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Notes about issue pdf_id_varying_due_to_build_path in unstable

Identifier: pdf_id_varying_due_to_build_path
Suites: stretch / buster / bullseye / bookworm / unstable / experimental
Description: The PDF /ID is generated based on timestamps (which are now deterministic) and the path of the source file.
texlive needs to be fixed to strip the build path prefix while generating the ID.
Packages in 'unstable' known to be affected by this issue:
(the 1/4 most-popular ones (within this issue) are underlined)

reproducible icon 25 reproducible packages in unstable/amd64: angband avrdude backup-manager cysignals debomatic gap-alnuth gap-atlasrep gap-ctbllib gap-float gap-gapdoc gap-grape gap-guava gap-io gap-laguna gap-openmath gap-polycyclic gap-radiroot gap-tomlib impressive-display jigsaw-generator latex2rtf latexdiff python-biopython python-pymzml ubuntu-packaging-guide

FTBR icon 4 unreproducible packages in unstable/amd64: gap-scscp gmt qevercloud shared-mime-info

depwait icon 1 depwait packages in unstable/amd64: dh-kpatches#


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