Notes for bluez - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 5.54-1
Identified issues:
Identifier: paths_vary_due_to_usrmerge
Description eg. /bin/ vs /usr/bin/
Identifier: different_due_to_umask
Description Files have varying permissions because of different umasks.
Identifier: captures_shell_variable_in_autofoo_script
Description Something looking like autotools is capturing SHELL for use at
runtime, which should probably be fixed to /bin/sh anyway.
Autotools also capturing the build path.
Identifier: captures_build_arch
Description Captures the build arch (`uname -m`, typically i686 v. x86_64).
Identifier: captures_kernel_version
Description Stores the kernel version (uname -a, /proc/version, etc.) output, normally for debugging purposes.
Sub-issue: captures_kernel_version_via_CMAKE_SYSTEM
Bugs noted: 970130
Comments: bluez-source package includes autogenerated config.log,
config.status, etc. which contain many build time detected values.

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