Notes for mrtdreader - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 0.1.6-1
Identified issues:
Identifier: build_id_variation_requiring_further_investigation
Description ld adds a Build ID in ELF binaries used to link external debug symbols.
See for
the spec.
The default value is a SHA1 hash over the content of the binary. See
the `--build-id` option in
for other behavior.
Unless a different way to compute Build IDs has been specified, different Build IDs
are the symptom of different binary content. The actual source of the
difference might not be visible because the debug symbols might have been stripped
(and they can contain filenames which can differ if the build path is different).
There is no general solution for this problem. The source of the variation must
be tracked and fixed. The issue can come from variations in order of object
members or objects themselves, different content (e.g. `__DATE__` CPP
macros or similar), or other interesting things.
Please don't tag issues with this issue until I find a place for this text ^

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