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Packages in buster/armhf which failed to build from source

reproducible icon 256 (0.9%) packages which failed to build from source in buster/armhf: (this list is filtered and only shows unexpected ftbfs issues - see the list below for expected failures.)

multiboot hylafax qtspell ruby-hiredis ns3 gammu pbbam racket jellyfish java3d node-stylus neutron node-source-map-support mlpost++ python-kafka qwinff olive-editor ball freecad clisp rheolef abinit node-mocha icu ndcube ruby-rbnacl libsys-hostname-long-perl dateparser python-hgapi haskell-xml-html-qq python-django minimap2 pypy3 golang-github-proglottis-gpgme blastem valentina gatb-core fuse-umfuse-iso9660 vdirsyncer librsvg uglify-js ruby-riddle hg-git golang-github-hashicorp-go-sockaddr libmath-int128-perl qtav lz4tools epiphany-browser golang-github-pquerna-cachecontrol lintian joblib libnet-jabber-bot-perl python-sshoot gammapy ruby-mixlib-install libxml-stream-perl libnet-jabber-perl golang-github-go-openapi-swag golang-github-linuxkit-virtsock golang-google-cloud ruby-eventmachine cross-toolchain-base-mipsen libcatmandu-xml-perl dxvk haskell-cryptol h2o node-jed libmurmurhash nheko node-axios libsystem-info-perl librose-db-object-perl libmessage-passing-perl# tracker-miners libsgml-parser-opensp-perl rdfind golang-github-hashicorp-memberlist reprozip golang-github-confluentinc-confluent-kafka-go golang-github-cockroachdb-apd ocamlgsl# cups# golang-github-wellington-go-libsass python-kubernetes ruby-sidekiq-cron python-udatetime golang-github-hashicorp-yamux# golang-github-docker-goamz meson python-agate golang-yaml.v2 node-tap iannix golang-github-dop251-goja cockpit node-end-of-stream node-gulp-coffee tendermint-go-p2p node-liftoff ms-gsl trilinos libmateweather afl python-eventlet golang-gopkg-olivere-elastic.v3 traildb# golang-x-text golang-github-nebulouslabs-fastrand haskell-hakyll ruby-em-socksify node-pbkdf2 golang-github-spf13-viper golang-github-golang-leveldb node-command-join node-tap-parser# node-cli-cursor libretro-mupen64plus node-flagged-respawn haskell-protobuf# locket colmap golang-github-xlab-treeprint ipywidgets node-chownr buildbot pyfftw golang-github-miekg-dns ruby-certificate-authority kubrick node-yargs python-pysam sctk node-lolex ezquake## node-set-blocking golang-github-cznic-mathutil mrtrix3 mkosi ngs-sdk python-babel node-husl python-keystoneauth1 bagel node-oauth# python-statsd zsh#+ ruby-graphviz datalad lintian-brush python-aioxmpp gnome-mpv golang-github-mesos-mesos-go# ruby-dalli golang-google-grpc ruby-remcached ruby-rufus-scheduler ismrmrd# node-require-from-string cross-toolchain-base-ports golang-github-cloudfoundry-gosigar pyptlib golang-github-aws-aws-sdk-go orpie x4d-icons xdg-utils tudu mapnik-vector-tile golang-github-go-ldap-ldap python-formencode sgabios tcc golang-github-coreos-bbolt suitesparse python-pysaml2 node-buble python-keystoneclient seabios txt2tags pyliblo ruby-progressbar ruby-redis paste python-twitter python-pbr libtickit-widget-scroller-perl python-watchdog python-argcomplete python-biplist msrtool golang-github-gocarina-gocsv node-clean-css pysoundfile perlbal# jstimezonedetect.js netty pgbadger mustache.js node-depd lua-apr node-cross-spawn nanomsg libtickit-widget-tabbed-perl php-timer nexuiz-data libcdio mitmproxy neuron# esorex golang-github-pzhin-go-sophia ksudoku alt-ergo libmiglayout-java jssc hippomocks# mercurial iodine# bochs grilo ibam# golang-google-api bmagic dustrac# golang-go.uber-zap libqglviewer sdrangelove nuitka pandas# gridengine# gramps pygalmesh elixir-lang libundead dh-make-golang python-keystonemiddleware symfony python-gammu git-buildpackage snapd neovim cimg qbs wala eclipse-titan hedgewars texworks-manual xnee jnr-ffi sslsplit sdcv bcel keyman-keyboardprocessor node-lunr bcbio python-gffutils keras bino#

reproducible icon 23 (0.1%) packages which failed to build from source in buster/armhf due to our changes in the toolchain or due to our setup. This list includes packages tagged or ffile_prefix_map_passed_to_clang.

httping postgis scram thunderbird massif-visualizer android-platform-art grantlee5 libclc tellico libkgapi okteta kparts kdeclarative knotifications goxel fuzzylite libblocksruntime firmware-microbit-micropython kookbook kalarmcal ignition-common llvm-toolchain-6.0# kcodecs

A package name displayed with a bold font is an indication that this package has a note. Visited packages are linked in green, those which have not been visited are linked in blue.
A # sign after the name of a package indicates that a bug is filed against it. Likewise, a + sign indicates there is a patch available, a P means a pending bug while # indicates a closed bug. In cases of several bugs, the symbol is repeated.