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Packages in buster/i386 tested in the last 24h for build reproducibility

reproducible icon 1798 packages (6.3% of 28465) failed to build reproducibly in total, 15 (6.1% of 246) of them in the last 24h in buster/i386:

dustmite soapyosmo sia gcc-avr yash pycryptopp qtwebengine-opensource-src ng golang-github-appc-docker2aci docker-registry tarantool-lts yasnippet qtwebchannel-opensource-src logol xorp

reproducible icon 396 packages (1.4% of 28465) failed to build from source in total, 4 (1.6% of 246) of them in the last 24h in buster/i386:

gmsh golang-github-dop251-goja tqdm golang-github-docker-goamz

reproducible icon 63 packages (0.2% of 28465) failed to satisfy their build-dependencies, 1 (0.4% of 246) of them in the last 24h in buster/i386:


reproducible icon 26073 packages (91.6% of 28465) successfully built reproducibly in total, 225 (91.5% of 246) of them in the last 24h in buster/i386:

python-molotov eclipse-platform-resources eclipse-platform-runtime eclipse-platform-ui switcheroo-control parent-mode-el qtcharts-opensource-src hxtools node-ieee754 htmlmin golang-github-dlclark-regexp2 cycle-quotes tdiary-style-gfm golang-github-jinzhu-inflection baitfisher emacs-git-messenger golang-github-sergi-go-diff golang-gopkg-jarcoal-httpmock.v1 nautic roguenarok mocker-el node-retape node-readable-stream node-webpack-sources# node-sha.js node-create-ecdh tamil-gtk2im mptp elisp-bug-hunter libdist-zilla-plugin-test-compile-perl faceup r-zoo node-shasum emacs-bind-map el-x anope mosh minidlna zfec catdoc similarity-tester unac fonts-yozvox-yozfont tahoe-lafs pnmixer libproxy xnec2c node-rimraf xfce4-notifyd wxpython3.0 fonts-horai-umefont vflib3 partman-auto-crypto zita-mu1 libgraphics-colorobject-perl testdisk llmnrd libsoup2.4 sound-icons python-idna node-cli-cursor fonts-oradano-mincho-gsrr qtquickcontrols2-opensource-src gnome-shell-extension-pixelsaver jnoise libsrtp2 node-ansi-escapes libsnmp-mib-compiler-perl jkmeter node-globals crypt++el gnustep-dl2 python-blosc libproc-syncexec-perl compass-singularitygs-plugin up-imapproxy jamin tachyon libfile-dropbox-perl rifiuti2 libjira-client-perl sugar-chat-activity soapyredpitaya sugar-imageviewer-activity qtnetworkauth-everywhere-src equinox-bundles libnet-dns-lite-perl sphinxcontrib-spelling tora bonnie++ gadmin-proftpd soapyairspy tcm lbzip2 node-roadrunner comgt node-pretty-hrtime autoconf2.64 alsaequal eclipse-jdt-core ruby-bootsnap rust-separator readlike sqlalchemy-i18n reparser ledgersmb jsonhyperschema-codec libhttp-tiny-multipart-perl golang-github-throttled-throttled golang-github-satta-ifplugo seqmagick golang-gopkg-olivere-elastic.v5 gigalomania flask-cache fonts-sawarabi-gothic node-hook-std node-after python-libpcap pcredz djagios node-package gnokii tap-plugins-doc node-through2-filter scalapack-doc search-ccsb pyexcelerator udftools flow-tools date openwince-include node-to-absolute-glob node-orchestrator haskell98-tutorial lua-nginx-websocket obconf egctl xfonts-terminus aribas galib node-cpr argus-clients libzdb node-bl libvirt-glib discover-my-major obsub seed-webkit2 unirest-java xfce4-cpufreq-plugin hunspell-bo mswatch node-wcwidth.js mh-book xlax node-mixin-deep apbs nbformat osinfo-db-tools node-validate-npm-package-license node-load-json-file node-to-regex incremental diminish-el pprofile golang-github-ncw-go-acd python-typing node-klaw panoramisk ruby-email-spec emacs-python-environment pyparted pyramid-jinja2 mocassin monokai-emacs gnome-shell-extension-suspend-button cmark libjs-objectpath diff-match-patch elisp-slime-nav python-fedora gelemental python-jack-client aiopg gtksourceview4 libtins ffmpegthumbs neat stormlib jdresolve alfa ucommon libtcod tran dict-moby-thesaurus gnome-taquin dict-gazetteer2k zpaq zenity xsettingsd yydebug xjig yeahconsole xmlrpc-c xwrited xfce4-taskmanager xfce4-goodies xfce4-mount-plugin xfce4-dict xfce4-dev-tools xfce4 xdg-user-dirs xdg-user-dirs-gtk ruby-mixlib-install xa kget kdevelop djangorestframework-gis terminology wimlib ruby-tomlrb python-raccoon metacity vte2.91 vzctl

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.