Notes for alsa-lib - reproducible builds result

Version annotated: 1.1.2-1
Identified issues:
Identifier: graphviz_nondeterministic_output
Description graphviz appears to use a non-deterministic algorithm to optimally lay out
notes optimally. This can appear in class hierarchy documentation, etc. Can
presumably affect images of all complexity but, obviously, more likely to
affect images with lots of nodes.
Identifier: nondeterministic_ordering_in_documentation_generated_by_doxygen
Description "Additional Inherited Members" has nondeterministic children in the (HTML?)
This can also happen when there is a real C function and a hash-define with
the same name. Doxygen sorts the member names but it only appears to use
the name so it is not stable relative to their type, resulting in
nondeterministic output.
MemberNameSDict::compareValues in doxygen's membername.cpp is suspicious.

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