tests.reproducible-builds.org status summary view

Status: 244 (an integer between 0 and 255)

Score: 902
Jobs considered: 314
Jobs ignored: 74

Failed jobs:

A stable jobs adds 3 to the score, an unstable job adds 1 and a failed job substracts something between 1 and 500 (indicated in brackets after the job name if not equal 1), depending on the importance of the job for the setup. Ignored jobs are not counted at all. If the final score is below zero it will be set to zero. Finally status is calculated by diving the score by three times the number of considered jobs and this gets multiplied with 255 to get a status between 0 and 255.

Ignored jobs, because the nodes these are running on are documented to be offline:

Ignored jobs, because they disabled for reasons:

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