocking-java libvt-ldap-java libxml-security-java libxmlenc-java libxpp2-java libxpp3-java localizer logback mac-widgets maven-antrun-extended-plugin maven-archiver maven-bundle-plugin maven-common-artifact-filters maven-compiler-plugin maven-dependency-tree maven-doxia-tools maven-jar-plugin maven-reporting-impl maven-scm maven-shared-io maven-shared-utils mockito modello mojarra multiverse-core mvel naga nekohtml objenesis opencsv openid4java opsin osgi-annotation osgi-compendium osgi-foundation-ee owasp-java-html-sanitizer plexus-build-api plexus-cipher plexus-classworlds plexus-compiler plexus-containers plexus-digest plexus-interactivity-api plexus-interpolation plexus-sec-dispatcher plexus-utils2 png-sixlegs portlet-api-2.0-spec rdp-classifier rhino robocode rome serp service-wrapper-java sitemesh skyview slixmpp snakeyaml sqljet statcvs sunflow svnkit swtchart t-digest tagsoup tiles timingframework uima-addons uima-as uimaj undertow vecmath velocity voms-api-java wagon werken.xpath weupnp wsdl4j xmlbeans-maven-plugin xmlgraphics-commons xom

FTBFS icon 4 FTBFS packages in unstable/amd64: jmol libcommons-fileupload-java libirclib-java libjogl2-java

FTBR icon 29 unreproducible packages in unstable/amd64: biojava-live codenarc derby elki fop htsjdk httpunit insubstantial invokebinder ivy java-gnome javamail javaparser jaxb jboss-jdeparser2 jebl2 jsch jsoup jts libcommons-collections3-java libfastutil-java libjackson-json-java libpgjava libxbean-java mockobjects okio saxonb wala zookeeper

timeout icon 1 build timeout packages in unstable/amd64: libreoffice#

blacklisted icon 1 blacklisted packages in unstable/amd64: openjfx


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