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Notes about issue cmake_rpath_contains_build_path in unstable

Identifier: cmake_rpath_contains_build_path
Suites: unstable / bookworm / bullseye / buster / experimental
Description: When an executable is linked with a shared library from the same project,
RPATH will contain the build path. Even if this is stripped on installation,
the build-id will remain unchanged.
With CMake 3.14+, packages can set `-DCMAKE_BUILD_RPATH_USE_ORIGIN=ON` to
fix the issue. This is done automatically when using the currently
experimental debhelper compat level v14.
When working with older CMake versions, the `CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH` option can be
enabled instead, but it may be required to also set `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` while
running tests.
Packages in 'unstable' known to be affected by this issue:
(the 1/4 most-popular ones (within this issue) are underlined)

reproducible icon 55 reproducible packages in unstable/amd64: akonadi apt apulse cmark-gfm cog createrepo-c darkradiant dino-im dtkcore editorconfig-core fcitx5-gtk fcitx5-qt go-for-it gr-satellites hipercontracer kdegraphics-mobipocket kjs libavif libcec libdigidoc libemf2svg libime libjdns liblastfm libmysofa libpodofo libqtxdg libvcflib libxtrxll m4api mapcache mathgl mujoco nanomsg obexftp opm-simulators otcl paho.mqtt.c qpdf screengrab soapyosmo spatialindex stopt supertux tcmu tercpp userbindmount vart vdeplug4 vecgeom vulkan-validationlayers wbxml2 xeus-python xir surgescript#

FTBFS icon 6 FTBFS packages in unstable/amd64: kitinerary kpackage lomiri-thumbnailer nng notcurses rnp

FTBR icon 372 unreproducible packages in unstable/amd64: airspyone-host akonadi-calendar akonadi-search akregator alkimia allegro5 alure analitza aoflagger apper apriltag ark armnn artikulate asl audiocd-kio avro-c axe-demultiplexer baloo-kf5 baloo-widgets bamtools basket biometryd bluez-qt breeze broker brotli bullet calligraplan cantor cassiopee cervisia choqok chromaprint civetweb clblast clickhouse cloudcompare clucene-core codec2 colobot content-hub corectrl cppad cppdb cryptominisat dcmtk debconf-kde deviceinfo dlt-daemon dolphin dsdcc dublin-traceroute dyssol ebook-tools ecflow falcosecurity-libs fasttext faudio fcitx-qt5 fcitx5 ffmpegthumbnailer field3d flightcrew fluidsynth genomicsdb gifticlib glbinding glyr gr-fosphor gr-funcube gr-hpsdr gr-iqbal gr-osmosdr gr-radar gr-rds grandorgue grantlee5 graywolf gvm-libs gwenview hackrf hatari hepmc3 hershey-fonts highway hugin iceoryx ignition-transport imath inkscape itinerary jpeg-xl jsonnet jxrlib k3b kaccounts-integration kactivities-kf5 kauth kbibtex kcalutils kconfig kdb kdebugsettings kdeclarative kdeconnect kdecoration kdepim-addons kdepim-runtime kdeplasma-addons kdesu kdevelop-python kdf kdsoap keditbookmarks kemoticons kf5-messagelib kfilemetadata-kf5 kglobalaccel kholidays khotkeys khtml kickpass kiconthemes kidentitymanagement kidletime kile kinfocenter kinit kio kio-extras kipi-plugins kissfft kiten kjsembed kldap kleopatra kmailtransport kmix knotes kokkos kolourpaint kompare konsole kontact korganizer kosmindoormap kpat kpeople kphotoalbum kpipewire kpublictransport krdc krfb kseexpr kservice ksirk ksyntax-highlighting ktexteditor ktorrent ktp-accounts-kcm ktp-text-ui kup-backup kwallet-kf5 kwave kwayland kwin kwindowsystem layer-shell-qt ledger libam7xxx libarcus libcitygml libclaw libcorkipset libcoverart libdrumstick libfreenect libfreesrp libftdi1 libgav1 libgdf libheif libime-jyutping libjson-rpc-cpp libkcddb libkdegames libkf5incidenceeditor libkf5ksieve libkf5mailimporter libkgapi libkml libkscreen libksysguard libktoblzcheck libmemcached libminc libopenshot libpano13 libqapt libqes libqtdbustest librsync libsavitar libsfml libsolv libwebm libwfa2 libxtrx libxtrxdsp libyang2 libzip lomiri-app-launch lomiri-indicator-transfer lomiri-url-dispatcher lucene++ lxqt-config lxqt-globalkeys macromoleculebuilder maliit-framework mcpl md4c mediascanner2 metis milou mlt molmodel mosquitto mrtdreader mygui ncrystal nextcloud-desktop nexus nomacs nuspell nvidia-texture-tools obs-advanced-scene-switcher oce ogre-1.9 okteta okular onnx openal-soft opencascade opencc opengv openimageio openmm openscenegraph opentracing-cpp openvlbi osmo-fl2k palapeli pam-wrapper phonon pim-data-exporter pim-sieve-editor pktools plasma-discover plasma-firewall plasma-nm plasma-thunderbolt plasma-workspace plee-the-bear plfit polkit-qt-1 poppler powercap powerdevil prime-phylo primecount print-manager prometheus-cpp purpose q4wine qca2 qcoro qdmr qgnomeplatform qhttpengine qmenumodel qt-color-widgets qt6-3d qt6-charts qt6-datavis3d qt6-languageserver qt6-lottie qt6-quicktimeline qt6-scxml qt6-sensors qt6-serialbus qt6-shadertools qt6-speech qt6-svg qt6-webview qtcurve qtwebkit-opensource-src regina-normal robot-testing-framework rocrand rocs ros-collada-urdf ros-diagnostics ros-geometry ros-nodelet-core ros-robot-state-publisher ros-rosconsole ros-rospack ros2-osrf-testing-tools-cpp rsplib rtl-sdr s2geometry s3d saga scitokens-cpp sentencepiece shasta sigil skrooge slop soapysdr soci solid spoa stlink svxlink swami sword sysrepo systemsettings taglib telepathy-qt tetgen tidy-html5 uchardet unshield urdfdom volk vtk-dicom webcamoid wildmidi woff2 x265 xrt yajl z3 zarchive zulucrypt zxing-cpp zziplib akonadi-contacts+ akonadi-import-wizard+ akonadi-mime+ clazy+ clfft+ eiskaltdcpp+ evolution-ews+ freediameter+ indi+ ismrmrd# kget+ krita+ leatherman+ liggghts+ lomiri-action-api+ meshlab+ proj## pytorch-audio+ recastnavigation+ segyio+ soundkonverter+ upb+


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