Notes for vtk7 - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 7.1.1+dfsg2-4
Identified issues:
Identifier: captures_kernel_version_via_CMAKE_SYSTEM
Description Uses CMAKE_SYSTEM, which embeds `uname -sr` output; the -r (version) varies.
Instead, use CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME (`uname -s`), which shouldn't vary.
May also be triggered by use of CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM or CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM_VERSION.
Parent issue: captures_kernel_version
Identifier: timestamps_in_documentation_generated_by_doxygen
Description If Doxyfile contains HTML_TIMESTAMP = YES, Doxygen will add a
timestamp to its generated documentation.
Identifier: nondeterministic_ordering_in_documentation_generated_by_doxygen
Description "Additional Inherited Members" has nondeterministic children in the (HTML?)
This can also happen when there is a real C function and a hash-define with
the same name. Doxygen sorts the member names but it only appears to use
the name so it is not stable relative to their type, resulting in
nondeterministic output.
MemberNameSDict::compareValues in doxygen's membername.cpp is suspicious.
Identifier: blacklisted_on_jenkins_armhf_only
Description Some packages have been blacklisted only on armhf in our test infrastructure
because their builds take too long on the tiny armhf boards we're using.
The mitigation against this is to add more architectures or to wait until
we test against the debian archive, when it will become sensible to raise
the 18h timeout for a single build.
Until his happens, please rely on the amd64, i386 and arm64 tests.

Our notes about issues affecting packages are stored in notes.git and are targeted at packages in Debian in 'unstable/amd64' (unless they say otherwise).