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Overview of .buildinfo files for buster/amd64

23748 sources with .buildinfo files found:
(While we also know about 6070 sources without .buildinfo files in buster/amd64.)

0ad binaries ( .buildinfo
0ad-data binaries ( .buildinfo
0xffff binaries (0.8-1) .buildinfo
2048-qt binaries (0.1.6-1+b1) .buildinfo
2ping binaries (4.3-1) .buildinfo
3270font binaries (2.0.0-1) .buildinfo
389-ds-base binaries ( .buildinfo
3dchess binaries (0.8.1-20) .buildinfo
3depict binaries (0.0.21-1) .buildinfo
4digits binaries (1.1.4-1+b1) .buildinfo
4g8 binaries (1.0-3.2) .buildinfo
4pane binaries (5.0-2) .buildinfo
4store binaries (1.1.6+20151109-2+b3) .buildinfo
4ti2 binaries (1.6.9+ds-1) .buildinfo
7kaa binaries (2.15.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
9base binaries (1:6-7+b1) .buildinfo
9menu binaries (1.9-2) .buildinfo
9mount binaries (1.3+hg20170412-1) .buildinfo
9wm binaries (1.4.1-1) .buildinfo
a2jmidid binaries (8~dfsg0-3) .buildinfo
a2ps binaries (1:4.14-4) .buildinfo
a52dec binaries (0.7.4-19) .buildinfo
a56 binaries (1.3+dfsg-9) .buildinfo
a7xpg binaries (0.11.dfsg1-10) .buildinfo
aa3d binaries (1.0-8+b2) .buildinfo
aafigure binaries (0.5-7) .buildinfo
aalib binaries (1.4p5-46) .buildinfo
aaphoto binaries (0.45-1) .buildinfo
abacas binaries (1.3.1-5) .buildinfo
abcde binaries (2.9.3-1) .buildinfo
abci binaries (0.0~git20170124.0.f94ae5e-2+b33) .buildinfo
abcm2ps binaries (8.14.2-0.2) .buildinfo
abcmidi binaries (20190101-1) .buildinfo
abe binaries (1.1+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
abgate binaries (1.1.9-1) .buildinfo
abi-compliance-checker binaries (2.3-0.2) .buildinfo
abi-dumper binaries (1.1-1) .buildinfo
abi-monitor binaries (1.12-2) .buildinfo
abind binaries (1.4-5-1.2) .buildinfo
abinit binaries (8.8.4-2) .buildinfo
abi-tracker binaries (1.11-1) .buildinfo
abiword binaries (3.0.2-8) .buildinfo
ableton-link binaries (3.0.2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
abook binaries (0.6.1-1+b2) .buildinfo
abootimg binaries (0.6-1+b2) .buildinfo
abr2gbr binaries (1:1.0.2-2+b2) .buildinfo
abs-guide binaries (10-3) .buildinfo
abx binaries (0.0~b1-1+b1) .buildinfo
abyss binaries (2.1.5-7) .buildinfo
accerciser binaries (3.22.0-7) .buildinfo
access-modifier-checker binaries (1.16-1) .buildinfo
accountsservice binaries (0.6.45-2) .buildinfo
acct binaries (6.6.4-2) .buildinfo
ace binaries (6.4.5+dfsg-1+b12) .buildinfo
acedb binaries (4.9.39+dfsg.02-4) .buildinfo
ace-link binaries (0.5.0-2) .buildinfo
ace-of-penguins binaries (1.5~rc2-3) .buildinfo
acepack binaries (1.4.1-2+b4) .buildinfo
ace-popup-menu binaries (0.2.1-2) .buildinfo
aces3 binaries (3.0.8-6) .buildinfo
acetoneiso binaries (2.4-3) .buildinfo
ace-window binaries (0.9.0-3) .buildinfo
acfax binaries (981011-17+b1) .buildinfo
acheck binaries (0.5.7) .buildinfo
achilles binaries (2-9) .buildinfo
ack binaries (2.24-1) .buildinfo
acl binaries (2.2.53-4) .buildinfo
acl2 binaries (8.0dfsg-1) .buildinfo binaries (0.4.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
acm binaries (5.0-29.2) .buildinfo
acme binaries (1:0.96.2-1) .buildinfo
acme-tiny binaries (1:4.0.4-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
acmetool binaries (0.0.62-3+b11) .buildinfo
aconnectgui binaries (0.9.0rc2-1-10) .buildinfo
acorn binaries (5.5.3+ds3-3) .buildinfo
acorn-fdisk binaries (3.0.6-10) .buildinfo
acoustid-fingerprinter binaries (0.6-6+b1) .buildinfo
acpi binaries (1.7-1.1) .buildinfo
acpi-call binaries (1.1.0-5) .buildinfo
acpica-unix binaries (20181213-1) .buildinfo
acpid binaries (1:2.0.31-1) .buildinfo
acpi-support binaries (0.142-8+b1) .buildinfo
acpitail binaries (0.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
acpitool binaries (0.5.1-4+b4) .buildinfo
acr binaries (1.7.2-1) .buildinfo
acsccid binaries (1.1.6-1) .buildinfo
actiona binaries (3.10.0-1) .buildinfo
activemq binaries (5.15.8-2) .buildinfo
activemq-activeio binaries (3.1.4-3) .buildinfo
activemq-protobuf binaries (1.1-6) .buildinfo
activity-log-manager binaries (0.8.0-1.2) .buildinfo
adabrowse binaries (4.0.3-10) .buildinfo
adacgi binaries (1.6-22) .buildinfo
adacontrol binaries (1.20r7-3) .buildinfo
adapta-kde binaries (20180828-2) .buildinfo
adapterremoval binaries (2.2.3-1) .buildinfo
ada-reference-manual binaries (1:2012.3-2) .buildinfo
adasockets binaries (1.11.1-2) .buildinfo
adcli binaries (0.8.2-1+b1) .buildinfo
addresses-for-gnustep binaries (0.4.8-3+b1) .buildinfo
adduser binaries (3.118) .buildinfo
adequate binaries (0.15.2) .buildinfo
adios binaries (1.13.1-16) .buildinfo
adjtimex binaries (1.29-10) .buildinfo
admesh binaries (0.98.3-3) .buildinfo
adminer binaries (4.7.1-1) .buildinfo
adms binaries (2.3.6-2) .buildinfo
adns binaries (1.5.0~rc1-1.1) .buildinfo
adolc binaries (2.6.3-2+b1) .buildinfo
adonthell binaries (0.3.8-1) .buildinfo
adonthell-data binaries (0.3.8-1) .buildinfo
adplay binaries (1.7-4) .buildinfo
adplug binaries (2.2.1+dfsg3-1) .buildinfo
adql binaries (1.4-1) .buildinfo binaries (0.81-13) .buildinfo
adv-17v35x binaries ( .buildinfo
advancecomp binaries (2.1-2.1) .buildinfo
advi binaries (1.10.2-4) .buildinfo
adwaita-icon-theme binaries (3.30.1-1) .buildinfo
adwaita-qt binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
aegean binaries (0.16.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
aegisub binaries (3.2.2+dfsg-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
aeolus binaries (0.9.5-1) .buildinfo
aephea binaries (12-248-3) .buildinfo
aes2501-wy binaries (0.1-5+b2) .buildinfo
aesfix binaries (1.0.1-6) .buildinfo
aeskeyfind binaries (1:1.0-5) .buildinfo
aeskulap binaries (0.2.2-beta2+git20180219.8787e95-2) .buildinfo
aespipe binaries (2.4d-1+b1) .buildinfo
aether-ant-tasks binaries (1.0.1-4) .buildinfo
aevol binaries (5.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
aewan binaries (1.0.01-4.1+b1) .buildinfo
aewm++ binaries (1.1.2-5.1) .buildinfo
aewm++-goodies binaries (1.0-10) .buildinfo
afew binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
aff4 binaries (0.24.post1-4) .buildinfo
affiche binaries (0.6.0-10+b1) .buildinfo
afflib binaries (3.7.17-5) .buildinfo
afl binaries (2.52b-5) .buildinfo
afl-cov binaries (0.6.2-1) .buildinfo
afnix binaries (2.8.1-2) .buildinfo
aft binaries (2:5.098-4) .buildinfo
afterburner.fx binaries (1.7.0-2) .buildinfo
afterstep binaries (2.2.12-12) .buildinfo
afuse binaries (0.4.1-1+b3) .buildinfo
agda binaries ( .buildinfo
agda binaries ( .buildinfo
agda-stdlib binaries (0.17-1) .buildinfo
agedu binaries (9723-1+b1) .buildinfo binaries (0.44-2+b1) .buildinfo
agg binaries (1:2.6.0-r132+dfsg1-3) .buildinfo
aggdraw binaries (1.3.9+ds-2) .buildinfo
aggregate binaries (1.6-7+b1) .buildinfo
aggressive-indent-mode binaries (1.9.0-1) .buildinfo
aghermann binaries (1.1.2-2) .buildinfo
aha binaries (0.5-1) .buildinfo
ahcpd binaries (0.53-2+b1) .buildinfo
ahven binaries (2.7-2) .buildinfo
aide binaries (0.16.1-1) .buildinfo
aiksaurus binaries (1.2.1+dev-0.12-6.3) .buildinfo
aiocoap binaries (0.3-3) .buildinfo
aiofiles binaries (0.4.0-2) .buildinfo
aiohttp-cors binaries (0.7.0-1) .buildinfo
aiopg binaries (0.15.0-1) .buildinfo
aioprocessing binaries (1.0.1-4) .buildinfo
aioredis binaries (1.2.0-1) .buildinfo
aioxmlrpc binaries (0.5-1) .buildinfo
aircrack-ng binaries (1:1.5.2-3) .buildinfo
airport-utils binaries (2-6) .buildinfo
air-quality-sensor binaries ( .buildinfo
airspyhf binaries (1.1.5-1) .buildinfo
airspy-host binaries (1.0.9-3) .buildinfo
airstrike binaries (0.99+1.0pre6a-9) .buildinfo
aiscm binaries (0.18.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
aisleriot binaries (1:3.22.7-2) .buildinfo
aj-snapshot binaries (0.9.8-1) .buildinfo
akonadi binaries (4:18.08.3-7~deb10u1) .buildinfo
akonadi4 binaries (1.13.0-12) .buildinfo
akonadi-calendar binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akonadi-calendar-tools binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akonadiconsole binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akonadi-contacts binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akonadi-import-wizard binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akonadi-mime binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akonadi-notes binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akonadi-search binaries (4:18.08.3-1) .buildinfo
akregator binaries (4:18.08.3-2) .buildinfo
akuma binaries (1.10-2) .buildinfo
alacarte binaries (3.11.91-4) .buildinfo
aladin binaries (10.076+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
alberta binaries (3.0.1-1+b2) .buildinfo
aldo binaries (0.7.7-1+b4) .buildinfo
ale binaries ( .buildinfo
alembic binaries (1.0.0-3) .buildinfo
alevt binaries (1:1.6.2-5.1+b2) .buildinfo
alex binaries (3.2.4-4) .buildinfo
alex4 binaries (1.1-8) .buildinfo
alfa binaries (1.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
alfred binaries (2018.2-1) .buildinfo
alglib binaries (3.14.0-3) .buildinfo
algobox binaries (1.0.2+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
algol68g binaries (2.8.4-1) .buildinfo
alice binaries (0.19-2) .buildinfo
alienblaster binaries (1.1.0-10) .buildinfo
alien-hunter binaries (1.7-7) .buildinfo
aliki binaries (0.3.0-3) .buildinfo
alkimia binaries (7.0.2-2) .buildinfo
allegro4.4 binaries (2:4.4.2-13) .buildinfo
allegro5 binaries (2: .buildinfo
alliance binaries (5.1.1-3) .buildinfo
alljoyn-core-1504 binaries (15.04b+dfsg.1-3) .buildinfo
alljoyn-core-1509 binaries (15.09a+dfsg.1-3) .buildinfo
alljoyn-core-1604 binaries (16.04a+dfsg.1-3) .buildinfo
alljoyn-gateway-1504 binaries (15.04~git20160606-4) .buildinfo
alljoyn-services-1504 binaries (15.04-8) .buildinfo
alljoyn-services-1509 binaries (15.09-6) .buildinfo
alljoyn-services-1604 binaries (16.04-5) .buildinfo
alljoyn-thin-client-1504 binaries (15.04b-3) .buildinfo
alljoyn-thin-client-1509 binaries (15.09a-3) .buildinfo
alljoyn-thin-client-1604 binaries (16.04-3) .buildinfo
all-knowing-dns binaries (1.7-2) .buildinfo
allure binaries ( .buildinfo
almanah binaries (0.11.1-2+b1) .buildinfo
almond binaries (0.3.3+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
alot binaries (0.8.1-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
alpine binaries (2.21+dfsg1-1.1) .buildinfo
alsaequal binaries (0.6-7) .buildinfo
alsa-lib binaries (1.1.8-1) .buildinfo
alsamixergui binaries (0.9.0rc2-1-10) .buildinfo
alsa-oss binaries (1.1.8-1) .buildinfo
alsaplayer binaries (0.99.81-2) .buildinfo
alsa-plugins binaries (1.1.8-1) .buildinfo
alsa-tools binaries (1.1.7-1) .buildinfo
alsa-utils binaries (1.1.8-2) .buildinfo
alsoft-conf binaries (1.4.3-2) .buildinfo
alt-ergo binaries (2.0.0-3) .buildinfo
altermime binaries (0.3.10-9) .buildinfo
alter-sequence-alignment binaries (1.3.4-2) .buildinfo
altos binaries (1.9-3) .buildinfo
altree binaries (1.3.1-7) .buildinfo
altree binaries (1.3.1-7+b1) .buildinfo
alttab binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
alure binaries (1.2-6+b1) .buildinfo
amanda binaries (1:3.5.1-2+b2) .buildinfo
amap-align binaries (2.2+git20080214.600fc29+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
amavisd-milter binaries (1.5.0-5) .buildinfo
amavisd-new binaries (1:2.11.0-6.1) .buildinfo
amazon-ecr-credential-helper binaries (0.2.0-1+b10) .buildinfo
ambdec binaries (0.7.1-1) .buildinfo
amb-plugins binaries (0.8.1-7) .buildinfo
amide binaries (1.0.5-12+b1) .buildinfo
amideco binaries (0.31e-3.1+b2) .buildinfo
amiga-fdisk binaries (0.04-15+b1) .buildinfo
amoebax binaries (0.2.1+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
amora-server binaries (1.2~svn+git2015.04.25-1+b2) .buildinfo
amp binaries (0.6.1-1) .buildinfo
amphetamine binaries (0.8.10-21) .buildinfo
ample binaries (0.5.7-8) .buildinfo
ampliconnoise binaries (1.29-8) .buildinfo
ampr-ripd binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
ams binaries (2.1.1-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
amsynth binaries (1.8.0-1) .buildinfo
amtk binaries (5.0.0-3) .buildinfo
amtterm binaries (1.4-2) .buildinfo
amule binaries (1:2.3.2-5) .buildinfo
amule-emc binaries (0.5.2-4) .buildinfo
an binaries (1.2-5) .buildinfo
anacron binaries (2.3-28) .buildinfo
analitza binaries (4:17.08.3-2) .buildinfo
analitza binaries (4:17.08.3-2+b3) .buildinfo
analog binaries (2:6.0-22) .buildinfo
anarchism binaries (15.1-9) .buildinfo
and binaries (1.2.2-4.1+b2) .buildinfo
andi binaries (0.12-4) .buildinfo
androguard binaries (3.3.3-1) .buildinfo
android-androresolvd binaries (1.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
android-framework-23 binaries (6.0.1+r72-5) .buildinfo
android-platform-art binaries (8.1.0+r23-3) .buildinfo
android-platform-build binaries (1:8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-dalvik binaries (8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-development binaries (8.1.0+r23-1) .buildinfo
android-platform-external-boringssl binaries (8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-external-libselinux binaries (8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-external-libunwind binaries (8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-frameworks-base binaries (1:8.1.0+r23-3) .buildinfo
android-platform-frameworks-native binaries (1:8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-libcore binaries (8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-libnativehelper binaries (8.1.0+r23-1) .buildinfo
android-platform-system-core binaries (1:8.1.0+r23-5) .buildinfo
android-platform-system-extras binaries (8.1.0+r23-2) .buildinfo
android-platform-system-tools-aidl binaries (1:8.1.0+r23-1) .buildinfo
android-platform-tools-apksig binaries (0.8-2) .buildinfo
android-sdk-meta binaries (25.0.0+11+deb10u1) .buildinfo
android-sdk-meta binaries (27.0.0+11+deb10u1) .buildinfo
android-sdk-meta binaries (27.0.1+11+deb10u1) .buildinfo
android-tools binaries (5.1.1.r38-1.1) .buildinfo
anet binaries (0.4.1-2) .buildinfo
anfo binaries (0.98-7) .buildinfo
angband binaries (1:3.5.1-2.3) .buildinfo
angrydd binaries (1.0.1-12) .buildinfo
angular.js binaries (1.5.10-1) .buildinfo
angular-maven-plugin binaries (0.3.4-3) .buildinfo
animals binaries (201207131226-2.1) .buildinfo
animal-sniffer binaries (1.16-1) .buildinfo
animate.css binaries (3.5.2~dfsg1-3) .buildinfo
anjuta binaries (2:3.28.0-5) .buildinfo
anjuta-extras binaries (3.26.0-5) .buildinfo
anki binaries (2.1.8+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
ann binaries (1.1.2+doc-7) .buildinfo
annotation-indexer binaries (1.12-1) .buildinfo
anomaly binaries (1.1.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
anope binaries (2.0.6-1+b1) .buildinfo
anosql binaries (0.2.0-2) .buildinfo
ansible binaries (2.7.7+dfsg-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
ansible-lint binaries (4.1.0+dfsg.1-1) .buildinfo
ansible-tower-cli binaries (3.3.0-1) .buildinfo
ansiweather binaries (1.11-1) .buildinfo
ant binaries (1.10.5-2) .buildinfo
ant-contrib binaries (1.0~b3+svn177-10) .buildinfo
antelope binaries (3.5.1-4) .buildinfo
antennavis binaries (0.3.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
anthy binaries (1:0.3-8.1) .buildinfo
antigrav binaries (0.0.3-8) .buildinfo
antimony binaries (0.9.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
antiword binaries (0.37-14) .buildinfo
antlr binaries (2.7.7+dfsg-9.2) .buildinfo
antlr3 binaries (3.5.2-9) .buildinfo
antlr3.2 binaries (3.2-16) .buildinfo
antlr4 binaries (4.7.2-1) .buildinfo
antlr4-cpp-runtime binaries (4.7.2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
antlr-maven-plugin binaries (2.2-4) .buildinfo
antpm binaries (1.19-6) .buildinfo
anypaper binaries (2.4-2+b1) .buildinfo
anyremote binaries (6.7.2-1) .buildinfo
anytun binaries (0.3.7-1.1) .buildinfo
aodh binaries (7.0.0-5) .buildinfo
aoetools binaries (36-3) .buildinfo
aoeui binaries (1.7+20160302.git4e5dee9-1) .buildinfo
aoflagger binaries (2.13.0-1+b2) .buildinfo
aom binaries (1.0.0-3) .buildinfo
apache2 binaries (2.4.38-3+deb10u5) .buildinfo
apache2-mod-xforward binaries (0.6-1) .buildinfo
apachedex binaries (1.6.3-1) .buildinfo
apache-directory-api binaries (1.0.0-1) .buildinfo
apache-directory-jdbm binaries (2.0.0~M2-2) .buildinfo
apache-directory-server binaries (2.0.0~M24-3) .buildinfo
apache-log4j1.2 binaries (1.2.17-8+deb10u1) .buildinfo
apache-log4j2 binaries (2.11.1-2) .buildinfo
apache-log4j-extras1.2 binaries (1.2.17-2) .buildinfo
apache-mime4j binaries (0.8.2-1) .buildinfo
apache-mode-el binaries (2.1+4.g97bf66c-2) .buildinfo
apache-pom binaries (18-1) .buildinfo
apachetop binaries (0.18.4-1) .buildinfo
apache-upload-progress-module binaries (0.2-2) .buildinfo
apbs binaries (1.4-1+b1) .buildinfo
apcalc binaries ( .buildinfo
apcupsd binaries (3.14.14-2) .buildinfo
apel binaries (10.8+0.20120427-19) .buildinfo
apertium binaries (3.5.2-1) .buildinfo
apertium-af-nl binaries (0.2.0~r58256-2) .buildinfo
apertium-apy binaries (0.11.4-2) .buildinfo
apertium-arg binaries (0.1.2~r65494-2) .buildinfo
apertium-arg-cat binaries (0.1.0~r64925-2) .buildinfo
apertium-bel binaries (0.1.0~r81357-2) .buildinfo
apertium-bel-rus binaries (0.2.0~r81186-2) .buildinfo
apertium-br-fr binaries (0.5.0~r61325-3) .buildinfo
apertium-ca-it binaries (0.1.1~r57554-2) .buildinfo
apertium-cat binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
apertium-cat-srd binaries (1.0.0~r82995-2) .buildinfo
apertium-crh binaries (0.2.0~r83161-2) .buildinfo
apertium-crh-tur binaries (0.3.0~r83159-2) .buildinfo
apertium-cy-en binaries (0.1.1~r57554-4) .buildinfo
apertium-dan binaries (0.5.0~r67099-2) .buildinfo
apertium-dan-nor binaries (1.3.0~r67099-2) .buildinfo
apertium-en-ca binaries (0.9.3~r61328-2) .buildinfo
apertium-en-es binaries (0.8.0~r57502-4) .buildinfo
apertium-en-gl binaries (0.5.2~r57551-2) .buildinfo
apertium-eo-ca binaries (1:0.9.1~r60655-3) .buildinfo
apertium-eo-en binaries (1.0.0~r63833-2) .buildinfo
apertium-eo-es binaries (1:0.9.1~r60655-3) .buildinfo
apertium-eo-fr binaries (0.9.0~r57551-2) .buildinfo
apertium-es-ast binaries (1.1.0~r51165-2) .buildinfo
apertium-es-gl binaries (1.0.8~r57542-3) .buildinfo
apertium-es-pt binaries (1.1.5+svn~57507-4) .buildinfo
apertium-es-ro binaries (0.7.3~r57551-3) .buildinfo
apertium-eu-en binaries (0.3.1~r56205-2) .buildinfo
apertium-eu-es binaries (0.3.3~r56159-3) .buildinfo
apertium-fra binaries (1.5.0-1) .buildinfo
apertium-fra-cat binaries (1.5.0-1) .buildinfo
apertium-fr-es binaries (0.9.2~r61322-3) .buildinfo
apertium-hbs binaries (0.5.0~r68212-3) .buildinfo
apertium-hbs-eng binaries (0.1.0~r57598-2) .buildinfo
apertium-hbs-mkd binaries (0.1.0~r76450-2.1) .buildinfo
apertium-hbs-slv binaries (0.1.0~r59294-2) .buildinfo
apertium-hin binaries (0.1.0~r59158-2) .buildinfo
apertium-id-ms binaries (0.1.1~r57551-2) .buildinfo
apertium-isl binaries (0.1.0~r65494-2) .buildinfo
apertium-isl-eng binaries (0.1.0~r66083-2) .buildinfo
apertium-is-sv binaries (0.1.0~r76450-2) .buildinfo
apertium-ita binaries (0.10.0~r82237-2) .buildinfo
apertium-kaz binaries (0.1.0~r61338-2) .buildinfo
apertium-kaz-tat binaries (0.2.1~r57554-2) .buildinfo
apertium-lex-tools binaries (0.2.1-1) .buildinfo
apertium-mk-bg binaries (0.2.0~r49489-2) .buildinfo
apertium-mk-en binaries (0.1.1~r57554-2) .buildinfo
apertium-mlt-ara binaries (0.2.0~r62623-2) .buildinfo
apertium-nno binaries (0.9.0~r69513-3) .buildinfo
apertium-nno-nob binaries (1.1.0~r66076-2) .buildinfo
apertium-nob binaries (0.9.0~r69513-2) .buildinfo
apertium-oc-ca binaries (1.0.6~r57551-3) .buildinfo
apertium-oc-es binaries (1.0.6~r57551-3) .buildinfo
apertium-pt-ca binaries (0.8.2+svn~57507-4) .buildinfo
apertium-pt-gl binaries (0.9.2~r57551-3) .buildinfo
apertium-rus binaries (0.2.0~r82706-1) .buildinfo
apertium-separable binaries (0.3.2-1) .buildinfo
apertium-sme-nob binaries (0.6.0~r61921-2) .buildinfo
apertium-spa binaries (1.1.0~r79716-2) .buildinfo
apertium-spa-arg binaries (0.4.0~r64399-2) .buildinfo
apertium-spa-cat binaries (2.1.0~r79717-2) .buildinfo
apertium-spa-ita binaries (0.2.0~r78826-2) .buildinfo
apertium-srd binaries (1.2.0~r82994-2) .buildinfo
apertium-srd-ita binaries (0.9.5~r82237-2) .buildinfo
apertium-swe binaries (0.7.0~r69513-2) .buildinfo
apertium-swe-dan binaries (0.7.0~r66063-2) .buildinfo
apertium-swe-nor binaries (0.2.0~r69544-2) .buildinfo
apertium-tat binaries (0.1.0~r60887-2) .buildinfo
apertium-tur binaries (0.2.0~r83161-2) .buildinfo
apertium-ukr binaries (0.1.0~r82563-2) .buildinfo
apertium-urd binaries (0.1.0~r61311-2) .buildinfo
apertium-urd-hin binaries (0.1.0~r64379-2) .buildinfo
apf-firewall binaries (9.7+rev1-5.1) .buildinfo
apg binaries (2.2.3.dfsg.1-5) .buildinfo
apgdiff binaries (2.5.0~alpha.2-75-gcaaaed9-4) .buildinfo
api-hour binaries (0.8.2-1) .buildinfo
apipkg binaries (1.5-2) .buildinfo
apitrace binaries (7.1+git20170623.d38a69d6+repack-3+b3) .buildinfo
apiwrap-el binaries (0.5-2) .buildinfo
apktool binaries (2.3.4-1) .buildinfo
aplpy binaries (2.0.3-1) .buildinfo
aplus-fsf binaries (4.22.1-10) .buildinfo
apng2gif binaries (1.8-0.1) .buildinfo
apngasm binaries (2.7-2) .buildinfo
apngdis binaries (2.5-2) .buildinfo
apngopt binaries (1.2-2) .buildinfo
apophenia binaries (1.0+ds-7+b13) .buildinfo
apparix binaries (11-062-1) .buildinfo
apparmor binaries (2.13.2-10) .buildinfo
apparmor-profiles-extra binaries (1.26) .buildinfo
appconfig binaries (1.71-2) .buildinfo
appdirs binaries (1.4.3-1) .buildinfo
apper binaries (1.0.0-2) .buildinfo
appindicator3-sharp binaries (12.10.0+git20151221-5) .buildinfo
appmenu-gtk-module binaries (0.7.1-1) .buildinfo
appmenu-qt binaries (0.2.6-2) .buildinfo
approx binaries (5.10-1) .buildinfo
appstream binaries (0.12.5-1) .buildinfo
appstream-generator binaries (0.7.7-1) .buildinfo
appstream-glib binaries (0.7.14-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
apr binaries (1.6.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
apriltag binaries (0.10.0-3) .buildinfo
apron binaries (0.9.10-9+b3) .buildinfo
aprsdigi binaries (3.10.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
apr-util binaries (1.6.1-4) .buildinfo
aprx binaries (2.9.0+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
apscheduler binaries (3.5.3-1) .buildinfo
apsfilter binaries (7.2.6-2) .buildinfo
apt binaries ( .buildinfo
apt-build binaries (0.12.47) .buildinfo
apt-cacher binaries ( .buildinfo
apt-cacher-ng binaries (3.2.1-1) .buildinfo
apt-dater binaries (1.0.4-2) .buildinfo
apt-dater-host binaries (1.0.1-1) .buildinfo
apt-dpkg-ref binaries (5.3.1+nmu2) .buildinfo
apt-file binaries (3.2.2) .buildinfo
aptfs binaries (2:0.13.1-1) .buildinfo
apticron binaries (1.2.1) .buildinfo
aptitude binaries (0.8.11-7) .buildinfo
aptitude-robot binaries (1.5.2-1) .buildinfo
apt-listbugs binaries (0.1.28) .buildinfo
apt-listchanges binaries (3.19) .buildinfo
apt-listdifferences binaries (1.20190206) .buildinfo
aptly binaries (1.3.0+ds1-2.2~deb10u1) .buildinfo
apt-mirror binaries (0.5.4-1) .buildinfo
apt-move binaries (4.2.27-5) .buildinfo
apt-rdepends binaries (1.3.0-6) .buildinfo
apt-show-source binaries (0.11) .buildinfo
apt-show-versions binaries (0.22.11) .buildinfo
apt-transport-s3 binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
apt-transport-tor binaries (0.4) .buildinfo
apulse binaries (0.1.12-2) .buildinfo
ap-utils binaries (1.5-3+b1) .buildinfo
apvlv binaries (0.1.5+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
apwal binaries (0.4.5-1.1) .buildinfo
aqemu binaries (0.9.2-2.3) .buildinfo
aqsis binaries (1.8.2-11) .buildinfo
aqsis binaries (1.8.2-11+b1) .buildinfo
arachne-pnr binaries (0.1+20180909git840bdfd-1) .buildinfo
aragorn binaries (1.2.38-2) .buildinfo
arandr binaries (0.1.9-2) .buildinfo
aranym binaries (1.0.2-2.2) .buildinfo
aravis binaries (0.6.0-2) .buildinfo
arbtt binaries (0.10.1-1) .buildinfo
arc binaries (5.21q-6) .buildinfo
arc-gui-clients binaries (0.4.6-6) .buildinfo
arch-install-scripts binaries (21-1) .buildinfo
archivemount binaries (0.8.7-1+b1) .buildinfo
archmage binaries (1:0.3.1-4) .buildinfo
arch-test binaries (0.15-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
archvsync binaries (20180513) .buildinfo
arc-theme binaries (20190213-1) .buildinfo
arctica-greeter binaries ( .buildinfo
arden binaries (1.0-4) .buildinfo
ardentryst binaries (1.71-6) .buildinfo
ardour binaries (1:5.12.0-3) .buildinfo
arduino-mighty-1284p binaries (1-3) .buildinfo
arename binaries (4.0-4) .buildinfo
argagg binaries (0.4.6-4) .buildinfo
argon2 binaries (0~20171227-0.2) .buildinfo
argonaut binaries (1.2.3-2) .buildinfo
argtable2 binaries (13-1) .buildinfo
argus binaries (2: .buildinfo
argus-clients binaries (1: .buildinfo
argyll binaries (2.0.1+repack-1) .buildinfo
aria2 binaries (1.34.0-4) .buildinfo
ariba binaries (2.13.3+ds-1) .buildinfo
aribb24 binaries (1.0.3-2) .buildinfo
ario binaries (1.6-1) .buildinfo
arj binaries (3.10.22-18) .buildinfo
ark binaries (4:18.08.3-1+deb10u2) .buildinfo
armadillo binaries (1:9.200.7+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
armagetronad binaries ( .buildinfo
armci-mpi binaries (0.0~git20180917-2) .buildinfo
arno-iptables-firewall binaries (2.0.3-2) .buildinfo
aroarfw binaries (0.1~beta5-4) .buildinfo
arpack binaries (3.7.0-2) .buildinfo
arpack++ binaries (2.3-9) .buildinfo
arpalert binaries (2.0.12-3) .buildinfo
arping binaries (2.19-6) .buildinfo
arpon binaries (3.0-ng+dfsg1-3) .buildinfo
arp-scan binaries (1.9.5-1) .buildinfo
arptables binaries (0.0.4+snapshot20181021-4) .buildinfo
arpwatch binaries (2.1a15-7) .buildinfo
array-info binaries (0.16-4) .buildinfo
artemis binaries (17.0.1+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
artfastqgenerator binaries (0.0.20150519-3) .buildinfo
artha binaries (1.0.3-3) .buildinfo
artikulate binaries (4:17.08.3-1) .buildinfo
art-nextgen-simulation-tools binaries (20160605+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
as31 binaries (2.3.1-7) .buildinfo
asc binaries ( .buildinfo
asc binaries ( .buildinfo
ascd binaries (0.13.2-6+b1) .buildinfo
ascdc binaries (0.3-15+b1) .buildinfo
ascii binaries (3.18-1) .buildinfo
ascii2binary binaries (2.14-1+b2) .buildinfo
asciidoc binaries (8.6.10-3) .buildinfo
asciidoctor binaries (1.5.8-1) .buildinfo
asciijump binaries (1.0.2~beta-10) .buildinfo
asciinema binaries (2.0.2-1) .buildinfo
asciio binaries (1.51.3-1) .buildinfo
asclock binaries (2.0.12-29) .buildinfo
asc-music binaries (1.3-4) .buildinfo
aseba binaries (1.6.0-5) .buildinfo
asedriveiiie binaries (3.7-7) .buildinfo
aseqjoy binaries (0.0.2-1) .buildinfo
asio binaries (1:1.12.2-1) .buildinfo
asis binaries (2018-2) .buildinfo
ask binaries (1.1.1-3) .buildinfo
asl binaries (0.1.7-2+b1) .buildinfo
asm binaries (7.0-1) .buildinfo
asmail binaries (2.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
asmix binaries (1.5-4.1+b2) .buildinfo
asmixer binaries (0.5-14+b2) .buildinfo
asmon binaries (0.71-5.1+b1) .buildinfo
asn1c binaries (0.9.28+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
asn1crypto binaries (0.24.0-1) .buildinfo
asp binaries (1.8-8+b2) .buildinfo
aspcud binaries (1:1.9.4-2) .buildinfo
aspectc++ binaries (1:2.2+git20181008-2) .buildinfo
aspectj binaries (1.9.2-1) .buildinfo
aspectj-maven-plugin binaries (1.11-1) .buildinfo
aspell binaries (0.60.7~20110707-6+deb10u1) .buildinfo
aspell-ar binaries (0.0.20060329-6) .buildinfo
aspell-ar-large binaries (1.2-0-5) .buildinfo
aspell-en binaries (2018.04.16-0-1) .buildinfo
aspell-fa binaries (0.11-0-4) .buildinfo
aspell-gu binaries (0.03-0-10) .buildinfo
aspell-he binaries (1.0-0-8) .buildinfo
aspell-it binaries (2.4-20070901-0-3) .buildinfo
aspell-ku binaries (0.20-0-8) .buildinfo
aspell-ml binaries (0.04-1-8) .buildinfo
aspell-or binaries (0.03-1-6) .buildinfo
aspell-pt binaries (1.7) .buildinfo
aspell-sk binaries (2.02-0-1.1) .buildinfo
aspell-te binaries (0.01-2-6) .buildinfo
aspell-tl binaries (0.4-0-18) .buildinfo
aspic binaries (1.05-4+b2) .buildinfo
assemblytics binaries (1.0+ds-1) .buildinfo
assertj-core binaries (2.3.0-4) .buildinfo
assess-el binaries (0.5-1) .buildinfo
assimp binaries (4.1.0~dfsg-5) .buildinfo
asterisk binaries (1:16.2.1~dfsg-1+deb10u2) .buildinfo
asterisk-core-sounds binaries (1.6.1-1) .buildinfo
asterisk-espeak binaries (5.0~1-3) .buildinfo
asterisk-flite binaries (3.0-3) .buildinfo
asterisk-opus binaries (13.7+20171009-2) .buildinfo
astk binaries (1.13.1-2.1) .buildinfo
astlib binaries (0.10.2-2) .buildinfo
astral binaries (1.6.1-1) .buildinfo
astroid binaries (2.1.0-2) .buildinfo
astroid2 binaries (1.6.5-3) .buildinfo
astroidmail binaries (0.14-2.1) .buildinfo binaries (0.76+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
astroml binaries (0.3-9) .buildinfo
astroml-addons binaries (0.2.2-5) .buildinfo
astronomical-almanac binaries (5.6-6) .buildinfo
astroplan binaries (0.4-4) .buildinfo
astropy binaries (3.1.2-2) .buildinfo
astropy-healpix binaries (0.4-5) .buildinfo
astropy-helpers binaries (3.1.1-1) .buildinfo
astropy-regions binaries (0.3-2) .buildinfo
astroquery binaries (0.3.9+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
astroscrappy binaries (1.0.8-1) .buildinfo
astyle binaries (3.1-2) .buildinfo
asunder binaries (2.9.3-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
asylum binaries (0.3.2-3) .buildinfo
asymptote binaries (2.47-2) .buildinfo
async-http-client binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
at binaries (3.1.23-1) .buildinfo
atanks binaries (6.5~dfsg-3) .buildinfo
atftp binaries (0.7.git20120829-3.2~deb10u2) .buildinfo
atheist binaries (0.20110402-3) .buildinfo
atheme-services binaries (7.2.9-3) .buildinfo
athena-jot binaries (9.0-7) .buildinfo
atig binaries (0.6.1-3) .buildinfo
atinject-jsr330 binaries (1.0+ds1-5) .buildinfo
atk1.0 binaries (2.30.0-2) .buildinfo
atkmm1.6 binaries (2.28.0-2) .buildinfo
atlas binaries (3.10.3-8) .buildinfo
atlas-cpp binaries (0.6.4-2) .buildinfo
atlc binaries (4.6.1-2) .buildinfo
atom4 binaries (4.1-9+b1) .buildinfo
atomicparsley binaries (0.9.6-2) .buildinfo
atomix binaries (3.31.90-1) .buildinfo
atool binaries (0.39.0-9) .buildinfo
atop binaries (2.4.0-3) .buildinfo
atril binaries (1.20.3-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
ats2-lang binaries (0.3.11-2) .buildinfo
ats-lang-anairiats binaries (0.2.11-1+b1) .buildinfo
at-spi2-atk binaries (2.30.0-5) .buildinfo
at-spi2-core binaries (2.30.0-7) .buildinfo
attica binaries (0.4.2-2+b11) .buildinfo
attica-kf5 binaries (5.54.0-1) .buildinfo
attr binaries (1:2.4.48-4) .buildinfo
aubio binaries (0.4.6-2) .buildinfo
auctex binaries (11.91-2) .buildinfo
audacious binaries (3.10.1-1) .buildinfo
audacious-plugins binaries (3.10.1-1) .buildinfo
audacity binaries (2.2.2-1) .buildinfo
audacity binaries (2.2.2-1+b1) .buildinfo
audiocd-kio binaries (4:17.08.3-1) .buildinfo
audiofile binaries (0.3.6-5) .buildinfo
audiolink binaries (0.05-3) .buildinfo
audioread binaries (2.1.5-1) .buildinfo
audiotools binaries (3.1.1-1.1+b3) .buildinfo
audit binaries (1:2.8.4-3) .buildinfo
audtty binaries (0.1.12-5+b1) .buildinfo
aufs binaries (4.19+20190211-1) .buildinfo
aufs-tools binaries (1:4.14+20190211-1) .buildinfo
augeas binaries (1.11.0-3) .buildinfo
augustus binaries (3.3.2+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
aumix binaries (2.9.1-6) .buildinfo
aumix binaries (2.9.1-6+b1) .buildinfo
auralquiz binaries (1.0.0-1.1) .buildinfo
authbind binaries (2.1.2) .buildinfo
authres binaries (1.1.1-1) .buildinfo
auto-07p binaries (0.9.1+dfsg-7) .buildinfo
auto-apt-proxy binaries (11) .buildinfo
autobahn-cpp binaries (17.5.1+git7cc5d37-2) .buildinfo
autoclass binaries (3.3.6.dfsg.1-1+b2) .buildinfo
autocomplete binaries (2.5.3-1) .buildinfo
autoconf binaries (2.69-11) .buildinfo
autoconf2.13 binaries (2.13-68) .buildinfo
autoconf-archive binaries (20180313-1) .buildinfo
autoconf-dickey binaries (2.52+20181006-1) .buildinfo
autocutsel binaries (0.10.0-2) .buildinfo
autodeb binaries (0.20.0-1+b11) .buildinfo
autodep8 binaries (0.18) .buildinfo
autodir binaries (0.99.9-10+b1) .buildinfo
autodocksuite binaries (4.2.6-6) .buildinfo
autodock-vina binaries (1.1.2-5+b1) .buildinfo
autofdo binaries (0.18-2) .buildinfo
autofs binaries (5.1.2-4) .buildinfo
autogen binaries (1:5.18.12-4) .buildinfo
auto-install-el binaries (1.58-1) .buildinfo
autojump binaries (22.5.1-1) .buildinfo
autokey binaries (0.90.4-1.1) .buildinfo
autolog binaries (0.40+debian-3) .buildinfo
automake1.11 binaries (1:1.11.6-5) .buildinfo
automake-1.15 binaries (1:1.15.1-5) .buildinfo
automake-1.16 binaries (1:1.16.1-4) .buildinfo
automat binaries (0.6.0-1) .buildinfo
automoc binaries (1.0~version-0.9.88-5+b2) .buildinfo
auto-multiple-choice binaries (1.4.0-1) .buildinfo
automysqlbackup binaries (2.6+debian.4-2) .buildinfo
autopep8 binaries (1.4.3-1) .buildinfo
autopkgtest binaries (5.10) .buildinfo
autopostgresqlbackup binaries (1.1-1) .buildinfo
autoproject binaries (0.20-11) .buildinfo
autopsy binaries (2.24-3) .buildinfo
autoradio binaries (3.1-6) .buildinfo
autorandr binaries (1.7-1) .buildinfo
autorevision binaries (1.21-1) .buildinfo
autosize.js binaries (4.0.2~dfsg1-3) .buildinfo
autossh binaries (1.4g-1) .buildinfo
autosuspend binaries (2.0.4-1) .buildinfo
autotalent binaries (0.2-5) .buildinfo
autotools-dev binaries (20180224.1) .buildinfo
autounit binaries (0.20.1-5) .buildinfo
avahi binaries (0.7-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
avalon-framework binaries (4.2.0-10) .buildinfo
avarice binaries (2.13+svn375-1) .buildinfo
avce00 binaries (2.0.0-7) .buildinfo
avfs binaries (1.0.6-1) .buildinfo
aview binaries (1.3.0rc1-9+b2) .buildinfo
avifile binaries (1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-20.1) .buildinfo
avifile binaries (1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-20.1+b1) .buildinfo
avis-client-c binaries (1.2.4-9+b2) .buildinfo
avogadro binaries (1.2.0-4) .buildinfo
avogadro binaries (1.2.0-4+b2) .buildinfo
avra binaries (1.3.0-3) .buildinfo
avrdude binaries (6.3-20171130+svn1429-2) .buildinfo
avr-evtd binaries (1.7.7-2+b2) .buildinfo
avr-libc binaries (1:2.0.0+Atmel3.6.1-2) .buildinfo
avro-c binaries (1.8.2-1) .buildinfo
avro-java binaries (1.7.7-3) .buildinfo
avrp binaries (1.0beta3-7+b2) .buildinfo
avw.lv2 binaries (0.1.6~dfsg0-1+b2) .buildinfo
avy binaries (0.4.0+git20190328.85b5d574-1) .buildinfo
avy-menu binaries (0.1.1-2) .buildinfo
awardeco binaries (0.2-3.1+b2) .buildinfo
away binaries (0.9.5+ds-0+nmu2+b1) .buildinfo
awesfx binaries (0.5.1e-2) .buildinfo
awesome binaries (4.3-4) .buildinfo
awesome-extra binaries (2019021001) .buildinfo
awffull binaries (3.10.2-6) .buildinfo
awl binaries (0.60-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
awscli binaries (1.16.113-1) .buildinfo
aws-shell binaries (0.2.1-1) .buildinfo
awstats binaries (7.6+dfsg-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
ax25-apps binaries (0.0.8-rc4-2+b1) .buildinfo
ax25mail-utils binaries (0.13-1+b1) .buildinfo
ax25-tools binaries (0.0.10-rc4-3) .buildinfo
axe-demultiplexer binaries (0.3.3+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
axel binaries (2.16.1-4) .buildinfo
axiom binaries (20170501-4) .buildinfo
axis binaries (1.4-28) .buildinfo
axmail binaries (2.9-2) .buildinfo
ayatana-ido binaries (0.4.4-1) .buildinfo
ayatana-indicator-application binaries (0.5.2-2) .buildinfo
ayatana-indicator-messages binaries (0.6.0-2) .buildinfo
ayatana-indicator-notifications binaries (0.4.0-2) .buildinfo
ayatana-indicator-power binaries (2.0.93-3) .buildinfo
ayatana-indicator-printers binaries (0.1.9-2) .buildinfo
ayatana-indicator-session binaries (0.4.3-2) .buildinfo
aylet binaries (0.5-3+b3) .buildinfo
babeld binaries (1.8.3-1) .buildinfo
babeltrace binaries (1.5.6-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
babl binaries (0.1.62-1) .buildinfo
backblaze-b2 binaries (1.3.8-1) .buildinfo
backbone binaries (1.3.3~dfsg-5) .buildinfo
backdoor-factory binaries (3.4.2+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
backintime binaries (1.1.24-0.1) .buildinfo
backports.functools-lru-cache binaries (1.5-3) .buildinfo
backup2l binaries (1.6-3) .buildinfo
backup-manager binaries (0.7.14-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
backupninja binaries (1.1.0-2.1) .buildinfo
backuppc binaries (3.3.2-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bacula binaries (9.4.2-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bacula-doc binaries (9.4.2-2) .buildinfo
bagel binaries (1.2.2-1) .buildinfo
baitfisher binaries (1.2.7+git20180107.e92dbf2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
balance binaries (3.57-1+b1) .buildinfo
balboa binaries (1.0-3+b22) .buildinfo
balder2d binaries (1.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
bali-phy binaries (3.4+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
ball binaries (1.5.0+git20180813.37fc53c-3) .buildinfo
ballerburg binaries (1.2.0-3) .buildinfo
ballz binaries (1.0.4-1) .buildinfo
baloo-kf5 binaries (5.54.0-1) .buildinfo
baloo-widgets binaries (4:18.08.1-1) .buildinfo
balsa binaries (2.5.6-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bam binaries (0.5.1-1) .buildinfo
bambam binaries (1.0.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
bambamc binaries (0.0.50-3) .buildinfo
bambootracker binaries (0.1.5-1) .buildinfo
bamf binaries (0.5.4-1) .buildinfo
bamtools binaries (2.5.1+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
bandage binaries (0.8.1-1) .buildinfo
bandit binaries (1.5.1-1) .buildinfo
bandwidthd binaries (2.0.1+cvs20090917-11) .buildinfo
baobab binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
bar binaries (1.11.1-3) .buildinfo
barada-pam binaries (0.5-3.1+b8) .buildinfo
barbican binaries (1:7.0.0-1) .buildinfo
barclay binaries (2.1.0-3) .buildinfo
barcode binaries (0.99-3) .buildinfo
barectf binaries (2.3.0-5) .buildinfo
bareos binaries (16.2.6-5) .buildinfo
baresip binaries (0.6.1-1) .buildinfo
barman binaries (2.6-1) .buildinfo
barman-cli binaries (1.3-1) .buildinfo
barnowl binaries (1.10-1+b1) .buildinfo
barrage binaries (1.0.4-3) .buildinfo
barrnap binaries (0.9+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
bart binaries (0.4.04-2) .buildinfo
bart-view binaries (0.1.00-2) .buildinfo
base-files binaries (10.3+deb10u11) .buildinfo
basemap binaries (1.2.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
base-passwd binaries (3.5.46) .buildinfo
basex binaries (9.0.1+ds-1) .buildinfo
basez binaries (1.6-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bash binaries (5.0-4) .buildinfo
bash-completion binaries (1:2.8-6) .buildinfo
basic256 binaries ( .buildinfo
basket binaries (2.11~beta+git20180715.058ce7a-1) .buildinfo
bastet binaries (0.43-5+b1) .buildinfo
batctl binaries (2019.0-1) .buildinfo
batik binaries (1.10-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
batmand binaries (0.3.2-18) .buildinfo binaries (0.9-2+b1) .buildinfo
battery-stats binaries (0.5.6-1) .buildinfo
baycomepp binaries (0.10-15) .buildinfo
baycomusb binaries (0.10-14) .buildinfo
bb binaries (1.3rc1-11) .buildinfo
bbdb binaries (2.36-4.1) .buildinfo
bbdb3 binaries (3.2-5) .buildinfo
bbe binaries (0.2.2-3) .buildinfo
bbmail binaries (0.9.3-2+b1) .buildinfo
bbpager binaries (0.4.7-5+b1) .buildinfo
bbqsql binaries (1.1-3) .buildinfo
bbswitch binaries (0.8-8) .buildinfo
bbtime binaries (0.1.5-13+b1) .buildinfo
bc binaries (1.07.1-2+b1) .buildinfo
bcache-tools binaries (1.0.8-3) .buildinfo
bcal binaries (2.1-1) .buildinfo
bcel binaries (6.2-1) .buildinfo
bcfg2 binaries (1.4.0~pre2+git141-g6d40dace6358-2) .buildinfo
bcftools binaries (1.9-1) .buildinfo
bchunk binaries (1.2.2-2) .buildinfo
bcolz binaries (1.2.1+ds2-2) .buildinfo
bcpp binaries (0.0.20180401-1) .buildinfo
bcron binaries (0.11-8) .buildinfo
bcrypt binaries (1.1-8.1+b1) .buildinfo
bctoolbox binaries (0.6.0-2+b2) .buildinfo
bd binaries (1.02-4) .buildinfo
bdbvu binaries (0.1-2) .buildinfo
bdfresize binaries (1.5-11) .buildinfo
bdii binaries (5.2.23-2) .buildinfo
beacon binaries (1.3.3-2) .buildinfo
beads binaries (1.1.18+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
beagle binaries (5.0-180928+dfsg-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
beaker binaries (1.10.0-1) .buildinfo
beancount binaries (2.2.0-3) .buildinfo
beansbinding binaries (1.2.1-4) .buildinfo
bear binaries (2.3.13-1) .buildinfo
beast2-mcmc binaries (2.5.1+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
beast-mcmc binaries (1.10.4+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
beautifulsoup4 binaries (4.7.1-1) .buildinfo
beav binaries (1:1.40-18+b3) .buildinfo
bedops binaries (2.4.35+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
bedtools binaries (2.27.1+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
beef binaries (1.0.2-3) .buildinfo
beep binaries (1.4.3-2) .buildinfo
beets binaries (1.4.7-2) .buildinfo
beginend-el binaries (2.0.0-3) .buildinfo
behave binaries (1.2.5-2) .buildinfo
beignet binaries (1.3.2-6+b10) .buildinfo
belcard binaries (1.0.2-1) .buildinfo
belenios binaries (1.8+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
belle-sip binaries (1.6.3-5) .buildinfo
belr binaries (0.1.3-2) .buildinfo
ben binaries (0.8.2+b3) .buildinfo
benchmark binaries (1.4.1-3) .buildinfo
beneath-a-steel-sky binaries (0.0372-7) .buildinfo
berkeley-abc binaries (1.01+20181130git163bba5+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
berkeley-express binaries (1.5.2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
berkeley-express binaries (1.5.2+dfsg-1+b2) .buildinfo
bernhard binaries (0.2.6-1) .buildinfo
berusky binaries (1.7.1-1) .buildinfo
berusky2 binaries (0.10-7+deb10u1) .buildinfo
berusky2-data binaries (0.9-2) .buildinfo
berusky-data binaries (1.7-2) .buildinfo
betamax binaries (0.8.1-1) .buildinfo
betaradio binaries (1.6-1+b1) .buildinfo
between binaries (6+dfsg1-3) .buildinfo
bfbtester binaries (2.0.1-7.1+b2) .buildinfo
bfm binaries (0.6.4-6+b1) .buildinfo
bfs binaries (1.3.3-1) .buildinfo
bf-utf binaries (0.08) .buildinfo
bglibs binaries (2.04+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
bgoffice binaries (4.1-7) .buildinfo
bgoffice-computer-terms binaries (0.0.201010040104-2) .buildinfo
bgpdump binaries (1.6.0-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bgpq3 binaries (0.1.35-1) .buildinfo
bgw-replstatus binaries (1.0.3) .buildinfo
biabam binaries (0.9.7-7.2) .buildinfo
bibclean binaries ( .buildinfo
bibcursed binaries (2.0.0-6.1+b1) .buildinfo
biber binaries (2.12-2) .buildinfo
bibledit binaries (5.0.758-1) .buildinfo
bible-kjv binaries (4.30) .buildinfo
biblesync binaries (1.2.0-1) .buildinfo
bibletime binaries (2.11.2-11) .buildinfo
biboumi binaries (8.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
bibtex2html binaries (1.99-2) .buildinfo
bibtexconv binaries (0.8.20-1+b4) .buildinfo
bibtexparser binaries (1.1.0+ds-1) .buildinfo
bibtool binaries (2.67+ds-5) .buildinfo
bibus binaries (1.5.2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
bibutils binaries (6.2-1) .buildinfo
bidi-clojure binaries (2.1.2-2) .buildinfo
bidiv binaries (1.5-6) .buildinfo
biff binaries (1:0.17.pre20000412-5.1) .buildinfo
bignumber.js binaries (8.1.1+ds-1) .buildinfo
bijiben binaries (3.30.3-2) .buildinfo
bilibop binaries (0.5.6) .buildinfo
billard-gl binaries (1.75-17) .buildinfo
billiard binaries ( .buildinfo
biloba binaries (0.9.3-8) .buildinfo
binaryen binaries (68-1) .buildinfo
binaryornot binaries (0.4.4+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
binclock binaries (1.5-6+b1) .buildinfo
bind9 binaries (1:9.11.5.P4+dfsg-5.1+deb10u5) .buildinfo
bind-dyndb-ldap binaries (11.1-5) .buildinfo
bindechexascii binaries (0.0+20140524.git7dcd86-4) .buildinfo
bindex binaries (2.2+svn101-4) .buildinfo
bindfs binaries (1.13.10-1) .buildinfo
binfmtc binaries (0.17-2+b1) .buildinfo
binfmt-support binaries (2.2.0-2) .buildinfo
bing binaries (1.3.5-2) .buildinfo
biniax2 binaries (1.30-4) .buildinfo
biniou binaries (1.0.12-2+b2) .buildinfo
binkd binaries (1.1a-99-1) .buildinfo
bino binaries (1.6.6-3+b2) .buildinfo
binoculars binaries (0.0.4-1) .buildinfo
binpac binaries (0.51-1) .buildinfo
binplist binaries (0.1.5-2) .buildinfo
bin-prot binaries (113.33.03-4) .buildinfo
bintray-client-java binaries (0.8.1-4) .buildinfo
binutils binaries (2.31.1-16) .buildinfo
binutils-arm-none-eabi binaries (2.31.1-12+11) .buildinfo
binutils-avr binaries (2.26.20160125+Atmel3.6.1-4) .buildinfo
binutils-h8300-hms binaries (2.16.1-10+b2) .buildinfo
binutils-m68hc1x binaries (1:2.18-9) .buildinfo
binutils-mingw-w64 binaries (2.31.1-11+8.3) .buildinfo
binutils-mipsen binaries (2.31.1-14cross3) .buildinfo
binutils-xtensa-lx106 binaries (2.31.1-14+2) .buildinfo
binutils-z80 binaries (2.31.1-15+4+b14) .buildinfo
binwalk binaries (2.1.2~git20180830+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
biococoa binaries (2.2.2-4+b1) .buildinfo
bio-eagle binaries (2.4.1-1) .buildinfo
biogenesis binaries (0.8-3) .buildinfo
biojava4-live binaries (4.2.12+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
biojava-live binaries (1:1.7.1-8) .buildinfo
biomaj3 binaries (3.1.6-1) .buildinfo
biomaj3-cli binaries (3.1.10-1) .buildinfo
biomaj3-core binaries (3.0.15-1) .buildinfo
biomaj3-daemon binaries (3.0.17-1) .buildinfo
biomaj3-download binaries (3.0.19-1) .buildinfo
biomaj3-process binaries (3.0.11-1) .buildinfo
biomaj3-user binaries (3.0.6-2) .buildinfo
biometric-authentication binaries (0.9.61-2) .buildinfo
bioperl binaries (1.7.2-3) .buildinfo
bioperl-run binaries (1.7.2-4) .buildinfo
bio-rainbow binaries (2.0.4+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
biosig4c++ binaries (1.9.3-2) .buildinfo
biosquid binaries (1.9g+cvs20050121-11) .buildinfo
bio-tradis binaries (1.4.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
bip binaries (0.9.0~rc3-1) .buildinfo
bird binaries (1.6.6-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
birdfont binaries (2.25.0-3) .buildinfo
birthday binaries (1.6.2-4+b1) .buildinfo
bison binaries (2:3.3.2.dfsg-1) .buildinfo
bison++ binaries (1.21.11-4+b1) .buildinfo
bisonc++ binaries (6.02.04-1) .buildinfo
bist binaries (0.5.2-1.1+b3) .buildinfo
bit-babbler binaries (0.8) .buildinfo
bitlbee binaries (3.5.1-1.3) .buildinfo
bitlbee-facebook binaries (1.2.0-1) .buildinfo
bitlbee-mastodon binaries (1.4.1-1) .buildinfo
bitmeter binaries (1.2-4) .buildinfo
bitseq binaries (0.7.5+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
bitstormlite binaries (0.2q-5) .buildinfo
bitstream binaries (1.5-1) .buildinfo
bitstruct binaries (3.7.0-1) .buildinfo
bittornado binaries (0.3.18-10.3) .buildinfo
bittwist binaries (2.0-11) .buildinfo
bitz-server binaries (2.0.3-1) .buildinfo
bkchem binaries (0.13.0-6) .buildinfo
black binaries (18.9b0-1-6) .buildinfo
black-box binaries (1.4.8-4) .buildinfo
blackbox binaries (0.70.1-36) .buildinfo
bladerf binaries (0.2017.12~rc1-2) .buildinfo
blahtexml binaries (0.9-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
blasr binaries (5.3.2+dfsg-1.1) .buildinfo
blastem binaries ( .buildinfo
bld binaries ( .buildinfo
bleachbit binaries (2.0-3) .buildinfo
blender binaries (2.79.b+dfsg0-7) .buildinfo
blends binaries (0.7.2) .buildinfo
blepvco binaries (0.1.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
bless binaries (0.6.0-5.1) .buildinfo
blhc binaries (0.09-1) .buildinfo
blinken binaries (4:17.08.3-2) .buildinfo
blinker binaries (1.4+dfsg1-0.2) .buildinfo
blis binaries (0.5.1-11) .buildinfo
bliss binaries (0.73-2) .buildinfo
blist binaries (1.3.6-5) .buildinfo
blitz++ binaries (1:1.0.1+ds-3) .buildinfo
blkreplay binaries (1.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
blktool binaries (4-7.1) .buildinfo
blktrace binaries (1.2.0-5) .buildinfo
blobby binaries (1.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
bloboats binaries (1.0.2+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
blobwars binaries (2.00-1+b1) .buildinfo
blockattack binaries (2.3.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
blockdiag binaries (1.5.3+dfsg-5.2) .buildinfo
blockout2 binaries (2.4+dfsg1-9) .buildinfo
blocks-of-the-undead binaries (1.0-7) .buildinfo
blop binaries (0.2.8-6.1) .buildinfo
bloscpack binaries (0.15.0-4) .buildinfo
bls-standalone binaries (0.20151231) .buildinfo
blt binaries (2.5.3+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
bluebird-gtk-theme binaries (1.3-1) .buildinfo
bluedevil binaries (4:5.14.5-1) .buildinfo
bluefish binaries (2.2.10-1) .buildinfo
blueman binaries (2.0.8-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bluemon binaries (1.4-7) .buildinfo
bluez binaries (5.50-1.2~deb10u2) .buildinfo
bluez-qt binaries (5.54.0-1) .buildinfo
bluez-tools binaries (2.0~20170911.0.7cb788c-2) .buildinfo
bmake binaries (20160220-2+b1) .buildinfo
bmap-tools binaries (3.5-2) .buildinfo
bmf binaries (0.9.4-10) .buildinfo
bmon binaries (1:4.0-5) .buildinfo
bmusb binaries (0.7.3-2) .buildinfo
bnd binaries (3.5.0-4) .buildinfo
bnfc binaries (2.8.1-6) .buildinfo
boats binaries (201307-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
bobcat binaries (4.08.06-1) .buildinfo
bochs binaries (2.6.9+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
bogl binaries (0.1.18-13) .buildinfo
bogofilter binaries (1.2.4+dfsg1-13) .buildinfo
boinc binaries (7.14.2+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
boinc-app-seti binaries (8.00~svn3725-3) .buildinfo
boinctui binaries (2.5.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
bolt binaries (0.7-2) .buildinfo
bolt-lmm binaries (2.3.2+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
bolt-lmm binaries (2.3.2+dfsg-3+b1) .buildinfo
bombardier binaries (0.8.3+nmu1+b3) .buildinfo
bomber binaries (4:18.04.1-1) .buildinfo
bomberclone binaries (0.11.9-7.1) .buildinfo
bomstrip binaries (9-12) .buildinfo
bonnie++ binaries (1.98) .buildinfo
boohu binaries (0.12.0-1) .buildinfo
boolector binaries ( .buildinfo
boolstuff binaries (0.1.16-1) .buildinfo
boomaga binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
boost1.67 binaries (1.67.0-13+deb10u1) .buildinfo
boot binaries (1.3-20-2) .buildinfo
bootcd binaries (5.14) .buildinfo
booth binaries (1.0-162-g27f917f-2) .buildinfo
boot-info-script binaries (0.77-1) .buildinfo
bootp binaries (2.4.3-18+b2) .buildinfo
bootpc binaries (0.64-7+b2) .buildinfo
bootstrap-vz binaries (0.9.11+20180121git-1) .buildinfo
bopm binaries (3.1.3-3+b2) .buildinfo
bordeaux-threads binaries (0.8.6-1) .buildinfo
borgbackup binaries (1.1.9-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
borgmatic binaries (1.2.11-1) .buildinfo
bosh binaries (0.6-10) .buildinfo
bosixnet binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
bossa binaries (1.3~20120408-5.1) .buildinfo
boswars binaries (2.7+svn160110-4) .buildinfo
botan binaries (2.9.0-2) .buildinfo
botch binaries (0.21-8) .buildinfo
bottleneck binaries (1.2.1+ds1-1) .buildinfo
bottlerocket binaries (0.05b3-17) .buildinfo
bouncy binaries (0.6.20071104-6) .buildinfo
bouncycastle binaries (1.60-1) .buildinfo
bovo binaries (4:18.04.1-1) .buildinfo
bowtie binaries (1.2.2+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
bowtie2 binaries ( .buildinfo
box2d binaries (2.3.1+ds-5) .buildinfo
boxer binaries (1.3.0-2) .buildinfo
boxer-data binaries (10.7.6) .buildinfo
boxes binaries (1.3-1) .buildinfo
boxshade binaries (3.3.1-12) .buildinfo
bpfcc binaries (0.8.0-4) .buildinfo
bpftrace binaries (0.8+git60-gccac69c2239b-2) .buildinfo
bplay binaries (0.991-10+b2) .buildinfo
bpm-tools binaries (0.3-4) .buildinfo
bppphyview binaries (0.6.1-1) .buildinfo
bppsuite binaries (2.4.1-1) .buildinfo
bpython binaries (0.17.1-1) .buildinfo
braa binaries (0.82-4) .buildinfo
braceexpand binaries (0.1.2-2) .buildinfo
braillegraph binaries (0.3-1) .buildinfo
brailleutils binaries (1.2.3-4) .buildinfo
brainparty binaries (0.61+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
brandy binaries (1.20.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
brasero binaries (3.12.2-5) .buildinfo
breathe binaries (4.11.1-1) .buildinfo
breeze binaries (4:5.14.5-1) .buildinfo
breeze-gtk binaries (5.14.5-1) .buildinfo
breeze-icons binaries (4:5.54.0-1) .buildinfo
breeze-plymouth binaries (5.14.5-1) .buildinfo
breezy binaries (3.0.0~bzr7290-2) .buildinfo
breezy-debian binaries (2.8.26) .buildinfo
brewtarget binaries (2.3.1-3) .buildinfo
brial binaries (1.2.4-2) .buildinfo
bridge-method-injector binaries (1.18-2) .buildinfo
bridge-utils binaries (1.6-2) .buildinfo
brig binaries (0.95+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
brightd binaries (0.4.1-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
brightnessctl binaries (0.4-1) .buildinfo
briquolo binaries (0.5.7-8) .buildinfo
brise binaries (0.38.20180515-2) .buildinfo
brisk-menu binaries (0.5.0-9) .buildinfo
br.ispell binaries (3.0~beta4-22) .buildinfo
bristol binaries (0.60.11-3+b1) .buildinfo
brlaser binaries (4-1) .buildinfo
brltty binaries (5.6-10+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bro binaries (2.5.5-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bro-aux binaries (0.42-1) .buildinfo
broccoli binaries (1.100-1) .buildinfo
broccoli-python binaries (0.62-1) .buildinfo
broccoli-ruby binaries (1.62-1) .buildinfo
bro-pkg binaries (1.5.2-1) .buildinfo
brotli binaries (1.0.7-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
browse-kill-ring-el binaries (2.0.0-2) .buildinfo
browserpass binaries (2.0.22-2) .buildinfo
browser-request binaries (0.3.3-2) .buildinfo
brp-pacu binaries (2.1.1+git20111020-7+b1) .buildinfo
brutalchess binaries (0.5.2+dfsg-8) .buildinfo
brutefir binaries (1.0o-1+b1) .buildinfo
bruteforce-luks binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
bruteforce-salted-openssl binaries (1.4.1-1) .buildinfo
brutespray binaries (1.6.4-1) .buildinfo
bs1770gain binaries (0.5.2-2) .buildinfo
bs2b-ladspa binaries (0.9.1-3) .buildinfo
bsd-finger binaries (0.17-15.2) .buildinfo
bsdgames binaries (2.17-28) .buildinfo
bsdiff binaries (4.3-21) .buildinfo
bsd-mailx binaries (8.1.2-0.20180807cvs-1) .buildinfo
bsdmainutils binaries (11.1.2+b1) .buildinfo
bsh binaries (2.0b4-19) .buildinfo
bspwm binaries (0.9.5-1) .buildinfo
btag binaries (1.1.3-1+b7) .buildinfo
btanks binaries (0.9.8083-8) .buildinfo
btcheck binaries (2.1-4) .buildinfo
btest binaries (0.58-1) .buildinfo
btfs binaries (2.18-1+b2) .buildinfo
bti binaries (034-4) .buildinfo
btrbk binaries (0.27.1-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
btrfs-compsize binaries (1.3-1) .buildinfo
btrfs-heatmap binaries (8-1) .buildinfo
btrfsmaintenance binaries (0.4.2-1) .buildinfo
btrfs-progs binaries (4.20.1-2) .buildinfo
btscanner binaries (2.1-7) .buildinfo
btyacc binaries (3.0-5+b2) .buildinfo
bubblewrap binaries (0.3.1-4) .buildinfo
bucardo binaries (5.5.0-1) .buildinfo
bucklespring binaries (1.4.0-2) .buildinfo
buddy binaries (2.4-11+b1) .buildinfo
budgie-desktop binaries (10.5-1) .buildinfo
budgie-extras binaries (0.7.1-3) .buildinfo
budgie-indicator-applet binaries (0.6-2) .buildinfo
buffer binaries (1.19-12+b1) .buildinfo
bugsquish binaries (0.0.6-9) .buildinfo
bugwarrior binaries (1.6.0-3) .buildinfo
bugz binaries (0.13-1) .buildinfo
buici-clock binaries ( .buildinfo
buildapp binaries (1.5.6-2) .buildinfo
buildbot binaries (2.0.1-2) .buildinfo
build-essential binaries (12.6) .buildinfo
build-helper-maven-plugin binaries (3.0.0-1) .buildinfo
buildstream binaries (1.2.4-1) .buildinfo
buildtorrent binaries (0.8-6) .buildinfo
buku binaries (4.1+ds-2) .buildinfo
bulk-media-downloader binaries (0.2.1-3) .buildinfo
bullet binaries (2.87+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
bulletml binaries (0.0.6-7) .buildinfo
bumblebee binaries (3.2.1-20) .buildinfo
bumprace binaries (1.5.7-1) .buildinfo
bumpversion binaries (0.5.10-2) .buildinfo
bundler binaries (1.17.3-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
bundlewrap binaries (3.6.0-1) .buildinfo
burgerspace binaries (1.9.2-3) .buildinfo
burp binaries (2.1.32-2) .buildinfo
burrow binaries (1.2.1-1) .buildinfo
bustle binaries (0.7.4-1) .buildinfo
busybox binaries (1:1.30.1-4) .buildinfo
buthead binaries (1.1-5) .buildinfo
butt binaries (0.1.17+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
butteraugli binaries (0~20170116-3) .buildinfo
buzztrax binaries (0.10.2-6) .buildinfo
bvi binaries (1.4.0-1+b3) .buildinfo
bwa binaries (0.7.17-3) .buildinfo
bwbasic binaries (2.20pl2-11+b2) .buildinfo
bwctl binaries (1.5.4+dfsg1-1+b1) .buildinfo
bwidget binaries (1.9.13-1) .buildinfo
bwm-ng binaries (0.6.1-6) .buildinfo
byacc binaries (20140715-1+b1) .buildinfo
byacc-j binaries (1.15-1+b2) .buildinfo
bygfoot binaries (2.3.2-2+b1) .buildinfo
byobu binaries (5.112-1.1) .buildinfo
byte-buddy binaries (1.7.11-1) .buildinfo
bytes-circle binaries (2.6-1) .buildinfo
byzanz binaries (0.3.0+git20160312-3) .buildinfo
bzflag binaries (2.4.18-1) .buildinfo
bzflag binaries (2.4.18-1+b1) .buildinfo
bzip2 binaries (1.0.6-9.2~deb10u1) .buildinfo
bzr binaries (2.7.0+bzr6622-15) .buildinfo
bzr-builddeb binaries (2.8.11) .buildinfo
bzr-email binaries (0.0.1~bzr58-7) .buildinfo
bzr-fastimport binaries (0.13.0+bzr361-4) .buildinfo
bzr-git binaries (0.6.13+bzr1650-2) .buildinfo
bzr-loom binaries (2.2.0-6) .buildinfo
bzr-search binaries (1.7.0~bzr94-5) .buildinfo
bzr-stats binaries (0.1.0+bzr54-5) .buildinfo
bzrtools binaries (2.6.0-4) .buildinfo
bzrtp binaries (1.0.6-3) .buildinfo
bzr-upload binaries (1.1.0-8) .buildinfo
bzr-xmloutput binaries (0.8.8+bzr162-6) .buildinfo
c2050 binaries (0.3b-8) .buildinfo
c2esp binaries (27-4) .buildinfo
c2hs binaries (0.28.5-2) .buildinfo
c3p0 binaries ( .buildinfo
cabal-debian binaries (4.38.2-1) .buildinfo
cabextract binaries (1.9-1) .buildinfo
ca-certificates binaries (20200601~deb10u2) .buildinfo
ca-certificates-java binaries (20190405) .buildinfo
cached-property binaries (1.5.1-3) .buildinfo
cacti binaries (1.2.2+ds1-2+deb10u4) .buildinfo
cacti-spine binaries (1.2.2-1) .buildinfo
cadabra binaries (1.46-5) .buildinfo
cadaver binaries (0.23.3-2.1) .buildinfo
cadencii binaries (3.3.9+svn20110818.r1732-6) .buildinfo
cadubi binaries (1.3.4-1) .buildinfo
cafeobj binaries (1.5.9-1) .buildinfo
caffe binaries (1.0.0+git20180821.99bd997-2) .buildinfo
caffe binaries (1.0.0+git20180821.99bd997-2+b1) .buildinfo
caffeine binaries (2.9.4-2) .buildinfo
cain binaries (1.10+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
cairo binaries (1.16.0-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cairo-5c binaries (1.17) .buildinfo
cairocffi binaries (0.7.2-2.2) .buildinfo
cairodevice binaries (2.25-2) .buildinfo
cairo-dock binaries (3.4.1-3) .buildinfo
cairo-dock-plug-ins binaries (3.4.1-4) .buildinfo
cairo-dock-plug-ins binaries (3.4.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
cairomm binaries (1.12.2-4) .buildinfo
cairo-ocaml binaries (1:1.2.0-6+b2) .buildinfo
caja binaries (1.20.3-1) .buildinfo
caja binaries (1.20.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
caja-actions binaries (1.8.3-4) .buildinfo
caja-admin binaries (0.0.1-2) .buildinfo
caja-eiciel binaries (1.20.1-1) .buildinfo
caja-extensions binaries (1.20.2-1) .buildinfo
caja-rename binaries (18.7.28~bzr25-1) .buildinfo
caja-seahorse binaries (1.18.4-2) .buildinfo
cakephp binaries (2.10.11-2) .buildinfo
cal binaries (4.0-4) .buildinfo
cal3d binaries (0.11.0-7+b1) .buildinfo
calamares binaries (3.2.4-3) .buildinfo
calamares-settings-debian binaries (10.0.20-1+deb10u4) .buildinfo
calamaris binaries ( .buildinfo
calcoo binaries (1.3.18-7) .buildinfo
calculix-ccx binaries (2.11-1+b3) .buildinfo
calculix-cgx binaries (2.11+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
calcurse binaries (4.3.0-2.1) .buildinfo
caldav-tester binaries (7.0-3) .buildinfo
calendar binaries (2.04-1+b2) .buildinfo
calendarserver binaries (9.2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
calf binaries (0.90.1-2) .buildinfo
calibre binaries (3.39.1+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
calife binaries (1:3.0.1-5) .buildinfo
calligra binaries (1:3.1.0+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
calligraplan binaries (1:3.1.0-3+b1) .buildinfo binaries (0.8.0-11+b1) .buildinfo
camitk binaries (4.1.2-3) .buildinfo
caml2html binaries (1.4.3-2+b2) .buildinfo
camlbz2 binaries (0.6.0-7+b1) .buildinfo
caml-crush binaries (1.0.8-1+b1) .buildinfo
camlidl binaries (1.05-15.1) .buildinfo
camlimages binaries (1:4.2.6-4) .buildinfo
camljava binaries (0.3-2+b1) .buildinfo
camlmix binaries (1.3.1-3+b3) .buildinfo
camlp4 binaries (4.05+1-2) .buildinfo
camlp5 binaries (7.01-1+b1) .buildinfo
camlpdf binaries (2.2.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
camltemplate binaries (1.0.2-2+b1) .buildinfo
camlzip binaries (1.07-2) .buildinfo
camo binaries (2.3.0+dfsg-1.1) .buildinfo
camomile binaries (0.8.5-1) .buildinfo
camomile binaries (0.8.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
camp binaries (0.8.2-1) .buildinfo
camping binaries (2.1.580-1.1) .buildinfo
caneda binaries (0.3.1-1) .buildinfo
canid binaries (0.0~git20180613.007c9af-2+b10) .buildinfo
canl-c binaries (3.0.0-3) .buildinfo
canl-java binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
canlock binaries (3.1.0-1) .buildinfo
canna binaries (3.7p3-14) .buildinfo
c++-annotations binaries (11.1.0-1) .buildinfo
cantata binaries (2.3.3.ds1-1) .buildinfo
cantor binaries (4:18.12.0-2) .buildinfo
canu binaries (1.8+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
can-utils binaries (2018.02.0-1) .buildinfo
capi4hylafax binaries (1: .buildinfo
capistrano binaries (3.11.0-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
capnproto binaries (0.7.0-3) .buildinfo
cappuccino binaries (0.5.1-9) .buildinfo
caps binaries (0.9.26-1) .buildinfo
capstats binaries (0.22-2) .buildinfo
capstone binaries (4.0.1+really+3.0.5-1) .buildinfo
car binaries (3.0-2-1) .buildinfo
carbon-c-relay binaries (3.4-1) .buildinfo
cardo binaries (1.04-3) .buildinfo
cardpeek binaries (0.8.4-1+b4) .buildinfo
care binaries (2.2.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
c-ares binaries (1.14.0-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
carettah binaries (0.5.1-2) .buildinfo
cargo binaries (0.43.1-3~deb10u1) .buildinfo
caribou binaries (0.4.21-7) .buildinfo
carrotsearch-hppc binaries (0.7.2-2) .buildinfo
carrotsearch-randomizedtesting binaries (2.1.17-2) .buildinfo
carton binaries (1.0.34-2) .buildinfo
casacore binaries (3.0.0-4) .buildinfo
casacore-data binaries (1.2) .buildinfo
casacore-data-igrf binaries (12-1) .buildinfo
casacore-data-jplde binaries (2007.07.05+ds.1-0+deb10u1) .buildinfo
casacore-data-observatories binaries (0+git2018.12.08-1) .buildinfo
casacore-data-tai-utc binaries (1.2) .buildinfo
case binaries (1.5.3+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
caspar binaries (20180315-2) .buildinfo
cassbeam binaries (1.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
cassiopee binaries (1.0.9-2) .buildinfo
castle-game-engine binaries (6.4+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
castor binaries (1.3.2-7) .buildinfo
castxml binaries (0.1+git20180702-3) .buildinfo
casync binaries (2+20180321-2.1) .buildinfo
cataclysm-dda binaries (0.C+git20190228.faafa3a-2) .buildinfo
catch binaries (1.12.1-1) .buildinfo
catcodec binaries (1.0.5-3) .buildinfo
catdoc binaries (1:0.95-4.1) .buildinfo
catdvi binaries (0.14-12.1+b1) .buildinfo
catfish binaries (1.4.7-1) .buildinfo
catimg binaries (2.5.0-1) .buildinfo
cattle-1.0 binaries (1.2.2-3) .buildinfo
caveconverter binaries (0~20170114-5) .buildinfo
caveexpress binaries (2.4+git20160609-4) .buildinfo
caveexpress binaries (2.4+git20160609-4+b1) .buildinfo
cavezofphear binaries (0.5.1-1+b3) .buildinfo
cb2bib binaries (1.9.9-1) .buildinfo
cba binaries (0.3.6-4.1+b2) .buildinfo
cbflib binaries ( .buildinfo
cbios binaries (0.28-1) .buildinfo
c-blosc binaries (1.15.1+ds1-1) .buildinfo
cbm binaries (0.2-1) .buildinfo
cbmc binaries (5.10-5) .buildinfo
cbmplugs binaries (1.2.2-1+b2) .buildinfo
cbootimage binaries (1.8-1) .buildinfo
cbp2make binaries (147+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
cc65 binaries (2.17-1) .buildinfo
ccache binaries (3.6-1) .buildinfo
ccbuild binaries (2.0.7+git20160227.c1179286-1) .buildinfo
cccc binaries (1:3.1.4-11) .buildinfo
cccd binaries (0.3beta4-7.1+b1) .buildinfo
cccolutils binaries (1.4-2) .buildinfo
ccd2iso binaries (0.3-7) .buildinfo
ccdiff binaries (0.26-1) .buildinfo
ccdproc binaries (1.3.0-5) .buildinfo
ccextractor binaries (0.87+ds1-1) .buildinfo
ccfits binaries (2.5+dfsg-1+b2) .buildinfo
ccid binaries (1.4.30-1) .buildinfo
cciss-vol-status binaries (1.12-1) .buildinfo
cclib binaries (1.6-1) .buildinfo
ccontrol binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
cconv binaries (0.6.2-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
ccrypt binaries (1.11-1) .buildinfo
ccsm binaries (2:0.8.16-2) .buildinfo
cctools binaries (7.0.9-2) .buildinfo
cctz binaries (2.2+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
ccze binaries (0.2.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
cd5 binaries (0.1-4) .buildinfo
cdargs binaries (1.35-12) .buildinfo
cdbackup binaries (0.7.1-1) .buildinfo
cdbfasta binaries (0.99-20100722-5) .buildinfo
cdbs binaries (0.4.159) .buildinfo
cdcat binaries (1.8-1+b2) .buildinfo
cdcd binaries (0.6.6-13.1+b3) .buildinfo
cd-circleprint binaries (0.7.0-5) .buildinfo
cdck binaries (0.7.0+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
cdcover binaries (0.9.1-13) .buildinfo
cdde binaries (0.3.1-1+b2) .buildinfo
cd-discid binaries (1.4-1+b1) .buildinfo
cddlib binaries (094j-2) .buildinfo
cde binaries (0.1+git9-g551e54d-1.1) .buildinfo
cdebconf binaries (0.249) .buildinfo
cdebootstrap binaries (0.7.7+b12) .buildinfo
cdecl binaries (2.5-13+b2) .buildinfo
cdftools binaries (3.0.2-3+b1) .buildinfo
cd-hit binaries (4.6.8-2) .buildinfo
cdi-api binaries (1.2-2) .buildinfo
cdist binaries (4.10.6-1) .buildinfo
cdk binaries (1:1.2.10-7) .buildinfo
cdo binaries (1.9.6-1) .buildinfo
cdparanoia binaries (3.10.2+debian-13) .buildinfo
cdpr binaries (2.4-2) .buildinfo
cdrdao binaries (1:1.2.4-1) .buildinfo
cdrkit binaries (9:1.1.11-3+b2) .buildinfo
cdtool binaries (2.1.8-release-7) .buildinfo
cdw binaries (0.8.1-1+b4) .buildinfo
cecilia binaries (5.3.5-1) .buildinfo
cedar-backup2 binaries (2.27.0-5) .buildinfo
cedar-backup3 binaries (3.1.12-5) .buildinfo
ceferino binaries (0.97.8+svn37-2+b1) .buildinfo
ceilometer binaries (1:11.0.1-5) .buildinfo
celery binaries (4.2.1-3) .buildinfo
celery-haystack binaries (0.10-3) .buildinfo
cellwriter binaries (1.3.6-1) .buildinfo
cen64 binaries (0.3+git20180227-2) .buildinfo
cen64-qt binaries (20180730-alpha-1) .buildinfo
ceni binaries (2.33-2) .buildinfo binaries (4.0.6+ds1-2) .buildinfo binaries (4.0.6+ds1-2+b1) .buildinfo
centreon-broker binaries (18.10.0-4) .buildinfo
centreon-clib binaries (18.10.0-2) .buildinfo
centreon-connectors binaries (18.10.0-1) .buildinfo
centreon-engine binaries (18.10.0-4) .buildinfo
centrifuge binaries (1.0.3-2) .buildinfo
ceph binaries (12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1) .buildinfo
ceph binaries (12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1+b1) .buildinfo
cerealizer binaries (0.8.1-2) .buildinfo
ceres-solver binaries (1.14.0-4) .buildinfo
cernlib binaries (20061220+dfsg3-4.4) .buildinfo
certmonger binaries (0.79.6-1) .buildinfo
certspotter binaries (0.9-2+b11) .buildinfo
cervisia binaries (4:17.08.3-1) .buildinfo
cewl binaries ( .buildinfo
cfengine3 binaries (3.12.1-2) .buildinfo
cffi binaries (1:0.20.0-1) .buildinfo
cfflib binaries (2.0.5-3) .buildinfo
cfgrib binaries ( .buildinfo
cfingerd binaries (1.4.3-3.2+b1) .buildinfo
cfitsio binaries (3.450-3) .buildinfo
cflow binaries (1:1.6-1) .buildinfo
cfortran binaries (20110621-1) .buildinfo
cftime binaries ( .buildinfo
cg3 binaries (1.1.7-1+b1) .buildinfo
cgal binaries (4.13-1+b2) .buildinfo
cgdb binaries (0.6.7-2+b4) .buildinfo
cgilib binaries (0.6-1.1) .buildinfo
cgit binaries (1.2.1+git2.18.0-1) .buildinfo
cglib binaries (3.2.10-1) .buildinfo
cgmanager binaries (0.41-2) .buildinfo
cgoban binaries (1.9.14-18+b1) .buildinfo
c-graph binaries (2.0.1-3.1) .buildinfo
cgroupfs-mount binaries (1.4) .buildinfo
cgsi-gsoap binaries (1.3.11-1+b1) .buildinfo
cgview binaries (0.0.20100111-4) .buildinfo
ch5m3d binaries (1.2.5+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
chafa binaries (1.0.1-2+b1) .buildinfo
chake binaries (0.17.1-1) .buildinfo
chalow binaries (1.0-5) .buildinfo
chameleon-cursor-theme binaries (0.5-8) .buildinfo
changeme binaries (1.1.1-2) .buildinfo
changeo binaries (0.4.5-1) .buildinfo
changetrack binaries (4.7-6) .buildinfo
chaosreader binaries (0.96-5) .buildinfo
charactermanaj binaries (0.998+git20181111.be77202c-1) .buildinfo
chardet binaries (3.0.4-3) .buildinfo
chargebee2-python binaries (2.6.2-1) .buildinfo
chargebee-python binaries (1.6.3-4) .buildinfo
charliecloud binaries (0.9.6-1) .buildinfo
charls binaries (2.0.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo binaries (0.3~rc1-3+b3) .buildinfo
charmtimetracker binaries (1.12.0-1) .buildinfo
charybdis binaries (4.1.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
chase binaries (0.5.2-4+b2) .buildinfo
chasen binaries (2.4.5-43) .buildinfo
chasquid binaries (0.07-1+b1) .buildinfo
chealpix binaries (3.30.0-7) .buildinfo
check binaries (0.10.0-3+b3) .buildinfo
checkit-tiff binaries (0.2.3-2) .buildinfo
check-manifest binaries (0.37-1) .buildinfo
check-pgactivity binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
checkpolicy binaries (2.8-1) .buildinfo
check-postgres binaries (2.24.0-3) .buildinfo
checkpw binaries (1.02-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
checkstyle binaries (8.15-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cheese binaries (3.31.90-1) .buildinfo
cheesecutter binaries (2.9+git20181112-2) .buildinfo
cheetah binaries (3.1.0-3) .buildinfo
chef binaries (13.8.7-4) .buildinfo
chef-zero binaries (13.1.0-2) .buildinfo
chemeq binaries (2.18-1) .buildinfo
chemfp binaries (1.1p1-2.1) .buildinfo
chemical-mime-data binaries (0.1.94-7) .buildinfo
chemical-structures binaries (2.2.dfsg.0-13) .buildinfo
chemps2 binaries (1.8.9-1) .buildinfo
chemps2 binaries (1.8.9-1+b2) .buildinfo
chemtool binaries (1.6.14-3) .buildinfo
cherrypy3 binaries (8.9.1-2) .buildinfo binaries (2.8-2+b1) .buildinfo
chessx binaries (1.4.6-2) .buildinfo
chewing-editor binaries (0.1.1-3) .buildinfo
chezscheme binaries (9.5+dfsg-6) .buildinfo
chiark-tcl binaries (1.3.2) .buildinfo
chiark-utils binaries (6.0.4) .buildinfo
chicken binaries (4.13.0-1) .buildinfo
childsplay binaries (3.3-2) .buildinfo
chipmunk binaries (6.1.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
chipw binaries (2.0.6-1.2+b2) .buildinfo
chirp binaries (1:20190104-1) .buildinfo
chise-base binaries (0.3.0-2.1) .buildinfo
chkboot binaries (1.2-2) .buildinfo
chkrootkit binaries (0.52-3+b10) .buildinfo
chkservice binaries (0.1-3) .buildinfo
chktex binaries (1.7.6-2+b1) .buildinfo
chmlib binaries (2:0.40a-5) .buildinfo
chntpw binaries (1.0-1.1) .buildinfo
chocolate-doom binaries (3.0.0-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
choosewm binaries (0.1.6-3+b2) .buildinfo
choqok binaries (1.6-2.1) .buildinfo
chordii binaries (4.5.3+repack-0.1) .buildinfo
chromaprint binaries (1.4.3-3) .buildinfo
chrome-gnome-shell binaries (10.1-5) .buildinfo
chromhmm binaries (1.18+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
chromium binaries (89.0.4389.114-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
chromium-bsu binaries ( .buildinfo
chron binaries (2.3-53-1) .buildinfo
chrony binaries (3.4-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
chrootuid binaries (1.3-6+b2) .buildinfo
chrpath binaries (0.16-2+b1) .buildinfo
chuck binaries ( .buildinfo
c-icap binaries (1:0.5.3-2) .buildinfo
c-icap-modules binaries (1:0.5.3-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cider binaries (0.19.0+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
ciderwebmail binaries (1.05+20150729-6) .buildinfo
cifs-utils binaries (2:6.8-2) .buildinfo
ciftilib binaries (1.5.1-3) .buildinfo
ciftilib binaries (1.5.1-3+b1) .buildinfo
cil binaries (0.07.00-12) .buildinfo
cimg binaries (2.4.5+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cinder binaries (2:13.0.3-1) .buildinfo
cinnamon binaries (3.8.8-1) .buildinfo
cinnamon-control-center binaries (3.8.1-1) .buildinfo
cinnamon-desktop binaries (3.8.1-2) .buildinfo
cinnamon-desktop-environment binaries (3.8) .buildinfo
cinnamon-menus binaries (3.8.2-1) .buildinfo
cinnamon-screensaver binaries (3.8.2-1) .buildinfo
cinnamon-session binaries (3.8.2-1) .buildinfo
cinnamon-settings-daemon binaries (3.8.4-2) .buildinfo
cinnamon-translations binaries (3.8.2-1) .buildinfo
ciphersaber binaries (1.01-2.1) .buildinfo
circe binaries (2.10-1) .buildinfo
circlator binaries (1.5.5-3) .buildinfo
circos binaries (0.69.6+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
circos-tools binaries (0.23-1) .buildinfo
circuslinux binaries (1.0.3-34) .buildinfo
citadel binaries (917-2) .buildinfo
citadel binaries (917-2+b1) .buildinfo
citadel-client binaries (916-1) .buildinfo
citeproc-py binaries (0.3.0-3) .buildinfo
citus binaries (8.0.0.PGDG-2) .buildinfo
cjet binaries (0.8.9-7) .buildinfo
cjk binaries (4.8.4+git20170127-2) .buildinfo
cjose binaries (0.6.1+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
cjs binaries (3.8.0-5) .buildinfo
cjson binaries (1.7.10-1.1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
ckbuilder binaries (2.3.2+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
ckeditor binaries (4.11.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
ckeditor3 binaries ( .buildinfo
ckon binaries (0.7.1-3+b5) .buildinfo
ckport binaries (0.1~rc1-7) .buildinfo
cksfv binaries (1.3.14-2+b2) .buildinfo
cl-alexandria binaries (20181203.gitd44f543-1) .buildinfo
clamav binaries (0.103.3+dfsg-0+deb10u1) .buildinfo
clamfs binaries (1.0.1-3+b4) .buildinfo
clamsmtp binaries (1.10-17) .buildinfo
clamtk binaries (5.27-1) .buildinfo
clamz binaries (0.5-2.1) .buildinfo
cl-anaphora binaries (20180228-1) .buildinfo
clanlib binaries (1.0~svn3827-7) .buildinfo
cl-asdf binaries (2:3.3.2-1) .buildinfo
clasp binaries (3.3.4-2) .buildinfo
classified-ads binaries (0.13-1) .buildinfo
clawsker binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
claws-mail binaries (3.17.3-2) .buildinfo
claws-mail-themes binaries (20140629+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
clazy binaries (1.5-1) .buildinfo
cl-babel binaries (20171213.git546fa82-1) .buildinfo
clblas binaries (2.12-1) .buildinfo
clblas binaries (2.12-1+b1) .buildinfo
cl-chipz binaries (20180328-1) .buildinfo
cl-chunga binaries (20180131-1) .buildinfo
cl-closer-mop binaries (2:20190127.git22858cb-1) .buildinfo
cl-clx-sbcl binaries ( .buildinfo
cl-contextl binaries (1:20160313.git5894fba-1) .buildinfo
cl-csv binaries (20180712.git3eba29c-1) .buildinfo
cl-curry-compose-reader-macros binaries (20171227-1) .buildinfo
cld2 binaries (0.0.0-git20150806-6) .buildinfo
cl-drakma binaries (2.0.4-1) .buildinfo
cldump binaries (0.11~dfsg-1+b2) .buildinfo
clearcut binaries (1.0.9-3) .buildinfo
clearlooks-phenix-theme binaries (7.0.1-3) .buildinfo
clearsilver binaries (0.10.5-3+b1) .buildinfo
clementine binaries (1.3.1+git609-g623a53681+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cleo binaries (0.004-2) .buildinfo
cl-esrap binaries (20180430-1) .buildinfo
clevis binaries (11-2+deb10u2) .buildinfo
clex binaries (4.6.patch8-1) .buildinfo
cl-fad binaries (20180430-3) .buildinfo
clfft binaries (2.12.2-1+b2) .buildinfo
cl-fiveam binaries (1.4.1-2) .buildinfo
clfswm binaries (20111015.git51b0a02-3) .buildinfo
cl-ftp binaries (1.6.0-1) .buildinfo
cl-graph binaries (20180131-1) .buildinfo
clhep binaries ( .buildinfo
clickhouse binaries (18.16.1+ds-4) .buildinfo
cli-common binaries (0.10) .buildinfo
cl-ieee-floats binaries (20170830-1) .buildinfo
clif binaries (0.93-9.1) .buildinfo
cligh binaries (0.3-3) .buildinfo
clinfo binaries ( .buildinfo
cl-interpol binaries (20180509.git1fd288d-1) .buildinfo
clipf binaries (0.5-1) .buildinfo
clipit binaries (1.4.4+git20190202-1) .buildinfo
clipper binaries (2.1.20160809-2) .buildinfo
clippoly binaries (0.11-8) .buildinfo
clips binaries (6.24-3.2) .buildinfo
cliquer binaries (1.21-2) .buildinfo
cl-irc binaries (1:0.9.2+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
cl-ironclad binaries (0.45-1) .buildinfo
clirr binaries (0.6-7) .buildinfo
clisp binaries (1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3) .buildinfo
clisp binaries (1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b2) .buildinfo
cl-iterate binaries (20180228-1) .buildinfo
clitest binaries (0.3.0-2) .buildinfo
cl-ixf binaries (20180228-1) .buildinfo
clj-digest-clojure binaries (1.4.5-2) .buildinfo
clj-stacktrace-clojure binaries (0.2.6-3) .buildinfo
clj-time-clojure binaries (0.14.0-2) .buildinfo
clj-tuple-clojure binaries (0.2.2-2) .buildinfo
cl-local-time binaries (20180228-1) .buildinfo
cl-lw-compat binaries (20160228.gitaabfe28-1) .buildinfo
cl-md5 binaries (1:20180224.gitb141260-1) .buildinfo
cl-metabang-bind binaries (20171130-1) .buildinfo
cl-mssql binaries (20180228-1) .buildinfo
cln binaries (1.3.4-4) .buildinfo
cl-nibbles binaries (20180822.gitfb9d55b-1) .buildinfo
cloc binaries (1.80-1) .buildinfo
clog binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
clojure binaries (1.10.0-1) .buildinfo
clojure-maven-plugin binaries (1.7.1-2) .buildinfo
clojure-mode binaries (5.10.0-1) .buildinfo
clonalframe binaries (1.2-9) .buildinfo
clonalframeml binaries (1.11-3) .buildinfo
clonalorigin binaries (1.0-3) .buildinfo
clonezilla binaries (3.27.16-3) .buildinfo
closure-compiler binaries (20130227+dfsg1-10) .buildinfo
cloudcompare binaries (2.10.1-2) .buildinfo
cloud-init binaries (20.2-2~deb10u2) .buildinfo
cloud-initramfs-tools binaries (0.18.debian7) .buildinfo
cloudkitty binaries (8.0.0-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cloudkitty-dashboard binaries (8.0.0-3) .buildinfo
cloudpickle binaries (0.8.0-1) .buildinfo
cloudprint binaries (0.14-12) .buildinfo
cloud-sptheme binaries (1.9.4-1) .buildinfo
cloudsql-proxy binaries (1.13-1+b11) .buildinfo
clp binaries (1.16.11+repack1-1) .buildinfo
cl-parse-number binaries (1.7-1) .buildinfo
cl-pg binaries (1:20061216-6) .buildinfo
cl-plus-ssl binaries (20190204.gitab6fc5d-1) .buildinfo
cl-portable-aserve binaries (20150826.git39b1324+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cl-postmodern binaries (20180430-1) .buildinfo
cl-ppcre binaries (20180805.git2115632-1) .buildinfo
cl-ptester binaries (20160829.gitfe69fde-1) .buildinfo
cl-py-configparser binaries (20170830-1) .buildinfo
cl-qmynd binaries (20180131-1) .buildinfo
cl-regex binaries (1-4.1) .buildinfo
cl-rt binaries (20090812.gita6a7503-1) .buildinfo
cl-split-sequence binaries (1:1.5.0-1) .buildinfo
cl-sql binaries (6.7.0-1.1) .buildinfo
cl-sql binaries (6.7.0-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
clthreads binaries (2.4.0-7) .buildinfo
cl-trivial-garbage binaries (20180913.gitb1f7571-1) .buildinfo
clucene-core binaries ( .buildinfo
clues-emacs binaries (1.0.1-1.1) .buildinfo
cl-uffi binaries (2.1.2-1) .buildinfo
cl-unicode binaries (20180328-2) .buildinfo
cl-usocket binaries (0.8-1) .buildinfo
clustalo binaries (1.2.4-2) .buildinfo
clustalw binaries (2.1+lgpl-6) .buildinfo
clustalx binaries (2.1+lgpl-8) .buildinfo
cluster binaries (2.0.7-1-1+b3) .buildinfo
cluster-glue binaries (1.0.12-12) .buildinfo
clustershell binaries (1.8.1-1) .buildinfo
clusterssh binaries (4.13.2-2) .buildinfo
clutter-1.0 binaries (1.26.2+dfsg-10) .buildinfo
clutter-gst-3.0 binaries (3.0.26-2) .buildinfo
clutter-gtk binaries (1.8.4-4) .buildinfo
clutter-imcontext binaries (0.1.4-3+b3) .buildinfo
cl-who binaries (20171130-1) .buildinfo
clxclient binaries (3.9.0-5) .buildinfo
cl-xmls binaries (3.0.2-1) .buildinfo
clzip binaries (1.11-3) .buildinfo
cl-zs3 binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
cmake binaries (3.13.4-1) .buildinfo
cmake-extras binaries (1.3+17.04.20170310-5) .buildinfo
cmake-fedora binaries (2.7.2-1) .buildinfo
cmark binaries (0.28.3-1) .buildinfo
cmark-gfm binaries (0.28.3.gfm.19-3) .buildinfo
cmatrix binaries (1.2a+git20181122-1) .buildinfo
cmd2 binaries (0.8.5-2) .buildinfo
cmdliner binaries (1.0.2-1) .buildinfo
cmdreader binaries (1.5-2) .buildinfo
cmdtest binaries (0.32-3) .buildinfo
cme binaries (1.029-1) .buildinfo
cmigemo binaries (1:1.2+gh0.20150404-7) .buildinfo
cminpack binaries (1.3.6-4) .buildinfo
cmocka binaries (1.1.3-1) .buildinfo
cmor binaries (3.4.0-2) .buildinfo
cmor-tables binaries (3.3-1) .buildinfo
cmospwd binaries (5.0+dfsg-2+b1) .buildinfo
cmph binaries (2.0.2-1) .buildinfo
cmst binaries (2019.01.13-1) .buildinfo
cm-super binaries (0.3.4-14) .buildinfo
cmt binaries (1.16-2) .buildinfo
cmtk binaries (3.3.1p1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cmucl binaries (21d-1) .buildinfo
cmus binaries (2.7.1+git20160225-2+b2) .buildinfo
cntlm binaries (0.92.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
cnvkit binaries (0.9.5-3) .buildinfo
cobertura binaries (2.1.1-2) .buildinfo
coccinella binaries (0.96.20-9) .buildinfo
coccinelle binaries (1.0.4.deb-4) .buildinfo
cockpit binaries (188-1) .buildinfo
coco-cpp binaries (20120102-1+b2) .buildinfo
coco-java binaries (20110419-3.2) .buildinfo
coda binaries (2.20-3) .buildinfo
codeblocks binaries (16.01+dfsg-2.1) .buildinfo
codec2 binaries (0.8.1-2) .buildinfo
codecrypt binaries (1.8-1) .buildinfo
codegroup binaries (19981025-8) .buildinfo
codelite binaries (12.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
codemirror-js binaries (5.43.0-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
codenarc binaries (0.23-5) .buildinfo
codequery binaries (0.21.1+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
coderay binaries (1.1.2-2) .buildinfo
code-saturne binaries (5.3.2+repack-1) .buildinfo
codesearch binaries (0.0~hg20120502-3) .buildinfo
codesearch binaries (0.0~hg20120502-3+b11) .buildinfo
codespell binaries (1.14.0-1) .buildinfo
codetools binaries (0.2-16-1) .buildinfo
codfis binaries (0.4.7-2+b2) .buildinfo
codonw binaries (1.4.4-4) .buildinfo
cod-tools binaries (2.3+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
coffeescript binaries (1.12.8~dfsg-4) .buildinfo
cofoja binaries (1.3-4) .buildinfo
cogl binaries (1.22.2-6) .buildinfo
cohomcalg binaries (0.32+ds-2) .buildinfo
coils binaries (2002-7) .buildinfo
coin3 binaries (4.0.0~CMake~6f54f1602475+ds1-2) .buildinfo
coinmp binaries (1.8.3-2+b11) .buildinfo
coinor-cbc binaries (2.9.9+repack1-1) .buildinfo
coinor-cgl binaries (0.59.10+repack1-1) .buildinfo
coinor-csdp binaries (6.1.1-1+b2) .buildinfo
coinor-ipopt binaries (3.11.9-2.2) .buildinfo
coinor-osi binaries (0.107.9+repack1-1) .buildinfo
coinor-symphony binaries (5.6.16+repack1-1.1) .buildinfo
coinor-vol binaries (1.1.7-1) .buildinfo
coinutils binaries (2.10.14+repack1-1) .buildinfo
collada-dom binaries (2.4.4+ds1-2+b3) .buildinfo
collatinus binaries (11-1) .buildinfo
collectd binaries (5.8.1-1.3) .buildinfo
collectl binaries (4.3.0-1) .buildinfo
colmap binaries (3.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
colobot binaries ( .buildinfo
colorclass binaries (2.2.0-2) .buildinfo
colorcode binaries (0.8.5-2) .buildinfo
colord binaries (1.4.3-4) .buildinfo
colord-gtk binaries (0.1.26-2) .buildinfo
colordiff binaries (1.0.18-1) .buildinfo
colorhug-client binaries (0.2.8-3) .buildinfo
colorize binaries (0.64-1) .buildinfo
colorized-logs binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
colormake binaries (0.9.20140504-4) .buildinfo
colorpicker binaries (1.0.0-3) .buildinfo
colors.js binaries (1.1.2-1) .buildinfo
colorspacious binaries (1.1.2-1) .buildinfo
colortail binaries (0.3.3-1+b2) .buildinfo
colpack binaries (1.0.10-4) .buildinfo
colplot binaries (5.2.0-1) .buildinfo
combblas binaries (1.6.2-3) .buildinfo
comedilib binaries (0.11.0-1) .buildinfo
comet-ms binaries (2018012-1) .buildinfo
comgt binaries (0.32-3) .buildinfo
com-hypirion-io-clojure binaries (0.3.1-3) .buildinfo
comic-neue binaries (2.4-2) .buildinfo
comidi-clojure binaries (0.3.1-2) .buildinfo
comitup binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
comixcursors binaries (0.9.1-1) .buildinfo
command-not-found binaries (18.04.5-1) .buildinfo
commit-patch binaries (2.6-2) .buildinfo
commonmark-bkrs binaries (0.5.4+ds-2) .buildinfo
commons-configuration binaries (1.10-5) .buildinfo
commons-configuration2 binaries (2.2-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
commons-csv binaries (1.5-1) .buildinfo
commons-daemon binaries (1.0.15-8) .buildinfo
commons-email binaries (1.5-3) .buildinfo
commons-httpclient binaries (3.1-15) .buildinfo
commons-io binaries (2.6-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
commons-jci binaries (1.1-5) .buildinfo
commons-math binaries (2.2-7) .buildinfo
commons-math3 binaries (3.6.1-3) .buildinfo
commons-parent binaries (43-1) .buildinfo
commons-pool2 binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
commons-vfs binaries (2.1-2) .buildinfo
company-mode binaries (0.9.9-2) .buildinfo
comparelib binaries (113.00.00-2+b1) .buildinfo
comparepdf binaries (1.0.1-1.1) .buildinfo
compartment binaries (1.1.0-5) .buildinfo
compass-blend-modes-plugin binaries (0.0.3+20150331~dfsg-2) .buildinfo
compass-blueprint-plugin binaries (1.0.0-3) .buildinfo
compass-color-schemer-plugin binaries (0.2.8+20140309-3) .buildinfo
compass-fancy-buttons-plugin binaries (1.1.1~20120313-6) .buildinfo
compass-h5bp-plugin binaries (1.0.0-4) .buildinfo
compass-layoutgala-plugin binaries (0.2.1-1) .buildinfo
compass-normalize-plugin binaries (7.0.0-1) .buildinfo
compass-sassy-maps-plugin binaries (0.4.0-5) .buildinfo
compass-singularitygs-plugin binaries (1.8.0-1) .buildinfo
compass-slickmap-plugin binaries ( .buildinfo
compass-yui-plugin binaries (0~20100724-4) .buildinfo
compiz binaries (2: .buildinfo
compiz-bcop binaries (2:0.8.16-2) .buildinfo
compizconfig-python binaries (2:0.8.16-2+b1) .buildinfo
compiz-plugins-experimental binaries (2:0.8.16-2) .buildinfo
compiz-plugins-extra binaries (2:0.8.16-2) .buildinfo
compiz-plugins-main binaries (2:0.8.16-4) .buildinfo
complete-clojure binaries (0.2.5-1) .buildinfo
complexity binaries (1.10+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
composer binaries (1.8.4-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
compreffor binaries (0.4.6.post1-1) .buildinfo
compress-lzf binaries (1.0.4-1) .buildinfo
comptext binaries (1.0.1-3) .buildinfo
compton binaries (0.1~beta2+20150922-1) .buildinfo
compton-conf binaries (0.14.1-1) .buildinfo
comptty binaries (1.0.1-3) .buildinfo
concalc binaries (0.9.2-2+b2) .buildinfo
concavity binaries (0.1+dfsg.1-4) .buildinfo
condor binaries (8.6.8~dfsg.1-2) .buildinfo
condor binaries (8.6.8~dfsg.1-2+b1) .buildinfo
confclerk binaries (0.6.4-1) .buildinfo
confget binaries (2.2.0-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
configobj binaries (5.0.6-3) .buildinfo
config-package-dev binaries (5.5) .buildinfo
configparser binaries (3.5.0b2-1) .buildinfo
confuse binaries (3.2.2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
congress binaries (8.0.0+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
congruity binaries (20-1) .buildinfo
conky binaries (1.10.8-1) .buildinfo
conky binaries (1.10.8-1+b1) .buildinfo
conman binaries (0.2.7-1+b1) .buildinfo
connectagram binaries (1.2.9-2) .buildinfo
connectomeviewer binaries (2.1.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
connectome-workbench binaries (1.3.2-1) .buildinfo
connect-proxy binaries (1.105-1) .buildinfo
connman binaries (1.36-2.1~deb10u2) .buildinfo
connman-gtk binaries (1.1.1+git20180626.b72c6ab-1) .buildinfo
connman-ui binaries (0~20150623-1) .buildinfo
conntrack-tools binaries (1:1.4.5-2) .buildinfo
consensuscore binaries (1.1.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
conservation-code binaries (20110309.0-7) .buildinfo
consolation binaries (0.0.6-2) .buildinfo
console-braille binaries (1.7) .buildinfo
console-bridge binaries (0.4.3+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
console-common binaries (0.7.90+deb10u1) .buildinfo
console-data binaries (2:1.12-6) .buildinfo
console-log binaries (1.2-2) .buildinfo
console-setup binaries (1.193~deb10u1) .buildinfo
conspy binaries (1.14-1+b2) .buildinfo
construct binaries (2.8.16-0.2) .buildinfo
construct.legacy binaries (2.5.3-2) .buildinfo
consul binaries (1.0.7~dfsg1-5) .buildinfo
consul binaries (1.0.7~dfsg1-5+b21) .buildinfo
consulfs binaries (0.2.1-1+b11) .buildinfo
context binaries (2018.04.04.20181118-1) .buildinfo
contextfree binaries (3.1+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
contextlib2 binaries (0.5.5-1) .buildinfo
context-modules binaries (20181123-1) .buildinfo
continuity binaries (0.0~git20180216.d8fb858-1+b21) .buildinfo
controlsfx binaries (9.0.0+hg20181001-1) .buildinfo
conversant-disruptor binaries (1.2.11-1) .buildinfo
converseen binaries ( .buildinfo
convertall binaries (0.7.3-1.1) .buildinfo
convlit binaries (1.8-1+b3) .buildinfo
convmv binaries (2.05-1) .buildinfo
conv-tools binaries (20160905-2) .buildinfo
cookiecutter binaries (1.6.0-3) .buildinfo
cookietool binaries (2.5-6+b1) .buildinfo
coolmail binaries (1.3-12+b1) .buildinfo
copyfs binaries (1.0.1-5+b1) .buildinfo
copyq binaries (3.7.3-1) .buildinfo
coq binaries (8.9.0-1) .buildinfo
coreapi binaries (2.3.3-3) .buildinfo
core-cache-clojure binaries (0.6.5-2) .buildinfo
corekeeper binaries (1.7) .buildinfo
coreschema binaries (0.0.4-2) .buildinfo
core-specs-alpha-clojure binaries (0.2.44-3) .buildinfo
coreutils binaries (8.30-3) .buildinfo
corkscrew binaries (2.0-11) .buildinfo
corosync binaries (3.0.1-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
corosync-qdevice binaries (3.0.0-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cortado binaries (0.6.0-4) .buildinfo
cothreads binaries (0.10-4+b1) .buildinfo
coturn binaries ( .buildinfo
courier binaries (1.0.6-1) .buildinfo
courier binaries (5.0.6+1.0.6-1) .buildinfo
courier binaries (6.0.0+1.0.6-1) .buildinfo
courier-authlib binaries (0.69.0-2) .buildinfo
couriergrey binaries (0.3.2-5+b4) .buildinfo
courier-unicode binaries (2.1-3) .buildinfo
cov-core binaries (1.15.0-2) .buildinfo
covered binaries (0.7.10-3+b1) .buildinfo
cowbell binaries ( .buildinfo
cowdancer binaries (0.88) .buildinfo
cowpatty binaries (4.8-2) .buildinfo
cowsay binaries (3.03+dfsg2-6) .buildinfo
coyote binaries (2019.01.29-1) .buildinfo
coz-profiler binaries (0.1.0-2) .buildinfo
cp2k binaries (6.1-2) .buildinfo
cpan-listchanges binaries (0.08-1) .buildinfo
cpanminus binaries (1.7044-1) .buildinfo
cpanoutdated binaries (0.32-1) .buildinfo
cpio binaries (2.12+dfsg-9) .buildinfo
cpipe binaries (3.0.1-1+b2) .buildinfo
cpl binaries (7.1-3) .buildinfo
cpl binaries (7.1-3+b2) .buildinfo
cplay binaries (1.50-2) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-amber binaries (4.3.8+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-amber binaries (4.3.8+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-fors binaries (5.3.32+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-giraf binaries (2.16.3+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-giraf binaries (2.16.3+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-hawki binaries (2.4.3+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-kmos binaries (2.1.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-muse binaries (2.6+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-naco binaries (4.4.6+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-uves binaries (5.9.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-uves binaries (5.9.1+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-vimos binaries (3.2.3+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-vimos binaries (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-visir binaries (4.3.7+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-visir binaries (4.3.7+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-xshoo binaries (3.2.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cpl-plugin-xshoo binaries (3.2.0+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
cpluff binaries (0.1.4+dfsg1-1+b2) .buildinfo
cpm binaries (0.32-1.2+b1) .buildinfo
cpmtools binaries (2.20-2+b1) .buildinfo
cpopen binaries (1.4-2) .buildinfo
cppad binaries (2019.02.00.1-1) .buildinfo
cppcheck binaries (1.86-1) .buildinfo
cppdb binaries (0.3.1+dfsg-8+b1) .buildinfo
cpp-hocon binaries (0.1.7-1+b1) .buildinfo
cpphs binaries (1.20.8-3) .buildinfo
cpphs binaries (1.20.8-3+b2) .buildinfo
cppman binaries (0.4.9+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
cppo binaries (1.6.4-3) .buildinfo
cppreference-doc binaries (20170409-1) .buildinfo
cpprest binaries (2.10.10-1) .buildinfo
cppunit binaries (1.14.0-3) .buildinfo
cpputest binaries (3.8-7) .buildinfo
cpqarrayd binaries (2.3.6) .buildinfo
cproto binaries (4.7o-5) .buildinfo
cpu binaries (1.4.3-12) .buildinfo
cpu-checker binaries (0.7-1.1) .buildinfo
cpufreqd binaries (2.4.2-2+b2) .buildinfo
cpufrequtils binaries (008-1.1) .buildinfo
cpuid binaries (20180519-1) .buildinfo
cpuinfo binaries (0.0~git20190201.d5e37ad-1) .buildinfo
cpulimit binaries (2.5-1) .buildinfo
cpuset binaries (1.5.6-5.1) .buildinfo
cpustat binaries (0.02.07-1) .buildinfo
cputool binaries (0.0.8-2+b1) .buildinfo
cqrlib binaries (1.1.4-1) .buildinfo
cqrlog binaries (2.3.0-2) .buildinfo
crac binaries (2.5.0+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
crack binaries (5.0a-12) .buildinfo
crack-attack binaries (1.1.14-9.1+b2) .buildinfo
cracklib2 binaries (2.9.6-2) .buildinfo
cram binaries (0.7-3) .buildinfo
crash binaries (7.2.5-1) .buildinfo
crashmail binaries (1.7-1) .buildinfo
crashme binaries (2.8.5-1+b2) .buildinfo
crasm binaries (1.8-1+b1) .buildinfo
crawl binaries (2:0.23.0-1) .buildinfo
crda binaries (3.18-1) .buildinfo
credential-sheets binaries (0.0.3-3) .buildinfo
creduce binaries (2.9~20181016-1) .buildinfo
creoleparser binaries (0.7.4-2) .buildinfo
cricket binaries (1.0.5-22) .buildinfo
crimson binaries (0.5.2-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
crip binaries (3.9-2) .buildinfo
crispy-doom binaries (5.4-3) .buildinfo
critcl binaries (3.1.17+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
criticalmass binaries (1:1.0.0-6) .buildinfo
critterding binaries (1.0-beta12.1-1.3+b1) .buildinfo
crm114 binaries (20100106-9) .buildinfo
crmsh binaries (4.0.0~git20190108.3d56538-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cron binaries (3.0pl1-134+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cron-apt binaries (0.13.0) .buildinfo
cronic binaries (3-2) .buildinfo
cronolog binaries (1.6.2+rpk-2) .buildinfo
cronometer binaries (0.9.9+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
cronutils binaries (1.9-1) .buildinfo
crossfire binaries (1.71.0+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
crossfire-client binaries (1.73.0-1) .buildinfo
cross-gcc binaries (230) .buildinfo
crossguid binaries (0.0+git200150803-4) .buildinfo
crosshurd binaries (1.7.52) .buildinfo
cross-toolchain-base binaries (2.28-7cross1) .buildinfo
cross-toolchain-base binaries (4.19.20-1cross1) .buildinfo
cross-toolchain-base-mipsen binaries (2.28-7cross2) .buildinfo
cross-toolchain-base-mipsen binaries (4.19.16-1cross2) .buildinfo
cross-toolchain-base-ports binaries (2.28-7cross1) .buildinfo
cross-toolchain-base-ports binaries (4.19.20-1cross1) .buildinfo
crrcsim binaries (0.9.13-3.1) .buildinfo
crtmpserver binaries (1.0~dfsg-5.5) .buildinfo
crudini binaries (0.7-1) .buildinfo
cruft binaries (0.9.38) .buildinfo
cruft-ng binaries (0.4.7) .buildinfo
crunch binaries (3.6-2) .buildinfo
cryfs binaries (0.9.10-2) .buildinfo
cryptcat binaries (20031202-4+b2) .buildinfo
crypt++el binaries (2.94-3) .buildinfo
cryptgps binaries (0.2.1-9+b2) .buildinfo
cryptmount binaries (5.3.1-1) .buildinfo
cryptokit binaries (1.11-1+b2) .buildinfo
cryptsetup binaries (2:2.1.0-5+deb10u2) .buildinfo
crystalhd binaries (1:0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-13) .buildinfo
cscope binaries (15.9-1) .buildinfo
csh binaries (20110502-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
csladspa binaries (1:6.11.1-1) .buildinfo
csmash binaries (0.6.6-6.8+b1) .buildinfo
csmith binaries (2.3.0-5) .buildinfo
csound binaries (1:6.12.2~dfsg-3.1) .buildinfo
csound-manual binaries (1:6.12.0~dfsg-2) .buildinfo
csoundqt binaries (0.9.4-1) .buildinfo
css2xslfo binaries (1.6.2-2) .buildinfo
cssc binaries (1.4.0-6) .buildinfo
cssmin binaries (0.2.0-7) .buildinfo
cssparser binaries (0.9.5-2) .buildinfo
csstidy binaries (1.4-5) .buildinfo
cssutils binaries (1.0.2-2) .buildinfo
cstore-fdw binaries (1.6.2-1) .buildinfo
cstream binaries (3.1.1-1) .buildinfo
csv2latex binaries (0.21-1) .buildinfo
csvimp binaries (0.6.2-1) .buildinfo
csvjdbc binaries (1.0.34-2) .buildinfo
csync2 binaries (2.0-22-gce67c55-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
ctdconverter binaries (2.0-4) .buildinfo
ctdopts binaries (1.2-3) .buildinfo
ctemplate binaries (2.3-3+b1) .buildinfo
ctfutils binaries (10.3~svn297264-2+b1) .buildinfo
ctioga2 binaries (0.14.1-2) .buildinfo
ctn binaries (3.2.0~dfsg-6+b1) .buildinfo
ctorrent binaries (1.3.4.dnh3.3.2-5+b1) .buildinfo
ctpl binaries (0.3.4+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
ctpp2 binaries (2.8.3-26) .buildinfo
ctsim binaries (6.0.2-2) .buildinfo
ctwm binaries (3.7-4+b1) .buildinfo
cu2qu binaries (1.6.5-1) .buildinfo
cube2 binaries (0.0.20130404+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cube2-data binaries (1.2-1) .buildinfo
cube2font binaries (1.5.1-1) .buildinfo
cubemap binaries (1.4.2-1) .buildinfo
cubicsdr binaries (0.2.5+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
cucumber binaries (2.4.0-3) .buildinfo
cudf binaries (0.7-3+b2) .buildinfo
cue2toc binaries (0.4-5+b2) .buildinfo
cuetools binaries (1.4.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
culmus binaries (0.132-1) .buildinfo
culmus-fancy binaries (0.0.20051018-4) .buildinfo
cultivation binaries (9+dfsg1-2+b1) .buildinfo
cunit binaries (2.1-3-dfsg-2+b12) .buildinfo
cup binaries (0.11b-20160615-2) .buildinfo
cups binaries (2.2.10-6+deb10u4) .buildinfo
cups-bjnp binaries (2.0.1-1) .buildinfo
cups-filters binaries (1.21.6-5) .buildinfo
cups-pdf binaries (3.0.1-5) .buildinfo
cups-pk-helper binaries (0.2.6-1+b1) .buildinfo
cups-x2go binaries ( .buildinfo
cupt binaries (2.10.3) .buildinfo
cura binaries (3.3.1-2) .buildinfo
cura-engine binaries (1:3.3.0-2.1+b1) .buildinfo
curl binaries (7.64.0-4+deb10u2) .buildinfo
curlftpfs binaries (0.9.2-9+b1) .buildinfo
curry-base binaries (1.1.0-1) .buildinfo
curry-base binaries (1.1.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
curry-frontend binaries (1.0.3-1) .buildinfo
curry-libs binaries (2.1.0-1) .buildinfo
curry-tools binaries (2.1.0-1) .buildinfo
curseofwar binaries (1.1.8-3+b3) .buildinfo
curtain binaries (0.3-1.1) .buildinfo
curvedns binaries (0.87-5) .buildinfo
cutecom binaries (0.30.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
cutemaze binaries (1.2.4-1) .buildinfo
cutesdr binaries (1.20-3) .buildinfo
cutils binaries (1.6-5) .buildinfo
cutycapt binaries (0.0~svn10-0.1) .buildinfo
cvc4 binaries (1.6-2+b1) .buildinfo
cvector binaries ( .buildinfo
cvm binaries (0.97-0.1+b1) .buildinfo
cvs binaries (2:1.12.13+real-27) .buildinfo
cvs2svn binaries (2.5.0-1) .buildinfo
cvsd binaries (1.0.24) .buildinfo
cvs-fast-export binaries (1.44-1) .buildinfo
cvsgraph binaries (1.7.0-5) .buildinfo
cvs-mailcommit binaries (1.19-2.1) .buildinfo
cvsps binaries (2.1-8) .buildinfo
cvxopt binaries (1.1.9+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
cvxopt binaries (1.1.9+dfsg-3+b1) .buildinfo
cwdaemon binaries (0.10.2-2) .buildinfo
cwebx binaries (3.52-2+b1) .buildinfo
cwidget binaries (0.5.17-11) .buildinfo
cwiid binaries (0.6.00+svn201-4) .buildinfo
cwltool binaries (1.0.20181217162649+dfsg-10) .buildinfo
cwm binaries (6.3-1) .buildinfo
cxref binaries (1.6e-3) .buildinfo
cxxtest binaries (4.4+git171022-1) .buildinfo
cxxtools binaries (2.2.1-2) .buildinfo
cycfx2prog binaries (0.47-1+b2) .buildinfo
cyclades-serial-client binaries (0.93) .buildinfo
cycle binaries (0.3.1-14) .buildinfo
cycle-quotes binaries (0.1-2) .buildinfo
cylc binaries (7.8.0-5) .buildinfo binaries (1.0.0-2+b2) .buildinfo
cypari2 binaries (1.3.1-2) .buildinfo
cyphesis-cpp binaries (0.6.2-3) .buildinfo
cyphesis-cpp binaries (0.6.2-3+b1) .buildinfo
cyrus-imapd binaries (3.0.8-6+deb10u6) .buildinfo
cyrus-imspd binaries (1.8-5) .buildinfo
cyrus-sasl2 binaries (2.1.27+dfsg-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
cysignals binaries (1.8.1+ds-2) .buildinfo
cython binaries (0.29.2-2) .buildinfo
cyvcf2 binaries (0.10.4-1) .buildinfo
czmq binaries (4.2.0-2) .buildinfo
d3 binaries (3.5.17-2) .buildinfo
d3-format binaries (1:1.0.2-3.1) .buildinfo
d52 binaries (3.4.1-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
daa2iso binaries (0.1.7e-1+b2) .buildinfo
dablin binaries (1.10.0-1) .buildinfo
dacco binaries (0.9+20071227-6) .buildinfo
dacs binaries (1.4.40-2) .buildinfo
dact binaries (0.8.42-4+b2) .buildinfo
dadadodo binaries (1.04-7) .buildinfo
daemon binaries (0.6.4-1+b2) .buildinfo
daemonfs binaries (1.1-1+b2) .buildinfo
daemonize binaries (1.7.7-1+b1) .buildinfo
daemonlogger binaries (1.2.1-8+b1) .buildinfo
daemontools binaries (1:0.76-7) .buildinfo
dahdi-linux binaries (1: .buildinfo
dahdi-tools binaries (1:2.11.1-3) .buildinfo
daisy-player binaries ( .buildinfo
daligner binaries (1.0+git20180524.fd21879-1) .buildinfo
dangen binaries (0.5-5) .buildinfo
danmaq binaries ( .buildinfo
dans-gdal-scripts binaries (0.24-3+b1) .buildinfo
dante binaries (1.4.2+dfsg-6) .buildinfo
dapl binaries ( .buildinfo
daq binaries (2.0.4-3+b1) .buildinfo
dar binaries (2.6.2-1) .buildinfo
dar binaries (2.6.2-1+b10) .buildinfo
darcs binaries (2.14.1-3) .buildinfo
darcs-monitor binaries (0.4.2-14) .buildinfo
dares binaries (0.6.5+repack-2) .buildinfo
darkcold-gtk-theme binaries (5.0.0-2) .buildinfo
darkice binaries (1.3-0.2) .buildinfo
darkmint-gtk-theme binaries (2.0.0-2) .buildinfo
darknet binaries (0.0.0+git20180914.61c9d02e-1) .buildinfo
darkplaces binaries (0~20180412~beta1-2+b1) .buildinfo
darkradiant binaries (2.6.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
darksnow binaries (0.7.1-2) .buildinfo
darkstat binaries (3.0.719-1+b1) .buildinfo
darktable binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
darnwdl binaries (0.5-2+b2) .buildinfo
darts binaries (0.32-19) .buildinfo
dascrubber binaries (1.1-1) .buildinfo
dash binaries ( .buildinfo
dash-el binaries (2.14.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
dashel binaries (1.3.3-5) .buildinfo
dasher binaries (5.0.0~beta~repack-7) .buildinfo
dash-functional-el binaries (1.2.0+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
dask binaries (1.0.0+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
dask.distributed binaries (1.25.0+ds.1-1) .buildinfo
das-watchdog binaries (0.9.0-3.2+b3) .buildinfo
datalad binaries (0.11.2-2) .buildinfo
datamash binaries (1.4-1) .buildinfo
datapacker binaries (1.0.2) .buildinfo
dataquay binaries (0.9.1-1) .buildinfo
datatables-extensions binaries (0.0+20150910+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
datatables.js binaries (1.10.19+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
data-xml-clojure binaries (0.0.8-4) .buildinfo
date binaries (1.2.38-1+b1) .buildinfo
datefudge binaries (1.22) .buildinfo
dateparser binaries (0.7.1-1) .buildinfo
dateutils binaries (0.4.3-1) .buildinfo
datovka binaries (4.9.3-2) .buildinfo
dav4tbsync binaries (1.23-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
davfs2 binaries (1.5.5-1) .buildinfo
davical binaries (1.1.8-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
davix binaries (0.7.2-1) .buildinfo
davmail binaries ( .buildinfo
dav-text binaries (0.8.9-1) .buildinfo
dawg binaries (1.2-2) .buildinfo
dazzdb binaries (1.0+git20180908.0bd5e07-1) .buildinfo
db1-compat binaries (2.1.3-20) .buildinfo
db2twitter binaries (0.6-1) .buildinfo
db5.3 binaries (5.3.28+dfsg1-0.5) .buildinfo
dbab binaries (1.3.2-2) .buildinfo
dbconfig-common binaries (2.0.11+deb10u1) .buildinfo
db-defaults binaries (5.3.1+nmu1) .buildinfo
dbeacon binaries (0.4.0-2) .buildinfo
dbench binaries (4.0-2+b2) .buildinfo
dbf2mysql binaries (1.14a-5.1+b1) .buildinfo
dbi binaries (1.0.0-2) .buildinfo
dblatex binaries (0.3.10-2) .buildinfo
dbmix binaries (0.9.8-6.3+b1) .buildinfo
dbskkd-cdb binaries (1:3.00-2) .buildinfo
dbus binaries (1.12.20-0+deb10u1) .buildinfo
dbusada binaries (0.4.2-3) .buildinfo
dbus-c++ binaries (0.9.0-8.1) .buildinfo
dbus-glib binaries (0.110-4) .buildinfo
dbus-java binaries (2.8-9) .buildinfo
dbuskit binaries (0.1.1-3+b2) .buildinfo
dbus-python binaries (1.2.8-3) .buildinfo
dbus-test-runner binaries (16.10.0~bzr100+repack1-4) .buildinfo
dbview binaries (1.0.4-1+b2) .buildinfo
dc3dd binaries (7.2.646-3) .buildinfo
dcap binaries (2.47.12-2) .buildinfo
dcfldd binaries ( .buildinfo
dcl binaries (7.3.3-1) .buildinfo
dcl binaries (7.3.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
dclock binaries (2.2.2-11) .buildinfo
dcm2niix binaries (1.0.20181125-1) .buildinfo
dcmtk binaries (3.6.4-2.1) .buildinfo
dconf binaries (0.30.1-2) .buildinfo
dconf-editor binaries (3.30.2-1) .buildinfo
dcontainers binaries (0.8.0~alpha.12-1) .buildinfo
dcraw binaries (9.28-2) .buildinfo
dctrl2xml binaries (0.20) .buildinfo
dctrl-tools binaries (2.24-3) .buildinfo
dd2 binaries (0.2.2-3) .buildinfo
ddate binaries (0.2.2-1+b1) .buildinfo
ddcci-driver-linux binaries (0.3.2-1) .buildinfo
ddccontrol binaries (0.4.4-1) .buildinfo
ddccontrol-db binaries (20180602-1) .buildinfo
ddcutil binaries (0.9.2-1) .buildinfo
ddd binaries (1:3.3.12-5.1+b2) .buildinfo
dde-calendar binaries (1.2.6-1) .buildinfo
dde-qt5integration binaries ( .buildinfo
dde-qt-dbus-factory binaries (1.1.0-2) .buildinfo
ddgr binaries (1.6-1) .buildinfo
ddnet binaries (11.8-1) .buildinfo
ddns3-client binaries (1.8-13) .buildinfo
ddpt binaries (0.95-1) .buildinfo
ddrescueview binaries (0.4~alpha3-3) .buildinfo
ddrutility binaries (2.8-1) .buildinfo
dds binaries (2.9.0-7) .buildinfo
dds2tar binaries (2.5.2-7+b1) .buildinfo
ddskk binaries (16.2-7) .buildinfo
ddupdate binaries (0.6.1-2) .buildinfo
deal binaries (3.1.9-11) .buildinfo
dealer binaries (20161012-4) .buildinfo
deal.ii binaries (9.0.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
deap binaries (1.0.2.post2-6) .buildinfo
debarchiver binaries (0.11.3) .buildinfo
debci binaries (2.0) .buildinfo
debconf binaries (1.5.71+deb10u1) .buildinfo
debconf-kde binaries (1.0.3-1) .buildinfo
debdelta binaries (0.62) .buildinfo
debfoster binaries (2.7-2.1+b1) .buildinfo
deb-gview binaries (0.2.11+b1) .buildinfo
debhelper binaries (12.1.1) .buildinfo
debian-archive-keyring binaries (2019.1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
debian-astro binaries (2.0) .buildinfo
debianbuttons binaries (2.3-2) .buildinfo
debian-cd binaries (3.1.25) .buildinfo
debiancontributors binaries (0.7.8-1) .buildinfo
debian-design binaries (3.0.12) .buildinfo
debiandoc-sgml binaries (1.2.32-2) .buildinfo
debiandoc-sgml-doc binaries (1.1.25) .buildinfo
debiandoc-sgml-doc-pt-br binaries (1.1.13) .buildinfo
debian-edu binaries (2.10.47) .buildinfo
debian-edu-artwork binaries (2.10.5-1) .buildinfo
debian-edu-artwork-legacy binaries (20181204-2) .buildinfo
debian-edu-config binaries (2.10.65+deb10u7) .buildinfo
debian-edu-doc binaries (2.10.19~deb10u1) .buildinfo
debian-edu-install binaries (2.10.21) .buildinfo
debian-el binaries (37.8) .buildinfo
debian-electronics binaries (0.3) .buildinfo
debian-games binaries (3) .buildinfo
debian-gis binaries (0.0.16) .buildinfo
debian-goodies binaries (0.84) .buildinfo
debian-hamradio binaries (0.5) .buildinfo
debian-handbook binaries (8.20180830) .buildinfo
debian-history binaries (2.23) .buildinfo
debian-installer binaries (20190702+deb10u11) .buildinfo
debian-installer-launcher binaries (34) .buildinfo
debian-installer-netboot-images binaries (20190702+deb10u11) .buildinfo
debian-junior binaries (1.29) .buildinfo
debian-keyring binaries (2019.02.25) .buildinfo
debian-lan-config binaries (0.25+deb10u1) .buildinfo
debian-med binaries (3.3) .buildinfo
debian-multimedia binaries (0.7) .buildinfo
debian-parl binaries (1.9.18) .buildinfo
debian-policy binaries ( .buildinfo
debian-ports-archive-keyring binaries (2019.11.05~deb10u1) .buildinfo
debian-reference binaries (2.76) .buildinfo
debian-science binaries (1.10) .buildinfo
debian-security-support binaries (2020.06.21~deb10u1) .buildinfo
debian-timeline binaries (42) .buildinfo
debianutils binaries ( .buildinfo
debian-xcontrol binaries (0.0.4-1.1+b6) .buildinfo
debichem binaries (0.0.8) .buildinfo
debiman binaries (0.0~git20180905.9955035-1+b11) .buildinfo
debirf binaries (0.38) .buildinfo
debmake binaries (4.3.1-1) .buildinfo
debmake-doc binaries (1.14-1) .buildinfo
debmirror binaries (1:2.32) .buildinfo
debocker binaries (0.2.2) .buildinfo
debomatic binaries (0.24-1) .buildinfo
debootstick binaries (2.4) .buildinfo
debootstrap binaries (1.0.114) .buildinfo
deborphan binaries (1.7.31) .buildinfo
debos binaries (1.0.0+git20190123.d6e16be-1+b1) .buildinfo
debpaste-el binaries (0.1.5-2) .buildinfo
debram binaries (2.1.0) .buildinfo
debsecan binaries (0.4.19) .buildinfo
debsigs binaries (0.1.24) .buildinfo
debsig-verify binaries (0.19+b10) .buildinfo
debspawn binaries (0.2.1-1) .buildinfo
debsums binaries (2.2.3) .buildinfo
debtags binaries (2.1.5) .buildinfo
debuerreotype binaries (0.9-1) .buildinfo
debug-me binaries (1.20181208-2) .buildinfo
decopy binaries ( .buildinfo
decoratortools binaries (1.8-4) .buildinfo
dee binaries (1.2.7+17.10.20170616-4) .buildinfo
deepin-calculator binaries (1.0.10-1) .buildinfo
deepin-deb-installer binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
deepin-gettext-tools binaries (1.0.8-4) .buildinfo
deepin-icon-theme binaries (15.12.68-1) .buildinfo
deepin-image-viewer binaries (1.3.8-1) .buildinfo
deepin-menu binaries (3.4.1-1) .buildinfo
deepin-movie-reborn binaries (3.2.20-1) .buildinfo
deepin-music binaries (3.1.14+ds-1) .buildinfo
deepin-notifications binaries (3.3.4-1) .buildinfo
deepin-picker binaries (1.6.4-1) .buildinfo
deepin-qt5dxcb-plugin binaries (1.1.24-1) .buildinfo
deepin-screen-recorder binaries (2.7.7-1) .buildinfo
deepin-screenshot binaries (4.1.8-1) .buildinfo
deepin-shortcut-viewer binaries (1.3.5-2) .buildinfo
deepin-terminal binaries ( .buildinfo
deepin-voice-recorder binaries (1.3.9-1) .buildinfo
deepnano binaries (0.0+git20170813.e8a621e-3) .buildinfo
deets binaries (0.3.1-1+b10) .buildinfo
defcon binaries (0.6.0-1) .buildinfo
defendguin binaries (0.0.12-7) .buildinfo
deft binaries (0.8-1) .buildinfo
defusedxml binaries (0.5.0-2) .buildinfo
deheader binaries (1.6-4) .buildinfo
dehydrated binaries (0.6.2-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
dehydrated-hook-ddns-tsig binaries (0.1.4-3) .buildinfo
deja-dup binaries (38.3-1) .buildinfo
dejagnu binaries (1.6.2-1) .buildinfo
deken binaries (0.5.1-1) .buildinfo
delaboratory binaries (0.8-2+b2) .buildinfo
delly binaries (0.8.1-2) .buildinfo
delta binaries (2006.08.03-8) .buildinfo
deltarpm binaries (3.6+dfsg-1+b7) .buildinfo
deluge binaries (1.3.15-2) .buildinfo
denemo binaries (2.2.0-1) .buildinfo
depqbf binaries (5.01-3) .buildinfo
deps binaries (0.13-4) .buildinfo
derby binaries ( .buildinfo
derivations binaries (0.56.20180123.1-2) .buildinfo
derpconf binaries (0.8.2-2) .buildinfo
designate binaries (1:7.0.0-2) .buildinfo
designate-dashboard binaries (7.0.0-2) .buildinfo
desklaunch binaries (1.1.8+b2) .buildinfo
deskmenu binaries (1.4.5) .buildinfo
desktop-autoloader binaries (0.0.4-1) .buildinfo
desktop-base binaries (10.0.2) .buildinfo
desktop-file-utils binaries (0.23-4) .buildinfo
desktop-profiles binaries (1.4.30) .buildinfo
desmume binaries (0.9.11-3) .buildinfo
desproxy binaries (0.1.0~pre3-10) .buildinfo
detachtty binaries (11.0.0-2) .buildinfo
detox binaries (1.3.0-4) .buildinfo
deutex binaries (5.1.2-1) .buildinfo
develock-el binaries (0.47-3) .buildinfo
developers-reference binaries (3.4.25) .buildinfo
devhelp binaries (3.30.1-1) .buildinfo
device-tree-compiler binaries (1.4.7-4) .buildinfo
devil binaries (1.7.8-10+b2) .buildinfo
devilspie binaries (0.23-2+b1) .buildinfo
devilspie2 binaries (0.43-3) .buildinfo
devio binaries (1.2-1.2+b1) .buildinfo
devscripts binaries (2.19.5+deb10u1) .buildinfo
devscripts-el binaries (40.3) .buildinfo
devtodo binaries (0.1.20-6.1+b1) .buildinfo
dewalls binaries (1.0.0+ds1-7) .buildinfo
dex binaries (0.8.0-2) .buildinfo
dfc binaries (3.1.1-1) .buildinfo
dfcgen-gtk binaries (0.4-3) .buildinfo
dfdatetime binaries (20190116-1) .buildinfo
d-feet binaries (0.3.14-1) .buildinfo
dfu-programmer binaries (0.6.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
dfu-util binaries (0.9-1) .buildinfo
dfvfs binaries (20190128-1) .buildinfo
dfwinreg binaries (20190122-1) .buildinfo
dgedit binaries (0~git20160401-1) .buildinfo
dgit binaries (8.5) .buildinfo
dh-ada-library binaries (6.15) .buildinfo
dh-autoreconf binaries (19) .buildinfo
dh-buildinfo binaries (0.11+nmu2) .buildinfo
dh-cargo binaries (17) .buildinfo
dhcpcanon binaries (0.8.5-2) .buildinfo
dhcpcd5 binaries (7.1.0-2) .buildinfo
dhcpcd-dbus binaries (0.6.0-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
dhcpcd-ui binaries (0.6.0-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
dhcpd-pools binaries (2.29-1.1) .buildinfo
dhcpdump binaries (1.8-2.2) .buildinfo
dhcp-helper binaries (1.2-1+b1) .buildinfo
dhcpig binaries (1.5-2) .buildinfo
dhcping binaries (1.2-4.2) .buildinfo
dhcp-probe binaries (1.3.0-10.1+b1) .buildinfo
dhcpstarv binaries (0.2.2-2) .buildinfo
dh-di binaries (9) .buildinfo
dh-dist-zilla binaries (1.3.7) .buildinfo
dh-dlang binaries (0.6.2) .buildinfo
dh-elpa binaries (1.16) .buildinfo
dhex binaries (0.69-1) .buildinfo
dh-exec binaries (0.23.1) .buildinfo
dh-fortran-mod binaries (0.12) .buildinfo
dh-golang binaries (1.39) .buildinfo
dhis-client binaries (5.5-5+b1) .buildinfo
dhis-dns-engine binaries (5.3-2+b1) .buildinfo
dhis-mx-sendmail-engine binaries (5.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
dhis-server binaries (5.3-2.1+b2) .buildinfo
dhis-tools-dns binaries (5.0-8+b1) .buildinfo
dh-linktree binaries (0.6) .buildinfo
dh-lisp binaries (0.7.2) .buildinfo
dh-lua binaries (25) .buildinfo
dh-make binaries (2.201802) .buildinfo
dh-make-elpa binaries (0.16) .buildinfo
dh-make-golang binaries (0.0~git20180827.d94f0cb-1+b21) .buildinfo
dh-make-perl binaries (0.105) .buildinfo
dh-ocaml binaries (1.1.0) .buildinfo
dh-octave binaries (0.6.2) .buildinfo
dh-perl6 binaries (0.2) .buildinfo
dh-php binaries (0.34) .buildinfo
dh-python binaries (3.20190308) .buildinfo
dh-r binaries (20190121) .buildinfo
dh-runit binaries (2.8.6) .buildinfo
dh-sysuser binaries (1.3.3) .buildinfo
dh-vim-addon binaries (0.2) .buildinfo
dh-virtualenv binaries (1.1-1) .buildinfo
di binaries (4.47-1) .buildinfo
dia binaries (0.97.3+git20160930-8.1) .buildinfo
dia2code binaries (0.8.3-4+b2) .buildinfo
dialign binaries (2.2.1-10) .buildinfo
dialign-t binaries (1.0.2-12) .buildinfo
dialog binaries (1.3-20190211-1) .buildinfo
diamond binaries (4.0.515-5) .buildinfo
diamond-aligner binaries (0.9.24+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
dianara binaries (1.4.2-1) .buildinfo
diaspora-installer binaries ( .buildinfo
dibbler binaries (1.0.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
dicelab binaries (0.7-5) .buildinfo
diceware binaries (0.9.6-1) .buildinfo
dico binaries (2.7-2) .buildinfo
dicom3tools binaries (1.00~20180803063840-1) .buildinfo
dicomnifti binaries (2.33.1-1) .buildinfo
dicompyler binaries ( .buildinfo
dicomscope binaries (3.6.0-20) .buildinfo
dictclient binaries ( .buildinfo
dictconv binaries (0.2-7+b2) .buildinfo
dictd binaries (1.12.1+dfsg-8) .buildinfo
dict-devil binaries (1.0-13) .buildinfo
dict-elements binaries (20001107-a-9) .buildinfo
dictem binaries (1.0.4-4) .buildinfo
dict-foldoc binaries (20181230-1) .buildinfo
dict-gazetteer2k binaries (1.0.0-5.4) .buildinfo
dict-gcide binaries (0.48.5) .buildinfo
diction binaries (1.11-1+b1) .buildinfo
dictionaries-common binaries (1.28.1) .buildinfo
dictionary-el binaries (1.10+git20190107-2) .buildinfo
dict-moby-thesaurus binaries (1.0-6.4) .buildinfo
didiwiki binaries (0.5-13) .buildinfo
didjvu binaries (0.8.2-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
dieharder binaries (3.31.1-7+b1) .buildinfo
dietlibc binaries (0.34~cvs20160606-10) .buildinfo
diet-ng binaries (1.5.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
diff-hl-el binaries (1.8.6-1) .buildinfo
diffoscope binaries (113) .buildinfo
diffpdf binaries (2.1.3-1.2) .buildinfo
diffstat binaries (1.62-1) .buildinfo
diffuse binaries (0.4.8-4) .buildinfo
diffutils binaries (1:3.7-3) .buildinfo
diffview-el binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
digikam binaries (4:5.9.0-1) .buildinfo
digikam binaries (4:5.9.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
digitemp binaries (3.7.2-1) .buildinfo
dijitso binaries (2018.1.1~git1-1) .buildinfo
dill binaries (0.2.9-1) .buildinfo
dillo binaries (3.0.5-5) .buildinfo
dimbl binaries (0.15-2.1) .buildinfo
dime binaries (0.20111205-2.1) .buildinfo
diminish-el binaries (0.45-2) .buildinfo
din binaries (5.2.1-6) .buildinfo
dindel binaries (1.01-wu1-3+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
di-netboot-assistant binaries (0.62) .buildinfo
ding binaries (1.8.1-7) .buildinfo
ding-libs binaries (0.6.1-2) .buildinfo
dino-im binaries (0.0.git20181129-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
diod binaries (1.0.24-4) .buildinfo
diodon binaries (1.8.0-1) .buildinfo
diploma binaries (1.2.14) .buildinfo
dirb binaries (2.22+dfsg-3+b1) .buildinfo
dircproxy binaries (1.0.5-6) .buildinfo
dirdiff binaries (2.1-7.2) .buildinfo
directfb binaries (1.7.7-9) .buildinfo
directvnc binaries (0.7.7-1+b4) .buildinfo
dired-du binaries (0.5.1-1) .buildinfo
dired-quick-sort binaries (0.1-3) .buildinfo
dired-rsync binaries (0.4-1) .buildinfo
direnv binaries (2.18.2-2) .buildinfo
direvent binaries (5.1-1) .buildinfo
direwolf binaries (1.4+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
dirtbike binaries (0.3-2.1) .buildinfo
dirty.js binaries (1.0.0-0.1) .buildinfo
dirvish binaries (1.2.1-2) .buildinfo
dis51 binaries (0.5-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
disc-cover binaries (1.5.6-3) .buildinfo
discosnp binaries (2.3.0-2) .buildinfo
discount binaries (2.2.4-1) .buildinfo
discover binaries (2.1.2-8) .buildinfo
discover-my-major binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
discus binaries (0.2.9-11) .buildinfo
diskscan binaries (0.20-1+b1) .buildinfo
disktype binaries (9-8) .buildinfo
dislocker binaries (0.7.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
disorderfs binaries (0.5.6-1) .buildinfo
displaycal binaries ( .buildinfo
display-dhammapada binaries (1.0-0.1+b1) .buildinfo
dispmua binaries ( .buildinfo
disruptor binaries (3.4.2-2) .buildinfo
dist binaries (1:3.5-236-0.1) .buildinfo
distcc binaries (3.3.2-10+deb10u1) .buildinfo
distlib binaries (0.2.8-1) .buildinfo
distorm3 binaries (3.4.1-3) .buildinfo
distorm64 binaries (1.7.30-1) .buildinfo
distro-info binaries (0.21) .buildinfo
distro-info-data binaries (0.41+deb10u4) .buildinfo
disulfinder binaries (1.2.11-8) .buildinfo
ditaa binaries (0.10+ds1-1.2) .buildinfo
dita-ot binaries (1.5.3+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
d-itg binaries (2.8.1-r1023-3+b2) .buildinfo
divxcomp binaries (0.1-9) .buildinfo
djagios binaries (0.1.3+dfsg-9) .buildinfo
django-ajax-selects binaries (1.7.0-1) .buildinfo
django-allauth binaries (0.38.0+ds-1) .buildinfo
django-assets binaries (0.12-2) .buildinfo
django-auth-ldap binaries (1.7.0-1) .buildinfo
django-auto-one-to-one binaries (3.1.1-1) .buildinfo
django-axes binaries (4.4.0-1) .buildinfo
django-bitfield binaries (1.9.3-1) .buildinfo
django-compat binaries (1.0.15-2) .buildinfo
django-cors-headers binaries (2.2.0-1) .buildinfo
django-countries binaries (5.3.2-1) .buildinfo
django-dirtyfields binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
django-environ binaries (0.4.4-1) .buildinfo
django-filter binaries (1.1.0-1) .buildinfo
django-fsm binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
django-guardian binaries (1.4.9-2) .buildinfo
django-haystack binaries (2.8.1-2) .buildinfo
django-hijack binaries (2.1.7-1) .buildinfo
django-impersonate binaries (1.4-1) .buildinfo
django-ipware binaries (2.1.0-1) .buildinfo
django-jinja binaries (2.4.1-1) .buildinfo
django-ldapdb binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
django-macaddress binaries (1.5.0-1) .buildinfo
django-mailman3 binaries (1.2.0-3) .buildinfo
django-maintenancemode binaries (0.11.2-3) .buildinfo
django-markupfield binaries (1.5.0-1) .buildinfo
django-memoize binaries (2.1.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
django-modeltranslation binaries (0.12.2-1) .buildinfo
django-model-utils binaries (3.1.1-1) .buildinfo
django-nose binaries (1.4.6-1) .buildinfo
django-oauth-toolkit binaries (1.1.2-2) .buildinfo
django-organizations binaries (1.1.1-1) .buildinfo
django-pagination binaries (1.0.7-2) .buildinfo
django-picklefield binaries (1.1.0-1) .buildinfo
django-pipeline binaries (1.6.14-1) .buildinfo
django-polymorphic binaries (2.0.3-1) .buildinfo
django-python3-ldap binaries (0.11.2-1) .buildinfo
django-q binaries (1.0.1-1) .buildinfo
django-recurrence binaries (1.8.2-1) .buildinfo
django-redis binaries (4.10.0-1) .buildinfo
django-redis-sessions binaries (0.6.1-1) .buildinfo
djangorestframework binaries (3.9.0-1) .buildinfo
djangorestframework-gis binaries (0.14-1) .buildinfo
django-restricted-resource binaries (2016.8-2) .buildinfo
django-reversion binaries (3.0.3-1) .buildinfo
django-sekizai binaries (0.10.0-4) .buildinfo
django-session-security binaries (2.6.5+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
django-setuptest binaries (0.2.1-2) .buildinfo
django-simple-captcha binaries (0.5.6-1) .buildinfo
django-sitetree binaries (1.12.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
django-stronghold binaries (0.3.0+debian-1) .buildinfo
django-tables binaries (1.21.2-1) .buildinfo
django-taggit binaries (0.24.0-1) .buildinfo
django-testproject binaries (0.1.3-2) .buildinfo
django-testscenarios binaries (0.10-1) .buildinfo
django-uwsgi binaries (0.2.2-1) .buildinfo
django-webpack-loader binaries (0.6.0-1) .buildinfo
django-wkhtmltopdf binaries (3.2.0-1) .buildinfo
django-xmlrpc binaries (0.1.8-1) .buildinfo
dj-database-url binaries (0.5.0-2) .buildinfo
djinn binaries (2014.9.7-9) .buildinfo
djoser binaries (1.4.0-1) .buildinfo
dj-static binaries (0.0.6-6) .buildinfo
djtools binaries (1.2.7+b2) .buildinfo
djview4 binaries (4.11-1) .buildinfo
djvubind binaries (1.2.1-5) .buildinfo
djvulibre binaries ( .buildinfo
dkg-handwriting binaries (0.16-2) .buildinfo
dkimpy binaries (0.9.6-0+deb10u1) .buildinfo
dkimpy-milter binaries (1.0.3-1) .buildinfo
dkms binaries (2.6.1-4) .buildinfo
dkopp binaries (6.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
dlang-libevent binaries ( .buildinfo
dlang-openssl binaries (2.0.0+1.1.0h-0.1) .buildinfo
dleyna-connector-dbus binaries (0.2.0-1+b11) .buildinfo
dleyna-core binaries (0.4.0-1+b2) .buildinfo
dleyna-renderer binaries (0.4.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
dleyna-server binaries (0.4.0-1.1) .buildinfo
dlib binaries (19.10-3) .buildinfo
dlint binaries (1.4.0-8) .buildinfo
dlm binaries (4.0.8-1) .buildinfo
dlmodelbox binaries (0.1.3-1) .buildinfo
dlocate binaries (1.07+nmu1) .buildinfo
dlt-daemon binaries (2.18.0-1) .buildinfo
dlume binaries (0.2.4-14) .buildinfo
dma binaries (0.11-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
dmalloc binaries (5.5.2-14) .buildinfo
dmarc-cat binaries (0.9.2-4) .buildinfo
dmaths binaries ( .buildinfo
dmg2img binaries (1.6.7-1) .buildinfo
dmidecode binaries (3.2-1) .buildinfo
dmitry binaries (1.3a-1+b2) .buildinfo
dmraid binaries (1.0.0.rc16-8) .buildinfo
dmtx-utils binaries (0.7.6-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
dmucs binaries (0.6.1-3) .buildinfo
dm-writeboost binaries (2.2.10-1) .buildinfo
dmz-cursor-theme binaries (0.4.5) .buildinfo
dnaclust binaries (3-6+b1) .buildinfo
dnprogs binaries (2.65) .buildinfo
dnprogs binaries (2.65+b1) .buildinfo
dns2tcp binaries (0.5.2-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
dnscrypt-proxy binaries (2.0.19+ds1-2+b11) .buildinfo
dnsdiag binaries (1.6.4-2) .buildinfo
dnsdist binaries (1.3.3-3) .buildinfo
dns-flood-detector binaries (1.20-5) .buildinfo
dnshistory binaries (1.3-2+b3) .buildinfo
dnsjava binaries (2.1.8-2) .buildinfo
dnsmasq binaries (2.80-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
dnsproxy binaries (1.16-0.1+b3) .buildinfo
dnspython binaries (1.16.0-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
dnsrecon binaries (0.8.14-1) .buildinfo
dns-root-data binaries (2019031302) .buildinfo
dnsruby binaries (1.61.2-1) .buildinfo
dnss binaries (0.0~git20180721.0.2de63ab0-1+b11) .buildinfo
dnssecjava binaries (1.1.3-3) .buildinfo
dnssec-trigger binaries (0.17+repack-3) .buildinfo
dnstap-ldns binaries (0.2.0-4) .buildinfo
dnstop binaries (20120611-2+b3) .buildinfo
dnstracer binaries (1.9-5) .buildinfo
dnsvi binaries (1.2) .buildinfo
dnsviz binaries (0.8.0-1) .buildinfo
dnswalk binaries (2.0.2.dfsg.1-2) .buildinfo
doc-base binaries (0.10.8) .buildinfo
docbook2x binaries (0.8.8-17) .buildinfo
docbook-defguide binaries (2.0.17+svn9912-2) .buildinfo
docbook-to-man binaries (1:2.0.0-42) .buildinfo
docbook-xsl-saxon binaries (1.00.dfsg.1-7) .buildinfo
dochelp binaries (0.1.7) .buildinfo
docker binaries (1.5-2) .buildinfo
docker-compose binaries (1.21.0-3) .buildinfo binaries (18.09.1+dfsg1-7.1+deb10u3) .buildinfo
docker-libkv binaries (0.2.1-1) .buildinfo
docker-pycreds binaries (0.3.0-1) .buildinfo
docker-registry binaries (2.6.2~ds1-2) .buildinfo
docker-registry binaries (2.6.2~ds1-2+b21) .buildinfo
doclifter binaries (2.18-1) .buildinfo
docopt binaries (0.6.2-2) .buildinfo
docopt.cpp binaries (0.6.2-2) .buildinfo
doctest binaries (1.2.9+repack0-1) .buildinfo
doctrine binaries (2.6.3+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
docx2txt binaries (1.4-1) .buildinfo
dodgy binaries (0.1.9-3) .buildinfo
dogecoin binaries (1.10.0-7.1) .buildinfo
dogtail binaries (0.9.9-2) .buildinfo
doit binaries (0.31.1-2) .buildinfo
dojo binaries (1.14.2+dfsg1-1+deb10u2) .buildinfo
dokuwiki binaries (0.0.20180422.a-2) .buildinfo
dolfin binaries (2018.1.0.post1-16) .buildinfo
dolphin binaries (4:18.08.0-1) .buildinfo
dolphin-emu binaries (5.0+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
dolphin-plugins binaries (4:18.08.0-1) .buildinfo
dom4j binaries (2.1.1-2) .buildinfo
dominate binaries (2.3.1-1) .buildinfo
donkey binaries (1.2.0-4) .buildinfo
doodle binaries (0.7.0-9+b2) .buildinfo
doomsday binaries (1.15.8-5) .buildinfo
doomsday binaries (1.15.8-5+b1) .buildinfo
doona binaries (1.0+git20160212-2) .buildinfo
dopewars binaries (1.5.12-19) .buildinfo
dopewars binaries (1.5.12-19+b1) .buildinfo
dos2unix binaries (7.4.0-1) .buildinfo
dosbox binaries (0.74-2-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
doschk binaries (1.1-7) .buildinfo
dose3 binaries (5.0.1-12) .buildinfo
dosfstools binaries (4.1-2) .buildinfo
dossizola binaries (1.0-10) .buildinfo
dot2tex binaries (2.9.0-3) .buildinfo
dotconf binaries (1.3-0.3) .buildinfo
dot-forward binaries (1:0.71-5) .buildinfo
doublecmd binaries (0.9.1-1) .buildinfo
doublecmd-help binaries (0.9.1-1) .buildinfo
double-conversion binaries (3.1.0-3) .buildinfo
dov4l binaries (0.9+repack-1+b1) .buildinfo
dovecot binaries (1: .buildinfo
dovecot-antispam binaries (2.0+20171229-1+b4) .buildinfo
downtimed binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
doxia binaries (1.7-2) .buildinfo
doxia-sitetools binaries (1.7.5-1) .buildinfo
doxygen binaries (1.8.13-10) .buildinfo
doxyqml binaries (0.3.0-1.1) .buildinfo
dozzaqueux binaries (3.51-2) .buildinfo
dpatch binaries (2.0.38+nmu1) .buildinfo
dpdk binaries (18.11.11-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
dphys-config binaries (20130301~current-5) .buildinfo
dphys-swapfile binaries (20100506-5) .buildinfo
dpkg binaries (1.19.7) .buildinfo
dpkg-awk binaries (1.2+nmu2) .buildinfo
dpkg-cross binaries (2.6.15-3) .buildinfo
dpkg-dev-el binaries (37.7) .buildinfo
dpkg-repack binaries (1.45) .buildinfo
dpkg-sig binaries (0.13.1+nmu4) .buildinfo
dpkg-www binaries (2.59) .buildinfo
dpmb binaries (0~2019.03.01) .buildinfo
dpo-tools binaries (1.3-2) .buildinfo
dpuser binaries (3.3+p1+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
dpuser binaries (3.3+p1+dfsg-2+b1) .buildinfo
dput binaries (1.0.3) .buildinfo
dput-ng binaries (1.25+deb10u2) .buildinfo
dq binaries (20181021-1) .buildinfo
draai binaries (20180521-1) .buildinfo
drac binaries (1.12-8+b2) .buildinfo
dracut binaries (048+80-2) .buildinfo
dradio binaries (3.8-2+b3) .buildinfo
dragon binaries (4:17.08.3-1) .buildinfo
drascula binaries (1.0+ds3-1) .buildinfo
drawterm binaries (20170818-1) .buildinfo
drawtiming binaries (0.7.1-7) .buildinfo
drawxtl binaries (5.5-3+b3) .buildinfo
drbd-utils binaries (9.5.0-1) .buildinfo
drbl binaries (2.20.11-7) .buildinfo
drc binaries (3.2.2~dfsg0-2) .buildinfo
dreamchess binaries (0.2.1-RC2-3) .buildinfo
drf-extensions binaries (0.4.0-1.1) .buildinfo
drf-haystack binaries (1.8.4-1) .buildinfo
driftnet binaries (1.1.5-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
driverctl binaries (0.101-1) .buildinfo
drkonqi binaries (5.14.5-1) .buildinfo
drms binaries (0.5.6-1) .buildinfo
droopy binaries (0.20160830-1) .buildinfo
dropbear binaries (2018.76-5) .buildinfo
dropwizard-metrics binaries (3.2.5-1) .buildinfo
drslib binaries (0.3.1.p3-1) .buildinfo
drumgizmo binaries (0.9.14-3) .buildinfo
drumkv1 binaries (0.9.4-1) .buildinfo
dsdo binaries (1.6.36-11) .buildinfo
dsdp binaries (5.8-9.4) .buildinfo
dsfmt binaries (2.2.3+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
dsh binaries (0.25.10-1.4) .buildinfo
d-shlibs binaries (0.84) .buildinfo
dsmidiwifi binaries (2) .buildinfo
dsniff binaries (2.4b1+debian-29) .buildinfo
dspdfviewer binaries (1.15.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
dssi binaries (1.1.1~dfsg0-1+b2) .buildinfo
dssp binaries (3.0.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
dstat binaries (0.7.3-1.1) .buildinfo
dtach binaries (0.9-4) .buildinfo
dtaus binaries (0.9-1.1) .buildinfo
dtc-xen binaries (0.5.17-1.2) .buildinfo
dtfabric binaries (20181128-1) .buildinfo
dtkcore binaries ( .buildinfo
dtkwidget binaries ( .buildinfo
dtkwm binaries (2.0.9-3) .buildinfo
dtrx binaries (7.1-2) .buildinfo
dtv-scan-tables binaries (0+git20190925.6d01903-0.1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
dub binaries (1.12.1-1) .buildinfo
dublin-traceroute binaries (0.4.2-2) .buildinfo
duc binaries (1.4.3-6) .buildinfo
duecredit binaries (0.6.4-1) .buildinfo
duff binaries (0.5.2-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
dulwich binaries (0.19.11-2) .buildinfo
dumb-init binaries (1.2.2-1.1) .buildinfo
dumb-jump-el binaries (0.5.2-2) .buildinfo
dumbster binaries (1.6+debian-4) .buildinfo
dummydroid binaries (1.2-2) .buildinfo
dump binaries (0.4b46-5) .buildinfo
dump1090-mutability binaries (1.15~20180310.4a16df3+dfsg-6) .buildinfo
dumpasn1 binaries (20170309-1) .buildinfo
dumpet binaries (2.1-10) .buildinfo
dune binaries (1.6.2-2) .buildinfo
dune-common binaries (2.6.0-3) .buildinfo
dune-functions binaries (2.6~20180228-1) .buildinfo
dune-geometry binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
dune-grid binaries (2.6.0-3) .buildinfo
dune-grid-glue binaries (2.6~20180130-1) .buildinfo
dune-grid-glue binaries (2.6~20180130-1+b11) .buildinfo
dune-istl binaries (2.6.0-2) .buildinfo
dune-localfunctions binaries (2.6.0-1) .buildinfo
dune-pdelab binaries (2.6~20180302-1) .buildinfo
dune-pdelab binaries (2.6~20180302-1+b11) .buildinfo
dune-typetree binaries (2.6~20180215-1) .buildinfo
dune-uggrid binaries (2.6.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
dunst binaries (1.3.2-1) .buildinfo
duo-unix binaries (1.9.21-1.1) .buildinfo
duperemove binaries (0.11.1-3) .buildinfo
duplicity binaries ( .buildinfo
dupload binaries (2.9.4) .buildinfo
duply binaries (2.1-1) .buildinfo
dustmite binaries (0~20170126.e95dff8-3) .buildinfo
dustrac binaries (2.0.1-1) .buildinfo
dutch binaries (1:2.10-6) .buildinfo
dutch binaries (2:2.10-6) .buildinfo
dv4l binaries (1.0-5+b2) .buildinfo
dvbackup binaries (1:0.0.4-9) .buildinfo
dvbcut binaries (0.7.3-1) .buildinfo
dvblast binaries (3.4-1) .buildinfo
dvbsnoop binaries (1.4.50-5+b1) .buildinfo
dvbstream binaries (0.6+cvs20090621-2) .buildinfo
dvbstreamer binaries (2.1.0-5+b1) .buildinfo
dvbtune binaries (0.5.ds-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
dvdauthor binaries (0.7.2-1) .buildinfo
dvdbackup binaries (0.4.2-4+b1) .buildinfo
dvdisaster binaries (0.79.5-9) .buildinfo
dvd+rw-tools binaries (7.1-14) .buildinfo
dvdtape binaries (1.6-2+b1) .buildinfo
dvgrab binaries (3.5+git20160707.1.e46042e-1) .buildinfo
dvhtool binaries (1.0.1-5+b2) .buildinfo
dvi2dvi binaries (2.0alpha-10) .buildinfo
dvi2ps binaries (5.1j-1.3) .buildinfo
dvidvi binaries (1.0-8.2+b1) .buildinfo
dvipng binaries (1.15-1.1) .buildinfo
dvorak7min binaries (1.6.1+repack-4) .buildinfo
dvtm binaries (0.15+40.g311a8c0-1) .buildinfo
dwarfutils binaries (20180809-1) .buildinfo
dwarves-dfsg binaries (1.12-2) .buildinfo
dwdiff binaries (2.1.2-2) .buildinfo
dwgsim binaries (0.1.12-2) .buildinfo
dwm binaries (6.1-5) .buildinfo
dwww binaries (1.13.4+nmu3) .buildinfo
dwz binaries (0.12-3) .buildinfo
dx binaries (1:4.4.4-12) .buildinfo
dxf2gcode binaries (20170925-4) .buildinfo
dxflib binaries (3.17.0-3) .buildinfo
dxsamples binaries (4.4.0-4) .buildinfo
dxtool binaries (0.1-3) .buildinfo
dxvk binaries (0.96+ds1-1) .buildinfo
dymo-cups-drivers binaries (1.4.0-8) .buildinfo
dynamite binaries (0.1.1-2+b2) .buildinfo
dynare binaries (4.5.7-1) .buildinfo
dzen2 binaries (0.9.5~svn271-4+b1) .buildinfo
e00compr binaries (1.0.1-5) .buildinfo
e17 binaries (0.22.4-2) .buildinfo
e2fsprogs binaries (1.44.5-1+deb10u3) .buildinfo
e2fsprogs binaries (2.0-1.44.5-1+deb10u3) .buildinfo
e2fsprogs binaries (2.1-1.44.5-1+deb10u3) .buildinfo
e2guardian binaries (5.3.1-1) .buildinfo
e2ps binaries (4.34-5) .buildinfo
e2tools binaries (0.0.16-6.1+b2) .buildinfo
e2wm binaries (1.4-2) .buildinfo
e3 binaries (1:2.71-2) .buildinfo
eag-healpix binaries (2017.09.06-1) .buildinfo
eancheck binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
earlyoom binaries (1.2-1) .buildinfo
eas4tbsync binaries (1.20-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
easychem binaries (0.6-8+b1) .buildinfo
easyconf binaries (0.9.5-6) .buildinfo
easy-format binaries (1.2.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
easygit binaries (0.99-2) .buildinfo
easyh10 binaries (1.5-4) .buildinfo
easyloggingpp binaries (9.96.7+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
easymock binaries (4.0.2-1) .buildinfo
easyprocess binaries (0.2.5-1) .buildinfo
easy-rsa binaries (3.0.6-1) .buildinfo
easytag binaries (2.4.3-4) .buildinfo
ea-utils binaries (1.1.2+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
eb binaries (4.4.3-12) .buildinfo
ebib binaries (2.15.4-1) .buildinfo
eblook binaries (1:1.6.1-15) .buildinfo
ebnetd binaries (1:1.0.dfsg.1-4.3+b2) .buildinfo
eboard binaries (1.1.3-0.3) .buildinfo
ebook2cw binaries (0.8.2-2+b1) .buildinfo
ebook2cwgui binaries (0.1.2-4) .buildinfo
ebook-speaker binaries (5.0.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
ebook-tools binaries (0.2.2-4+b4) .buildinfo
ebtables binaries ( .buildinfo
ebumeter binaries (0.4.0-4) .buildinfo
ebview binaries ( .buildinfo
ecasound binaries (2.9.1-7+b3) .buildinfo
eccodes binaries (2.12.0-1) .buildinfo
ecdsautils binaries (0.3.2+git20151018-2+b1) .buildinfo
ecflow binaries (4.12.0-1) .buildinfo
echoping binaries (6.0.2-10) .buildinfo
ecj binaries (3.16.0-1) .buildinfo
ecl binaries (16.1.3+ds-2) .buildinfo
eclib binaries (20180815-2) .buildinfo
eclipse-debian-helper binaries (1.5) .buildinfo
eclipse-emf binaries (2.15.0+eclipse2.16.0-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-emf binaries (2.16.0+eclipse2.16.0-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-core binaries (1.2.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-core binaries (1.2.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-core binaries (1.3.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-core binaries (2.2.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-core binaries (3.6.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-core binaries (3.16.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-debug binaries (3.10.100+eclipse4.10-2) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-debug binaries (3.12.0+eclipse4.10-2) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-debug binaries (3.12.100+eclipse4.10-2) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-ui binaries (1.1.900+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-ui binaries (1.3.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-ui binaries (1.11.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-ui binaries (3.4.900+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-ui binaries (3.9.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-ui binaries (3.10.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-jdt-ui binaries (3.16.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipselink binaries (2.6.6-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-debug binaries (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-debug binaries (3.4.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-debug binaries (3.4.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-debug binaries (3.8.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-debug binaries (3.13.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-debug binaries (3.13.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-resources binaries (1.7.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-resources binaries (3.13.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (0.15.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (1.6.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (1.7.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (2.1.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (3.6.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (3.7.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (3.10.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-runtime binaries (3.15.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-team binaries (1.0.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-team binaries (1.3.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-team binaries (1.3.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-team binaries (3.6.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-team binaries (3.7.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-team binaries (3.8.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-team binaries (3.8.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-text binaries (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-text binaries (3.6.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-text binaries (3.8.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-text binaries (3.11.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-text binaries (3.11.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-text binaries (3.11.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-text binaries (3.15.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ua binaries (3.8.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.2.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.2.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.12.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.12.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.12.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.13.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.14.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (0.14.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.0.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.0.500+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.1.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.2.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.2.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.3.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.4.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.6.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.7.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.8.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (1.8.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (2.1.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.6.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.7.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.7.400+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.8.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.9.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.14.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.15.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.111.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-platform-ui binaries (3.112.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
eclipse-titan binaries (6.5.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
ecopcr binaries (1.0.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
ed binaries (1.15-1) .buildinfo
ed2k-hash binaries (0.4.0+ds-2) .buildinfo
edac-utils binaries (0.18-1+b1) .buildinfo
edb-debugger binaries (1.0.0-1) .buildinfo
edbrowse binaries (3.7.4-3) .buildinfo binaries (1.1.1a-8+b1) .buildinfo
edfbrowser binaries (1.67+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
edflib binaries (1.15-1) .buildinfo
edge-addition-planarity-suite binaries ( .buildinfo
edict binaries (2019.02.20-1) .buildinfo
edid-decode binaries (0.1~git20180813.b2da1516-1) .buildinfo
ediprolog-el binaries (1.2-2) .buildinfo
editline binaries (1.12-6.1) .buildinfo
editmoin binaries (1.17-4) .buildinfo
editorconfig-core binaries (0.12.1-1.1) .buildinfo
editorconfig-emacs binaries (0.7.14-1) .buildinfo
edk2 binaries (0~20181115.85588389-3+deb10u3) .buildinfo
edtsurf binaries (0.2009-6) .buildinfo
eegdev binaries (0.2-4) .buildinfo
eekboek binaries (2.03.01-1) .buildinfo
efax-gtk binaries (3.2.8-2.1) .buildinfo
effects binaries (4.1.0-1) .buildinfo
efibootmgr binaries (15-1) .buildinfo
efingerd binaries (1.6.5+b1) .buildinfo
efitools binaries (1.8.1-1) .buildinfo
efivar binaries (37-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
efl binaries (1.21.1-5) .buildinfo
eflite binaries (0.4.1-9) .buildinfo
efp binaries (1.6-1) .buildinfo
efte binaries (1.1-2+b3) .buildinfo
egctl binaries (1:0.1-1) .buildinfo
egenix-mx-base binaries (3.2.9-1) .buildinfo
eggdrop binaries (1.6.21-4+b1) .buildinfo
egl-wayland binaries (1:1.1.2-1) .buildinfo
eiciel binaries ( .buildinfo
eigen3 binaries (3.3.7-1) .buildinfo
eigensoft binaries (7.2.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
einstein binaries (2.0.dfsg.2-10) .buildinfo
eiskaltdcpp binaries (2.2.10+340+g44d8aea4-1) .buildinfo
eja binaries (9.5.20-1) .buildinfo
ejabberd binaries (18.12.1-2) .buildinfo
ejabberd-contrib binaries (0.2018.12.10~dfsg0-3) .buildinfo
eject binaries (2.1.5+deb1+cvs20081104-13.2) .buildinfo
ekeyd binaries (1.1.5-6.2) .buildinfo
ekg2 binaries (1:0.4~pre+20120506.1-16) .buildinfo
ekg2 binaries (1:0.4~pre+20120506.1-16+b1) .buildinfo
el-api binaries (3.0.0-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
elastalert binaries (0.1.29-2) .buildinfo
elasticsearch-curator binaries (5.2.0-1) .buildinfo
elastix binaries (4.9.0-1) .buildinfo
eldav binaries (0.8.1-10) .buildinfo
electric binaries (9.07+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
electric-fence binaries (2.2.5) .buildinfo
elementary-xfce binaries (0.13.1-1) .buildinfo
elementtidy binaries (1.0-8+b3) .buildinfo
elfeed binaries (3.1.0-1) .buildinfo
elfrc binaries (0.7-2) .buildinfo
elfutils binaries (0.176-1.1) .buildinfo
elinks binaries (0.13~20190125-3) .buildinfo
elisp-bug-hunter binaries (1.3.1+repack-2) .buildinfo
elisp-slime-nav binaries (0.9-2) .buildinfo
el-ixir binaries (3.0-2) .buildinfo
elixir-lang binaries (1.7.4-0.1) .buildinfo
elk binaries (3.99.8-4.2) .buildinfo
elk binaries (3.99.8-4.2+b1) .buildinfo
elkcode binaries (5.4.24-2) .buildinfo
elki binaries (0.7.1-10.1) .buildinfo
ell binaries (0.17-1) .buildinfo
el-mock-el binaries (1.25.1-3) .buildinfo
elog binaries (3.1.3-1-1) .buildinfo
elogind binaries (239.3+20190131-1+debian1) .buildinfo
elpa binaries (2016.05.001-6+b1) .buildinfo
elpa-migemo binaries (1.9.1-4) .buildinfo
elpa-rust-mode binaries (0.3.0-2) .buildinfo
elpa-undo-tree binaries (0.6.4-3) .buildinfo
elph binaries (1.0.1-2) .buildinfo
elpy binaries (1.28.0-2) .buildinfo
elvish binaries (0.12+ds1-2) .buildinfo
elvis-tiny binaries (1.4-24+b2) .buildinfo
el-x binaries (0.3.1-2) .buildinfo
elycharts.js binaries (2.1.5+ds-3) .buildinfo
emacs binaries (1:26.1+1-3.2+deb10u2) .buildinfo
emacs-anzu binaries (0.62-2) .buildinfo
emacs-async binaries (1.9.3-1) .buildinfo
emacs-bind-map binaries (1.1.1-2) .buildinfo
emacs-buttercup binaries (1.16-1) .buildinfo
emacs-calfw binaries (1.6+git20180118-1) .buildinfo
emacs-ctable binaries (0.1.2-3) .buildinfo
emacs-deferred binaries (0.5.1-2) .buildinfo
emacsen-common binaries (3.0.4) .buildinfo
emacs-epc binaries (0.1.1-3) .buildinfo
emacs-fossil binaries (2018.02.15-2) .buildinfo
emacs-git-messenger binaries (0.18-3) .buildinfo
emacs-git-modes binaries (1.2.8-1) .buildinfo
emacs-goodies-el binaries (42.2) .buildinfo
emacs-highlight-indentation binaries (0.7.0-3) .buildinfo
emacs-htmlize binaries (1.54-1) .buildinfo
emacs-ivy binaries (0.11.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
emacs-jabber binaries (0.8.92+git98dc8e-4) .buildinfo
emacs-kv binaries (0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-2) .buildinfo
emacs-lsp-haskell binaries (1.0.20190211-1) .buildinfo
emacs-lsp-ui binaries (6.0-2) .buildinfo
emacs-memoize binaries (1.1-2) .buildinfo
emacs-noflet binaries (0.0.15-3) .buildinfo
emacs-openwith binaries (0.8g-3) .buildinfo
emacs-pdf-tools binaries (0.90-1) .buildinfo
emacspeak binaries (49.0+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
emacspeak-ss binaries (1.12.1-8) .buildinfo
emacs-pod-mode binaries (1.03-2) .buildinfo
emacs-powerline binaries (2.4-2) .buildinfo
emacs-python-environment binaries (0.0.2-3) .buildinfo
emacs-smeargle binaries (0.03-2) .buildinfo
emacs-tablist binaries (0.70-3) .buildinfo
emacs-web-server binaries (1.5.1-2) .buildinfo
emacs-which-key binaries (3.3.1-1) .buildinfo
emacs-window-layout binaries (1.4-2) .buildinfo
emacs-world-time-mode binaries (0.0.6-2) .buildinfo
email-reminder binaries (0.7.8-5) .buildinfo
embassy-domainatrix binaries (0.1.660-3) .buildinfo
embassy-domalign binaries (0.1.660-3) .buildinfo
embassy-domsearch binaries (1:0.1.660-3) .buildinfo
emboss binaries (6.6.0+dfsg-7) .buildinfo
emboss binaries (6.6.0+dfsg-7+b1) .buildinfo
emboss-explorer binaries (2.2.0-10) .buildinfo
e-mem binaries (1.0.1-2) .buildinfo
emerald binaries (0.8.16-3) .buildinfo
emerald-themes binaries (0.8.16-2) .buildinfo
emms binaries (5.1-1) .buildinfo
emoslib binaries (2:4.5.9-1) .buildinfo
empathy binaries (3.25.90+really3.12.14-1) .buildinfo
empire binaries (1.14-2) .buildinfo
empire-hub binaries ( .buildinfo
empire-lafe binaries (1.1-1+b4) .buildinfo
empy binaries (3.3.2-2) .buildinfo
emu8051 binaries (1.1.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
enblend-enfuse binaries (4.2-4) .buildinfo
enca binaries (1.19-1+b1) .buildinfo
encfs binaries (1.9.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
enchant binaries (1.6.0-11.1+b1) .buildinfo
encuentro binaries (5.0-1) .buildinfo
endless-sky binaries (0.9.8-1) .buildinfo
endless-sky binaries (0.9.8-1+b1) .buildinfo
endless-sky-high-dpi binaries (0.9.8-1) .buildinfo
enemylines3 binaries (1.25-1) .buildinfo
enemylines7 binaries (0.6-4+b2) .buildinfo
enet binaries (1.3.13+ds-1) .buildinfo
engauge-digitizer binaries (10.10+ds.1-1) .buildinfo
engine-mode binaries (2.0.0-2) .buildinfo
engrampa binaries (1.20.2-1) .buildinfo
enigma binaries (1.20-dfsg.1-2.1+b2) .buildinfo
enigmail binaries (2:2.2.4-0.2~deb10u1) .buildinfo
enjarify binaries (1:1.0.3-4) .buildinfo
enki-aseba binaries (1:1.6.0-6+b1) .buildinfo
enscribe binaries (0.1.0-3) .buildinfo
enscript binaries ( .buildinfo
ent binaries (1.2debian-2) .buildinfo
entagged binaries (0.35-6) .buildinfo
entangle binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
entr binaries (4.1-1) .buildinfo
entropybroker binaries (2.9-3) .buildinfo
entrypoints binaries (0.3-1) .buildinfo
enum binaries (1.1-1) .buildinfo
enum34 binaries (1.1.6-2) .buildinfo
enumerate binaries (111.08.00-3+b1) .buildinfo
env2 binaries (1.1.0-4) .buildinfo
envstore binaries (2.1-4) .buildinfo
enzyme binaries (0.4.1-1.1) .buildinfo
eoconv binaries (1.5-1) .buildinfo
eog binaries (3.28.4-2+b1) .buildinfo
eog-plugins binaries (3.26.3-2) .buildinfo
eom binaries (1.20.2-2) .buildinfo
eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepicker binaries (4.17.47-3) .buildinfo
eo-spell binaries (2.1.2000.02.25-57) .buildinfo
eos-sdk binaries (0~git20180727+ds-1) .buildinfo
eot-utils binaries (1.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
epcr binaries (2.3.12-1-7) .buildinfo
eperl binaries (2.2.14-23+b1) .buildinfo
ephoto binaries (1.5-2) .buildinfo
epic4 binaries (1:2.10.6-1+b6) .buildinfo
epic5 binaries (2.0.1-1+b6) .buildinfo
epiphany binaries (0.7.0+0-5) .buildinfo
epiphany-browser binaries ( .buildinfo
epix binaries (1.2.18-1) .buildinfo
epl binaries (0.9-1) .buildinfo
epm binaries (4.2-8) .buildinfo
epoptes binaries (1.0.1-2) .buildinfo
epr-api binaries (2.3~dev20150708-8) .buildinfo
eproject-el binaries (1.5+git20180312.068218d-2) .buildinfo
epsilon binaries (0.7.1-1.1) .buildinfo
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr binaries (1.6.33-1) .buildinfo
epstool binaries (3.09-1) .buildinfo
epubcheck binaries (4.1.0-1) .buildinfo
epydoc binaries (3.0.1+dfsg-20) .buildinfo
epylog binaries (1.0.8-2) .buildinfo
eq10q binaries (2.2~repack0-2.1) .buildinfo
eql binaries (1.2.ds1-5) .buildinfo
eqonomize binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
equalx binaries (0.7.1-4.1+b1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.0.500+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.0.800+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.1.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.1.600+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.1.700+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.2.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.2.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.3.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.3.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.3.600+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.4.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.4.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.4.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.4.600+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.5.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (1.5.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (3.6.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (3.7.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (3.8.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-bundles binaries (3.10.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-framework binaries (1.1.300+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-framework binaries (1.5.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-framework binaries (3.5.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-framework binaries (3.7.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-framework binaries (3.13.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (0.2.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.1.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.2.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.2.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.3.0+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.3.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (1.5.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (2.1.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (2.1.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (2.2.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (2.4.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (2.5.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (2.5.200+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equinox-p2 binaries (2.6.100+eclipse4.10-1) .buildinfo
equivs binaries (2.2.0) .buildinfo
erfa binaries (1.4.0-1) .buildinfo
ergo binaries (3.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
eric binaries (19.02.1+ds1-1) .buildinfo
eris binaries (1.3.23-7) .buildinfo
eris binaries (1.3.23-7+b1) .buildinfo
erlang binaries (1:21.2.6+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
erlang-asciideck binaries (0.0+git20170714.48cbfe8b-4) .buildinfo
erlang-base64url binaries (1.0-3) .buildinfo
erlang-bear binaries (0.8.2+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
erlang-bitcask binaries (2.0.8+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
erlang-cf binaries (0.3.1-1) .buildinfo
erlang-cl binaries (1.2.4-1) .buildinfo
erlang-cowlib binaries (1.3.0-3) .buildinfo
erlang-cuttlefish binaries (2.0.11+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
erlang-erlware-commons binaries (1.3.1+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
erlang-folsom binaries (0.8.2+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
erlang-getopt binaries (1.0.1-2) .buildinfo
erlang-goldrush binaries (0.2.0-1) .buildinfo
erlang-horse binaries (0+git20161117.0.4dc81d4-1) .buildinfo
erlang-jiffy binaries (0.14.11+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
erlang-jose binaries (1.9.0-1) .buildinfo
erlang-lager binaries (3.6.8-1) .buildinfo
erlang-luerl binaries (1:0.3-2) .buildinfo
erlang-meck binaries (0.8.7-2) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-cache-tab binaries (1.0.17-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-eimp binaries (1.0.9-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-iconv binaries (1.0.10-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-mysql binaries (1.0.8-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-oauth2 binaries (0.6.3-3) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-pam binaries (1.0.4-3) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-pgsql binaries (1.1.6-2) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-pkix binaries (1.0.0-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-sip binaries (1.0.27-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-sqlite3 binaries (1.1.6-3) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-stringprep binaries (1.0.14-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-stun binaries (1.0.26-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-tls binaries (1.0.26-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-utils binaries (1.0.13-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-xml binaries (1.1.34-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-xmpp binaries (1.2.8-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-yaml binaries (1.0.17-1) .buildinfo
erlang-p1-zlib binaries (1.0.4-3) .buildinfo
erlang-proper binaries (1.2+git988ea0ed9f+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
erlang-redis-client binaries (1.2.0-1) .buildinfo
erlang-uuid binaries (0.4.6-2) .buildinfo
ert-async-el binaries (0.1.2-2) .buildinfo
ert-expectations-el binaries (0.2-2) .buildinfo
esdl binaries (1.3.1-4) .buildinfo
esekeyd binaries (1.2.7-1+b2) .buildinfo
eshell-bookmark binaries (2.0.0-2) .buildinfo
eshell-git-prompt binaries (0.1.2-2) .buildinfo
eshell-prompt-extras binaries (0.96-2) .buildinfo
eshell-up binaries (0.0.3-2) .buildinfo
esh-help-el binaries (1.0.1-2) .buildinfo
esmtp binaries (1.2-17) .buildinfo
esniper binaries (2.35.0-1) .buildinfo
eso-midas binaries (19.02pl1.0-1) .buildinfo
eso-pipelines binaries (1.2) .buildinfo
esorex binaries (3.13.1-1) .buildinfo
espa-nol binaries (1.11-15) .buildinfo
espctag binaries (0.4-1+b1) .buildinfo
espeak binaries (1.48.04+dfsg-7+deb10u1) .buildinfo
espeakedit binaries (1.48.03-5) .buildinfo
espeak-ng binaries (1.49.2+dfsg-8+deb10u1) .buildinfo
espeakup binaries (1:0.80-15) .buildinfo
espresso binaries (6.3-4) .buildinfo
esptool binaries (2.5.1+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
ess binaries (18.10.2-1) .buildinfo
essays1743 binaries (2.100-3) .buildinfo
estscan binaries (3.0.3-3) .buildinfo
esxml binaries (0.3.4-1) .buildinfo
esys-particle binaries (2.3.5+dfsg1-2.1) .buildinfo
etbemon binaries (1.3.3-2) .buildinfo
etcd binaries (3.2.26+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
etcd binaries (3.2.26+dfsg-3+b1) .buildinfo
etckeeper binaries (1.18.10-1) .buildinfo
eterm binaries (0.9.6-5+deb10u1) .buildinfo
etherape binaries (0.9.18-1) .buildinfo
ethereal-chess binaries (11.25+ds1-1) .buildinfo
etherpuppet binaries (0.3-3.1) .buildinfo
etherwake binaries (1.09-4+b1) .buildinfo
ethflux binaries (1.0-3+b20) .buildinfo
ethstats binaries (1.2.1-3) .buildinfo
ethstatus binaries (0.4.9+b1) .buildinfo
ethtool binaries (1:4.19-1) .buildinfo
etl binaries (1.2.2-1) .buildinfo
etm binaries (3.2.30-1) .buildinfo
etoile binaries (0+20080616+dfsg-2+b9) .buildinfo
etsf-io binaries (1.0.4-4) .buildinfo
ettercap binaries (1:0.8.2-10+b2) .buildinfo
etw binaries (3.6+svn162-5) .buildinfo
euca2ools binaries (3.3.1-2) .buildinfo
eukleides binaries (1.5.4-4.1) .buildinfo
euler binaries (1.61.0-11+b1) .buildinfo
eureka binaries (1.24-3) .buildinfo
eurephia binaries (1.1.0-6+b2) .buildinfo
evdi binaries (1.6.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
evemu binaries (2.7.0-1) .buildinfo
event-dance binaries (0.2.0-1) .buildinfo
eventstat binaries (0.04.05-1) .buildinfo
eviacam binaries (2.1.3-4.1) .buildinfo
evil-el binaries (1.2.12-3) .buildinfo
evil-paredit-el binaries (0.0.2-2) .buildinfo
evilwm binaries (1.1.1-1) .buildinfo
evince binaries (3.30.2-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
evolution binaries (3.30.5-1.1) .buildinfo
evolution-data-server binaries (3.30.5-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
evolution-rss binaries (0.3.95-9+b1) .buildinfo
evolver binaries (2.70+ds-4) .buildinfo
evolvotron binaries (0.7.1-3) .buildinfo
evtest binaries (1:1.33-2) .buildinfo
eweouz binaries (0.11+b5) .buildinfo
e-wrapper binaries (0.1-2) .buildinfo
exabgp binaries (4.0.8-1) .buildinfo
exactimage binaries (1.0.2-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
exam binaries (0.10.5-2) .buildinfo
examl binaries (3.0.21-2) .buildinfo
excalibur-logger binaries (2.1-7) .buildinfo
excalibur-logkit binaries (2.0-12) .buildinfo
excellent-bifurcation binaries (0.0.20071015-8+b1) .buildinfo
execline binaries ( .buildinfo
exec-maven-plugin binaries (1.6.0-4) .buildinfo
execnet binaries (1.5.0-4) .buildinfo
exempi binaries (2.5.0-2) .buildinfo
exe-thumbnailer binaries (0.10.0-3) .buildinfo
exfat-utils binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
exif binaries (0.6.21-2) .buildinfo
exifprobe binaries (2.0.1+git20170416.3c2b769-3) .buildinfo
exiftags binaries (1.01-6+b2) .buildinfo
exim4 binaries (4.92-8+deb10u6) .buildinfo
eximdoc4 binaries (4.92-1) .buildinfo
exiv2 binaries (0.25-4+deb10u2) .buildinfo
exmh binaries (1:2.9.0-1) .buildinfo
exo binaries (0.12.4-1) .buildinfo
exodusii binaries (6.02.dfsg.1-8+b1) .buildinfo
exonerate binaries (2.4.0-4) .buildinfo
expand-region-el binaries (0.11.0-3) .buildinfo
expat binaries (2.2.6-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
expect binaries (5.45.4-2) .buildinfo
expeyes binaries (4.4.4+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
ext3grep binaries (0.10.2-4) .buildinfo
ext4magic binaries (0.3.2-12) .buildinfo
extlib binaries (1.7.0-3+b1) .buildinfo
extrace binaries (0.7-1) .buildinfo
extra-cmake-modules binaries (5.54.0-1) .buildinfo
extractpdfmark binaries (1.0.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
extremetuxracer binaries (0.7.5-1) .buildinfo
extremetuxracer binaries (0.7.5-1+b1) .buildinfo
extundelete binaries (0.2.4-2) .buildinfo
exuberant-ctags binaries (1:5.9~svn20110310-12) .buildinfo
eye binaries (19.0221.2026~ds-1) .buildinfo
eyebrowse-el binaries (0.7.7-1) .buildinfo
eyed3 binaries (0.8.8-1) .buildinfo
ez-ipupdate binaries (3.0.11b8-13.4.1) .buildinfo
ezquake binaries (2.2+git20150324-1) .buildinfo
eztrace binaries (1.1-8-3+b1) .buildinfo
f2c binaries (20160102-1) .buildinfo
f2fs-tools binaries (1.11.0-1.1) .buildinfo
f2j binaries (0.8.1+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
f3 binaries (7.1-1) .buildinfo
faad2 binaries (2.8.8-3) .buildinfo
faba-icon-theme binaries (4.3-1) .buildinfo
fabric binaries (1.14.0-1) .buildinfo
fabulous binaries (0.3.0+dfsg1-6) .buildinfo
facedetect binaries (0.1-2) .buildinfo
faceup binaries (0.0.4-3) .buildinfo
facile binaries (1.1.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
fact++ binaries (1.6.5~dfsg-2) .buildinfo
facter binaries (3.11.0-2+deb10u2) .buildinfo
factory-boy binaries (2.11.1-2) .buildinfo
fadecut binaries (0.2.1-1) .buildinfo
fades binaries (8.1-1) .buildinfo
fai binaries (5.8.4) .buildinfo
fail2ban binaries (0.10.2-2.1) .buildinfo
fair binaries (0.5.3-2+b1) .buildinfo
fairymax binaries (5.0b-1) .buildinfo
fake binaries (1.1.11-3) .buildinfo
fakechroot binaries (2.19-3.2) .buildinfo
faker binaries (0.7.7-2.1) .buildinfo
fakeroot binaries (1.23-1) .buildinfo
fakeroot-ng binaries (0.18-4+b2) .buildinfo
faketime binaries (0.9.7-3) .buildinfo
falkon binaries (3.0.0-3) .buildinfo
falselogin binaries (0.3-4+b2) .buildinfo
fam binaries (2.7.0-17.3) .buildinfo
fannj binaries (0.3-2) .buildinfo
fapg binaries (0.41-1+b2) .buildinfo
farbfeld binaries (4-2) .buildinfo
farmhash binaries (0~git20171030.2f0e005-1) .buildinfo
farpd binaries (0.2-11+b2) .buildinfo
farstream-0.2 binaries (0.2.8-4.1) .buildinfo
fasianoptions binaries (3042.82-1+b2) .buildinfo
fasm binaries (1.73.09-1) .buildinfo
fassets binaries (3042.84-1+b1) .buildinfo
fast5 binaries (0.6.5-2) .buildinfo
fast5 binaries (0.6.5-2+b1) .buildinfo
fastaq binaries (3.17.0-2) .buildinfo
fast-cpp-csv-parser binaries (0.0+git20160525~9bf299c-2) .buildinfo
fastd binaries (18-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fastdnaml binaries (1.2.2-14) .buildinfo
fastforward binaries (1:0.51-6) .buildinfo
fast-histogram binaries (0.7-1) .buildinfo
fastinfoset binaries (1.2.12-3) .buildinfo
fastjar binaries (2:0.98-6+b1) .buildinfo
fastjet binaries (3.0.6+dfsg-3+b13) .buildinfo
fastkml binaries (0.11-2) .buildinfo
fastlink binaries (4.1P-fix100+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
fastml binaries (3.1-4) .buildinfo
fastp binaries (0.19.6+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
fastqc binaries (0.11.8+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
fastqtl binaries (2.184+dfsg-6) .buildinfo
fastqtl binaries (2.184+dfsg-6+b1) .buildinfo
fasttree binaries (2.1.10-2) .buildinfo
fastx-toolkit binaries (0.0.14-6) .buildinfo
fast-zip-visit-clojure binaries (1.0.2-2) .buildinfo
fatattr binaries (1.0.1-14) .buildinfo
fatcat binaries (1.0.5-1) .buildinfo
fathom binaries (1.0+git.20190120.0439ca-1) .buildinfo
fatrace binaries (0.13-2) .buildinfo
fatresize binaries (1.0.2-11) .buildinfo
fatsort binaries (1.3.365-1+b1) .buildinfo
faucc binaries (20180503-1) .buildinfo
fauhdlc binaries (20180504-2) .buildinfo
faulthandler binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
faumachine binaries (20180503-4) .buildinfo
faust binaries (2.14.4~repack2-1) .buildinfo
faustworks binaries (0.5~repack0-6) .buildinfo
fava binaries (1.9-4) .buildinfo
fbasics binaries (3042.89-2+b1) .buildinfo
fbautostart binaries (2.718281828-1+b2) .buildinfo
fbb binaries (7.07-3+b1) .buildinfo
fbcat binaries (0.3-1+b1) .buildinfo
fbi binaries (2.10-3) .buildinfo
fbless binaries (0.2.3-3) .buildinfo
fbonds binaries (3042.78-3) .buildinfo
fbpager binaries (0.1.5~git20090221.1.8e0927e6-2) .buildinfo
fbpanel binaries (7.0-4) .buildinfo
fbreader binaries (0.12.10dfsg2-3) .buildinfo
fbset binaries (2.1-30) .buildinfo
fbterm binaries (1.7-4+b1) .buildinfo
fbterm-ucimf binaries (0.2.9-5) .buildinfo
fbxkb binaries (0.6-2+b1) .buildinfo
fcgiwrap binaries (1.1.0-12) .buildinfo
fcheck binaries (2.7.59-22) .buildinfo
fcitx binaries (1: .buildinfo
fcitx5 binaries (0~20181128+ds1-1) .buildinfo
fcitx-anthy binaries (0.2.3-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-autoeng-ng binaries (0.1.1~git20150311-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-chewing binaries (0.2.3-1) .buildinfo
fcitx-cloudpinyin binaries (0.3.6-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-configtool binaries (0.4.10-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-dbus-status binaries (2016062301-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-fbterm binaries (0.2.0-3) .buildinfo
fcitx-fullwidthchar-enhance binaries (0.0~git20150311-3) .buildinfo
fcitx-googlepinyin binaries (0.1.6-4) .buildinfo
fcitx-hangul binaries (0.3.1-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-imlist binaries (0.5.1-3) .buildinfo
fcitx-kkc binaries (0.1.4-1) .buildinfo
fcitx-libpinyin binaries (0.5.3-3) .buildinfo
fcitx-m17n binaries (0.2.4-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-punc-ng binaries (0.1.1~git20161101-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-qimpanel binaries (2.1.3-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-qt5 binaries (1.2.3-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-qt5 binaries (1.2.3-2+b1) .buildinfo
fcitx-rime binaries (0.3.2-5) .buildinfo
fcitx-sayura binaries (0.1.2-1) .buildinfo
fcitx-skk binaries (0.1.4-1) .buildinfo
fcitx-sunpinyin binaries (0.4.2-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-table-extra binaries (0.3.8-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-table-other binaries (0.2.4-2) .buildinfo
fcitx-ui-light binaries (0.1.3-3) .buildinfo
fcitx-unikey binaries (0.2.7-1) .buildinfo
fcl binaries (0.5.0-5) .buildinfo
fclib binaries (3.0.0+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
fcm binaries (2017.10.0-3) .buildinfo
fcml binaries (1.1.3-3) .buildinfo
fcode-utils binaries (1.0.2-7+b1) .buildinfo
fcoe-utils binaries (1.0.31+git20160622.5dfd3e4-5) .buildinfo
fcopulae binaries (3042.82-1+b1) .buildinfo
fcrackzip binaries (1.0-9) .buildinfo
fdb binaries (2.0.0-1) .buildinfo
fdclone binaries (3.01h-1) .buildinfo
fdm binaries (1.9+git20181219-1) .buildinfo
fdm-materials binaries (3.3.0-1) .buildinfo
fdroidcl binaries (0.5.0-1) .buildinfo
fdroidserver binaries (1.1.7-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
fdsend binaries (0.2.1-2) .buildinfo
fdupes binaries (1:1.6.1-2) .buildinfo
fdutils binaries (5.5-20060227-8) .buildinfo
feathernotes binaries (0.4.6-1) .buildinfo
featherpad binaries (0.9.4-2) .buildinfo
feature-check binaries (0.2.2-3) .buildinfo
feed2exec binaries (0.14.0) .buildinfo
feedgnuplot binaries (1.51-1) .buildinfo
feedparser binaries (5.2.1-1) .buildinfo
feedreader binaries (2.7.1-1) .buildinfo
feersum binaries (1.406-3) .buildinfo
feh binaries (3.1.3-1) .buildinfo
f-el binaries (0.20.0-1) .buildinfo
felix-bundlerepository binaries (2.0.10-4) .buildinfo
felix-latin binaries (2.0-11) .buildinfo
felix-main binaries (5.0.0-5) .buildinfo
felix-osgi-obr binaries (1.0.2-5) .buildinfo
felix-shell binaries (1.4.3-2) .buildinfo
felix-shell-tui binaries (1.4.1-4) .buildinfo
felix-utils binaries (1.8.6-1) .buildinfo
fence-agents binaries (4.3.3-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fenics binaries (1:2018.1.0.6) .buildinfo
fenix binaries (0.92a.dfsg1-12) .buildinfo
fenrir binaries (1.9.3-2) .buildinfo
ferm binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
fermi-lite binaries (0.1-5) .buildinfo
ferret binaries (0.7-2) .buildinfo
ferret-vis binaries (7.4.4-2) .buildinfo
festival binaries (1:2.5.0-3) .buildinfo
festival-czech binaries (0.3-4) .buildinfo
festival-freebsoft-utils binaries (0.10-7) .buildinfo
festival-it binaries (2.0+debian0-4) .buildinfo
festlex-cmu binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
festlex-poslex binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
fest-reflect binaries (1.4.1-3) .buildinfo
festvox-ca-ona-hts binaries (1.3-2) .buildinfo
festvox-czech-dita binaries (1.0.0-4) .buildinfo
festvox-czech-krb binaries (1.0.0-4) .buildinfo
festvox-czech-machac binaries (1.0.0-4) .buildinfo
festvox-czech-ph binaries (0.1-5) .buildinfo
festvox-kallpc16k binaries (2.4-1) .buildinfo
festvox-ru binaries (0.5+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
festvox-suopuhe-lj binaries (1.0g-20051204-5) .buildinfo
festvox-suopuhe-mv binaries (20041119-3) .buildinfo
festvox-us-slt-hts binaries (0.2010.10.25-2) .buildinfo
fet binaries (5.37.5-1) .buildinfo
fetch-crl binaries (3.0.19-2) .buildinfo
fetchmail binaries (6.4.0~beta4-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fever binaries (1.0.5-2) .buildinfo
fexoticoptions binaries (3042.80-2) .buildinfo
fextremes binaries (3042.82-2) .buildinfo
feynmf binaries (1.08-11) .buildinfo
ffc binaries (2018.1.0-5) .buildinfo
ffcall binaries (2.1-2) .buildinfo
ffcvt binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
ffdiaporama binaries (2.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
ffdiaporama binaries (2.1+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
ffe binaries (0.3.8-1) .buildinfo
ffindex binaries ( .buildinfo
fflas-ffpack binaries (2.3.2-3) .buildinfo
ffmpeg binaries (7:4.1.6-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
ffmpeg2theora binaries (0.30-1+b3) .buildinfo
ffmpegthumbnailer binaries (2.1.1-0.2+b1) .buildinfo
ffmpegthumbs binaries (4:18.12.0-1) .buildinfo
ffms2 binaries (2.23-4) .buildinfo
ffproxy binaries (1.6-12) .buildinfo
ffrenzy binaries (1.0.2~svn20150731-1+b1) .buildinfo
fftw binaries (2.1.5-4.2) .buildinfo
fftw binaries (2.1.5-4.2+b1) .buildinfo
fftw3 binaries (3.3.8-2) .buildinfo
fgallery binaries (1.8.2-2) .buildinfo
fgarch binaries (3042.83.1-1) .buildinfo
fgetty binaries (0.7-5) .buildinfo
fhist binaries (1.18-2) .buildinfo
fiat binaries (2018.1.0-5) .buildinfo
fiche binaries (0.9.1-1) .buildinfo
field3d binaries (1.7.2-1+b5) .buildinfo
fieldslib binaries (113.33.03-2+b1) .buildinfo
fife binaries (0.4.2-1) .buildinfo
fifechan binaries (0.1.5-1) .buildinfo
fig2dev binaries (1:3.2.7a-5+deb10u4) .buildinfo
fig2sxd binaries (0.20-1+b2) .buildinfo
figlet binaries (2.2.5-3) .buildinfo
figtree binaries (1.4.4-3) .buildinfo
file binaries (1:5.35-4+deb10u2) .buildinfo
file-kanji binaries (1.1-16+b2) .buildinfo
filelight binaries (4:18.04.1-1.1) .buildinfo
file-roller binaries (3.30.1-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fileschanged binaries (0.6.5-2) .buildinfo
filetea binaries (0.1.18-1) .buildinfo
filetraq binaries (0.3) .buildinfo
filezilla binaries (3.39.0-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fill-column-indicator binaries (1.90-2) .buildinfo
fillets-ng binaries (1.0.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
fil-plugins binaries (0.3.0-6) .buildinfo
filter binaries (2.6.3+ds1-3) .buildinfo
filtergen binaries (0.12.8-1) .buildinfo
filters binaries (2.55-3) .buildinfo
fim binaries (0.5~rc3-4) .buildinfo
fimport binaries (3042.85-2) .buildinfo
findbugs binaries (3.1.0~preview2-3) .buildinfo
findent binaries (2.8.2-1) .buildinfo
find-file-in-project binaries (5.7.3-1) .buildinfo
findimagedupes binaries (2.18-7) .buildinfo
findlib binaries (1.7.3-2+b1) .buildinfo
findutils binaries (4.6.0+git+20190209-2) .buildinfo
fio binaries (3.12-2) .buildinfo
fiona binaries (1.8.4-1) .buildinfo
fiona binaries (1.8.4-1+b1) .buildinfo
f-irc binaries (1.36-1+b3) .buildinfo
firebird3.0 binaries ( .buildinfo
firefox-esr binaries (78.14.0esr-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
firefox-esr binaries (1:78.14.0esr-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
firehol binaries (3.1.6+ds-8) .buildinfo
firejail binaries ( .buildinfo
firetools binaries (0.9.58-1) .buildinfo
firewalld binaries (0.6.3-5) .buildinfo
fische binaries (3.2.2-4+b1) .buildinfo
fis-gtm binaries (6.3-007-1) .buildinfo
fish binaries (3.0.2-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fitgcp binaries (0.0.20150429-2) .buildinfo
fitscut binaries (1.4.4-4+b4) .buildinfo
fitsh binaries (0.9.2-1+b1) .buildinfo
fitspng binaries (1.4-1) .buildinfo
fitsverify binaries (4.19-1+b1) .buildinfo
fityk binaries (1.3.1-3) .buildinfo
five-or-more binaries (1:3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
fizmo-console binaries (0.7.13-2) .buildinfo
fizmo-ncursesw binaries (0.7.14-2+b1) .buildinfo
fizmo-sdl2 binaries (0.8.5-2) .buildinfo
fizsh binaries (1.0.9-1) .buildinfo
flac binaries (1.3.2-3) .buildinfo
flactag binaries (2.0.4-5+b2) .buildinfo
flake binaries (0.11-3) .buildinfo
flake8-polyfill binaries (1.0.2-1) .buildinfo
flam3 binaries (3.1.1-1) .buildinfo
flamerobin binaries (0.9.3~+20160512.c75f8618-2+b1) .buildinfo
flameshot binaries (0.6.0-11) .buildinfo
flamp binaries (2.2.04-1) .buildinfo
flang binaries (20181226-2) .buildinfo
flann binaries (1.9.1+dfsg-7) .buildinfo
flare-engine binaries (1.09.01-1) .buildinfo
flare-game binaries (1.09.01-1) .buildinfo
flashbench binaries (62-1+b1) .buildinfo
flashrom binaries (1.0-1) .buildinfo
flask binaries (1.0.2-3) .buildinfo
flask-api binaries (1.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
flask-assets binaries (0.12-3) .buildinfo
flask-autoindex binaries (0.6.2-1) .buildinfo
flask-babel binaries (0.11.2-2) .buildinfo
flask-babelex binaries (0.9.3-2) .buildinfo
flask-cache binaries (0.13.1-2) .buildinfo
flask-compress binaries (1.4.0-2) .buildinfo
flask-htmlmin binaries (1.3.2-1) .buildinfo
flask-ldapconn binaries (0.7.2-1) .buildinfo
flask-login binaries (0.4.1-2) .buildinfo
flask-mongoengine binaries (0.9.3-2) .buildinfo
flask-oauthlib binaries (0.9.5-2) .buildinfo
flask-oldsessions binaries (0.10+git20121007-2) .buildinfo
flask-paranoid binaries (0.2.0-3) .buildinfo
flask-restful binaries (0.3.7-1) .buildinfo
flask-script binaries (2.0.6-1) .buildinfo
flask-silk binaries (0.2-13) .buildinfo
flask-testing binaries (0.7.1-1) .buildinfo
flask-wtf binaries (0.14.2-3) .buildinfo
flasm binaries (1.62-10) .buildinfo
flatpak binaries (1.2.5-0+deb10u4) .buildinfo
flatpak-builder binaries (1.0.5-1) .buildinfo
flatpak-xdg-utils binaries (1.0.0-1) .buildinfo
flatzebra binaries (0.1.6-5) .buildinfo
fl-cow binaries (0.6-4.2) .buildinfo
fldiff binaries (1.1+0-5) .buildinfo
fldigi binaries (4.1.01-1) .buildinfo
flent binaries (1.2.2-1) .buildinfo
flex binaries (2.6.4-6.2) .buildinfo
flexbackup binaries (1.2.1-6.4) .buildinfo
flexbar binaries (1:3.4.0-2) .buildinfo
flexc++ binaries (2.07.03-1) .buildinfo
flexi-streams binaries (20181214.git0fd872a-1) .buildinfo
flexloader binaries (0.03-3+b1) .buildinfo
flexml binaries (1.9.6-5+b1) .buildinfo
flex-old binaries (2.5.4a-10) .buildinfo
flexpart binaries (9.02-21) .buildinfo
flextra binaries (5.0-12) .buildinfo
flickcurl binaries (1.26-4) .buildinfo
flightcrew binaries (0.7.2+dfsg-13+deb10u1) .buildinfo
flightgear binaries (1:2018.3.2+dfsg-2+b1) .buildinfo
flightgear-data binaries (1:2018.3.2+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
flightgear-phi binaries (2018.1.1+dfsg1-1.1) .buildinfo
flim binaries (1:1.14.9+0.20120428-21) .buildinfo
flint binaries (2.5.2-19) .buildinfo
flint-arb binaries (1:2.16.0-2) .buildinfo
flintqs binaries (1:1.0-3) .buildinfo
flip binaries (1.20-4) .buildinfo
flite binaries (2.1-release-3) .buildinfo
flmsg binaries ( .buildinfo
floatbg binaries (1.0-28+b2) .buildinfo
flobopuyo binaries (0.20-5+b2) .buildinfo
flog binaries (1.8+orig-2) .buildinfo
florence binaries (0.6.3-1.2) .buildinfo
flowblade binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
flowcanvas binaries (0.7.1+dfsg0-0.4) .buildinfo
flowgrind binaries (0.8.0-1+b2) .buildinfo
flow-tools binaries (1:0.68-12.5+b3) .buildinfo
flpsed binaries (0.7.3-4) .buildinfo
flrig binaries (1.3.42-1) .buildinfo
fltk1.1 binaries (1.1.10-26) .buildinfo
fltk1.3 binaries (1.3.4-9) .buildinfo
flufl.bounce binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
flufl.enum binaries (4.1.1-1) .buildinfo
flufl.i18n binaries (2.0.1-1) .buildinfo
flufl.lock binaries (3.2-1) .buildinfo
flufl.testing binaries (0.7-1) .buildinfo
fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont binaries (2.315-5) .buildinfo
fluidsynth binaries (1.1.11-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fluidsynth-dssi binaries (1.0.0-6+b2) .buildinfo
flute binaries (1:1.1.6-4) .buildinfo
fluxbox binaries (1.3.5-2+b2) .buildinfo
flvmeta binaries (1.2.1-1) .buildinfo
flvstreamer binaries (2.1c1-1+b2) .buildinfo
flwm binaries (1.02+git2015.10.03+7dbb30-6) .buildinfo
flwrap binaries (1.3.5-1) .buildinfo
flx binaries (0.6.1-2) .buildinfo
flxmlrpc binaries (0.1.4-5) .buildinfo
flycheck binaries (31-3) .buildinfo
flycheck-package binaries (0.12-2) .buildinfo
fmtlib binaries (5.2.1+ds-2) .buildinfo
fmtools binaries (2.0.7+b1) .buildinfo
fmultivar binaries (3042.80-2) .buildinfo
fnonlinear binaries (3042.79-1+b2) .buildinfo
fnotifystat binaries (0.02.01-1) .buildinfo
fntsample binaries (5.3-1) .buildinfo
focuswriter binaries (1.7.1-1) .buildinfo
folding-mode-el binaries (0+20170925.1538-2) .buildinfo
folks binaries (0.11.4-1) .buildinfo
folks binaries (0.11.4-1+b2) .buildinfo
foma binaries (0.9.18+r243-1+b3) .buildinfo
fomp binaries (1.0.0~dfsg0-3) .buildinfo
fontawesomefx binaries (9.1.2-1) .buildinfo
fontchooser binaries (1.0.0-3) .buildinfo
fontconfig binaries (2.13.1-2) .buildinfo
fontcustom binaries (2.0.0+ds4-5) .buildinfo
fontforge binaries (1:20170731~dfsg-1) .buildinfo
fontforge-extras binaries (0.3-4) .buildinfo
fontmake binaries (1.8.0-1) .buildinfo
font-manager binaries (0.7.3-1.1) .buildinfo binaries (0.1-1+b3) .buildinfo
fontmath binaries (0.4.9-1) .buildinfo
fontpens binaries (0.2.4-1) .buildinfo
fonts-adf binaries (0.20110505-3) .buildinfo
fonts-alee binaries (13.3) .buildinfo
fonts-android binaries (1:6.0.1r16-1.1) .buildinfo
fonts-aoyagi-kouzan-t binaries (20160404-4) .buildinfo
fonts-aoyagi-soseki binaries (20070207-16) .buildinfo
fonts-arabeyes binaries (2.1-6) .buildinfo
fonts-arphic-bkai00mp binaries (2.10-18) .buildinfo
fonts-arphic-uming binaries (0.2.20080216.2-10) .buildinfo
fonts-atarismall binaries (2.2-4) .buildinfo
fonts-babelstone-han binaries (11.0.2-1) .buildinfo
fonts-baekmuk binaries (2.2-13) .buildinfo
fonts-beng-extra binaries (1.0-6) .buildinfo
fonts-beteckna binaries (0.5-2) .buildinfo
fonts-blankenburg binaries (0.1-2) .buildinfo
fonts-bpg-georgian binaries (2012-4) .buildinfo
fonts-breip binaries (1:0.5.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-cantarell binaries (0.111-2) .buildinfo
fonts-cns11643 binaries (103.1+20181001-1) .buildinfo
fonts-comfortaa binaries (3.001-2) .buildinfo
fonts-courier-prime binaries (0+git20190115-2) .buildinfo
fonts-crosextra-caladea binaries (20130214-2) .buildinfo
fonts-dejima-mincho binaries (227-15) .buildinfo
fonts-deva-extra binaries (3.0-4) .buildinfo
fonts-dseg binaries (0.44-1) .buildinfo
fonts-dustin binaries (20030517-13) .buildinfo
fonts-elusive-icons binaries (2.0.0-4) .buildinfo
fonts-f500 binaries (1.0-8) .buildinfo
fonts-fantasque-sans binaries (1.7.2~alpha.3~dfsg-1) .buildinfo
fonts-fanwood binaries (1.1-5) .buildinfo
fonts-firacode binaries (1.206+dfsg1-4) .buildinfo
fonts-font-awesome binaries (5.0.10+really4.7.0~dfsg-1) .buildinfo
fonts-fork-awesome binaries (1.1.5+ds1-2) .buildinfo
fonts-freefont binaries (20120503-9) .buildinfo
fonts-go binaries (0~20170330-1) .buildinfo
fonts-goudybookletter binaries (2010.07.03-4) .buildinfo
fonts-gujr binaries (2:1.3) .buildinfo
fonts-gujr-extra binaries (1.0-7) .buildinfo
fonts-guru-extra binaries (2.0-4) .buildinfo
fonts-hack binaries (3.003-2) .buildinfo
fonts-hanazono binaries (20170904-2) .buildinfo
fonts-horai-umefont binaries (670-3) .buildinfo
fonts-hosny-amiri binaries (0.111-2) .buildinfo
fonts-humor-sans binaries (1.0-3) .buildinfo
fonts-indic binaries (2:1.3) .buildinfo
fonts-ipaexfont binaries (00401-1) .buildinfo
fonts-ipafont binaries (00303-18) .buildinfo
fonts-ipamj-mincho binaries (005.01-2) .buildinfo
fonts-junicode binaries (1.001-2) .buildinfo
fonts-jura binaries (5.103-1) .buildinfo
fonts-kacst binaries (2.01+mry-14) .buildinfo
fonts-kacst-one binaries (5.0+svn11846-9) .buildinfo
fonts-kalapi binaries (1.0-3) .buildinfo
fonts-kanjistrokeorders binaries (4.002~dfsg-1) .buildinfo
fonts-karla binaries (20160111-1) .buildinfo
fonts-karmilla binaries (016+git20181118-2) .buildinfo
fonts-kiloji binaries (1:2.1.0-23) .buildinfo
fonts-komatuna binaries (20101113-14) .buildinfo
fonts-konatu binaries (20121218-8) .buildinfo
fonts-kouzan-mouhitsu binaries (20170411-2) .buildinfo
fonts-lato binaries (2.0-2) .buildinfo
fonts-league-spartan binaries (0.2+sursly-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lexi-gulim binaries (20090423-3) .buildinfo
fonts-lexi-saebom binaries (20100129-3) .buildinfo
fonts-liberation binaries (1:1.07.4-9) .buildinfo
fonts-liberation2 binaries (2.00.5-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lindenhill binaries (1.2-5) .buildinfo
fonts-linuxlibertine binaries (5.3.0-4) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-beng-assamese binaries (2.91.5-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-beng-bengali binaries (2.91.5-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-deva binaries (2.95.4-3) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-deva-marathi binaries (2.94.2-2) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-deva-nepali binaries (2.94.2-2) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-gujr binaries (2.92.4-3) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-guru binaries (2.91.2-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-knda binaries (2.5.4-2) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-mlym binaries (2.92.2-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-orya binaries (2.91.2-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-taml binaries (2.91.3-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-taml-classical binaries (2.5.4-1) .buildinfo
fonts-lohit-telu binaries (2.5.5-1) .buildinfo
fonts-manchufont binaries (2.007.svn0068-5) .buildinfo
fonts-meera-taml binaries (1.1-2) .buildinfo
fonts-migmix binaries (20150712-2) .buildinfo
fonts-misaki binaries (20190203a-1) .buildinfo
fonts-mmcedar binaries (20101113a-5) .buildinfo
fonts-monapo binaries (20170722-2) .buildinfo
fonts-motoya-l-cedar binaries (1.01-4) .buildinfo
fonts-motoya-l-maruberi binaries (1.01-4) .buildinfo
fonts-mplus binaries (063-2) .buildinfo
fonts-nanum binaries (20180306-1) .buildinfo
fonts-nanum-coding binaries (2.5-1) .buildinfo
fonts-naver-d2coding binaries (1.3.2-1) .buildinfo
fonts-noto binaries (20181227-1) .buildinfo
fonts-noto-cjk binaries (1:20170601+repack1-3+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fonts-noto-color-emoji binaries (0~20180810-1) .buildinfo
fonts-ocr-a binaries (1.0-9) .buildinfo
fonts-okolaks binaries (0.6.0-1) .buildinfo
fonts-opendin binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
fonts-opendyslexic binaries (20160623-2) .buildinfo
fonts-oradano-mincho-gsrr binaries (0.2018-1) .buildinfo
fonts-orya-extra binaries (2.0-5) .buildinfo
fonts-paratype binaries (20181108-2) .buildinfo
fonts-prociono binaries (2.3-5) .buildinfo
fonts-quicksand binaries (0.2016-2) .buildinfo
fonts-ricty-diminished binaries (4.1.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-roadgeek binaries (3.1-2) .buildinfo
fonts-roboto binaries (2:0~20170802-3) .buildinfo
fonts-roboto-fontface binaries (0.5.0-2) .buildinfo
fonts-sawarabi-gothic binaries (20161015-3) .buildinfo
fonts-sawarabi-mincho binaries (20190115-1) .buildinfo
fonts-senamirmir-washra binaries (4.1-10) .buildinfo
fonts-seto binaries (6.20-6) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-andika binaries (5.000-3) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-andikanewbasic binaries (5.500-3) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-annapurna binaries (1.203-1) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-charis binaries (5.000-3) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-doulos binaries (5.000-4) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-gentium binaries (20081126:1.03-2) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-gentium-basic binaries (1.102-1) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-gentiumplus binaries (5.000-2) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-harmattan binaries (1.001-1) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-padauk binaries (3.003-1) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-scheherazade binaries (2.100-2) .buildinfo
fonts-sil-taiheritagepro binaries (2.600-1) .buildinfo
fonts-sipa-arundina binaries (0.2.2-2) .buildinfo
fonts-smc binaries (1:7.0) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-anjalioldlipi binaries (7.1.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-chilanka binaries (1.3.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-dyuthi binaries (3.0.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-karumbi binaries (1.1.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-keraleeyam binaries (3.0.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-manjari binaries (1.710-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-meera binaries (7.0.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-rachana binaries (7.0.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-raghumalayalamsans binaries (2.1.2-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-suruma binaries (3.2.2-1) .buildinfo
fonts-smc-uroob binaries (2.0.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-takao binaries (00303.01-2) .buildinfo
fonts-telu-extra binaries (2.0-4) .buildinfo
fonts-tiresias binaries (0.1-5) .buildinfo
fonts-tlwg binaries (1:0.7.1-1) .buildinfo
fonts-tomsontalks binaries (1.1-8) .buildinfo
fonts-umeplus binaries (20180604-1) .buildinfo
fonts-umeplus-cl binaries (20180604-1) .buildinfo
fonts-unfonts-core binaries (1:1.0.2-080608-16) .buildinfo
fonts-unfonts-extra binaries (1:1.0.2-080608+dfsg-9) .buildinfo
fonts-uralic binaries (0.0.20040829-6) .buildinfo
fonts-urw-base35 binaries (20170801.1-2) .buildinfo
fonts-vlgothic binaries (20141206-5) .buildinfo
fonts-vollkorn binaries (4.105-1) .buildinfo
fonts-wqy-microhei binaries (0.2.0-beta-3) .buildinfo
fonts-wqy-zenhei binaries (0.9.45-7) .buildinfo
fonts-yanone-kaffeesatz binaries (0.20151005-2) .buildinfo
fonts-yozvox-yozfont binaries (14.04-1) .buildinfo
fonts-yrsa-rasa binaries (1.002-2) .buildinfo
fonttools binaries (3.35.1-1) .buildinfo
foo2zjs binaries (20171202dfsg0-2) .buildinfo
foobillardplus binaries (3.43~svn170+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
fookb binaries (4.0-1) .buildinfo
fookebox binaries (0.7.2-3) .buildinfo
foolscap binaries (0.13.1-3) .buildinfo
foomatic-db binaries (20181217-2) .buildinfo
foomatic-db-engine binaries (4.0.13-3) .buildinfo
foomatic-filters binaries (4.0.17-11) .buildinfo
foo-yc20 binaries (1.3.0-6+b1) .buildinfo
fop binaries (1:2.3-2) .buildinfo
foptions binaries (3042.86-1+b2) .buildinfo
foreign binaries (0.8.71-1) .buildinfo
foremancli binaries (1.0-3) .buildinfo
foremost binaries (1.5.7-8) .buildinfo
forensic-artifacts binaries (20190113-1) .buildinfo
forensics-all binaries (3.7) .buildinfo
forensics-colorize binaries (1.1-3) .buildinfo
forensics-extra binaries (2.8) .buildinfo
forge binaries (1.0.1-3) .buildinfo
forked-daapd binaries (26.4+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
forkstat binaries (0.02.09-1) .buildinfo
form binaries (4.2.1-1) .buildinfo
formiko binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
fortune-mod binaries (1:1.99.1-7+b1) .buildinfo
fortunes-de binaries (0.34-1) .buildinfo
fortunes-debian-hints binaries (2.01.2) .buildinfo
fortunes-es binaries (1.35) .buildinfo
fortunes-pl binaries (0.0.20130525-2) .buildinfo
fortune-zh binaries (2.95) .buildinfo
fosfat binaries (0.4.0-13-ged091bb-3) .buildinfo
fossil binaries (1:2.8-1) .buildinfo
fotoxx binaries (18.07.2-1) .buildinfo
fountain-mode binaries (2.6.1-1) .buildinfo
four-in-a-row binaries (1:3.28.0-2) .buildinfo
fox1.6 binaries (1.6.57-1) .buildinfo
foxeye binaries (0.12.0-1) .buildinfo
foxtrotgps binaries (1.2.1-1) .buildinfo
fparser binaries (0.0.8-2) .buildinfo
fparserc++ binaries (4.5.2-2) .buildinfo
fpart binaries (0.9.2-1+b1) .buildinfo
fpc binaries (3.0.4+dfsg-22) .buildinfo
fped binaries (0.1+201210-1.1) .buildinfo
fpga-icestorm binaries (0~20181109git9671b76-1) .buildinfo
fpgatools binaries (0.0+201212-1+b2) .buildinfo
fping binaries (4.2-1) .buildinfo
fplll binaries (5.2.1-2) .buildinfo
fportfolio binaries (3042.83-1+b1) .buildinfo
fprintd binaries (0.8.1-1) .buildinfo
fprint-demo binaries (20080303git-7) .buildinfo
fprobe binaries (1.1-8) .buildinfo
fpylll binaries (0.4.1+ds1-5) .buildinfo
fqterm binaries (0.9.9-2) .buildinfo
fracplanet binaries (0.5.1-3) .buildinfo
fractalnow binaries (0.8.2-2) .buildinfo
fractgen binaries (2.1.4-1) .buildinfo
fragmaster binaries (1.7-8) .buildinfo
frama-c binaries (20171101+sulfur+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
frame binaries (2.5.0-3+b2) .buildinfo
frameworkintegration binaries (5.54.0-1) .buildinfo
francine binaries (0.99.8+orig-2+b1) .buildinfo
fraqtive binaries (0.4.8-10) .buildinfo
freealut binaries (1.1.0-5+b2) .buildinfo
freebayes binaries (1.2.0-2) .buildinfo
freebirth binaries (0.3.2-9.2) .buildinfo
freebsd-buildutils binaries (10.3~svn296373-7) .buildinfo
freebsd-libs binaries (10.3~svn296373-10) .buildinfo
freebsd-manpages binaries (12.0-1) .buildinfo
freecad binaries (0.18~pre1+dfsg1-5) .buildinfo
freecdb binaries (0.75) .buildinfo
freecell-solver binaries (5.0.0-2) .buildinfo
freeciv binaries (2.6.0-2) .buildinfo
freecol binaries (0.11.6+dfsg2-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
freecontact binaries (1.0.21-7) .buildinfo
freecontact binaries (1.0.21-7+b1) .buildinfo
freediameter binaries (1.2.1-7+deb10u1) .buildinfo
freedict binaries (2018.10.21-3) .buildinfo
freedict-tools binaries (0.5.0~beta.4-1) .buildinfo
freedict-wikdict binaries (2018.11.02-2) .buildinfo
freedink binaries (109.6-1) .buildinfo
freedink-data binaries (1.08.20190120-1) .buildinfo
freedink-dfarc binaries (3.14-1) .buildinfo
freedombox-setup binaries (0.13.1) .buildinfo
freedom-maker binaries (0.23) .buildinfo
freedoom binaries (0.11.3-1) .buildinfo
freedroid binaries (1.0.2+cvs040112-6) .buildinfo
freedroidrpg binaries (0.16.1-4) .buildinfo
freedv binaries (1.3.1-3) .buildinfo
freefem binaries (3.5.8-7) .buildinfo
freefem++ binaries (3.61.1+dfsg1-4) .buildinfo
freegish binaries (1.53+git20140221+dfsg-1+b2) .buildinfo
freeglut binaries (2.8.1-3) .buildinfo
freehep-chartableconverter-plugin binaries (2.0-10) .buildinfo
freehep-export binaries (2.1.1-4) .buildinfo
freehep-graphics2d binaries (2.1.1-6) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio binaries (2.1.1-5) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio-emf binaries (2.1.1-emfplus+dfsg1-4) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio-java binaries (2.1.1-3) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio-pdf binaries (2.1.1+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio-ps binaries (2.1.1-3) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio-svg binaries (2.1.1-5) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio-swf binaries (2.1.1+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
freehep-graphicsio-tests binaries (2.1.1+dfsg1-5) .buildinfo
freehep-io binaries (2.0.2-6) .buildinfo
freehep-swing binaries (2.0.3-5) .buildinfo
freehep-util binaries (2.0.2-7) .buildinfo
freehep-xml binaries (2.1.2+dfsg1-5) .buildinfo
freeimage binaries (3.18.0+ds2-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
freeipa binaries (4.7.2-3) .buildinfo
freeipmi binaries (1.6.3-1.1) .buildinfo
freemat binaries (4.2+dfsg1-6) .buildinfo
freemat binaries (4.2+dfsg1-6+b3) .buildinfo
freemedforms-project binaries (0.9.4-2) .buildinfo
freeorion binaries (0.4.8-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
freeplane binaries (1.7.5-1) .buildinfo
freepwing binaries (1.5-2) .buildinfo
freeradius binaries (3.0.17+dfsg-1.1) .buildinfo
freerdp2 binaries (2.0.0~git20190204.1.2693389a+dfsg1-1+deb10u2) .buildinfo
freesweep binaries (1.0.1-1) .buildinfo
freetds binaries (1.00.104-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
freetennis binaries (0.4.8-10+b3) .buildinfo
freetts binaries (1.2.2-6) .buildinfo
freeture binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
freetuxtv binaries (0.6.8~dfsg1-1+b2) .buildinfo
freetype binaries (2.9.1-3+deb10u2) .buildinfo
freevial binaries (1.3-2.1) .buildinfo
freewheeling binaries (0.6.4-1) .buildinfo
freewnn binaries (1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-7) .buildinfo
freewnn binaries (1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-7+b1) .buildinfo
freexl binaries (1.0.5-3) .buildinfo
freezegun binaries (0.3.11-0.1) .buildinfo
fregression binaries (3042.82-1+b1) .buildinfo
frei0r binaries (1.6.1-2) .buildinfo
frescobaldi binaries (3.0.0+ds1-2) .buildinfo
fretsonfire binaries (1.3.110.dfsg2-5) .buildinfo
fribidi binaries (1.0.5-3.1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
friendly-recovery binaries (0.2.39) .buildinfo
fritzing binaries (0.9.3b+dfsg-9) .buildinfo
fritzing-parts binaries (0.9.3b-3) .buildinfo
frobby binaries (0.9.0-5) .buildinfo
frobby binaries (0.9.0-5+b11) .buildinfo
frog binaries (0.15-1) .buildinfo
frogdata binaries (0.16-1) .buildinfo
frogr binaries (1.5-1) .buildinfo
frotz binaries (2.44-1+b1) .buildinfo
frozen-bubble binaries (2.212-9) .buildinfo
frozen-bubble binaries (2.212-9+b1) .buildinfo
frr binaries (6.0.2-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fruit binaries (2.1.dfsg-7) .buildinfo
fsa binaries (1.15.9+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
fsarchiver binaries (0.8.5-2) .buildinfo
fscrypt binaries (0.2.4-2+b10) .buildinfo
fslint binaries (2.46-1) .buildinfo
fsmark binaries (3.3-3) .buildinfo
fsm-el binaries (0.2.1-2) .buildinfo
fsm-lite binaries (1.0-3) .buildinfo
fspanel binaries (0.7-14) .buildinfo
fsplib binaries (0.11-2) .buildinfo
fsprotect binaries (1.0.7) .buildinfo
fspy binaries (0.1.1-2) .buildinfo
fssync binaries (1.6-1) .buildinfo
fstl binaries (0.9.3-1) .buildinfo
fstransform binaries (0.9.3-4) .buildinfo
fstrcmp binaries (0.7.D001-1.1) .buildinfo
fstrcmp binaries (0.7.D001-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
fstrm binaries (0.4.0-1) .buildinfo
fs-uae binaries (2.8.4+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
fsvs binaries (1.2.7-1+b2) .buildinfo
fswatch binaries (1.14.0+repack-8) .buildinfo
fswebcam binaries (20140113-2) .buildinfo
fte binaries (0.50.2b6-20110708-2) .buildinfo
fteproxy binaries (0.2.19-3) .buildinfo
fteqcc binaries (3343+svn3400-3+b2) .buildinfo
ftgl binaries (2.4.0-2) .buildinfo
ftjam binaries (2.5.2-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
ftnchek binaries (3.3.1-5+b1) .buildinfo
ftools-fv binaries (5.5+dfsg-2) .buildinfo binaries (0.6-2+b1) .buildinfo
ftpcopy binaries (0.6.7-4) .buildinfo
ftpgrab binaries (0.1.5-6) .buildinfo
ftphs binaries ( .buildinfo
ftphs binaries ( .buildinfo
ftplib binaries (4.0-1-4) .buildinfo
ftpmirror binaries (1.96+dfsg-16+b1) .buildinfo
ftp-upload binaries (1.6-1) .buildinfo
ftpwatch binaries (1.23+nmu1) .buildinfo
ftrading binaries (3042.79-2) .buildinfo
fullquottel binaries (0.1.3-1+b2) .buildinfo
funcoeszz binaries (15.5-1.1) .buildinfo
funguloids binaries (1.06-13) .buildinfo
funguloids binaries (1.06-13+b1) .buildinfo
funitroots binaries (3042.79-1+b2) .buildinfo
funnelweb binaries (3.2-5+b1) .buildinfo
funtools binaries (1.4.7-4) .buildinfo
fuse binaries (2.9.9-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fuse3 binaries (3.4.1-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fuse-convmvfs binaries (0.2.6-2+b2) .buildinfo
fuse-emulator binaries (1.5.7+dfsg1-2~deb10u1) .buildinfo
fuse-emulator-utils binaries (1.4.3-1) .buildinfo
fuse-exfat binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
fuseiso binaries (20070708-3.2+b1) .buildinfo
fuse-overlayfs binaries (0.3-1) .buildinfo
fuse-posixovl binaries (1.2.20120215+gitf5bfe35-1) .buildinfo
fusesmb binaries (0.8.7-1.4) .buildinfo
fuse-umfuse-ext2 binaries (0.4-1.2) .buildinfo
fuse-umfuse-fat binaries (0.1a-1.2) .buildinfo
fuse-umfuse-iso9660 binaries (0.3-1.3) .buildinfo
fuse-zip binaries (0.5.0-1) .buildinfo
fusiondirectory binaries (1.2.3-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
fusion-icon binaries (0.2.4-2) .buildinfo
fusioninventory-agent binaries (1:2.4.2-1) .buildinfo
fuzzylite binaries (6.0+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
fuzzyocr binaries (3.6.0-12) .buildinfo
fuzzywuzzy binaries (0.17.0-1) .buildinfo
fvwm binaries (1:2.6.8-1) .buildinfo
fvwm1 binaries (1.24r-56+b1) .buildinfo
fw4spl binaries (17.2.0-2) .buildinfo
fwanalog binaries (0.6.9-8) .buildinfo
fwbuilder binaries (5.3.7-3) .buildinfo
fweb binaries (1.62-13+b1) .buildinfo
fwknop binaries (2.6.10-2) .buildinfo
fwknop-gui binaries (1.3+dfsg-1+b2) .buildinfo
fwlogwatch binaries (1.4-1) .buildinfo
fwsnort binaries (1.6.7-3) .buildinfo
fwupd binaries (1.2.14-1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
fwupd-amd64-signed binaries (1.2.14+1~deb10u1) .buildinfo
fwupdate binaries (12-4+deb10u4) .buildinfo
fwupdate-amd64-signed binaries (12+4+deb10u4) .buildinfo
fxlinuxprint binaries (1.1.0+ds-3) .buildinfo
fxload binaries (0.0.20081013-1+b2) .buildinfo
fxt binaries (0.3.8-2) .buildinfo
fyba binaries (4.1.1-6) .buildinfo
fyre binaries (1.0.1-6) .buildinfo
fzf binaries (0.17.5-2+b10) .buildinfo
fzy binaries (1.0-1) .buildinfo
g10k binaries (0.5.7-1) .buildinfo
g2 binaries (0.72-8+b1) .buildinfo
g2clib binaries (1.6.0-9) .buildinfo
g3data binaries (1:1.5.3-2.1+b1) .buildinfo
g3dviewer binaries ( .buildinfo
g810-led binaries (0.3.3-2) .buildinfo
ga binaries (5.7-4) .buildinfo
gabedit binaries (2.4.8-3+b2) .buildinfo
gadap binaries (2.0-11) .buildinfo
gadfly binaries (1:1.0.0-16) .buildinfo
gadmin-bind binaries (0.2.5-2+b2) .buildinfo
gadmin-openvpn-client binaries (0.1.9-1) .buildinfo
gadmin-openvpn-server binaries (0.1.5-3.1+b2) .buildinfo
gadmin-proftpd binaries (1:0.4.2-1+b2) .buildinfo
gadmin-rsync binaries (0.1.7-1+b2) .buildinfo
gadmin-samba binaries (0.2.9-3+b2) .buildinfo
gadmintools-meta binaries (11) .buildinfo
gaffitter binaries (0.6.0-2+b2) .buildinfo
gaim-themes binaries (0.2-2) .buildinfo
gajim binaries (1.1.2-2) .buildinfo
gajim-antispam binaries (1.4.21-2) .buildinfo
gajim-appindicatorintegration binaries (1.1.20-1) .buildinfo
gajim-omemo binaries (2.6.27-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
gajim-pgp binaries (1.2.24-1) .buildinfo
gajim-plugininstaller binaries (1.1.4-1) .buildinfo
gajim-rostertweaks binaries (1.1.0-1) .buildinfo
gajim-triggers binaries (1.1.2-1) .buildinfo
gajim-urlimagepreview binaries (2.3.23-1) .buildinfo
galax binaries (1.1-15+b6) .buildinfo
galculator binaries (2.1.4-1+b1) .buildinfo
galera-3 binaries (25.3.25-2) .buildinfo
galileo binaries (0.5.1-6) .buildinfo
gall binaries (1.3-1) .buildinfo
gall binaries (1.3-1+b2) .buildinfo
galleta binaries (1.0+20040505-10) .buildinfo
galois binaries (0.6-1) .buildinfo
galpy binaries (1.4.0-2) .buildinfo
galternatives binaries (1.0.4) .buildinfo
gamazons binaries (0.83-9) .buildinfo
gambas3 binaries (3.12.2-1) .buildinfo
gambc binaries (4.8.8-3.1) .buildinfo
gamemode binaries (1.2-6) .buildinfo
game-music-emu binaries (0.6.2-1) .buildinfo
gamera binaries (1:3.4.3-1) .buildinfo
gamgi binaries (0.17.3-2) .buildinfo
gamin binaries (0.1.10-5+b1) .buildinfo
gamine binaries (1.6-1) .buildinfo
gammapy binaries (0.10-1) .buildinfo
gammaray binaries (2.9.0-2.1+b3) .buildinfo
gammu binaries (1.40.0-1) .buildinfo
ganeti binaries (2.16.0-5) .buildinfo
ganeti-2.15 binaries (2.15.2-15) .buildinfo
ganeti-instance-debootstrap binaries (0.16-6) .buildinfo
ganeti-os-noop binaries (0.2-4) .buildinfo
ganglia binaries (3.6.0-7+b2) .buildinfo
ganglia-modules-linux binaries (1.3.6-2) .buildinfo
ganglia-nagios-bridge binaries (1.2.1-1) .buildinfo
gant binaries (1.9.11-7) .buildinfo
ganv binaries (1.4.2~dfsg0-2) .buildinfo
ganymed-ssh2 binaries (250-3) .buildinfo
ganyremote binaries (7.0-3) .buildinfo
gap binaries (4r10p0-7) .buildinfo
gap-alnuth binaries (3.1.0-3) .buildinfo
gap-atlasrep binaries (1.5.1-2) .buildinfo
gap-autodoc binaries (2018.09.20-1) .buildinfo
gap-autpgrp binaries (1.10-1) .buildinfo
gap-design binaries (1r6+ds-2) .buildinfo
gap-factint binaries (1.6.2+ds-1) .buildinfo
gap-float binaries (0.9.1+ds-4) .buildinfo
gap-gapdoc binaries (1.6.2-1) .buildinfo
gap-gdat binaries (4r8p5-2) .buildinfo
gap-grape binaries (4.8.1+ds-3) .buildinfo
gap-guava binaries (3.14+ds-1) .buildinfo
gap-io binaries (4.5.4+ds-3) .buildinfo
gap-laguna binaries (3.9.1+ds-1) .buildinfo
gap-openmath binaries (11.4.2+ds-3) .buildinfo
gap-polycyclic binaries (2.14-1) .buildinfo
gap-primgrp binaries (3.3.2-1) .buildinfo
gap-radiroot binaries (2.8-1) .buildinfo
gap-scscp binaries (2.2.3+ds-2) .buildinfo
gap-sonata binaries (2.9.1+ds-2) .buildinfo
gap-tomlib binaries (1.2.7-2) .buildinfo
gap-toric binaries (1.9.4+ds-1) .buildinfo
garcon binaries (0.6.2-1) .buildinfo
garden-of-coloured-lights binaries (1.0.9-1+b1) .buildinfo
gargoyle-free binaries (2011.1b-1) .buildinfo
garli binaries (2.1-3) .buildinfo
garlic binaries (1.6-3) .buildinfo
garlic-doc binaries (1.6-1.1) .buildinfo
garmin-forerunner-tools binaries (0.10repacked-11) .buildinfo
gasic binaries (0.0.r19-4) .buildinfo
gatb-core binaries (1.4.1+git20181225.44d5a44+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
gatk-native-bindings binaries (1.0.0-2) .buildinfo
gau2grid binaries (1.3.1-2) .buildinfo
gauche binaries (0.9.6-10) .buildinfo
gauche-c-wrapper binaries (0.6.1-11) .buildinfo
gauche-gl binaries (0.6-4) .buildinfo
gauche-gtk binaries (0.6+git20160927-3) .buildinfo
gaupol binaries (1.5-1) .buildinfo
gausssum binaries (3.0.2-1) .buildinfo
gav binaries (0.9.0-3+b2) .buildinfo
gaviotatb binaries (0.4-2) .buildinfo
gavl binaries (1.4.0-5) .buildinfo
gawk binaries (1:4.2.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
gazebo binaries (9.6.0-1) .buildinfo
gazebo binaries (9.6.0-1+b11) .buildinfo
gbase binaries (0.5-2.2+b2) .buildinfo
gbatnav binaries (1.0.4cvs20051004-5.1) .buildinfo
gbdfed binaries (1.6-4+b1) .buildinfo
gbemol binaries (0.3.2-2+b1) .buildinfo
gbgoffice binaries (1.4-11) .buildinfo
gbonds binaries (2.0.3-12) .buildinfo
gbrainy binaries (1:2.3.9-1) .buildinfo
gbrowse binaries (2.56+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
gbrowse binaries (2.56+dfsg-4+b1) .buildinfo
gbsplay binaries (0.0.93-3) .buildinfo
gbutils binaries (5.7.1-1) .buildinfo
gcab binaries (1.2-3~deb10u1) .buildinfo
gcal binaries (4.1-3) .buildinfo
gcalcli binaries (4.0.4-2) .buildinfo
gcap binaries (0.1.1-2) .buildinfo
gcc-3.3 binaries (1:3.3.6-30) .buildinfo
gcc-7 binaries (7.4.0-6) .buildinfo
gcc-8 binaries (8.3.0-6) .buildinfo
gcc-8 binaries (1:8.3.0-6) .buildinfo
gcc-8-cross binaries (8.3.0-2cross1) .buildinfo
gcc-8-cross binaries (1:8.3.0-2cross1) .buildinfo
gcc-8-cross-mipsen binaries (8.3.0-2cross2) .buildinfo
gcc-8-cross-mipsen binaries (1:8.3.0-2cross2) .buildinfo
gcc-8-cross-ports binaries (8.3.0-2cross2) .buildinfo
gcc-8-cross-ports binaries (1:8.3.0-2cross2) .buildinfo
gcc-arm-none-eabi binaries (15:7-2018-q2-6) .buildinfo
gcc-avr binaries (1:5.4.0+Atmel3.6.1-2) .buildinfo
gcc-defaults binaries (8.3.0-1) .buildinfo
gcc-defaults binaries (4:8.3.0-1) .buildinfo
gcc-defaults-mipsen binaries (4:8.3.0-1.1) .buildinfo
gcc-defaults-ports binaries (4:8.3.0-1) .buildinfo
gcc-h8300-hms binaries (1:3.4.6+dfsg2-4) .buildinfo
gcc-m68hc1x binaries (1:3.3.6+3.1+dfsg-3+b2) .buildinfo
gcc-mingw-w64 binaries (8.3.0-6+21.3~deb10u2) .buildinfo
gcc-python-plugin binaries (0.17-2) .buildinfo
gcc-xtensa-lx106 binaries (8.3.0-2+2) .buildinfo
gcin binaries (2.8.8+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
gcin-voice binaries (0~20170223-2) .buildinfo
gcl binaries (2.6.12-83) .buildinfo
gcompris-qt binaries (0.95-1) .buildinfo
gcompris-qt binaries (1:0.95-1) .buildinfo
gconf binaries (3.2.6-5) .buildinfo
gconf-editor binaries (3.0.1-6) .buildinfo
gconjugue binaries (0.8.3-5) .buildinfo
gcovr binaries (4.1-2) .buildinfo
gcp binaries (0.2.0-1) .buildinfo
gcpegg binaries (5.1-14+b2) .buildinfo
gcr binaries (3.28.1-1) .buildinfo
gcx binaries (1.3-1.1+b2) .buildinfo
gd4o binaries (1.0~alpha5-8+b6) .buildinfo
gdal binaries (2.4.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
gdal binaries (2.4.0+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
gdata binaries (2.18.0-2) .buildinfo
gdb binaries (8.2.1-2) .buildinfo
gdb binaries (8.2.1-2+b3) .buildinfo
gdb-avr binaries (7.7-4+b12) .buildinfo
gdbm binaries (1.18.1-4) .buildinfo
gdb-mingw-w64 binaries (8.2.1-1+10.8) .buildinfo
gdb-mingw-w64 binaries (8.2.1-2+10.8+b2) .buildinfo
gdcm binaries (2.8.8-9) .buildinfo
gddrescue binaries (1.23-2) .buildinfo
gdebi binaries ( .buildinfo
gdigi binaries (0.4.0-1+b2) .buildinfo
gdis binaries (0.90-5+b1) .buildinfo
gdisk binaries (1.0.3-1.1) .buildinfo
gdk-pixbuf binaries (2.38.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
gdl binaries (3.28.0-2) .buildinfo
gdm3 binaries (3.30.2-3) .buildinfo
gdmap binaries (0.8.1-5) .buildinfo
gdnsd binaries (2.4.3-1) .buildinfo
gdome2 binaries (0.8.1+debian-6) .buildinfo
gdpc binaries (2.2.5-9) .buildinfo
gdspy binaries (1.3.1-3) .buildinfo
geant321 binaries (1:3.21.14.dfsg-11+b6) .buildinfo
geany binaries (1.33-1) .buildinfo
geany-plugins binaries (1.33+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
geany-plugins binaries (1.33+dfsg-1+b1) .buildinfo
gearhead binaries (1.310-1) .buildinfo
gearhead2 binaries (0.701-1) .buildinfo
gearmand binaries (1.1.18+ds-3) .buildinfo
gearmand binaries (1.1.18+ds-3+b3) .buildinfo
geary binaries (0.12.4-4) .buildinfo
gecode binaries (6.1.0-2) .buildinfo
geda-gaf binaries (1:1.8.2-11) .buildinfo
gedit binaries (3.30.2-2) .buildinfo
gedit-plugins binaries (3.30.1-3) .buildinfo
gedit-source-code-browser-plugin binaries (3.0.3-5.1) .buildinfo
geekcode binaries (1.7.3-7) .buildinfo
geeqie binaries (1:1.4+git20190121-2) .buildinfo
geg binaries (2.0.9-3) .buildinfo
gegl binaries (0.4.12-2) .buildinfo
geiser binaries (0.8.1-4) .buildinfo
geki2 binaries (2.0.3-10) .buildinfo
gelemental binaries (1.2.0-12) .buildinfo
gem binaries (1:0.94-1) .buildinfo
gem2deb binaries (0.43) .buildinfo
gemdropx binaries (0.9-8) .buildinfo
gemma binaries (0.98.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
gemmlowp binaries (0.0~git20190128.58825b1-1) .buildinfo
gems binaries (1.1.1-2+b2) .buildinfo
genders binaries (1.22-1+b1) .buildinfo
geneagrapher binaries (1.0c2+git20180919-1) .buildinfo
generator-scripting-language binaries (4.1.5-3) .buildinfo
geneweb binaries (6.08+git20181019+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
genext2fs binaries (1.4.1-4+b2) .buildinfo
gengetopt binaries (2.22.6+dfsg0-3) .buildinfo
genht binaries (1.0.1-1) .buildinfo
genisovh binaries (0.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
genius binaries (1.0.24-2) .buildinfo
genometester binaries (4.0+git20180508.a9c14a6+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
genometools binaries (1.5.10+ds-3) .buildinfo
genparse binaries (0.9.2-1) .buildinfo
genromfs binaries (0.5.2-2+b2) .buildinfo
genshi binaries (0.7.1-5) .buildinfo
gentle binaries (1.9+cvs20100605+dfsg1-7+b1) .buildinfo
gentlyweb-utils binaries (1.5-2) .buildinfo
gentoo binaries (0.20.7-1) .buildinfo
genwqe-user binaries (4.0.18-3) .buildinfo
geoalchemy2 binaries (0.5.0-1) .buildinfo
geoclue-2.0 binaries (2.5.2-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
geocode-glib binaries (3.26.1-1) .buildinfo
geogebra binaries ( .buildinfo
geographiclib binaries (1.49-4) .buildinfo
geoip binaries (1.6.12-1) .buildinfo
geoip-database binaries (20181108-1) .buildinfo
geolinks binaries (0.2.0-3) .buildinfo
geomet binaries (0.2.0.post2-2) .buildinfo
geomview binaries (1.9.5-2) .buildinfo
geophar binaries (18.08.2+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
geopy binaries (1.18.1-1) .buildinfo
geos binaries (3.7.1-1) .buildinfo
geotranz binaries (3.3-2) .buildinfo
gerbera binaries (1.1.0+dfsg-3+b1) .buildinfo
gerbv binaries (2.7.0-1) .buildinfo
germinate binaries (2.31) .buildinfo
geronimo-ejb-3.2-spec binaries (1.0~alpha-1-2) .buildinfo
geronimo-interceptor-3.0-spec binaries (1.0.1-4) .buildinfo
geronimo-jta-1.1-spec binaries (1.1.1-4) .buildinfo
geronimo-jta-1.2-spec binaries (1.0~alpha-1-2) .buildinfo
geronimo-validation-1.0-spec binaries (1.1-3) .buildinfo
geronimo-validation-1.1-spec binaries (1.0-2) .buildinfo
gerris binaries (20131206+dfsg-18+b2) .buildinfo
gerritlib binaries (0.8.0-1) .buildinfo
gerstensaft binaries (0.3-4.2) .buildinfo
gertty binaries (1.5.0-2) .buildinfo
gesftpserver binaries (1~ds-1) .buildinfo
geshi binaries ( .buildinfo
getdata binaries (0.2-3) .buildinfo
getdns binaries (1.5.1-1) .buildinfo
getdp binaries (3.0.4+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
getfem++ binaries (5.2+dfsg1-7) .buildinfo
getfem++ binaries (5.2+dfsg1-7+b1) .buildinfo
get-flash-videos binaries ( .buildinfo
getmail binaries (5.13-1) .buildinfo
getstream binaries (20100616-1+b1) .buildinfo
gettext binaries ( .buildinfo
gettext.js binaries (0.5.4-1) .buildinfo
gettext-maven-plugin binaries (1.2.9-2) .buildinfo
gexec binaries (0.4-2) .buildinfo
geximon binaries (0.7.7-2.2) .buildinfo
gexiv2 binaries (0.10.9-1) .buildinfo
gf2x binaries (1.2-5) .buildinfo
gfal2 binaries (2.16.2-1) .buildinfo
gfan binaries (0.6.2-2) .buildinfo
gfapy binaries (1.0.0+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
gfarm binaries (2.7.11+dfsg-1.1) .buildinfo
gfarm2fs binaries (1.2.11-1) .buildinfo
gfbgraph binaries (0.2.3-3) .buildinfo
gf-complete binaries (1.0.2+2017.04.10.git.ea75cdf-3) .buildinfo
gff2aplot binaries (2.0-11) .buildinfo
gff2ps binaries (0.98l-2) .buildinfo
gflags binaries (2.2.2-1) .buildinfo
gfm binaries (1.08-1) .buildinfo
gforth binaries (0.7.3+dfsg-9) .buildinfo
gfpoken binaries (1-2+b1) .buildinfo
gfs2-utils binaries (3.2.0-1) .buildinfo
gfsview binaries (20121130+dfsg-6) .buildinfo
gftp binaries (2.0.19-5) .buildinfo
gfxboot binaries (4.5.2-1.1-6) .buildinfo
ggobi binaries (2.1.11-2) .buildinfo
ghc binaries (8.4.4+dfsg1-3) .buildinfo
ghc-testsuite binaries (8.4.4-1) .buildinfo
ghdl binaries (0.35+git20181129+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
ghemical binaries (3.0.0-4) .buildinfo
ghex binaries (3.18.3-5) .buildinfo
ghmm binaries (0.9~rc3-2) .buildinfo
ghostess binaries (20120105-1+b2) .buildinfo
ghostscript binaries (9.27~dfsg-2+deb10u4) .buildinfo
ghostwriter binaries (1.7.4-2) .buildinfo
ghp-import binaries (0.5.5-1) .buildinfo
ghub-el binaries (3.2.0-1) .buildinfo
ghub-plus-el binaries (0.3-2) .buildinfo
giac binaries ( .buildinfo
giada binaries (0.15.2+ds1-2) .buildinfo
giblib binaries (1.2.4-12) .buildinfo
giella-core binaries (0.1.1~r129227+svn121148-2) .buildinfo
giella-sme binaries (0.0.20150917~r121176-3) .buildinfo
giflib binaries (5.1.4-3) .buildinfo
gifshuffle binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
gifsicle binaries (1.91-5) .buildinfo
gifticlib binaries (1.0.9-3) .buildinfo
giftrans binaries (1.12.2-19) .buildinfo
gigalomania binaries (1.0+ds1-1) .buildinfo
giggle binaries (0.7-3) .buildinfo
gigolo binaries (0.4.2-3) .buildinfo
giira binaries (0.0.20140625-2) .buildinfo
gimagereader binaries (3.3.0-1) .buildinfo
gimp binaries (2.10.8-2) .buildinfo
gimp-dcraw binaries (1.32-1+b1) .buildinfo
gimp-dds binaries (3.0.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
gimp-gap binaries (2.6.0+dfsg-5+b2) .buildinfo
gimp-help binaries (2.8.2-1) .buildinfo
gimplensfun binaries (0.2.4-1+b1) .buildinfo
gimp-plugin-registry binaries (9.20180625) .buildinfo
gimp-texturize binaries (2.1-7) .buildinfo
ginac binaries (1.7.5-1) .buildinfo
ginga binaries (2.7.2-2) .buildinfo
ginkgocadx binaries (3.8.8-1) .buildinfo
gip binaries (1.7.0-1-4) .buildinfo
girara binaries (0.3.2-1) .buildinfo
gir-to-d binaries (0.18.0-1) .buildinfo
gist binaries (5.0.0-2+deb10u1) .buildinfo
git binaries (1:2.20.1-2+deb10u3) .buildinfo
git-annex binaries (7.20190129-3) .buildinfo
git-annex-el binaries (1.1-2) .buildinfo
gitano binaries (1.2-1) .buildinfo
git-buildpackage binaries (0.9.14) .buildinfo
git-build-recipe binaries (0.3.5) .buildinfo
git-cola binaries (3.3-1) .buildinfo
git-crecord binaries (20190217~git-1) .buildinfo
git-crypt binaries (0.6.0-1) .buildinfo
git-dpm binaries (0.10.0-1) .buildinfo
git-extras binaries (4.6.0-1) .buildinfo
git-flow binaries (1.12.0-1) .buildinfo
git-ftp binaries (1.5.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
gitg binaries (3.30.1-1) .buildinfo
gitgraph.js binaries (0.0~git20170511.0.5fcc26b+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
git-hub binaries (1.0.1-1) .buildinfo
github-backup binaries (1.20170301-2) .buildinfo
gitinspector binaries (0.4.4+dfsg-5) .buildinfo
gitit binaries ( .buildinfo
gitlab-ci-mode-el binaries (20190213.1-1) .buildinfo
gitlab-shell binaries (8.4.3+dfsg1-1) .buildinfo
gitlab-workhorse binaries (7.6.0+debian-1+b21) .buildinfo
gitless binaries (0.8.6-4) .buildinfo
git-lfs binaries (2.7.1-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
git-mestrelion-tools binaries (2018.10-1) .buildinfo
gitolite3 binaries (3.6.11-2) .buildinfo
git-phab binaries (2.1.0-2) .buildinfo
git-publish binaries (1.4.3-1) .buildinfo
git-remote-bzr binaries (0.3-2) .buildinfo
git-remote-gcrypt binaries (1.2-1) .buildinfo
git-remote-hg binaries (1.0.0~ds-1) .buildinfo
git-repair binaries (1.20151215-1.2) .buildinfo
git-review binaries (1.27.0-1) .buildinfo
git-secrets binaries (1.3.0-2) .buildinfo
git-sizer binaries (1.3.0+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
gitso binaries (0.6.2+svn158+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
gitsome binaries (0.7.0+git20180130.5751a31+ds-2) .buildinfo
git-timemachine binaries (4.8-1) .buildinfo
givaro binaries (4.0.4-2) .buildinfo
giza binaries (1.1.0-1) .buildinfo
gjacktransport binaries (0.6.1-1+b1) .buildinfo
gjay binaries (0.3.2-1.2+b2) .buildinfo
gjiten binaries (2.6-3.1) .buildinfo
gjots2 binaries (3.0.2-0.1) .buildinfo
gjs binaries (1.54.3-1) .buildinfo
gkdebconf binaries (2.0.4) .buildinfo
gkl binaries (0.8.5+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
gkrellm binaries (2.3.10-2+b1) .buildinfo
gkrellm2-cpufreq binaries (0.6.4-4) .buildinfo
gkrellm-gkrellmpc binaries (0.1~beta10-4) .buildinfo
gkrellmitime binaries (1.0.1-6) .buildinfo
gkrellm-leds binaries (0.8.0-1.3) .buildinfo
gkrellm-mailwatch binaries (2.4.3-1.1) .buildinfo
gkrellm-reminder binaries (2.0.0-3) .buildinfo
gkrellm-thinkbat binaries (0.2.2-1) .buildinfo
gkrellm-tz binaries (0.8-1) .buildinfo
gkrellm-volume binaries (2.1.13-1.1) .buildinfo
gkrellmwireless binaries (2.0.3-1.1) .buildinfo
gkrellm-x86info binaries (0.0.2-9) .buildinfo
gkrellm-xkb binaries (1.05-5) .buildinfo
gkrellshoot binaries (0.4.4-2) .buildinfo
gkrelltop binaries (2.2.13-1) .buildinfo
gkrelluim binaries (0.3.1-7) .buildinfo
gkrellweather binaries (2.0.8-2.1) .buildinfo
gkremldk binaries (0.9.7-3) .buildinfo
gl-117 binaries (1.3.2-3+b1) .buildinfo
gl2ps binaries (1.4.0+dfsg1-2) .buildinfo
glabels binaries (3.4.1-1.1) .buildinfo
glade binaries (3.22.1-3) .buildinfo
gladtex binaries (2.3.1-3) .buildinfo
glam2 binaries (1064-5) .buildinfo
glance binaries (2:17.0.0-4) .buildinfo
glances binaries (3.1.0-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
glasstty binaries (0-2) .buildinfo
glaurung binaries (2.2-2+b2) .buildinfo
glbinding binaries (2.1.1-2) .buildinfo
glbsp binaries (2.24-4) .buildinfo
gle-graphics binaries (4.2.5-7+b1) .buildinfo
glew binaries (2.1.0-4) .buildinfo
glewlwyd binaries (1.4.9-1) .buildinfo
glewmx binaries (1.13.0-4+b11) .buildinfo
glfer binaries (0.4.2-2+b2) .buildinfo
glhack binaries (1.2-4) .buildinfo
glib2.0 binaries (2.58.3-2+deb10u3) .buildinfo
glibc binaries (2.28-10) .buildinfo
glib-d binaries (2.0.2-1) .buildinfo
glibmm2.4 binaries (2.58.0-2) .buildinfo
glib-networking binaries (2.58.0-2+deb10u2) .buildinfo
glide binaries (2002.04.10ds1-15) .buildinfo
glirc binaries (2.26-3) .buildinfo
gliv binaries (1.9.7-2+b2) .buildinfo
glm binaries ( .buildinfo
glob2 binaries ( .buildinfo
global binaries (6.6.3-2) .buildinfo
globjects binaries (1.1.0-3) .buildinfo
globs binaries (0.2.0~svn50-6) .buildinfo
globus-authz binaries (4.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-authz-callout-error binaries (4.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-callout binaries (4.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-common binaries (18.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-ftp-client binaries (9.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-ftp-control binaries (9.4-1) .buildinfo
globus-gass-cache binaries (10.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gass-cache-program binaries (7.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gass-copy binaries (10.4-1) .buildinfo
globus-gass-server-ez binaries (6.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gass-transfer binaries (9.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gatekeeper binaries (11.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gfork binaries (5.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-audit binaries (5.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-client binaries (14.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-client-tools binaries (12.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager binaries (15.4-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-callout-error binaries (4.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-condor binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-fork binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-lsf binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-scripts binaries (7.1-2) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-sge binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-job-manager-slurm binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gram-protocol binaries (13.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-gridftp-server binaries (13.11-1) .buildinfo
globus-gridftp-server-control binaries (8.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gridmap-callout-error binaries (3.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gridmap-eppn-callout binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout binaries (3.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-gsi-callback binaries (6.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gsi-cert-utils binaries (10.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-gsi-credential binaries (8.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gsi-openssl-error binaries (4.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gsi-proxy-core binaries (9.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-gsi-proxy-ssl binaries (6.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gsi-sysconfig binaries (9.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-gssapi-error binaries (6.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-gssapi-gsi binaries (14.10-1) .buildinfo
globus-gss-assist binaries (12.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-io binaries (12.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-net-manager binaries (1.3-1) .buildinfo
globus-openssl-module binaries (5.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-proxy-utils binaries (7.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-rsl binaries (11.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-scheduler-event-generator binaries (6.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-simple-ca binaries (5.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-usage binaries (5.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio binaries (6.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio-gridftp-driver binaries (3.2-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio-gridftp-multicast binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio-gsi-driver binaries (5.1-1) .buildinfo
globus-xioperf binaries (5.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio-pipe-driver binaries (4.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio-popen-driver binaries (4.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio-rate-driver binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
globus-xio-udt-driver binaries (2.0-1) .buildinfo
glogg binaries (1.1.4-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
glogic binaries (2.6-4) .buildinfo
glom binaries (1.30.4-3) .buildinfo
gloox binaries (1.0.22-0.1) .buildinfo
glosstex binaries (0.4.dfsg.1-4+b1) .buildinfo
glpk binaries (4.65-2) .buildinfo
glpk-java binaries (1.12.0-1) .buildinfo
glslang binaries (7.10.2984-1) .buildinfo
gltron binaries (0.70final-12.2) .buildinfo
gluas binaries (0.1.20-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
glue binaries (0.13-2) .buildinfo
gluegen2 binaries (2.3.2-7) .buildinfo
glue-schema binaries (2.0.11-2) .buildinfo
glueviz binaries (0.14.1+dfsg-1) .buildinfo
glurp binaries (0.12.3-1+b2) .buildinfo
glusterfs binaries (5.5-3) .buildinfo
glw binaries (8.0.0-1.1+b1) .buildinfo
glymur binaries (0.8.17-1) .buildinfo
glyphslib binaries (3.1.4-1) .buildinfo
glyr binaries (1.0.10-1) .buildinfo
gmailieer binaries (0.10-1) .buildinfo
gman binaries (0.9.3-5.2+b2) .buildinfo
gmavenplus binaries (1.5-3) .buildinfo
gmbal-pfl binaries (4.0.1-b003-2) .buildinfo
gmemusage binaries (0.2-11+b2) .buildinfo
gmerlin binaries (1.2.0~dfsg+1-6.1) .buildinfo
gmerlin binaries (1.2.0~dfsg+1-6.1+b2) .buildinfo
gmerlin-avdecoder binaries (1.2.0~dfsg-10) .buildinfo
gmerlin-encoders binaries (1.2.0-10) .buildinfo
gmetadom binaries (0.2.6-7+b1) .buildinfo
gmic binaries (2.4.5-1) .buildinfo
gmidimonitor binaries (3.6+dfsg0-3) .buildinfo
gmime binaries (3.2.1-1) .buildinfo
gmime2.6 binaries (2.6.23+dfsg1-4) .buildinfo
gmlive binaries (0.22.3-1+b3) .buildinfo
gmodels binaries (2.18.1-1) .buildinfo
gmotionlive binaries (1.0-3.1) .buildinfo
gmp binaries (2:6.1.2+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
gmpc binaries (11.8.16-15) .buildinfo
gmpc-plugins binaries (11.8.16-4) .buildinfo
gmp-ecm binaries (7.0.4+ds-5) .buildinfo
gmplot binaries (1.2.0-1) .buildinfo
gmrender-resurrect binaries (0.0.7~git20180818.a7b0b1b-1) .buildinfo
gmrun binaries (0.9.2-3) .buildinfo
gmsh binaries (4.1.5+really4.1.3+ds1-1) .buildinfo
gmsl binaries (1.1.8-1) .buildinfo
gmt binaries (5.4.5+dfsg-2) .buildinfo
gmt-dcw binaries (1.1.4-2) .buildinfo
gmt-gshhg binaries (2.3.7-4) .buildinfo
gmtp binaries (1.3.10-1+b1) .buildinfo
gmult binaries (8.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
gnarwl binaries (3.6.dfsg-11+b2) .buildinfo
gnat binaries (8.0.1) .buildinfo
gnat-gps binaries (18-5) .buildinfo
gngb binaries (20060309-4) .buildinfo
gniall binaries (0.7.1-8) .buildinfo
gnocchi binaries (4.3.1-3) .buildinfo
gnokii binaries (0.6.30+dfsg-1.2+b4) .buildinfo
gnomad2 binaries (2.9.6-5+b1) .buildinfo
gnome-2048 binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome3-emblems binaries (0.3.1-5) .buildinfo
gnome-applets binaries (3.30.0-3) .buildinfo
gnome-autoar binaries (0.2.3-2) .buildinfo
gnome-backgrounds binaries (3.30.0-1) .buildinfo
gnome-bluetooth binaries (3.28.2-4~deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnome-books binaries (3.31.90-3) .buildinfo
gnome-boxes binaries (3.30.3-2) .buildinfo
gnome-breakout binaries (0.5.3-7) .buildinfo
gnome-builder binaries (3.30.3-2) .buildinfo
gnome-calculator binaries (3.30.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-calendar binaries (3.30.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-characters binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-chemistry-utils binaries (0.14.17-1.1) .buildinfo
gnome-chess binaries (1:3.30.1-1) .buildinfo
gnome-clocks binaries (3.30.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-color-manager binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-common binaries (3.18.0-4) .buildinfo
gnome-contacts binaries (3.30.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-control-center binaries (1:3.30.3-2~deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnome-desktop3 binaries ( .buildinfo
gnome-desktop-testing binaries (2018.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-devel-docs binaries (3.30.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-dictionary binaries (3.26.1-5) .buildinfo
gnome-disk-utility binaries (3.30.2-3) .buildinfo
gnome-documents binaries (3.31.92-1) .buildinfo
gnome-doc-utils binaries (0.20.10-5) .buildinfo
gnome-dvb-daemon binaries (1:0.2.91~git20170110-4) .buildinfo
gnome-extra-icons binaries (1.1-3) .buildinfo
gnome-flashback binaries (3.30.0-3) .buildinfo
gnome-font-viewer binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-games-app binaries (3.30.2-2) .buildinfo
gnome-getting-started-docs binaries (3.30.0-1) .buildinfo
gnome-gmail binaries (2.6-1) .buildinfo
gnome-hwp-support binaries (0.1.6-2) .buildinfo
gnome-icon-theme binaries (3.12.0-3) .buildinfo
gnome-icon-theme-nuovo binaries (0.5-4.2) .buildinfo
gnome-initial-setup binaries (3.30.0-1) .buildinfo
gnome-js-common binaries (0.1.2-2) .buildinfo
gnome-keyring binaries (3.28.2-5) .buildinfo
gnome-keysign binaries (1.0.1-3) .buildinfo
gnomekiss binaries (2.0-6) .buildinfo
gnome-klotski binaries (1:3.22.3-3) .buildinfo
gnome-logs binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-mahjongg binaries (1:3.22.0-4) .buildinfo
gnome-maps binaries ( .buildinfo
gnome-mastermind binaries (0.3.1-3) .buildinfo
gnome-menus binaries (3.31.4-3) .buildinfo
gnome-mime-data binaries (2.18.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-mines binaries (1: .buildinfo
gnome-mousetrap binaries (3.17.3-5) .buildinfo
gnome-mpv binaries (0.14-1) .buildinfo
gnome-multi-writer binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-music binaries (3.30.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-nds-thumbnailer binaries (3.0.0-1+b2) .buildinfo
gnome-nettool binaries (3.8.1-3) .buildinfo
gnome-nibbles binaries (1:3.24.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-online-accounts binaries (3.30.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-online-miners binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-packagekit binaries (3.30.0-1) .buildinfo
gnome-paint binaries (0.4.0-7) .buildinfo
gnome-panel binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-phone-manager binaries (0.69-2.1) .buildinfo
gnome-photos binaries (3.30.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-pie binaries (0.7.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-pkg-tools binaries (0.21.1) .buildinfo
gnome-power-manager binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-recipes binaries (2.0.2-5) .buildinfo
gnome-remote-desktop binaries (0.1.7-1) .buildinfo
gnome-robots binaries (1:3.22.3-3) .buildinfo
gnome-screensaver binaries (3.6.1-10) .buildinfo
gnome-screenshot binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-session binaries (3.30.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-settings-daemon binaries (3.30.2-3) .buildinfo
gnome-shell binaries (3.30.2-11~deb10u2) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-autohidetopbar binaries (20180908-2) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-caffeine binaries (0~git20181105-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-dashtodock binaries (65-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel binaries (18-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons binaries (19.01.1-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-disconnect-wifi binaries ( .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-easyscreencast binaries (1.0.2-2) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-hard-disk-led binaries (19-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-hide-veth binaries (1.0.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-impatience binaries (0.4.5-3) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-kimpanel binaries (0~20180923-2) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-log-out-button binaries (1.0.7-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-mediaplayer binaries (4.0-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-multi-monitors binaries (16-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-pixelsaver binaries (1.10+git20180804-d97c6e4-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-remove-dropdown-arrows binaries (11-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extensions binaries (3.30.1-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-shortcuts binaries (1.1.1-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-show-ip binaries (8-3) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-suspend-button binaries (0~git20180827-2) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-system-monitor binaries (36-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-tilix-dropdown binaries (5.3-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-tilix-shortcut binaries (1.0.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-top-icons-plus binaries (22-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-weather binaries (0~20170402.git34506a6-2) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-extension-workspaces-to-dock binaries (49-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-mailnag binaries (3.28.0-0.1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-pomodoro binaries (0.14.0-1) .buildinfo
gnome-shell-timer binaries (0.3.20+20171025-2) .buildinfo
gnome-software binaries (3.30.6-5) .buildinfo
gnome-sound-recorder binaries (3.28.2-2~deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnome-split binaries (1.2-3) .buildinfo
gnome-subtitles binaries (1.4.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-sudoku binaries (1:3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-sushi binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-system-log binaries (3.9.90-8) .buildinfo
gnome-system-monitor binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-system-tools binaries (3.0.0-8) .buildinfo
gnome-taquin binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-terminal binaries (3.30.2-2) .buildinfo
gnome-tetravex binaries (1:3.22.0-3) .buildinfo
gnome-themes-extra binaries (3.28-1) .buildinfo
gnome-todo binaries (3.28.1-2) .buildinfo
gnome-tweaks binaries (3.30.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-twitch binaries (0.4.1-3) .buildinfo
gnome-usage binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-user-docs binaries (3.30.2-1) .buildinfo
gnome-user-share binaries (3.28.0-2) .buildinfo
gnome-video-arcade binaries (0.8.8-4) .buildinfo
gnome-video-effects binaries (0.4.3-3) .buildinfo
gnome-weather binaries (3.26.0-6~deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnomint binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
gnote binaries (3.30.0-2) .buildinfo
gnss-sdr binaries (0.0.10-4) .buildinfo
gntp-send binaries (0.3.4-3) .buildinfo
gnuais binaries (0.3.3-8+b1) .buildinfo
gnuastro binaries (0.8-1) .buildinfo
gnubg binaries (1.06.002-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnubiff binaries (2.2.17-2) .buildinfo
gnubik binaries (2.4.3-3) .buildinfo
gnucap binaries (1:0.36~20171003-1) .buildinfo
gnucap-python binaries (0.0.2-1.1) .buildinfo
gnucash binaries (1:3.4-1) .buildinfo
gnucash binaries (1:3.4-1+b10) .buildinfo
gnucash-docs binaries (3.4-1) .buildinfo
gnuchess binaries (6.2.5-1) .buildinfo
gnucobol binaries (2.2-5) .buildinfo
gnudatalanguage binaries (0.9.9-10) .buildinfo
gnudoq binaries (0.94-2.2+b1) .buildinfo
gnu-efi binaries (3.0.9-1) .buildinfo
gnugo binaries (3.8-9+b3) .buildinfo
gnuhtml2latex binaries (0.4-3) .buildinfo
gnuit binaries (4.9.5-3+b3) .buildinfo
gnujump binaries (1.0.8-3+b1) .buildinfo
gnukhata-core binaries (5.50-1) .buildinfo
gnulib binaries (20140202+stable-4) .buildinfo
gnumail binaries (1.3.0-1) .buildinfo
gnumail binaries (1.3.0-1+b1) .buildinfo
gnumed-client binaries (1.7.5+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
gnumed-server binaries (22.5-1) .buildinfo
gnumeric binaries (1.12.44-1) .buildinfo
gnunet binaries (0.10.1-5.1+b1) .buildinfo
gnunet-fuse binaries (0.10.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
gnunet-gtk binaries (0.10.1-5+b2) .buildinfo
gnupg1 binaries (1.4.23-1) .buildinfo
gnupg2 binaries (2.2.12-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnupg-pkcs11-scd binaries (0.9.2-1) .buildinfo
gnuplot binaries (5.2.6+dfsg1-1+deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnuplot-iostream binaries (0~20140302.gitc8919a0+dfsg-3) .buildinfo
gnupod-tools binaries (0.99.8-5) .buildinfo
gnuradio binaries ( .buildinfo
gnuradio binaries ( .buildinfo
gnurobbo binaries (0.68+dfsg-4) .buildinfo
gnuserv binaries (3.12.8-7) .buildinfo
gnushogi binaries (1.4.2-6) .buildinfo
gnusim8085 binaries (1.4.1-1) .buildinfo
gnustep-back binaries (0.27.0-2) .buildinfo
gnustep-base binaries (1.26.0-4+deb10u1) .buildinfo
gnustep-dl2 binaries (0.12.0-15.1+b3) .buildinfo
gnustep-examples binaries (1:1.4.0-2+b1) .buildinfo
gnustep-gui binaries (0.27.0-5) .buildinfo
gnustep-make binaries (2.7.0-4) .buildinfo
gnustep-netclasses binaries (1.06.dfsg-7+b2) .buildinfo
gnustep-performance binaries (0.5.0-1+b2) .buildinfo