Notes for gcc-xtensa-lx106 - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 9
Identified issues:
Identifier: paths_vary_due_to_usrmerge
Description eg. /bin/ vs /usr/bin/ or /lib vs. /usr/lib
Identifier: bin_sh_is_bash
Description Various issues that are caused from whether /bin/sh is dash or bash.
Identifier: timestamps_in_static_libraries
Description .a files are ar archives. Since binutils 2.25-6 they should be deterministic
by default, but there are some remaining buggy corner cases - see
bug #843210 for example if the package uses binutils-multiarch.
(#843210 has been fixed in sid now, hopefully this issue becomes moot now.)
#978494 filed with patch for binutils-arm-none-eabi.
#996184 filed with patch for bintuils-or1k-elf.
Other tools that create ar archives directly should in theory be covered by
strip-nondeterminism, but it is still good to patch them.
Bugs noted: 1003495#: "gcc-xtensa-lx106: reproducible builds: embeds path to various binaries"

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