Notes for bcel - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 6.0~rc3-2
Identified issues:
Identifier: random_order_in_documentation_generated_by_javadoc
Description Some entries inside individual "class-use" documentation pages are emitted in different orders.
This appears to only happen with multi-module maven projects, i.e. possibly during
`mvn javadoc:aggregate`.
In `jacoco`, you can observe files are generated consistently in the individual submodule
documentation folders, but then differently when aggregated. Maybe a coincidence.
Historically, there were some other issues. These have disappeared, but it's not clear why.
The major version of OpenJDK has changed since these issues were reported (was 7, now 8),
although the code that was believed to be at fault remains unchanged. These are detailed below.
The `package-tree.html` file generated by javadoc used to contain an unsorted index.
Perhaps caused by packageFiles is a Map> in
openjdk-7-jdk -> ./langtools.tar.bz2 ->
There was also a locale-specific wrapping issue, which has disappeared.
This may be because enough things are using javahelper, which sets the locale.
Likely cause is
jdk9_dev/langtools/src/jdk.javadoc/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javadoc/ +172
Workaround is

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