Notes for lucene-solr - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 3.6.2+dfsg-5
Identified issues:
Identifier: timestamps_in_jar
Description jar (Java Archive) file stores mtimes. Most often of files generated during
the build.
Identifier: blacklisted_on_jenkins_armhf_only
Description Some packages have been blacklisted only on armhf in our test infrastructure
because their builds take too long on the tiny armhf boards we're using.
The mitigation against this is to add more architectures or to wait until
we test against the debian archive, when it will become sensible to raise
the 18h timeout for a single build.
Until his happens, please rely on the amd64, i386 and arm64 tests.
Identifier: user_in_java_jar_manifest
Description Java .jar files contain user login in the `Built-By` of `MANIFEST.MF`.

Our notes about issues affecting packages are stored in notes.git and are targeted at packages in Debian in 'unstable/amd64' (unless they say otherwise).