Notes for python3.5 - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 3.5.0~b1-2
Identified issues:
Identifier: randomness_in_fat_lto_objects
Description Objects built with `gcc -flto -ffat-lto-objects` will contain random strings
in the form of `.gnu.lto_.inline.24c30dabb443e726`. They will change at
each build.
Temporary (?) solution: pass the full path of the source as the argument
to `-frandom-seed`.
Identifier: records_build_flags
Description Records $CFLAGS, which vary intentionally due to the «-fdebug-prefix-map=${BUILDPATH}=.» flag.
We have a patch pending to GCC to fix this issue centrally:
If/when this is accepted, this issue should be fixed for all packages and
you should not need to fix it specifically in your package.
For more background information see:
Identifier: captures_build_arch
Description Captures the build arch (`uname -m`, typically i686 v. x86_64).

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